UV Spray Comparison

Recently I saw lotsa advertisement on sunblock spray! Sunblock spray is nothing new actually.. Few years back, I tried Enavose sunblock spray! It’s really convenient and hassle-free! That’s why here we are – a post for sun block spray!!

Today we’re comparing Cyber Colors and L’Oreal!

Bought Cyber Colors from JB’s SaSa! It cost about RM65 each but because there’s a 50% off promotion if purchase 2! So it’s as good as 1 for 1!

SPF 50 / PA+++, totally full defense!!


NG-Scene: Didn’t shake well enough and ended up with super thick sunblock on my hand! EEW~ Conclusion, SHAKE WELL!!


After shaking well, this spray works fine and smells good too! The fine particles are indeed grease-free as claim and totally not sticky at all!! *thumbs-up*

I have no idea how well it block away the UV but at least I am more motivated to apply sunblock on my body now since it’s so easy and convenient!

The only thing about this is.. you can’t spray directly onto face, You’ll have to do it the traditional way, spray onto you hand, rub it and then apply on face. Hmm.. so convenient for body but not the face..


Now, say WOW! I thought Cyber Colors sun protection was good enough! However, this is even better!! SPF 50 / PA++++!!! Four PLUS!! Even more protection!!

It’s the 1st ultra-light UV mist for face in a refreshing flash dry watery texture with 12H long-lasting UV Protection!!

OK, after above lesson, I shake this sun block very well!! LOL~


As compared, L’Oreal is slightly oilier but smell nicer! In fact, the oily feeling doesn’t last very long and the good thing about this is that it can be spray directly onto our face – even over your makeup!! Speaking of convenience~ ^_^

Overall, both are as good! It really depends on what you’re looking for..

If you prefer a less oilier spray, Cyber color is for you! Smells good, not sticky, not oily..

However, if you wish to have the convenience of having one bottle and able to spray from head to toe, L’Oreal is good! One compact spray-can that blocks all the UV! Save that pretty face!!!


NYLON x VANITY TROVE November Edition


I know.. it’s already 2016 but it’s never too late to share good things.


Today I’m sharing with you what I’ve got in NYLON x Vanity Trove November Edition!!

11 items in one trove and none are sample sachets!!

1. Intercosmo Il Magnifico Mask Spray x 2 (12ml)

2. LANEIGE Water Bank Essence_Ex (10ml)

3. Curél Moisture Lotion II (8ml)

4. Curél Moisture Face Milk (8ml)

5. Curél Intensive Moisture Cream (4g)

6. Bioderma Sensibio H2O (20ml)

7. Shiseido Professional The Hair Care Luminoforce Mask (50g)

8. Cosme Decorté Liposome Treatment Liquid (14ml)

9. Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel SPF 50+/PA++++ (15ml)

10. MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask (1 piece)

11. The History of WHOO Gongjinhyang Gift Set: Seol Whitening Skin Balancer (20ml), Whitening Lotion (20ml), and Whitening & Moisture Cream (4ml)


Let’s take a look at my ALL TIME FAVE makeup remover!!


This micellar water effective remove makeup and is gentle to eyes and great for sensitive skin. You can easily remove eye & lip makeup at one go too! You can read more from here..


Curél, Japan’s No.1 Brand for Sensitive Asian Skin is formulated from Kao’s extensive dermatological science research. From face and body to scalp and hair, Curél’s hydrating and moisture-retaining ceramide care targets the actual causes of sensitive Asian skin and provides highly effective solutions to improve skin condition.


Who doesn’t know about Biore!? Biore is probably one of the most popular known brand when you mention sun protection/makeup remover.

Biore Aqua Rich Watery Gel contains unique Aqua Micro Capsules with UV block ingredient to provide superior SPF 50+/PA++++ protection while keeping skin cool and refreshed. It is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid & Citrus essence to hydrate and soften skin. Its water-based texture spreads easily and get adsorbed easily without a white cast. Suitable to be used on face and body.


Next item is from Kao too, it’s MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask. It relieve and relax your hardworking eyes! Treat your eyes to a steam bath, soothing them to a comfortable and relaxed state.

If you’re not used to having something covering your eyes while u sleep, you might not like this. In my opinion, you just have to get used to it and you’ll love how it relax your eyes, especially the lavender scent! I fall asleep almost immediately (or am i too tired?).


Who doesn’t know about Laneige!? Laneige Water Bank Essence_EX is one of the best selling product over at Laneige boutique! It give moisture to your skin and can keep skin hydrated up to 24 hours while improving skin’s texture!!


A new generation of skincare unlike any you have experienced before.

