Ettang Rubber Mask

rubber duck

NO.. Not Rubber Duck~! It’s Rubber Mask!!

Today, I’m gonna show you a mask that we can hardly find in any personal store in the market!! It’s… *drumroll*


Usually, when you go for a facial, what do you enjoy most? For me, I enjoy the accu-point face massage and mask session the most. However, the mask have to be rubber mask – warm one even better! I don’t like salon using sheet mask, it’s like I paid for a facial and you’re only using a mask I can buy from personal care store!? I can do this at home man!

Oh but wait!!! Looks like we can do rubber mask at home now – if you don’t mind the slight messiness~

While window shopping on Qoo10 some time back, I saw this interesting thumbnail and decided to “walk” into the store and see what are they selling!!

Disclaimer: this is not image I saw the other time.. They had repackaged hence image is now different





RUBBER MASK wor!!! I really wonder are these the kinda rubber mask that salon used?? Seems so cheap to be true leh!!


Curiosity kills a cat. I bought 3 to try out!! As I didn’t prepare to do a post on this previously, I did not take any pictures!! All I know is that, it’s good!! that’s why I bought another 8 when I saw it on promo again!! This time in the new packaging!! If you buy eight, it comes in this cute take-out box.



And here’s my 8 packs!!

IMG_5264 IMG_5265

But before I show you more.. Perhaps I should share with you the flavours they have and each of the benefits/effects!!

IMG_4604 IMG_4605IMG_4606

It comes in 10 different awesome flavours! (So weird to say “flavour” here because this ain’t food! :?) and not forgetting, it has 3-free!


Most importantly, it’s not complicated to use! All you need is add water – normal tap water is good enough! No need to be warm or cold water.


Pretty easy isn’t it? So this is how my mask looks like after mixing with water..

IMG_5279 IMG_5281 IMG_5282 IMG_5283 IMG_5286 IMG_5287

I don’t know what they means by “put water 1/2 degree” so I just jolly well assume is just add water to fill half the container. Temperature of water? Like I said earlier, normal tap water temperature is fine.. 😀 Easy right!? No need to specially boil water and let it cool till “warm” temperature nor even have to chill your water.

However, do note that this mask gets cloggy easily so you have to be kinda fast to apply it onto your face before it gets dry/harden.. (like below~! T_T)

IMG_5298 IMG_5299

If you’re worried if the mask will smell weird because it’s RUBBER mask.. You don’t have to! It doesn’t have any weird rubber smell! All I can smell is mild peppermint, you won’t even realise if you didn’t pay any attention.

Now for the most unglam images of myself with my rubber mask…


This is the texture of the mask for the first few minutes. I apply them pretty slowly & carefully so as not to drip on my shirt. Then I start to dilly-dally, snap pictures here and there and suddenly to my horror…. MY MASK IS DRYING UP!!



As you can seeeeeee… the mask  at bottom of my cheek turns out to be sooo rough!!!! Can hardly stay on my face because it has kinda dry up!! Argg…



So here’s the whole look! When you have enough time to do it slowly, the mask looks smooth and nice.. then when it’s drying up and you realised don’t have enough time anymore, you just have to force it to stick onto your face – rough job!!

Better luck next time for apply my rubber mask!! Hpmf~! During the whole masking session, other than this lil hiccup, I quite enjoy the cooling effect it gives (it’s peppermint mask you see..)! Skin feels so relax, refreshing and hydrating!

About 15-20 mins later, you can just peel it off!! Clean and easy!

From above image, you can still see slight dampness on the (interior) of the mask.. 


On the exterior, it’s already dry…

Peeling off this mask is a piece of cake. It leaves no messy residue and your skin feels really smooth & supple after that! Aaaw, now I wana buy more!!


If you had previously bought the old packaging mask before, you will know that the packaging kinda sucks. The mask powder gets all over the place if the lid is not closed properly!

IMG_5272 IMG_5271 IMG_5273

After the repackaging, all the mask now comes with a safety seal! No worries even when the lid open! 😉



I would recommend this mask to all mask lovers!! Especially those who do not like wash-off kind!! It just take one time to fall in love with it!

Click HERE to go to COCOMO on Qoo10 directly!!

Seee ya!




Laneige Pore Control Collection!!


How long have we not “met” ?? TWO WEEKS (more than that I believe)!! I have not been very active for two weeks!! Why? Because I’ve been busy with my new role in a new company and still trying to adapt to the new culture. (O_o) Fast pace company is no joke man!

Why again (am I here today)? Because I’ve bought something really interesting online and I think very soon (or already) it will be available in Singapore!! It has got me so excited that I decided to do a post for it! Trust me, you will be excited about it tooo~!! S much talking and I haven’t tell you what is it ya??


