Nail Article from CLEO (June Issue)

Good Evening All!!! Today out of boredom i went to the nearest Buzz outlet to grab a copy of the latest Cleo & Singapore Women’s Weekly magazine!

Been wanting to find out which is a better magazine and WOW.. both are equally good! However for me now, i would think Cleo is more suitable for me as every page is so interesting to me. Perhaps when i have my first kid, SWW will be my kind magazine~! I mean.. at least now i wun need to know what baby product is good or which school should my kids go…. >_<

Alright, so now… some warm up! I scanned a few pages from CLEO article and decided to share them with you.. and which one to share first… OF COURSE my hobby first.. NAIL POLISH!


You can click the image to view the enlarged version.. this nail art looks simple but caviar nails is something i think i need my “good nail day” to do it right! Else i don’t know how many caviar will be wasted!! (LOL)Nail_02


I like this! PINK is not my favorite color but its definitely my must-have colour when i grab polish! nothing can goes wrong with pink! Black & Pink! White & Pink! Grey & Pink! Yellow & Pink! Blue & Pink!! Brown & Pink! Red & Pink! Ahhhh~~~


I’m not gona talk about the nail foil here.. but FACEIT polish~! maybe not.. i have not try FACEIT.. but i had used Etude House Graduation Polish.. it comes in a pack of 3 (4ml each) and you can do perfect gradient nail using the colour combi they pre-matched for you!! Check out my previous post HERE & HERE!

Next up! MAKE UP CLASSSSS everyone!! Ever wanted to know how to put on a fake lash!? or wanted a lasting lip color!? Read on man!!

Beauty School_Pg1 Beauty School_Pg2


Everything made so easy now!!!! a little more practice and you’re gona be as good as a pro!!!

I’m definitely in love with CLEO now~ ^_^



GIRLS!!! Fancy cat eye makeup!? Tell u what! i “found” a good site that teaches us how to draw one! It may not be the best.. but it’s definitely the easiest one i’ve seen so far!!!

Click HERE to see Bellabox post on cat eye make up! Also, i managed to find the youtube video that Bellabox posted.. Magic Cat Eye!! zero skills need!!

Seriously.. no more reason to say u don’t know how to do a cat eye..! Practise Practise Practise.. and u will get a hand of it!

How to use gel eyeliner

OK! i found this great video tutorial on youtube that i find it quite useful for those who wants to start using eyeliner! Click HERE to watch the video on youtube.. And

I bet after this video, u will also be a cateye expert too!

EXTRA: SMOKEY EYE video tutorial below!

I’m sure there are better video out der.. but the reason i chose this is because she has asian eyes… Easier for new learner to learn.. How considerate i am!! hahaha! Just kidding =___=||

Here’s one more smokey eye tutorial i fine it nice too~!!