  • Contains a newly developed liposome using two varieties of phospholipids that contain beauty ingredients that actively target and work on the stratum corneum.
  • Formulated to be biologically similar to the skin, the treatment liquid is able to penetrate instantly into the stratum corneum, achieving an immediate effect on the appearance and vitality of skin.
  • Addresses dryness, irregular skin texture, roughness and dullness, giving firmness, translucency, softness and long-lasting moisture to skin.
  • Suitable for all ages and skin types, including sensitive skin.
  • Oil-free, paraben-free and allergy tested.


I’m sorry I didnt take a good picture of this product!! But clear enough it’s a gift set!

We have Seol Whitening Skin Balancer, Whitening Lotion and Whitening & Moisture Cream in trial size!


Ok, I’m sua-ku! I don’t know about this good stuff at all! How can like that?

IL MAGNIFICO, it’s a innovative multifunctional treatment that offers 10 benefits! A mask hair spray that combines the consistency and properties of a mask, with the convenience and speed of a spray


  1. Repairs damaged hair
2. Controls frizz
3. Heat protection
4. Easier ironing using a straightener
5. Offers shine
6. Hair color protection
7. Facilitates detangling
8. Adds body and volume
9. Prevents split ends
10. Long lasting hairstyle


  • 100% softer, silkier hair
  • 93% untangling effect
  • 83% easier combing and straigtening

This spray can be applied to both wet or dry hair directly without rinsing, in this way it can be used anywhere and at any time! Speaking of CONVENIENT!



If you prefer the wash off hair mask, they’ve got you covered – Shiseido Luminoforce mask!

LUMINOFORCE focuses on the decline of lipids inside the hair which makes hair coarse. Shiseido’s original “Reducing Hair Coarseness Technology” boosts the suppleness and shine to enhance the beauty of color-treated hair.

Lipid Repair Agent (Olive-derived Squalane as a softening ingredient) – An ingredient derived from olives which closely resembles the properties of naturally occurring lipids found in hair. Has superior penetration and high affinity.

S-Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Acetyl Hyaluronate as a moisturizing ingredient) – An ingredient with superior moisture retention that keeps the hair well-hydrated.

Evening Primrose Oil and Arginine – LUMINOFORCE imparts gloss by repairing the hair inside and out.

Evening Primrose Oil: Imparts gloss by protecting the hair surface.
Arginine: Repairs melanin holes found inside the hair to control the scattering of light and enhance the luster from within.

Fragrance “ORCHARD BREEZE” – A refreshing, soothing fragrance inspired by an orchard breeze, featuring a floral fruity note. It is a fresh and juicy fruit fragrance imbued with the gorgeous and natural aroma of the noble rose.

Intensively repairs damaged hair to keep a suppleness and shine that complement the beauty of color-treated hair.

Just use once or twice a week. After shampooing, gently remove excess water. Take an appropriate amount of the Mask and work through the entire hair. Leave for 3-5 minutes, and rinse thoroughly.

Now that you’ve seen the items in this trove, are you excited to yours too!!!? Head over to Vanity Trove website to find out more or click HERE to purchase your NYLON x VANITY TROVE now!!

Nov Nylon

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Bioré UV AQUA Rich Watery Gel Review

To start this post, let’s enjoy a lil sing-along song!

Are you afraid of the big bad wolf?

Yes I am! But I’m more afraid of the SUN! The weather is getting crazier each day! Sun protection is a must in tropical country like Singapore! Summer all year long!!

I’m glad Bioré came up with the new UV AQUA Rich Watery Gel!!

Girls like me who are very prone to pigmentation should NEVER skip sun protection! Rain or shine, I always put on my sunblock!! Even when I’m indoor, sunblock is still a must! 

I’m not trying to scare you but did you know that prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays without proper protection can cause permanent effects such as premature skin ageing, wrinkles & freckles, as well as, various skin damages like discoloration, sallowness, dryness. In extreme cases, they can also lead to skin cancer!


The most damaging UV rays can be classified into different wavelengths, known as UVA and UVB. UVC is the shortest wave and usually do not penetrate the Earth’s Ozone Layer.

UVA rays penetrate into the deeper layers of our skin as compared to UVB rays, and are also the dominant tanning ray. The penetrative ability of UVA rays through glass means that even when you’re seeking shelter indoors, your skin continues to be exposed to its harmful effects which can cause cumulative damage such as wrinkling and skin ageing.

On the other hand, UVB rays cause the most damage to the outer layer of skin such as reddening of skin and sunburns. Without proper protection, prolonged exposure to UVB rays can cause long-term damage to skin’s epidermal layers.

Sunscreen products are rated based on two rating systems, known as the Skin Protection Factor (SPF) and the PA rating system. The SPF rating determines the duration of time your skin stays protected against UVB rays from the sun.

The calculation method is simple – SPF Rating x (no. of minutes for skin to darken under sun) = No. of minutes skin is protected from UVB rays!