It’s this – Pore Control BB Cushion + Brush Pact!! Wow wow wow!! Finally something (makeup) for pore control from Laneige!

BB PC_01

If you are aware, BB Cushion isnt any new product line from Laneige. They have previously launched Snow BB Soothing Cushion then they improved it to BB Cushion and now, BB Cushion Pore Control!!  \ ( ^ _ ^ ) /

BB PC_04

BB Cushion Pore Control has a light blue cover casing, other than that, outer appearance is almost the same! Their tailor-made puff & refills are available too!!

20140526-153125-55885784.jpg 20140526-153126-55886111.jpg

I did a little comparison between the two (BB Cushion & BB Cushion Pore Control). Basically, nothing much have change.

BB PC_02

Both type still provides:

  • Sun protection of SPF50 PA+++
  • Water resistance
  • Soothing effect

The difference?

BB Cushion BB Cushion Pore Control
Brightening Pore Control
Moisturizing Pore Coverage
Natural & Clean Coverage Semi-Matte Finish

Wonder if they will have a color tone for you?? Of course they have!! See~~!!

BB PC_03

5 color tone to choose from! No matter fair or tanned, confirm got one color suitable for u! FYI, I’m currently using #21 as that’s the darkest tone available by one of the seller on Qoo10.. it look a lil fair initially (prolly like over brighten yet not to the extend like you seen a ghost) but as it oxidize, it looks quite blend with my tone..

A lil test to see the color tone? Alright, here.. My hand has got all this “lil freckles” and I must admit, its coverage power is AWESOME!!


See the right pic, now u know why i say it’s too fair for me? Hahaha! Aren’t u amazed with its coverage (I give it 4 star so that there will be room for improvement!!)!? Just gently pat and the coverage is so amazing already! The normal BB Cushion, you might have to tap a lil more on pigmented area to give it an extra coverage..

Next, something that is not available in Singapore yet, I guess! The Brush Pact!


(image from Qoo10 seller whom I purchase my brush pact from)

It comes in 3 “color”.. (#1) Natural Finishing, (#2) Pore Blur & (#3) Pink Beam. I bought the Pore Blur hoping it will cover my large pores..

20140526-153126-55886437.jpg 20140526-153126-55886659.jpg

The brush is very soft!! I like it.. You don’t ned a lot of powder to cover your pores. Just gently brush them across and you’re good!


Below is another image where I put on the products on my hand..


Now you can see, what it means by semi-matte ya? Comparing both pic, the one on the left is “glossier” (with BB Cushion Pore Control only) whereas the one on the right is matte (with BB Cushion Pore Control + Brush Pact).

Not only matte, my skin color has been a tone darker now.. No more ghostly white face with beige neck before leaving home! LOL~

Now if you’re interested in this product, check out Pretty Shop! I purchased both items from them! Fast delivery and some sample sachets as free gift for buyer!

Korean Beauty Sale

Pocket ended with holes holes holes after I went to the Korea Beauty Sale at Marriott recently. What is available there? Mainly The Face Shop, Belif and VDL! Many out there should be familiar with all these brands but what interest me most is VDL! I’ve always wanted to try something from VDL but not too sure want I wanted until that day!

I did not take any picture of the event because I wanted to concentrate on shopping!! If you wanted to have a quick look of the event day, you can check it out HERE – CozyCot FB page!! Else doing some google search will give you plenty or results! 😀


(Some products hidden! Oops!)

I did not buy a whole lorry of products but this is enough to make me go on diet for this month – there are many other sale coming up (Kanebo Seasonal Sale on 10th & 11th April)!!

Basically I bought what I needed.. A face scrub (TFS)! A few gel mask (TFS) after very little persuasion! The sales lady said it’s good to apply a mask after the scrub (it’s not exactly those rough particle scrub but liquid gel kind that turns into eraser-like particle after some massage, it’s quite good – really! I will show you guys again soon!)

Seriously, I’m only looking for a face scrub BUT I ended up with additional mask, nail polish, tint bar & blush!!

The purpose of today’s post is not to share with you how much I had bought but to share with you where you can get VDL Tint Bar at a LOWER price – so you will not need to wait for a sale to buy them!!

Why must have a VDL Tint Bar?? Ah-haa! You have not read my previous post on lip color right!!?? Check it out HERE – scroll down to the VDL Tint Bar paragraph!


