iHerb App – My E.L.F. supply

Don’t ask me why I’m going budget for most of my makeup recently!! I wanna blame it on wedding savings but the more convincing reason could by Youtube! There are a few youtubers shared how amazing drugstore brand makeup can be hence I decided to give them a try!

I used to buy E.L.F. product from Smoochiezz but it looks like the price isn’t as cheap anymore. Then I checked out Carousell! Wow – competitive!

img_8206 img_8207



img_8213-1 img_8214

Yes iHERB!! Most of them are less than S$10!!!


And what’s even better? YOU CAN EARN SHOPBACK REBATES for iHERB!! Cheap makeup + good savings!!

Of course E.L.F. is not the only brand they carry but since I’m talking about E.L.F. (mainly) here.. then of course I will show you only E.L.F. products!!


That’s not too bad right? quite a few options!! Blush, foundation, eye shadow, brushes, etc etc…. and since I’m telling you about this site/app, of course i had purchased from them!

What I bought? Continue reading…

img_8428 img_8429

My box of loots shipped directly from US – arrive within a week!!


Yes 90% of my loots are E.L.F.! Don’t ask me why most of it are makeup primer, it just happen…

img_8457 img_8458 img_8461

I shall review them in a separate post after I started using them!

Another I bought that are not captured in above picture is this eye shadow from Physicians Formula!! This brand has been around for quite some time (according to my colleague!)

img_8431 img_8435 img_8437 img_8433-1

Lace… Nude… Petite… Who can resist!

Well, quickly download iHerb app or head over to iHerb site to check out affordable makeup products!!



ShopBack: Groupon promo codes, cashback and dining deals!!

If you haven’t heard of SHOPBACK, I think you should probably spend some time reading this post!! This is definitely a post that will benefit YOU!

SHOPBACK is a platform that let us earn rebates while shopping!! YES – REBATES WHILE SHOPPING!!! Let’s watch a video before I share more with you!

Does that sounds awesome already?? I am already a loyal SHOPBACK user before SHOPBACK invites me to review their platform!

Yes, the reason I love SHOPBACK is because earning rebates are EASY!! They have most of my favorite shopping vendor with them and I’m sure none of these below are strangers to you!!! Some are even my regular shopping platform!!!

You can virtually shop for anything with SHOPBACK. There’s RedMart, FoodPanda and even Burger King if you’re looking to wine and dine, Zalora and Sephora if you’re looking to doll yourself up, there’s Expedia and Agoda for satisfying your wanderlust and even the online megastore Taobao!!


I recently just realize iHerb is listed as one of their merchants – YOOHOOOO!! That is totally awesome because iHerb carries E.L.F makeup!!!! Another pocket-friendly makeup brand I can buy and then earn rebates via SHOPBACK!!


SB008 SB009 SB010

Now, if you thought rebates and shop discount are not stackable, WRONG!!

SB003 SB004

Say if I purchase S$100 on RedMart with “JAC05” promo code, I instantly save $5 already! And with SHOPBACK, I will earn another rebate of up to 10%!

End of the day, I will save more than S$10 for buying my groceries and having it deliver to my place for FREE!! Hassle-free household shopping!! *PROUD*

Anyway, for the latest RedMart coupon, click HERE!! Not only RedMart, you can find all the ShopBack GSS deals HERE

Gentle reminder, if you’re like me, afraid of missing any chance to save, INSTALL SHOPBACK BUDDY la!!


With SHOPBACK BUDDY, we’ll never miss the chance to SAVE!! WAHAHAHAHA!!

More ways to earn rebate??? Of course!!

Sign up now and get S$10! Or…..


Share SHOPBACK with a friend!! Both you and your friend will get S$5!!!


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