Example: SPF50 x 20mins = 1000mins of protection from UVB (equivalent to 16 hours of protection)

Do bear in mind that the higher the SPF, the more likely it will be oilier (and heavier too)..

On the other hand, the PA rating is a Japanese rating system that shows how much protection you are receiving against UVA rays. The higher the number of pluses, the greater the protection against UVA rays. Currently, the highest standard of PA protection in the industry is PA++++.



Results from Kao Singapore’s Benchmark Survey shows that the top reason why women prefer not to apply a sunscreen is the sticky, greasy feeling on skin that most sunscreens tend to leave behind.

This is where the light, watery texture of Bioré’s Aqua Rich Watery Gel stands out! Similar to the Aqua Rich Watery Essence, it is formulated with Bioré’s unique Aqua Rich technology to give it a light and watery texture when applied onto skin.

Product Benefits
• Superior double UV block with enhanced SPF50+/PA++++
• Maximum protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun
• Retains its light and watery texture that allows smooth application without a sticky feel
• Infused with hyaluronic acid & citrus extract to keep skin hydrated and fresh
• Suitable for application on face and body

Bioré Aqua Rich Watery Gel can brightens and whitens skin, for a glowing appearance! For girls who do makeup, you will be glad to know that this is suitable for use as a make-up base too!! How awesome!!!


The Aqua Rich Watery Gel contains the breakthrough Aqua Micro Capsule a water capsule which breaks upon application on skin to release the UV protection agent while giving skin a cool and refreshed feeling.

Unlike most sunscreens that have a higher SPF value which tends to compromise on the product texture, Bioré’s Aqua Rich Watery series retains its lightweight feel and at the same time provide maximum UV protection.

The Aqua Rich Watery Gel is also infused with hyaluronic acid and citrus extract to keep skin hydrated and healthy.

The new Bioré Aqua Rich Watery Gel retails at SGD18.90 for a 90ml bottle. Available at all leading pharmacies, super & hyper markets, departmental stores, beauty stores and selected minimarts.

The full range of Bioré’s UV Series enhanced with the PA++++ rating (previously PA+++) are:

  • Bioré Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50+/PA++++
  • Bioré Whitening Cream SPF50+/PA++++
  • Bioré Perfect Face Milk SPF50+/PA++++
  • Bioré Perfect Milk SPF50+/PA++++
  • Bioré Bright Face Milk SPF50+/PA++++

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SkinOrigin UV Light 40

Sunblock was never part of my life during school days! It’s such a hassle to apply it before going out/to school!! & the stickiness… eeew.

Yes, now I regretted for not being more hardworking.. see how fast your skin get wrinkles & sag when you did not use sunblock! (my goodness!)


Ever since my freckles starts to surface, I’m very much concern about SPF! Yes, SUN PROTECTION FACTOR!! SPF means amount of time you can stay in the sun without getting sunburned (protection from UVB)! Higher better? Well, not really.. Most of the time, it depends on your activity.. If you will be under direct sunlight (ie: beach/outdoor sports), then yes, higher better. If you are just gonna stay indoor most of the time, SPF35 is more than enough.. If I didn’t remember wrongly, 1 SPF equals to 10 mins of sun protection. Hence SPF 35 is already 350 minutes (almost 6 hours)!


The next factor I will look at is.. PA ranking! PA protects your skin from UVA! UVA gives you all the wrinkles/pigmentation/sagging!! So pls get the highest ranking possible! Now that brings me to my main point today!!

If case you’re wondering where is UVC? UVC is blocked by our great ozone..

Few weeks back, I was contacted to review SkinOrigin’s latest addition! UV Light 40 PA++++! Yes, that’s FOUR PLUS (+) and not a typo! Amazing right!? So far there isn’t many sunblock with PA++++ yet. I’m not saying there isn’t, just not many! So happy to find one that’s not only high in SPF but also high in PA ranking!!!


SkinOrigin is a revolutionary biomedic cosmetics line that is designed to specially treat a wide array of skin concerns and conditions.


The peptides posses unique characteristics, they are small active molecules capable of mimicking a specific role to heal the skin through naturally occurring proteins.

It diminishes skin sensitivity and allergic reaction. The amino acids and peptides bonds used to create penta peptides are 100% naturally produced. They are the building blocks of all the proteins produced daily in the body. Because peptides are small versions of naturally occurring proteins, they will not create any allergic or sensitivity reaction.

The molecules are capable of delivering cell metabolism, differentiation and growth. They stimulate different functions including enzyme production and cellular proliferation. Promotes the skin physiological responses such as increasing collagen production, of controlling acne and reducing pigmentation.

I’m not gonna bored you with more of this technical terms but I think it’s good to know that SkinOrigin is suitable for sensitive skin too! Yay (on behalf of my mom)!!