If you have read it or already using it, you should know this tint bar is totally amazing!! The usual price at a VDL retail shop should be more than S$25! BUT on Qoo10, you can grab it for LESS than $20 (the last time I saw the price for it is about S$16.50 – that’s almost S$10 difference, if the retail price is S$25)!!

The next few image you are going to see is grabbed from the seller’s page (Shoplinker – VDL tint bar) on Qoo10!

Clicked on shop name to see all product they carry. Click on product name to be redirected to the tint bar page.

VDL Tint1

VDL Tint3 VDL Tint2 VDL Tint4

So are you getting impatient and wanna try it tooo!!! Wait no more~! Click on the image below and you are half way there to getting your tint bar at less than S$20, delivered to your door step!!


The next thing I would love to try from VDL is definitely the Expert Color Lip Cube!! They look so interesting!!

VDL lipcube1

Let’s minimize ’em!!


Package waiting for me!!! I love packages!! Do you!??

This time, its my pore minimizing pack from Wishtrend by Caolion!


i purchased all three at one go from because it’s cheaper this way! It cost me S$48.90 in total, which includes the shipping fee of S$5.00!


I forgot to do a skin test before applying is on my face! >_< lucky my face din burnt and rot!! Pls do a skin test if you are unsure of your skin condition.

So now, Let’s have a look at the Steam Pore Pack first….



Step 1 – Opening your pores with steam

Warm, steaming effect extracts sebum in the pores and grain powder takes care of dead skin cells for smoother skin!


  • Apply mask on cleansed face
  • Leave them to dry or for 15 minutes
  • Wash off!



This steam pack looks like some volcanic mask ya? It’s not those watery or creamy type of mask. It’s very… erm.. *lost of words* even if u put it upside down, i bet it wun drip a bit! Very good bonding! haha..


I can really feel the temperature rising up the moment i applied it on my face!! & that is when i realize… I FORGOT TO DO SKIN TEST!! T_T (pardon my freckles!)

The heat seems to keep rising up slowly non stop but actually is bearable! How you feel is probably the 15 mins of uneasiness because ur face feels so WARM! But when u washed off the mask, you feel totally cool! In on of the pic above, it shows that the temp goes up by about 1 degree but it feels more than that for mi! (probably i think too much! >_<)

Btw, before i washed off my mask, i tried touching my face and it feels warm! Like im having a fever! My perspiration might have blend in with the mask already! LOL

You can check out WISHTREND website to find out more about this product.

Wishtrend: USS29.90 + US$12 (shipping)

Qoo10: S$17.90 + S$5 (shipping) ← You are purchasing from Wishtrend on Qoo10 as well.. I don understand why the big price difference.. 😦

Next, it’s the so-called “Step two” for your pore minimizing masking session!



Skin Elasticity UP, Minimizing Pores OK!

It helps to make the enlarged pores elastic and soothe skin troubles. And it delivers moisture and enough nutrition to the skin with natural ingredients.


  • Apply mask on cleansed face (or after steam pack)
  • Leave them to dry or for 15 minutes
  • Wash off!
  • REMARK: Keep in refrigerator!


Keep this pack in the fridge for a “cooling mask” later when you’re done with the steam pack!


This mask is softer as compared to steam pack. Softer in the sense that it is creamier? more watery as compared to steam pack. Means easier to apply too!


My face temp falls when i applied this.. i feel so coolingggg~~~~!! and that it when i understand why it has to be kept in the FRIDGE!!! It’s a must man! The cold mask will aid to make u feel more comfy and cooling. Your face won’t feel cold like ice but it’s like menthol lingering around you.. NICE!!

You can check out WISHTREND website to find out more about this product.

Wishtrend: USS30.99 + US$12 (shipping)

Qoo10: S$14.90 + S$5 (shipping) ← You are purchasing from Wishtrend on Qoo10 as well.. I don understand why the big price difference again.. 😦 & if u realize, it’s the lowest price among the 3 products on Qoo10 but the dearest on Wishtrend site.. I seriously.. dun understand..

Lastly, the O2 Bubble Pore Pack!



Clean out your pores with O2 bubbles!

The microscopic O2 agents infiltrate the pores and remove toxins wastes!


  • Apply mask on cleansed face (small amount – small grape size)
  • Massage for 1-2 minutes
  • Leave on for 5 minutes
  • Wash off with lukewarm water


I have not use this yet but will keep you updated again once i tried!! 🙂

You can check out WISHTREND website to find out more about this product.

Wishtrend: USS19.99 + US$12 (shipping)

Qoo10: S$18.90 + S$5 (shipping) ← You are purchasing from Wishtrend on Qoo10 as well.. I don understand why the big price difference again.. 😦 Again, it’s the dearest price among the 3 products on Qoo10 but the cheapest on Wishtrend site..



