Types of Eyeliners. Which one to go for?

Hi again, Smoochiezz shared some tips on her FB again and i think this is good for newbie who can’t decide which eyeliner to go for a start!

1. Powder Eyeliner: For a softer look (I haven’t try this before actually~)
Use a small, fine-tip pointed brush so you can be precise. You can use the powder shadow either wet (for a more dramatic effect) or dry (for a softer look). Tips: When applying, try to push it right in the lash line as closely as possible tap any excess powder off the brush before lining, do not drag it so as to reduce the risk of getting specks of powder eyeshadow on your cheek. And by pushing it in, you are actually stamping the colour into the skin and it’s gonna last a lot longer.

2. Pencil Eyeliner: For Beginner or for lining (I agree! Pencil is good start for beginner! i started with using pencil too!)
This is your basic makeup staple, and one especially good for beginners as it’s easy to apply while you develop a steady hand. However, it tend to smear and smudge, unless you find a really good one that isn’t too creamy or too slick .Be careful about sharpening the pencil too much – having the sharp end pull on your eyelids can’t be good for them! If you’re going for a more subtle look, opt for a brown eyeliner After applying the pencil eyeliner, apply a small amount of eyeshadow or pressed powder over it to help keep it from smearing. Pencil eyeliners tend to have the shortest wear time, so applying powder over it can help quite a bit.


(Above illustration is done using pencil liner)

Kohl: While kohl liner resembles pencil eyeliner, this “crayon” goes on a lot more thickly and is a little bit softer in texture. While kohl glides on pretty easily, be careful about putting it on too fast as it is rich but pretty imprecise. When you are lining with a Kohl pencils, you often have to stretch your outer corner of your eyes and by doing so, you are actually creating winkles!

3. Gel/Cream Eyeliner: Intense Look, Oily eyelids (I’m using Kate’s Gel Pencil now! Very satisfied each time i use it!)
It blends in smoothly, but it’s thick enough to make your eyes pop. Gel/cream eyeliners are also extremely flexible; you can apply it heavily with ease (no eyelid-tugging here!), or you can smear it a little. Make sure you use a quality brush.

The main complaints are (1) that you have to wash the brush applicator after every use to prevent the gel or cream from hardening on the brush hairs and (2) that the look is too intense. If you don’t find those to be problems, then gel and cream eyeliners are an excellent way to go. Because they don’t smear, they are especially great for anyone with oily eyelids or for use in humid climates.

4. Liquid Liner: For Long lasting effect (I have no talent in using a liquid liner seriously…)
Liquid liner is the most dramatic and, typically, the most difficult to apply. It takes a steady hand, but it also offers the most precise and defined line. This type applies much more smoothly than pencil and gel, which allows for a sharp wing-tipped or cat-eye look. Look for liquid liner that comes with a thin, fine-point or felt-tip brush for impressive results! Tip: If you make a mistake with liquid liner, wait for it to dry, remove it with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover, and try again.


(Above illustration is done using liquid liner.)

Some other ways to play with eyeliner!ELcutenat




3 Blush Makeup Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Below is a quick post that I saw on Smoochiezz FB page. I think it’s quite a good tip thus sharing her post here! You can see her actual post HERE too..

1. Wrong type of blusher.

For starters, using the wrong formula for your skin type is a major no-no. Women with normal or combination skin will benefit from an easy-to-blend powder blush. For dry skin, cream formulas work to moisturize and hydrate as well as add a flush of color. For truly oily skin, a cheek stain boasts the best staying power.
2. Applying blusher in the wrong place.

Another big blush mistake is applying it in the wrong place. Go too high and you get that baby doll look, or go too low and it your skin appears as though it’s sagging. If you have a round/oval-shaped face, apply blush under the cheekbones for an instant lift. If your face shape is more triangular or squared, put it right on the cheekbones for the perfect pop of color.


3. Too much and not blending.

The last, but not least blush mistake is putting on too much and not blending. It’s easy to get that “too done up” appearance when you use the wrong tools. Reach for a loose, dome shape brush instead of a kabuki brush for an even application. Be sure to swirl the brush into the product and tap off any excess. To finish, blend with a clean sponge.


Finally i got my spiderman collection.. Whole collection only consist of 6 colors + 1 shatter. and the best color (IMO), just nice, are all in this mini collection! Check out Scrangie’s Spiderman whole collection post HERE..

For some reason, without hesitation, i took the blue (Into The Night) one and started brushing my nails.. Into The Night is a metallic blue with a lil purple & light blue shimmer. It’s not a color that i would hate but doesn’t look like one color that i’ll wear often.. For this, one coat is definitely not good enuff to go.. Below is a little bit more about it as compared to other colors..

In this pic, i’m actually trying to show you how the number of coat will affect its color…

Pinkie: 1 coat. Very thin very transparent.

Ring Finger: 2 coats. Still abit see thru..

Middle Finger: 3 coats. good enuff, but can be better..

Index Finger: 4 coats. good to go! fully covered!

See.. after applying all fingers with Into the Night, how do u feel??

Next, i change my index finger and lil pinkie to the next color (Just Spotted The Lizard). Very pretty!!! i like it! one coat will be too gentle and cant really bring out the duochrome effect.. 2 coats, u will start to see the color changing under diff light. On my index finger, you can see it’s slightly more to greenish gold and lil pinkie is totally gold..

Now, i tried the other two color on the other hand..

Index & Ring finger: Number One Nemesis – this is my fave in this collection!!!! very bling bling yaa!? Its a multi color shimmering grey.. Multi color?? yes! Multi color.. it has pink, green and yellow shimmer.. the base grey is something near greenish gray.. but its not very green.. u will still see it as grey no matter how..

Lil Pinkie & Middlefinger: Your Web Or Mine? – frosted pink.. this is one of the color that will nvr suit mi due to my skin tone.. sigh.. and it really skill testing to stroke this onto ur nails as it will leave stroke trace… but i think regular polisher will not have any problem as this frosted pink isn’t really tt frost afterall…

Overall, i would say its still a good buy! This mini set can be purchase from Smoochiezz site (click HERE) or at their booth. Currently they have 2 booths, if I’m not wrong. One at Far East Plaza (until July) and the other one at Tanjong Pagar Exchange (for this booth i’m not too sure until when). And this mini is only selling at $18!! good deal?? or not?? U decide!