Website: http://skinorigin.net/about/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skinoriginUS/timeline


Opening ceremony for my new sunblock!! Ta-daaaa~~

UV Light 40 is designed for all skin types. It is a light and non-greasy sunblock that promotes as intense protection against UVA and UVB radiation and premature aging. It also has a combination of active moisturizing ingredients that promotes a high level of moisture binding capacity.


As you can see… it’s a grey/silver pump bottle!

One thing I like about pump bottle is that, I do not need to worry about spillage! I can just throw into my tote bag, my travel bag or makeup bag, without having to worry the cap will loosen and leak. *thumbs up* However, it will be better if I can see how much sunblock I had left! Then I’ll know when it’s time for me to grab more again!

Okay, enough on the appearance~ Let’s check out the product itself..

wpid-c360_2014-12-10-23-22-58-875.jpg wpid-c360_2014-12-10-23-23-58-558.jpg wpid-c360_2014-12-10-23-24-32-824.jpg wpid-c360_2014-12-10-23-25-07-981.jpg

The sunblock is pretty runny.. It’s not those thick/white-ish kind that’s so hard to even glide across your skin. Also, this sunblock is hypoallergenic & perfume-free yet doesn’t have those weird plastic/chemical scent that made me sian jit buah (relunctant) to use it.. Pretty pleasant honestly!

wpid-c360_2014-12-10-23-28-52-733.jpg wpid-c360_2014-12-10-23-29-20-682.jpg

I would usually pump (twice) the sunblock onto my palm and then rub them together so that it can be evenly spread out onto my big chubby face! As this sunblock is pretty lightweight, it gets absorb pretty fast (plus we just need a thin layer for sun protection) Hence sticky sensation doesn’t last at all..


Another amazing thing about this sunblock I super love is that it has moisturizing effect – maintaining skin’s hydro-lipidic balance!! I have combination skin hence it is important for me to get products with moisturizing ingredient.. I wouldn’t want my face to start flaking… -__- Oh that reminds me, I’m so glad that this sunblock doesn’t cause out break on me!! Woohooo… No flake! No break!!

This sunblock is like made for me!! High SPF (sufficient for office girl like me!), High PA ranking (protects me from UVA & UVB), Moisturizing (treat my dry cheek)!! Did I mention?? It gives me a beautiful glow too! Not oily glow, for goodness sake!! It’s supple skin kinda glow!! I would usually use this like a makeup base for extra protection too! Like so kiasu because my BB cream already have a certain amount of SPF.. BUT the thing is… it doesn’t have “PA++++” !! Muahahaha~~


That’s not all the benefits of this sunblock ok!! UV Light 40 can also fight against photo-ageing, prevent pre-mature aging, has anti-inflammatory effect, DNA repair & it can prevents skin destruction by Free Radicals!!


If you too would like to try this highest PA ranking sunblock by SkinOrigin (RP: S$89), you can drop by any of their exclusive Concept store to find out moreee!!


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Neutrogena Clinical Solution: Bye Bye Spots!!

Sponsored Review

Hi Guys! It’s me again.. After “resting” for so long, I’m back with a very good post!

No long opening post! Gonna be straight to the point because I can’t wait to share these product with you anymore!!



Neutrogena introduces new Clinical Solutions to its Fine Fairness range!

Neutrogena takes skin brightening to a new height with the launch of the Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness skincare line, formulated to provide higher efficiency in combating stubborn dark, for healthy and radiant skin. The new line of clinical solutions features a unique combination of VITAL-IONS and Lily Nectar that work together synergistically to lighten dark spots and revitalize skin from deep within, for renewed radiance and skin tone evenness.

Neutrogena’s latest innovative VITAL-IONS technology contains zinc and copper minerals that help boost energy supply to the skin cells as a catalyst to revitalize the skin’s cellular renewal process to quickly disperse the accumulated melanin. Lily Nectar, which comprises of White Lily extracts and stabilizes Vitamin C, inhibits melanin formation by blocking the skin’s ‘melanin production’ signals, which are normally activated when the skin is over-exposed to the sun’s UV rays.

How melanin builds up

Ageing gracefully is something we all want. But as we grow older, our skin’s cellular turnover becomes sluggish. This affects skin’s natural function of expelling melanin and it starts to accumulate within skin – dark spots appear and skin tone becomes uneven, taking away skin’s natural radiance.

~ Singapore Women’s Weekly July 2014 Issue

When I was contacted few days back to do this product review, I agreed without second thought! I saw the advertisement on TV, at Watson’s, in Magazines, they all look so promising!!

Those who know me will be aware that pigmentation (freckles) has always been my greatest enemy! Like going for a slimming center program, it cost a bomb (maybe a few) to get rid of them!! Especially when these freckles are with me since young age! (Now I regret why I didn’t start to apply sun block when my mom asked me too!)

