My Fancy Gloss

My first purchase of Fancy Gloss Polish!! This may not be a BIG name for you but she have amazing polish, ok, at least her polish amazed me!! LOL

I bought 2 bottles of Fancy Gloss thermal polish from Mei Mei’s Signature! Think I need not introduce Mei Mei anymore.. Most of my polishes (except OPI/China Glaze) are purchased from her. She carries loads of indie brands and some exclusive color..!

Today I will show you some simple swatches on Sugar Plum and Mixed Feelings. Of course my swatch won’t be the best resolution but it’s live demo!! LOL! So read on!!


The purple polish is Sugar Plum and the greyish blue is Mixed Feelings. I don’t know if they are consider cool or warm when in bottle because Sugar Plum seems cold and Mixed Feeling seems warm.. LOL!


So here’s my water! I know… I should have use a nicer bowl/pot of water but that’s what I can find at that moment! I already can’t wait to see the effect, who cares about the pot man! That’s secondary!


So above pic is when my nails are under normal room temperature.. Color is light and shimmery. One coat may be sheer, two coats will be good, three coat will be too thick i think..

I like Mixed Feelings color in room temperature. Light and feminine. Like a fairy tale. Reminds me of Disney’s Frozen – knowing that it will turn blue..!

As for Sugar Plum, I like it when it’s grey. Although it looks a lil like a dirty grey. LOL..

20140412-000439.jpg 20140412-000447.jpg

So now, I’m soaking them into my pot of ice water.. You can see that my nail tip had already changed color!! Then the next thing you know, I have colored nails!!!


Seee!!! Ain’t it gorgeous?? BTW, these are without top coat, in case you are wondering why aren’t they shiny..

Again, I like Mixed Feeling! I feel like I’m the Frozen Queen!! =P

As for Sugar Plum, it didn’t turn out to be the purple I had imagine. It’s more like a purplish maroon?


One thing I did realize.. Seems like Sugar Plum takes a longer time to “warm up”..  When Mixed Feelings already back to original color, Sugar Plum is still transitioning..

Overall, it was a good experience to try thermal polish.. Whenever I’m feeling cold now, I will look at my nails to see if they had changed color, indeed it had changed! ^__^



Tempted2love Featured!

Just wanna do a quick share! Tempted to Love is being featured!

Featured where?

Featured in Mei Mei’s Signature for my nail polish review!

Capture1 Capture2

Also featured in The Little Beauty Black Box Social Media Mentions page!

Capture4 Capture

Hopefully my review is really helpful to those who plans to get the items they’re looking for!

Also, this may not be something WOW enough, but I’m glad to see my nailart on Bellabox Instagram! *HAPPY*


These motivates me to keep on blogging (& improve my nail art)! So sad to see that I’m so far behind from the top vote! If you are kind enough, do give me a vote on Bellabox Facebook page! Here’s the link >>>

Click on “Vote” button to vote! ^___^


Let me know if the link is not working! Pls be patient when the app is loading, it will take some time! I don’t have much friends in my FB account thus can’t “earn” much votes! Looking at the TOP VOTE of 150++, I think my 17 votes is…………. TOO FAR TO CATCH UP!!

Anyway, contest ends 31st Oct (or was it 30th??) Appreciate all kind votes for my nail art!

Thanks in advance!!

See what I’ve won!?

Remember i participated in one contest organised by Mei Mei’s SignatureS – Megan Miller? Below is the fotoz i submitted! Contest rule: take pic of your bottle(s) of polish with jewels, stones, gems.. and winners will be selected via Rafflecopter…

Rafflecopter “selected” my fotoz as one of the winning entry.. yeah~!! and winning prize?? TWO BOTTLES OF MEGAN MILLER POLISH (of my choice) + SGD10 MEI MEI’S SIGNATURES VOUCHER!!!!!! toooo good to be true!!!!!!


I picked Roja and Velvet Lounge..

Roja: It’s like the signature color of Megan Miller (IMO).. A beautiful bright chilli red. Kinda sheer in one coat but good to go in two. I’ll be showing you more of Roja today as i did them on my toes for Singapore National Day!

Velvet Lounge: this color reminds mi so A-England’s Elaine. Purple color. Blackened Purple.. its like looking at a very very ripe eggplant..



See it goes on bright and cheery.. with out “out of shape” stars in white.. hahaaahah!!! Application was smooth and easy.. but i was having bad shaky hands!! grr.. still i want my nails red!!


And this is my National Day!!

Blue with Potosi Love!

Finally!! Last night i bought a new polish remover to remove my existing polish!! that means… Yeah!!! i can try my new love!! Cirque Potosi!! but wat color should i match it with????? black is too common (IMO).. Red… hmm no feel for red yet! and just when i thot i got no matching colors to go with Potosi…i saw one of my old polish waving at me!!


20120726-221948.jpgMy long lost love.. Blue polish from The Face Shop! Very seldom i will have chance to use this color.. and now… hahaha!! happy!! it’s still useful afterall!!



20120726-223941.jpgNow this is Potosi.. almost my love at first sight top coat!! The irregular silver flakes made it so special and unique!! There’s also silver gold glitters too..! best part.. it smells AMAZING!! that mild lavender scent is… WOW!! i’m loving the scent..

I wana be a little long winded again… As quoted from Cirque site, Cirque is an artisanal line of hand-blended nail polish made in New York.  The name Cirque, meaning ring or circle, represents the color wheel and the endless color possibilities in the continuum.  Creator, Annie Pham, sought to develop colors that transcend those of conventional brands by experimenting with unique pigments and raw materials.  The debut collection, Dark Horse, is a 12-color arrangement that is diverse in its hues and finishes — similar to the creative energy that abounds New York.