This looks similar to the steam pack! But actually is not..! This does not have the heating factor!


After u apply, the color will slowly turn into white.. And………..


Ta-daaaa.. Bubble will start forming… It wun hurt! Actually I quite like it (seeing it turn into bubbles!!) hahah.. I apply this mask while showering, so it’s like I leave my face alone for 5 min and wash other area… When I wash off the mask, my face feels………… Nth too special. =X

After apply this bubble pack, I proceed to step 2. This time, this pack doesn’t feel as cooling as before. Prolly coz my face isn’t that warm to feel the coolness.. But I still think it’s a good experience! I’m willing to do anything to minimize my pores man!!!

Overall, i think it will be more cost effective to get it from Qoo10 – you can apply your cart discount too!!! double saving! double happiness!

Oh and oh and!! before i forget!! Below is a screenshot of how to exactly use these 3 mask!IMG_0217

Understand better now? Drop me a message if you need more details!

C’ya~~ ^_^

Fruity Vinegar

A.K.A. (soft) Cider!

Do you know that qoo10 is a $$ killer site!? Each time i enter, it’s so hard not to stay for at least an hour!! & today, i’m gona share with you my happy yummy buy from qoo10!!

(sorry i have to TRIM AWAY the background as it’s tooo messy!! My kitchen is full of jams, bread, empty container..)

FRUITY VINEGAR! a.k.a Cider Vinegar is made from cider or fruit must**, and has a brownish-gold color. It often is sold unfiltered and unpasteurized with the mother of vinegar present, as a natural product. Because of its acidity, cider vinegar may be very harsh, even burning, to the throat. If taken straight, (as opposed to used in cooking), it can be diluted (e.g., with fruit juice or water) before drinking.It is also sometimes sweetened with sugar or honey. There have been reports of acid chemical burns of the throat from apple cider vinegar tablets, but doubt remains as to whether cider vinegar was in fact an ingredient in the evaluated products. The pH of cider vinegar is typically between pH 4.25 and 5.00 if undiluted.

*Must (from the Latin vinum mustum, “young wine”) is freshly pressed fruit juice that contains the skins, seeds, and stems of the fruit.

So which flavour did i grabbed?? PLENTY!!!

APPLE, of course!! It’s the all times favourite!! Also the Lemon, which is a new flavour to me! Hope it’s not toooo sour!! Lastly, specially for my dad, a Mulberry flavour!!

As i was reading the health benefits written on the site i thot it will be good to share! I know many of you may have already knew this but for the benefits of those who don’t i think it is still nice to be able to just recap! =P

Drinking vinegar gives you a general feeling of well-being, helps to recover from fatigue quickly. It helps in improving blood flow and reducing blood pressure. It also helps in thinning the blood and cause blood vessels to expand. Vinegar has the effect of speeding up one’s metabolism rate effectively helps in dieting. Drinking vinegar is good in defense against feat exhaustion, improving skin tone and condition.

Studies pointed the potential of drinking vinegar to treat insulin sensitivities. The ability of vinegar to moderate insulin and glucose levels seems to offer some benefit for diabetics.

Studies also show that vinegar helps to cure joint pain, digestive distress and blood disorders. Vinegar can destroy harmful bacteria in the digestive tract, creating more efficient digestion and elimination of waste. In addition, vinegar’s ability to break up fats helped improve the functioning of the liver and kidneys, whose primary role is to detoxify the body.

Vinegar is an effective treatment for a number of ailments that cause chronic pain. It can treat migraines, gout, chronic fatigue and arthritis. Its high malic acid content may be responsible for its pain-killing effect.

Without a doubt drinking Shih Chuan Fruit Vinegar is the best for a healthy lifestyle. And this is a refreshing, tasty and tangy beverage you can enjoy, reap the healthy phytochemicals of the fruits, which are enhanced through the fermentation process.

In short, not all flavours share the same effect.. Each of them have their own “special effect”.. So what is the difference between them??

APPLE Cider (S$9.90) helps to lower blood pressure & cholesterol, aids in digestive, prevent cancer, anti-aging, beautify skin, helps in weight loss and speeds up metabolism!

LEMON Cider (S$7.90), Whitening of skin, aids in weight loss, maintains digestive function, quenches thirst, prevents bad breath, helps to detox, prevention of cold, aids in bowel movement.

I think what caught my attention to try the lemon is the SKIN WHITENING “function”!! I know it will not really whiten my skin but still.. it’s a curse la!! 看到”whitening” 就会想 try!!! Man~!