I’ve tried a few whitening products but very often will stop using them after some time.. Why? Because most of them are either too drying for my skin or too much damage to my wallet. Some don’t even shows result.. T_T I have combination skin type hence finding a suitable product is very important! It must be effective yet will not cause (too much) dehydration! Not forgetting that it must be wallet-friendly too!! LOL…!


Without further ado *excited*, let’s start talking about the products!!

Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Essence (30g, S$45.90)

Clinically proven to lighten even the most persistent spots with visible results achieved in just three weeks, its special formulation of clinical strength whitening ingredients contains VITAL-IONS and Lily Nectar, which breaks down melanin accumulation and diminishes the appearance of pigmentation and dark spots. Its hydrating and soothing formula works deep within the different layers of epidermal skin to revitalise skin’s renewal process and help prevent new melanin from forming, enhancing skin tone and clarity.

Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Essence has been clinically tested to be
effective in erasing a year of accumulated melanin with just one bottle, lightened even the most persistent spots. Apply to skin after cleansing, before moisturiser.

20140627-145400-53640033.jpg 20140627-145411-53651147.jpg

I like the classic white and gold (they claimed it’s bronze..) combination but color combination isn’t a factor I consider when buying/trying a product. It will probably only affect where I place them after I bought them home.. LOL! Anyway, that’s beside the point! I think this range looks pretty much like a higher range product among Neutrogena skincare line.

FYI, these are not glass bottle so no worries if you are gonna break them or too heavy to bring around/travel!

(DID YOU SEE IT?? 1 bottle tackles 1 year stubborn spots!! Can I just grab 15 bottles!?)



When you open the cap, you will see that it’s a pump bottle with two nozzle. This isn’t something new in the market so nothing too hoo-ha about it..

For its packaging, I think it’s pretty nice. The only thing about it is that it would be better if I can tell how much essence left in the bottle (IMO)..

Now that you’ve seen the packaging, let me share with you more about what I thought of the essence..


Now you see the purpose of the 2 nozzle?? Yes, it’s to ooze two different type of essence at once (it’s a double chamber pump).

Can’t see? Here’s a better image!


See the two difference in color? All u have to do is just use ur finger and gently blend & apply them onto ur pretty face!


It can blend very easily so there’s no worry that it won’t blend or whatsoever. It has this very “neutrogena” scent.. light.. soothing.. makes me goes “hmm~~”

Texture wise i think it’s pretty light weight and my skin is absorbing it well! Leaves no sticky or oily feeling! My skin feels kinda smooth after some time, not sure it’s my good skin day or this effect of this product! Hahaha~

Side track abit.. I used to not like neutrogena product because donkey years ago (before I had my freckles nightmare and I do mean donkey yearsss ago because I can’t even remember when!!) I ever tried their basic skincare range and I was like OMG~ it’s too oily for me and I got so phobia of it until this new clinical solution that “promise” 1 bottle tackles 1 year stubborn spots!! Every woman has their weakness! WAHAHAHA!!

I must admit after using this essence, it did changes my impression of “oily” neutrogena! 😀 I kinda like how this essence feels on my face and I can’t wait to finish one bottle!!!

Other the the Radiance Essence, I had also recieved the Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Cream (50g, $34.90)



A luxurious non-oily moisturising formula infused with VITAL-IONSTM and Lily Nectar, it aids deep skin renewal at night, helping to make skin look brighter, fairer and more radiant. Its clinical strength formulation works to reduce melanin production and improves skin tone and clarity, while at the same time providing sufficient hydration for dewy soft, smooth and moisturised skin with youthful luminosity. Spread a small amount evenly on face and neck every night every night after Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Essence.


FYI, this amount is too much to apply regularly! I used this much is just to show you the product clearly..


Although it’s stated that it’s a “non-oily moisturizer”, I feels that this is still a lil too oily for my liking. It’s not as light weight as compare to the moisturizer I’m using now but probably because it’s not a gel-type. Cream base moisturizer tends to be slightly “oily”..

Third item that comes together with this review is something every girl/woman/lady out there needs! A SUN BLOCK!!! Please, this is a very very important thing to start if you don’t want to see pigmentation/freckles/spots!!!

Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Multi-Protect UV Fluid SPF50+ PA+++ (50g, $34.90)


Formulated with Neutrogena’s patented HelioplexTM technology as well as the clinical
strength whitening ingredients of VITAL-IONSTM and Lily Nectar, it serves the dual purpose of broad-spectrum protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays and cell revitalisation for renewed radiance. HelioplexTM has been clinically proven to deliver one of the best forms of protection under extreme sun conditions, shielding skin against cellular damage and premature aging that cause fine lines, sagging skin, wrinkles and dark spots.

Apply liberally to face and neck after your morning skincare regimen, before sun exposure.


