Vardi & Migdal

This is probably the most expensive sea salt/skin care I had ever bought!! If you think SKII is expensive, I tell you, this cost more. T_T If not for the promo, I think we would never had bought anything~!



I’m sure most of you  know this – we should at least exfoliate our skin (face and/or body) once a week.. Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cell and better absorption of whatever we apply after that. If you want smooth soft skin, then you should exfoliate!

Vardi & Migdal uses finely grinded Dead Sea salts. The salt serves to softly exfoliate and reduce the build up of keratin (dead skin cells) that can clog pores and prevent the skin from growing in a healthy manner. It leaves the skin fresh and instantly soft while helping stimulate cellular renewal. Use to nourish, soften and condition even the driest hands and feet, leaving them velvety-soft and smooth. Gentle and revitalizing this spa scrub will increase your blood circulation and give you a relaxing aromatherapy experience.

We tried in the shop and the sales person was quite generous in the amount to sea salt they let you use to try… Initially, it feels a bit greasy when running through water to wash off the salt but when I towel dry my hand, the greasiness just *poof* gone – leaving my hand smooth and soft and smell awesome too!! We got convinced of the goodness and decided to grab one bottle! Since they’re having 1-for-1, we grabbed a body butter too! White Flower scent is really nice! If you like baby powder kinda scent, you can try White Flower!

And just before we made payment, the observant sale person  actually stopped us said he’s inspired to share this nail kit with us because he saw my dry nails (sh*t! soft spot!)!!

IMG_3547 IMG_3548

This is the nail kit I bought home that same day! And you must be thinking what’s so special.. Just a normal hand lotion, cuticle oil, buffer & file.. BUT I TELL YOU…. The buffer is the amazing one!!

This buff can really make your nails SHINE like nobody business!! This is not something new in the market. I know the Body Shop sell this kinda buff.. SaSa too! But this is the first time a guy buff for me!!! blehh.. okie, that’s not the reason! Seriously, this is the first time I see my nails soooo shiny without much effort and the sales person guarantee that the shine stay for 1 month!! I bought this for about 3 weeks already and you know what, my nails are still shiny (other then the new grown part)! I haven buff them since day 1 i bought them home.


Although this image can’t really show you how shiny my nail is but feel free to walk into their store and try it! I can lie to you but the sales person can’t! Best of all, this buffer comes with 1 year (or was it 2 years) guarantee!!! Damn it! When did you ever buy a buffer that comes with guarantee! I asked the sales person, what does this guarantee covers? He said, anything! Since we only need to buff once a month with this buffer how bad can it be right??? How about if you lend your buffer to your your family/friends to buff, until your buffer is all torn & worn out? Go back to any store (bring your receipt along just in case, i think) they will replace the buffer pad for you FOC! Wow! like seriously!!!? Such good deal right!?

And with that 1-for-1 promo, I grabbed one set of nail kit another another sea salt (pear scent)!

So now we’re done, we headed to to cashier counter and paid for our products. Just when we’re leaving… we were stopped again! Now what..? they said they only need 5 mins share with us this product that will help to lighten pigmentation! Sh*t again! Another soft spot! *sign*


This is the skin care that will help to lighten pigmentation! Some 24K gold peeling gel and serum! While the sales person (another lady this time), is promoting this product, I noticed another lady at one corner, machiam VIP, bought some black caviar products. Later I realized.. the product she bought is easily my two months pay…. T_T Tai-tai’s life! Back to my precious (Precieux) 24K gold!

IMG_3545 IMG_3558



We only need to use this peeling gel once a week and we will be able to see result sooon… I’m only entering my 3 week of use so result shouldn’t be that visible yet! but sure looking forward to a lighten pigmentation!

IMG_3546 IMG_3563


As for the serum, we’re suppose to use every night on affected areas.. I, erm.. tends to be a lil forgetful hence I only use this like 3-4 times per week..

If we use per advise (once a week for peeling gel and every night on affected areas only for serum), this product should be able to last for 3 months.. Well, all i can say is… Let’s see how it goes!!!



Hand Chemistry

Recently I downloaded an iPhone app where you can make interesting comic outta it. It’s call Halftone 2! I think this app is really awesome! It has all the “sound effect” in words and you can customise your bubble speech too!


Cool right?? But I’m not here to discuss about this app today! LOL~

I’m here today to share the goodness (& maybe the not-so-good) of this product!


‘Give us 10 days. We will give you up to 10 years’


Zhun bo (are you kidding)!?