MULBERRY Cider (S$8.90), Improve anemia, improves blood circulation, improves vision, prevents hepatitis & gastritis, improves rheumatism & join pains, eases insomnia & cure cough.

Sounds not bad already right??? hahahaa *mouth watering*

Here is my ready pack drink! Comes in 4 flavours with 6 packet each! So far i’ve tried Peach, Grape & Plum! i think grape is niceeee – no wonder its ‘voted’ the ladies favourite!! So nice until i splash my face with it (minor accident happen while drinking~ >_< children dun talk while drinking!!)! Momo (peach) is abit tooo sweet till i had to add more water! Plum is interesting.. it taste really refreshing! Now i’m all excited to try my apple cider!!

Now back date abit!! just few weeks ago! i bought this vinegar (another brand) too!!

This taste GOOD too! especially the pomegranate one!!! The other flavour i bought is black raspberry, it taste slightly more sourish, but my mom loves it..

The funny thing here is.. the above pic shows 900ml! but i think its less than that cuz the bottle seems smaller then my 600ml (Shih Chuan) one!! ……………Of cuz it seems smaller!! HAHAHA in actual fact, i only bought the 500ml one! chey~~~

Im now tempted to buy the Red Ginseng & Cherry flavour!!! They are having time sales NOW!!!! SEEE!!

I know i have weird taste.. but since i’ve already tried pomegranate.. no harm trying other UNIQUE flavours right?? heee!! >_< but this two flavours only comes in 900ml! i think i need to look for sponsorship already!! MOMMY~~~~~ hahaha!!

Also i realise one thing most seller will emphasize when promoting their vinegar!!

SLIMMING effect!! i think most girls really like this wonderful effect.. when u mention whitening, slimming, increase metabolism, i think most girls will stop and listen to you! hahaha.. well, i dono how applicable it is for them but for mi whitening & increase metabolism is definitely a “what did you juz say?” stop point for mi! stop point = stop and listen, stop and buy!!! geez!!

Well in conclusion, i just wana say.. vinegar is good but dun rely on it to slim down.. exercise is still the best way to it!


Foot Detox!

I think I’m too “poisonous”… this is not the first time i use a foot detox patch. and out of 10 times, 10 times i get BLACK patch!

Bought this from SGLADY in (HERE!)

Personally i feel this is better than the Kinohimitsu i bought. at least i can feeel that i am really “detoxing”!!

Each packet of “herb” is nicely sealed in a wrapper. safety and hygiene!

Now.. what good can a foot detox do?? MANY! According to SGlady:



Detox patches absorb toxins from the vola (bottom of foot).  Examples of heavy metals are Mercury, Aluminum, Lead, Arsenic, to name just a few . Detox Foot Patches pulls out heavy metals which are embedded deep within organs and tissues. This is a non-painful application.  Just attach patches to bottom of feet/foot at bedtime. The patches assist the body in doing what it wants to do naturally, expel toxins. Works as well as, or better than intravenous chelation. The body can heal itself of many diseases once toxins are removed.


Benefits of Detox Foot Pads:

§ Release unwanted toxins

§ Increase energy levels

§ Reduce aches, pains, headaches and tiredness

§ Relieve stress

§ Increase metabolism

§ Aid weight loss

§ Be totally discreet – Works while you sleep

§ Simple and easy to use


Foot patch discharges internal moisture and toxins through acupuncture points on the vola (bottom of foot).   The magical amazing effect of this foot patch can be both felt and seen.  It has become one of the most popular and well-known detox and healthcare product throughout South Korea and Japan, and is now rapidly sweeping through Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, America & European countries.

How to use?? Easy! Every night before you go to bed, just smack a pair under your feet. Put for how long? approximately 6-8hrs will do! just nice beauty sleeps duration!

The main ingredient of this detox foot patch is natural bamboo vinegar quintessence, which has super functions of infiltration and toxin-dispelling. Other ingredients are: Minus Ion, Carapace, Vitamin C, Cornstarch, Tourmaline, Plant Powder & Wood Vinegar.


Its effects can last as long as 8 hours. By using this foot patch, toxins and wastes resorted in incretion, intestinal canal and circulatory system can be quickly expelled from body.  It has functions of wiping off fleck, eliminating constipation, relieving fatigue, promoting sleep, relieving ankylosis and pressure of the neck, shoulder, waist, back and extremities while brightening and purifying the skin. Jungong Foot Patches are  All-natural, herbal, and transdermal.  It is a safe, convenient, non-invasive, and popular way to effectively stimulate body systems to promote healing of the body and a youthful lifestyle

I think i’m going to whack more of this foot detox patch~!! niceeeee!