My Russian Dolls

It’s decal time again!! Today I’m gona share w you a decal that I had bought some times back and finally had a chance to use it!!

Sorry that i forgot to take pic of my decal when its still in the pack but you will still get to see it on my nails later! So this time, i chose two new colors from my stash.. Fresh Coral from Lunasol & Vert Chlotophylle from Bourjois!


OK! im pretty excited to try out Lunasol’s colour! Have you heard of Lunasol? If my mom hadn’t told me, i would never know about this brand. Lunasol is actually by Kanebo and their nail polish is surprisingly very smooth! Application was easy! Maybe next time i will take a shot of the brush and show u..! Quite broad but still thinner than OPI.



Very vibrant color ya? After applying the Vert Chlorophylle, i fall in love with it immediately!! Its so pastel yet so vibrant! Very cherry green! Me like!!


so after my base color done, i proceed to do a “thick” french nail.. i covered the entire smile line and even go beyond it (Yes, you nails will end up looking shorter!) but after you put on your russian dolls nail decail, this illusion will “poof”!! Gone~!


(pardon my middle finger! i over cut my cuticles and tore the skin! *ouch*)


I added a bling bling to the nails that doesn’t have dolls and it turn out.. Not too bad! hahaha me like again!



Overall, i really like this nail decal.. Easily achieved nail art!!!


Dok Dok Chiang

Today, i’m just gona show more pic then do the talking. Partly because I’m having a sore throat.. (ehem.. *clear throat*) haha! NAH! I’m just being lazy!! but its true that im having a sore throat! too much CNY goodie over the weekend!

So what’s today nail art?? Ah-ha~! its Ancient Woman~ Did this on my mom to prepare her (nails) for CNY celebration!!!20130210-010214.jpg


i used 3 coats of A-England Morgan Le Fay and water decal i bought from Mei Mei Signature.. all was pretty easier and nothing new..







Love her nails… but love my mom even MORE! look at her cuticles.. sign of love for us!

Christmas Fingers!!

MERRY CHRISTMASSSS……………….belated!!


Few days back i bought a water decal from Qoo10! wow.. it was hell cheap!! only a dollar plus? definitely less than $2!!! Now it makes me wonder what’s the difference between this and those i bought from meimeisignature which is selling at S$3.50! I must be crazy to buy from meimei again if this works out fine!! I WAS sooo happy until i attempted to use it..

Other than cheap, this water decal is nothing good! WHY?? read on!

  • When two ends touched each other, its so difficult to make them apart!
  • This decal is not like thosel i bought from meimei whereby i can easily position it anywhere i want as long as my nails are wet! This cheap decal basically stick on once it touches your nails unless u dip your whole finger into the bowl/cup of water while positioning it!! (so dumb right!?) by then i think u might have crumpled fingers.
  • This decal will LAK SEK (color will run)! When u apply top coat over it, dun go over and over and over again, u will soon realise ur santa has shaved his beard!!!

By the time I’m done with my nails, i wasted 4-5 decals….. -_____-

Mei Mei !!! i was wrong about your decal! Though they are more costly, still affordable actually, but at least quality is guaranteed!!! i know every decal will be put in good use when i do my nails! Seriously I’m not gona buy decal from elsewhere but again!! Mei Mei Signature will be my only option for water decal!


So these are my little red nails for Christmas! The Spy Who Loved Me from OPI Skyfall 007 collection! I kinda like this red!! very nice and cheery! It’s bright red with gold shimmers. I’m not sure if there are some % of red shimmer but it’s already enough to impress me!

Other than The Spy Who Loved Me, i also used A-England’s Merlin! Silver glitters, glitters with irregular shape i believe! it’s quite “opaque” considering it for a layering top coat. This is just one coat of Merlin with some touch up to the side of the nails..


My poor santa with 2 strends is beard shaved! Lucky still able to touch up the red polish..


*without flash*


*without flash* Seche top coat never fails to make me happy!


A closer view of the shimmer.. but probably a good camera can do a better job! hahahahaha!!

Have a good evening!

It’s Decal Time Again!!

Hi all!! It’s decal time again! Im sure water decal is not sth new to u anymore!! I had previously posted 3 posts about my decal nails.. Now this is the latest one i’d just rec’d last night.. This art took mi slightly more time to complete as I’m not very good in painting my nails white!! So pardon my very jagged polish work but love the decal design!!!


Make a guess what design it is this time…!?



Tada… My Chinese Painting decal from Mei Mei’s Signature!!!! Super happy with this design! And apparently it went out stock not long after I made my purchase.. thank goodness I din ponder another second else I wun get to have another favorite thing in my stash already!!!



Pardon, again, for my not very clear photos.. lighting wasnt good, hands shaking, iphone cam resolution wasnt goo enuff.. everything else but not about my fault..! hahahahah!! nah.. just couldnt seems to capture it in the right angle.. So had upload whatever angle i shot to share..


(This pic look as if my hand is hvg a bad cramp!!! hahahahaha)


I had trim and cut a bit on the decal cuz some parts are too long to fit onto my nails.. and among all, i really love the birdie~~  AIYA!! Should have take a pic of the original packaging to show u before it goes onto my nails.. tsk, ok! next time.. i still have some decal in stock..