How do you usually guess someone’s age? Very often, our first instinct is to look at their face (that’s why women spend most of their wage on skincare products – to look good and young!).. Other than face, did you know your hands and neck can betray you too!!? Actually as long as there’s skin, your age are pretty much easy to tell (if you don’t take care of them)..

neck neck2


(image from google search result)

You can wear a scarf/shawl or turtle neck tee to hide those lines on your neck. A pair of denims or pants to hide those dry leg.. BUT WHAT ABOUT YOUR HANDS!? You can’t be wearing glove all the time right??


…Here comes the SAVIOR!

Hand Chemistry is a concentrated multi-functional hand cream that targets 8 signs of hand aging simultaneously. The extraordinary 19.5% active complex concentration visibly improves firmness, elasticity, density, evenness, brightness, texture, smoothness and hydration.

So what are the 19.5% active complex concentration?

1.0% Biological GHK Complex – When comparing the use of Biological GHK with collagen injections, Biological GHK showed a higher amount of collagen in the skin. Biological GHK also decreases wrinkle depth by 15% in 15 days.


5.0% Pseudoalteromonas Complex – Skin moisture content can be increased by 11% in just 12 hours thanks to the inclusion of an algae ferment. This incredible increase equates to 21% in 24 hours and 32% in 30 days.

2.0% Plantago Lanceolata Complex Helps dramatically lighten dark spots in two months

7.5% Maize Propanediol (see below)

2.0% Sacha Inchi Oil – Sacha Inchi oil and Maize Propanediol work together to form a protective moisture barrier, ensuring that the skin is able to hold on to this new-found moisture.

2.0% Tremella Fuciformis Qusome – Shown to be 400 x more moisturising than Hyaluronic Acid.


True enough, as I aged, I realized my hands look really dull (especially my cuticles) and less firm.. More lines and more rough – like a pair of dirty crumpled hands!! T_T I hope this hand cream can really bring youth back to my hand!!



First impression: It looks really promising. How many hand cream out there actually have such scientific diagram printed on them. It’s like showing you their lab, telling you their hand cream CONFIRM GUARANTEE CHOP-CHOP will work!

The texture? Pretty solid! By saying solid I mean it doesn’t run, it’s pretty thick, the scent is nice (somewhat like peach & orange mixed together), it gets absorb reasonably fast too.. Hmm.. Then what is left to pick? ………….Well, the result of course..!




After using it diligently for two weeks… Can you see the difference?

Actually I only use the hand cream on one hand… This is so that I can make live comparison instead of referring to the photo 10 days ago, which may be difficult to compare due to external factor, ie: lighting/angle/distance..




Alright (-_-), in case your can’t tell, here’s the answer (I thought it was pretty obvious though)..


I applied the cream on my LEFT HAND!!

VERDICT: I can see slight results on my hand after 10 days and that is not a strict continuous 10 days ok.. I missed some days (not on purpose) as I wasn’t home..!! Meaning, you can actually see results in less then 10 days.. though you can see result BUT result is not very obvious (if you can’t see the difference in above photo then i think  you need to apply more frequent…!

Although my hand is NOT very old but it still feels good to see less wrinkled and brighter hand…!

Are you tempted to try it out toooo?? Here over to GLAMOGIRL webby now you can participant in their WEEKLY DRAW to WIN yourself a Hand Chemistry hand cream!!

No luck? Nehmind~ It’s still available for purchase on GLAMOGIRL webby too!! Price? S$199.00?? NO! S$99.00?? NO NO!! S$49.90?? NONONO!!

It’s just S$35.00 to buy back a pair of youthful hands! Worth it!? You decide!!

Now before I end this post, lemmi just camwhore a bit!!



**The above blog review is proudly sponsored by:


August Bellabox

For about… almost… 6 months(?) I’m finally back to being a Bellabox member again!! Why suddenly subscribed again?? Because I rec’d an email fr Bellabox saying that “subscribe now and received FREE $125 gift box”!!(although I have not rec’d’s my $125 box!!)

So for now, lets take a look at my August Bellabox….

Quite an impressive box! Let’s check out the items now….


It’s ModelCo’s Cheek & Lips tint! This tint is a lightweight, dual purpose cheek and lip tint that delivers a natural, rosy glow. The long-lasting gel formulation glides on smoothly, leaving the perfect amount of sheer colour for just-flushed cheeks and a lightly stained lip.


This tint is ideal for that “no makeup” look with a subtle hint of colour.

It is a very sexy red color you see here! Reminds mi of vampire bites! But trust me, it really will eventually turn light rosy pink when u apply them..