This is also a pump bottle but only one nozzle, you don’t need two for sun block.. It won’t makes it more powerful.. LOL.. You know this colour just reminds me of this paticular L brand’s (ambassodor is Song Hye-Kyo?) make up base/primer? Both are purple (lilac, to be exact) color and purple seems to be known for it’s “whitening” effect.. Or I should say great color to even out skin tone. (I have a clear purple base coat by Essence, it’s for whitening of nails too! Let me go dig out the pic to show you when I have the time)


Sorry if you can’t “visualise” the purple-ness (more or lilac? go google it) of it.. I just have to figure out my camera setting before my next post!! Nonetheless, I can show you the power of this Multi-Protect UV Fluid!


I only applied the product on half of my face and I can see that it has even out my skin tone and also skin looks healthier!

Basically the image (left & right) are the same. Just that I had circled the obvious brighten area on the right image and the image on the left are without the “circle” to distract u.. 🙂

Overall, I think this product is really worth a try, especially the essence!! I haven’t showed you my result right?? LOL..


This is my freckles condition before using this product.. Aren’t they … adorable? =X


And here’s after 2 weeks of using it.. Although there isn’t a GREAT difference but result is still visible.. Even my boyfriend dropped a random comment last Sunday (6 July) over breakfast.. “Hey, ur spot seems to have lighten? Did u do something?”

I was like “REALLY?? Breakfast on me!!!” ^_^

I’m happy hearing this because he isn’t aware I’m currently using Neutrogena Fine Fairness products!! This shows that this product is really shows result! Now I’m looking fwd to finish the whole bottle!


You see the lighten spots??? *happy* I’ll definitely recommend this to those who face freckles problem like me!!!

If you want to find out more information about Neutrogena, head to their FB page (HERE) or check out more about this whitening product HERE

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LBBB A New Beginnning

This is a SUPER LATE post!!! I kept it in my draft and happily forgot about it until now!! Goshhh….

Now here’s my January Little Black Beauty Box! I’m actually not that excited already when I opened up the box. I think this is not the first time they throw in perfume samples to fill the box (at least that’s what I feel – using perfume sample to fill the box)..


Okay, let’s start with Shiseido first.. We have a couple of samples from Shiseido..20140117-182921.jpg

The White Lucent Power Brightening Mask. An original brightening mask inspired by iontophoresis, a beauty treatment that saturates skin with a generous amount of brightening ingredients. Through the power of Ion Force Technology, the brightening ingredients are absorbed deep within the skin for highly effective results. Remove the mask and see your skin refreshed, bright and even toned.

The unique shape of our mask is the result of a long and meticulous design process that led to its simple and effective form. Made with highly elastic new materials, it fits any face perfectly, allowing the formula to reach deeply into every part of the skin.

I had used this mask and erm.. the brightening effect.. I guess I need more to see the effect.. LOL..


White Lucent Total Brightening Serum. The ultimate brightening solution for even-toned skin with perfect radiance. A brightening serum that combines Shiseido’s advanced brightening technologies to achieve ultimately bright skin. Shiseido’s exclusive new complex, ProBright 4MRtm, has been developed based on the latest research for a superior combined effect* of overall brightening, and flawless, perfectly radiant skin.
The light, dewy texture absorbs quickly from the skin surface to deep within.

It refines the skin surface for a lustrous look. Provides generous moisture, for optimum clarity. Prevents and diminishes visible dark spots, for spotless skin.

Next up, Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion!


Laneige has always been one of my favourite brands! Not only their skincare range is hydrating enough.. I like their packaging too!

This is not my first time using Snow BB Soothing Cushion (You can check my my previous post HERE). In fact I have a full size one in my makeup pouch!


Something from Kose. It’s the Sun Protect Gel, in short, sunblock.

This gel block out UV rays and lock in moisture with SEKKISEI Sun Protect Gel’s new “ultrathin cohesive veil” formula.

  • Sun protect gel made with oriental plant extracts that creates smooth and translucent skin by preventing spots and freckles caused by sunburn.
  • Thin and soft “ultrathin cohesive veil” locks moisture inside of skin for long hours, while protecting it from UV rays.
  • SPF50/PA+++ thoroughly blocks UV-A which causes damage to plumpness of skin, and UV-B which causes sunburn.
  • Can be used as makeup base. Tones skin, and enhances and supports application and lasting effect of foundation.



I don’t know how comfortable this will be but that’s what written on it. Nuse Ultra Comfortable Face Cream. This nourishing cream with its delicious, creamy texture, replenishes, soothes, repairs and protects the skin from external aggression. A delicious treat for pampered skin all day long.

The skin is intensely nourished (91%*) and its comfort is restored (86%*). Sensations of discomfort and tightness are reduced (91%*).
*Use test carried out under dermatological supervision over 28 days of application on 21 volunteers  % of volunteers who agreed with the claim.