Now this one is with flash.. so far do you like it?? I’m so loving it..



I think every girl out der who love to DIY, should try water decal..! only S$3.50 you can achieve Salon standard!! …. did i just say salon?? erm.. i meant .. shucks! wat do u call a place for mani/pedi??  well.. nvm.. i seriously think water decal is e greatest way to design our nails…! Fast, beautiful and efficient!! Even kids can easily do it but parental guidance pls! Because cutting and trimming is needed..

Well Well.. hope you guys like this design like i do too..  See u next time!

Tristam Zipped!!

By request.. Ehem! Ehem! *thick skin* here comes my favorite A-England’s Tristam matching with The Golden Zip water decal!!!



Above 2 pic are Tristam with The Golden Zip without top coat… Tristam is really a very classy blue with silver blue holo shimmer.. My boyf said it looks like granite (i think i mentioned this bef.. =P hahaha!) Tristam itself shines good..! But because I added decal on it, it kinda lost 20% of its shine so it’s best to put on top coat!! To seal the decal and of cuz the polish color!



Now that two (above) are sealed w Seche top coat.. My all time favorite top coat! The best quick dry high shine top coat!!!

Hope you guys will like this decal art tooo!

To purchase any of what I just mentioned in this post, do visit Mei Mei’s Signature site HERE for more A-England, Seche and water decal!!!


Saint George.. Zip it up!

Finally i found a suitable color to goes with my zippie water decal!!! Guess which color!?? Erm… Maybe not! It’s already named in the title.. >_<

Once again i wana say.. A-England ROCKZ!!!! SMOOTH application! no clog no bald and high shine (tho my pic may not be very true abt this point)! I really love A-England polish more than any other brand! For this i must thank Mei Mei’s Signature for bringing in such a good polish to share!


The above pic you see is only a one coat application of Saint George!!… YES! just ONE coat!! Very solid right!?? man! this is gorgeous!! I must admit.. due to my BIG OBSTRUCTION (tummy) i had a hard time taking good photo of it!! But nevertheless you can google it or u can click HERE to see Mei Mei’s upload..

Saint George.. a very gorgeous color.. In short i would say its a holo-green polish. But to me “Holo” is sth like Nfu-oh, Glitter Girls, whr u can see rings of colorful holo.. but this one.. hmm.. probably a diff type of holo.. a holo shimmer perhaps?? LOL! doesn’t matter.. to me it’s be prettiest green i ever had.. a very opaque deep green with bits of blue & green & orange(?) shims.. Almost like Tristam.. You will like it if u love Tristam!



Anyway, after im done w my polish, i started working on my water decal.. (Click HERE to see my previous post on how to use a water decal..) This time round i only applied water decal on my big toe.. the rest are too small to “zip” it up..

Final product…?


My First Water Decal!! *elated*

Im amazed with e result last night! I din expect water decal turned out so user-friendly!

I always thot water decals are:
– filmsy
– easily torn
– not sticky
– messy

It turns out…
– easy to apply
– alignment can be adjusted easily. REALLY easy! (5 star for this!!)
– best is.. unlike sticker’s stickiness, u need not be afraid tt e decal will stick to anything it comes into contact with! especially when u accidentally drop it, sweat not that it will stick on the floor!


I’m really falling for Water Decal!! It’s really easy to use.. just soak it in water (not need to stir or watever, just leave it in water.. that’s all).. then rub out the decal and place it over your nails (wet nails preferred, IMO).. then u are free to adjust any angle or alignment u wan.. top left bottom right center..! just make sure u keep ur nails wet to shift it.. once its dry, shifting will be impossible.. because IT”S DRY! U need ur decal to stay after all right? hahahaha! once done, apply top coat over it.. For my case, since i have a hair dryer, i make full use of it.. blow them dry, before and after top coat!

With water decal, im sure i wun waste any more nail art! no more “mis-aimmed” incident, no more wrong angle incident, no more polish peeled incident from sticker removal (u know when u pull out the sticker from you nails to re-stick it back cuz the position is not where u wanted?? argg! ).. water decal is really convenient x 100 for me, especial when i’m having a bad shaky hands day!!

Water decal can be purchased from Mei Mei’s Signature at S$3.50 each.. Lots of design to choose from.. cartoon (smurf, spongebob, hello kitties).. Christmas.. CNY.. Chinese Painting.. Butterflies.. Feathers.. Ribbons.. Classic (dots, lines, spiral)..  i bought mine from MMS too..! delivery is definitely FAST! That’s another reason why i love purchasing from her.. Also, her prompt friendly reply nvr fails to make me feel close to her..! Reliable, efficient seller! (5 stars!)

Btw, my base color is MMS house brand Suesa Polish (number 10)… got this as a gift when i enter one of her nail art contest (click HERE to see the nail art).. i remember reading some where about how SueSa came about .. it’s actually Suede + S…… (oops!) = SueSa.. it has big brush for easy application and wat i like about SueSa is… any chipped or damaged of the polish on ur nails, it is NOT obvious at all..!! Thus i need not be very precise when applying.. i can easily apply this on both hands without much effort! Aint that goooood!??