See.. The color get absorbs in quite fast actually.. It leaves a mark on the area where I first leave it on while snapping some pics! I swear I spent less than a min taking pic! Did I also mention, this tint smell kinda sweet too.. Hee.. I guess tint are no more that scary when they were first introduced… My first lip tint from Tony Moly scares me quite a bit (the scent)..


Next item that caught my attention is this hand cream! It’s not the brand that caught my attention, it’s the box!!! I thought I squashed it but when I trying to push it back to its ‘original’ form I then realize(!!!) the box is slanted by nature…!!!(CHEY!!)


I did not squashed it!!! hahahaha!! Unique box indeed!


This is the Oriental Rose with Coenzyme Q10 hand cream from Harnn! Rich and mesmerizing Chinese Rose essential oils is enhanced with Nano seaweed extract to help stimulate Collagen and Elastin production for younger looking skin with powerful antioxidant properties to reduce signs of aging. With Organic Rose Water, Shea Butter, and Coenzyme Q10 in rich balm formulation keep hand hydrated and softened while strengthening your nails.


another thing i like (and don’t like too) is the safety seal.. freshness guaranteed! but.. i cant test a bit on my hand.. (T_T) But i guess it’s ok..

So now, after caring for your hand, lets take a look at what’s for your lips!!


Swiss Rituel Fruity Protective lip Balm!! It smells very sweet even without mi unwrapping the wrapper! It contains moisturizing active ingredients that will condition your lips and prevent fine lines and wrinkles through Vitamin E – all these while exuding a fresh scent of fruity grape!

Use this with care because they are pretty soft. Don’t turn the lip stick all out to apply! You’ll break it… In fact I broke mine (previous stick).. But still usable, just have to be extra gentle now.. LOLX!

Now that u have a moisten lips.. Time for inner beauty!

Tea bags!! To be exact, they are beauty tea bags (called Teaism) from My Life Inc!

After water, tea is the most popular beverage in the world. It is thought that tea was first discovered during the Shang dynasty in China, from 1600 BC to 1046 BC. Then with the trade routes in the 17th century, it traveled the world. And now it’s a worldwide phenomenon.

As we know, there is nothing like having a hot cup of tea to send your worries away. And sipping tea doesn’t only feel good, it is good—for your body. Studies have shown that chamomile can work as a antimicrobial and can help prevent blood clots, and that peppermint tea is a warrior in the fight against bacteria, allergies and viruses, and has plenty of antioxidants.


TEAISM knows all about this. As a product of Eu Yan Sang, TEAISM combines heritage and innovation to deliver the most fragrant brew. TEAISM also believes that while life should be spent drinking delicious, all-natural, healthy teas, it should not be spent fussing with tea bags. Instead, TEAISM teas come in pencil-shaped, disposable, high-tech tea wands, eliminating the need for bags or teaspoons, because who has time for those? Each disposable wand contains high-grade tea leaves and is made of FDA-approved aluminum foil. It’s the most convenient way to achieve the same taste you would derive from high quality loose leaf teas. The future is here, and it’s nothing to be afraid of.

TEAISM is three things: healthy, functional, convenient. And many flavors: comfort, restore, protect, balance, energize. And many benefits: relieving nausea and dizziness, helping digestion and lowering flatulence, easing chronic pain, muscle aches and rheumatoid arthritis, anti-inflammatory, minimizes symptoms of common colds and allergies, improving overall immunity.


We’re all busy but we’re never too busy for tea—TEAISM makes sure of that. Just add hot water, stir and enjoy.


See, just this simple! Tea done and it taste good! Not those strong brew kind like Pu Er/Tie  Guan Ying but still its nice cuppa tea! BTW, this tea bag is “ENERGIZE: FANCY BLACK TEA” (orange tip bag).. It’s slight bitter and astringent taste, accompanied with a light roasted tea scent! Fancy black tea helps detoxification and gives u energy. It’s 100% black tea and contain caffeine..

The other bag that i have got is “RESTORE: OSMANTHUS OOLONG TEA” (pink tip bag). A tender fragrance and feel-good sensation—that’s what we get from this osmanthus flower and oolong tea infusion. Fragrant sweet scent that provokes your senses. Mild sweetness of osmanthus flowers and earthy taste of oolong tea combine together for a refreshing tea treat! I like it’s benefits! Antioxidant & Anti-aging!! It contains Oolong Tea, Osmanthus, Natural Flavor & caffeine.

So if you are allergy to caffeine.. i guess you;ll have to skip these..