Next are all about perfume whereby I will just skipped them.




Ok, this is something new to me. Or rather it’s my first time using this brand. Holika Holika.20140117-183053.jpg

This is a pot of eye shadow. It will tightly attached on skin and maintains clear makeup all day. It also creates light and clear shimmering with brush.

How to use?? Apply a proper amount with brush or with your finger tips.


It comes with a safety seal so that the powder will not “leak”.


If you have notice, It doesn’t comes in a powdery form but instead they are like little balls.




Looks not bad on hand ya!?? Let’s see how it look on my eye…20140117-183217.jpg

hmm .. pretty light.20140117-183227.jpg

*dapped more*

Still look light…


NOW, this is too much! LOL… I did this on purpose just to show you that you have to blend well if you are using ur fingers. If not the chunks of ball will just be unevenly spread out.


And yup, this is the amount of perfume samples I have in my drawers… ! LOL! I should be able to finish them before they turn yollow… =X


Bellabox Giftbox!


Straight to the point! See… You like my giftbox too?? Received this complimentary gift box (worth S$125) from Bellabox because I’m subscribed to them (again)! See… below was (part of) the email I received… Subscribe now (then) and receive a free $125 gift box!! Why not! It’s like paying $19.95 for 2 box! Capture

Soooo, first thing that attracted me to get this gift box is because of this….!


Anna Sui 870!! A bright cheery yellow! Opaque yellow! Vivid yellow!


Broad brush is another thing I like about it!



Index finger: 2 coat

Middle finger: 1 coat

If you like this yellow, you can check out from HERE to see which is your nearest outlet to grab one!


Well, that’s not the only thing that caught my attention! Another reason why I chose this gift box is because… it has twistband!!

Twistbands are really useful, pretty and most importantly.. cause no dents/damage/crease to your hair!!!


These are the 3 colors I received. basic black and white and a sweet pink that comes with a bling bling!


Next, shampoo & conditioner. I assume I don’t have to introduce this again.. I had received them so many time and i’ll sound like an old lady if I intro them again (like a spoil radio that keeps on repeating!)

Summary, it’s the scent that will keep me wanting to use it.. 😉


VEET! Hair removal cream… erm, not very useful for me as i don’t really have much hair to remove and if I really need to, I usually go to the experts.. LOL! Pampered me~


I had this from one of my beauty box! It looks/sounds really good but i have not used it yet because the thot of having to wash away the mask makes me lazy~ hahaha

You can read up my previous post HERE for more details about this mask pack! C’mon, don be lazy.. (LOL!!)


Next next… something from Adonis.. I never expect to see Adonis product in my trove..

Herbal Peel Gel – Mild exfoliator

Using a variety of Herbs and seven types of natural eco-friendly ingredients, this mask delivers serious brightening, glowing results. The dead skin on the surface of your face accumulates over time, causing a dull, gray complexion. Only with exfoliation can you remove this skin to reveal the soft, new skin underneath, revealing its natural lightness.

Herbal Peel Gel exfoliates gently and expertly, providing a bright skin tone, replenishing your youthful complexion and removing unsightly dead skin.

How to use? Apply a thin, comprehensive layer of the mask on your face, avoiding eye area. Leave on initially for one minute, then spread and massage it into your skin in circular motions. Rinse off with clear water and apply moisturiser and SPF right after.

Dermatox – Anti-toxin

Dermatox provides intensive purification for congested pores. Over time dirt, oil and dead skin can clog pores leading to breakouts, blemishes, even scarring. Prevent and treat your blemishes with Dermatox.

This amazing product will let you know in two ways that it’s properly working: The first is by releasing a strong smell indicating the level of toxicity in your pores that’s being released. With regular use, the smell lessens, proving that there is less toxicity. The second way you’ll know it’s working is by the compliments you’ll receive on your improved, radiant, clear complexion.

How to use? Spray Dermatox onto cleansed skin. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse with cleanser. For best results, rinse with Adonis Cleanser.


Justin Bieber roll-on Eau de Toilette .. I’m not a Bieber fans… but this lil nothing smell ok to me!


It’s pretty convenient to bring around! Just one thing about it.. The scent ain’t that lasting as compared to my other perfume.. and the roller isn’t very smooth. Not much perfume “rolled” out when I apply it.. 😦


Ok, now for something that I like again… Dr.Ci:Labo! Again, I’m gonna do it the lazy way! hahaha… click HERE to view more details about it!


Last but not least… A very powerful sunblock!! SPF70!! Hell madness! hahahah! Armada Sport 70 is by VMV Hypoallergenics!

If you spend lots of time outdoors, and want a very lightweight, high performance cream, this sunblock is for you! Extreme protection for extreme outdoor conditions. It’s ultra lightweight and very water resistant.