Cirque nail polish is B3 free, which means it does not contain toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate. Each bottle holds .45 oz / 13.2 ml of product and is hand-mixed by batch using high quality ingredients such as cosmetic-grade pigments and glitter.  Organic lavender and clary sage essential oils have been added to lend your hands a subtle scentafter the polish dries.

Below are few pics that i took after i applied my Potosi.. Can’t stop looking at my toes!! moving them at different directions to see the shine!! 😀 😀

20120726-222045.jpg(Pardon those darkened mark between my toes.. those the marks left behind by the toe separator!)20120726-222109.jpg

20120726-222129.jpgA little corner of my big fat toe is “spoilt” but still can divert the beauty of Potosi!!20120726-222212.jpg

Now this (above pic) is taken this morning before i head to work! With natural daylight shining on them, they look even more gorgeous!! i cant take professional picture to show u the gorgeous-ness of Potosi but i believe this SITE can!! It was from there that made me fall in love with Potosi!! aaaw man! who can resist amazing polish like this? look nice smell nice!!

Now, where to get your Cirque Polish??? I grab mine from Mei Mei’s Signature. You can visit her e-shop or Facebook to view other available colors!! It’s only S$16 now!!打铁乘热!!

Happy Winning!

You know i seriously seriously seriously nvr thot that i would bring home one of my favourite polish!! A-England Bridal Veil!!! Thanks to Mei Mei’s Signature Mega Giveaway that ended 30th June!! i won myself an A-England Bridal Veil!!

Bridal Veil is not a new color from A-England collection but it’s definitely the latest polish in my stash!

To me, Bridal Veil is a very amazing color..! Black but not totally blackest black because it has colourful holo effect under the sun yet like silver glitter when indoor.

Pardon the untidy work, i did this in a hurry. As i can’t wait to see the colors on my happy nails, i brush it on without base & top coat!

I think this is the best photo that i can show u the colorful holo-ness.. probably i shd take a pic of it again when the sun is out.. but definitely not tomorrow.. cuz i’d already remove my polish.. >_< heee!!

Below pic has VERY BAD resolution.. but good in a way is that, it can show u how it looks like from far when the holo/glittery effect is NOT CLEAR! and… did i mention? all these photos here are done with just one coat of Bridal Veil.

Very opaque polish! save time from doing 2 coats. i’m loving my new Bridal Veil~~!!

Tristam Zipped!!

By request.. Ehem! Ehem! *thick skin* here comes my favorite A-England’s Tristam matching with The Golden Zip water decal!!!



Above 2 pic are Tristam with The Golden Zip without top coat… Tristam is really a very classy blue with silver blue holo shimmer.. My boyf said it looks like granite (i think i mentioned this bef.. =P hahaha!) Tristam itself shines good..! But because I added decal on it, it kinda lost 20% of its shine so it’s best to put on top coat!! To seal the decal and of cuz the polish color!



Now that two (above) are sealed w Seche top coat.. My all time favorite top coat! The best quick dry high shine top coat!!!

Hope you guys will like this decal art tooo!

To purchase any of what I just mentioned in this post, do visit Mei Mei’s Signature site HERE for more A-England, Seche and water decal!!!


Saint George.. Zip it up!

Finally i found a suitable color to goes with my zippie water decal!!! Guess which color!?? Erm… Maybe not! It’s already named in the title.. >_<

Once again i wana say.. A-England ROCKZ!!!! SMOOTH application! no clog no bald and high shine (tho my pic may not be very true abt this point)! I really love A-England polish more than any other brand! For this i must thank Mei Mei’s Signature for bringing in such a good polish to share!


The above pic you see is only a one coat application of Saint George!!… YES! just ONE coat!! Very solid right!?? man! this is gorgeous!! I must admit.. due to my BIG OBSTRUCTION (tummy) i had a hard time taking good photo of it!! But nevertheless you can google it or u can click HERE to see Mei Mei’s upload..

Saint George.. a very gorgeous color.. In short i would say its a holo-green polish. But to me “Holo” is sth like Nfu-oh, Glitter Girls, whr u can see rings of colorful holo.. but this one.. hmm.. probably a diff type of holo.. a holo shimmer perhaps?? LOL! doesn’t matter.. to me it’s be prettiest green i ever had.. a very opaque deep green with bits of blue & green & orange(?) shims.. Almost like Tristam.. You will like it if u love Tristam!



Anyway, after im done w my polish, i started working on my water decal.. (Click HERE to see my previous post on how to use a water decal..) This time round i only applied water decal on my big toe.. the rest are too small to “zip” it up..

Final product…?



i can smell ‘ma weekend! but.. it’s gonna be another poor weekend! last weekend for april! and the richest PH of the year!! hahaha.. ok nvm that if u dun get it..

Anyway, have made some plans! gona grab A-England’s St George SOON!! its a very gorgeous green.. holo glitter?? i cant explain until i got it but neverthless, here’s some review i grabbed from google and Mei Mei’s Signature – Fashion Polish & Nihrida.

Also!! did i mention that Mei Mei’s Signature is having promo for Nubar polish.. gosh this is tempting!! >_< i always wanted to get more Nubar polish!!! this is sure a good promo!!!! and what’s better, they have duochrome polish!! tho the duochrome colors not as attractive as what i saw in Ozotic, but i still think its a good buy!!! But again, sadly, the colors i want.. already OUT OF STOCK~~ T_T!!

Check out the Ozotic duochrome i’m targeting to get in HERE – they are so crazily beautiful~! Don’t you agree!?!?!