Impressive PFAs are combined with SPFs as high as 70-90 to effectively screen out UVA and UVB rays for active protection against sun-induced skin cancer, photoaging and hyperpigmentation.

Defensive-line formula creates a unique “barrier-film,” an invisible virtual “second skin,” that stays on skin’s surface to maintain protection integrity in and out of water, and while exposed to harsh sun and heat. Soft, skin-coating silicones give this barrier-film an exceptionally smooth glide and keep it light, so skin stays comfortable.

To Use:

Shake well before use. Apply liberally on face and body skin, carefully avoiding membranous areas of eyes and nostrils. For best results, apply 30 to 60 minutes prior to sun exposure, especially before highly active sports. When outdoors, reapply at least every 1 to 2 hours, after swimming or sweating and after towel drying.

Well, that’s all for my gift box! It’s a quick post because most of the item here are either repeated products or I haven’t use thus not much to share.. All I can say now is… Stay tune for the next box.. I think it’s coming in 2 weeks time…. 😀

Pardon any error/typo you see here.. I’m too tired to proofread yet wana quickly share this with you! Shall make amendments again!

New Vanity Trove

Good evening all! Today I’m gonna share with you my FIRST revamped Vanity Trove! What? What revamp?? yea.. Vanity trove had changed their concept last month and now you will no longer rec’d any SURPRISE at your doorstep..

From July onward, subscriber can pick what they want to goes into their trove!!! (Yeah or Neh?)


For me i feel .. it’s a neh.. Yes, you get to pick what you want but u no longer get to anticipate any surprise nor try new product (by “force”).. When we (people) are given an option, we usually choose to pick something we’re more comfortable with. We also tends to measure the sample by its value and in the end, good sample that are of low value may be overlooked..? You know u paid S$25 of course u want to maximize every dollar and get the best samples! Given a Go60 mask (retail price: 5 for S$60) and a Beauty Diary mask (retail price: box of 10 for less than S$20??) which one will you want?? Go60 of course(!) but Beauty Diary is as good tooo you see…

Well, the only yeah part is.. i get to choose what i want! i can click click click all the expensive sample!!! Fastest finger first!! But again…. if these are all sample size (sachet 1ml, 3ml, 5ml) i don’t see a point in paying S$25 to get 6-7 sachet sample.. i can just go to the retail outlet or counter to ask for one…

CONCLUSION, i had cancelled my Vanity Trove subscription until i see any good promo! 😀 So for now.. Let’s just take a quick peep at what we have this month!


See, that’s what i mean.. i have Dr Ci:Labo 2 times (this is the 3rd!) already but i still select this when it is available! WHY? because.. Firstly! it is really a good product! Save time and save effort! Secondly, this thing cost S$130 for 120g!!! So if u do your maths, this thing itself already cost S$21.67 (20g)!

You can check out my previous post HERE for this product’s review..


Next, Kose’s sunblock! I haven’t use this but it has been stirring my curiosity!! LOL Kose is a reputable brand and i believe this little thing should be good! I’ll review again when i start using this…


Next next~ DrGL collagen essence! Again, this is a sample that i had gotten before and it’s so good that i decided to grab it once more! Cost is a factor tooo! 30ml for S$198 – aint that crazy!? You can click HERE to find out more about this essence…

As of now… Just this 3 items it’s already worth almost S$100!! O_o


Next up~ Kerastase hair oil! Again again! This is another good hair oil that i had tried before – when i just did my perm! It’s does wonder and i decided to grabbed it (heehee) one more time!

You can click HERE to check out my previous post on it’s review..


Ujene serum.. i cannot remember if this is good but since i need 7 items to check out, so i just grabbed this! hahahaha

Nonetheless, feel free to check my previous post HERE for its review! 🙂

Seriously… this is post seems like my easiest post! hahahaha!!



Kilo Off Slimming Tea! i want to clarify, not that i want to slim down.. but i thot this tea will taste as yummy as the Fruity tea (which i will show you again) but it turns out not as fantastic.. Just this 2 sachet, pls dun expect to shed 10kg off! It will be good to just drink this like a beverage.. it’s still nice to drink it as a tea than SLIMMING tea…



Last but not least! My Beauty Diary’s 2 step mask! Serum is packed at the “hot air balloon” area.. i haven try this mask but I’m pretty confident it will works well because none of their mask have failed me yet!! 🙂


OOPS! sorry!! nearly forgot about this… I think this is an extra perks for subscriber because i don’t remember i opt for this shampoo!! Although its not something fantastic but this thing will comes in handy when i go for my short trip! Nice scent shampoo and hair feels softer after wash!! *thumbs up!*

So that’s all for this month’s (July/Aug) trove!! stay tune SOON for my next (last) trove that will be arriving within this week or maybe next… *wink*