Dermedex Challenge Pack.. this looks a bit.. erm.. i don’t know what to say.. It’s like i don’t know what will happen to my face after using it.. indeed packaging plays a part!

The Bio’tox Cleanser deeply penetrates the skin to soften dead cells, black heads and dissolve excessive sebum, leaving a fresh and soothing sensation. It is based on active natural ingredients, which deeply cleanses and unclogs pores while helping to reduce the dry, thickened, outer layer of the skin. Regular use will help reveal a fresh, clearer, brighter complexion to dramatically reduce the visible signs of ageing, restoring the supple, glowing effect of healthy skin.

Did i mention? Dermedex Biotox Cleanser is formulated with Lavender, Honeysuckle (Flos Lonicerae) & Orchird Flower!

This cleanser have a very “tidious” way to use it.. It’s like you can’t be lazy to be pretty..

How to use:

1. Morning, evening and after stenuous exercise. Apply a small amount to wet skin and workinto light milky foam suing circularmotion, concentrating on the T zone.

2. Leave cleanser on face for 5 mins for the active ingredients to work its magic before rising off.

  • Normal to combination, leave on skin 3-5mins.
  • Oily/ open pores, leave on skin 10-15 mins.
  • Problem skin (Acne), leave on 10-30mins (first 2 weeks leave overnight as mask)

3. May work with mild-salted solutin for better results.

4. Rinse thoroughly.

Next, it’s the Refining Cream 2. Say hello to the newly improved Refining Cream 2, the ultimate way to acne free skin.

Combining Chinese herbs and Western cosmetics technology, the Refining Cream 2 softens blackheads & dead skin cells, controls growth of germs, relieves heat and rids toxins to deter excessive oil secretion, clear clogged pores, removes pimples and relieves swelling.

So this challenge pack can helps you to achieve clearer and acne
free skin within 3 days. Now it sounds more promising.. shall use it soon and keep you guys posted! If you already can’t wait to try, click HERE to get your complimentary Challenge Pack now! 😀 Yes, for FREE!! It’s worth S$13 okay!! Just remember to apply the promo code “ILOVEDERMEDEX” upon check out!


Next, something for you to cleanse your face~ Facial wipes that can gently remove impurities, makeup and even waterproof mascara! WOTNOT!! Australia’s first award winning facial wipe that is 100% natural with certified organic ingrediens to cleanse, sooth & hydrate!

Facial skin is so delicate that only the most natural ingredients should be used in facial case products. WOTNOT knows this and has produced a facial wipe so natural your skin will love it as much as you do. WOTNOT facial wipes use a 100% natural cloth which is luxuriously soft and pampering. Their formula is enriched with all natural ingredients including Australian certified organic aloe vera to lubricate and repair, certified organic sweet almond oil to restore lost moisture and calm itch and inflammation, and certified organic rosehip oil for skin regeneration and moisture re-balancing. The certified organic jojoba oil base is easily absorbed to condition skin and eyelids making lashes more lush, while the naturally sourced nutrients like Vitamin E help to heal, nourish and protect leaving the skin smooth, supple and glowing.

WOTNOT natural ingredients mean less irritation for your skin and being 100% biodegradable and compostable, these wipes are even gentle on the environment.


reseal-able pack like this becomes very handy to bring around.. and guess what.. one pcs of wipe is SO BIG!


Bigger than my fleshy palm size! i never like to use facial wipes because i feel that my face will not be clean enough.. and true enough.. other than “100% natural”, this wipe did not amaze me much..


It did remove my gel liner my bb cream but i don’t like the soapy/sticky feeling it leaves behind.. wipe and wipe, wipe and wipe, i still don’t feel clean.. nah.. facial wipe.. big cross! X


Last but not least in the box.. This is a BONUS item! It’s candy Doll powder foundation sample! First impression: man~! this for kid!? LOL…

But i went on to google some info about it and seems like it’s pretty reputable in Japan because of this popteens model, Masuwaka Tsubasa. She is the top Popteens model in Japan, her popularity encouraged many pops fan and teenagers to follow her fashion style and makeup trend. CandyDoll first developed with the Cheek and Lip series followed by Lipstick and Mineral Powder lines. Ms Tsubasa creates all different kind of makeup techniques, styles, looks and trends by using the most basic CandyDoll Color Cosmetics.

Smooth, silky, finely milled powder helps cover up your flaws and creates a matte finish to your skin that looks as pore-less as porcelain. It contains Hyaluronic and Ceramide, which help skin look beautiful and moisturized throughout the day. A packaging bonus: the ultra soft sponge is separated from the powder, for longer lasting use.


The candy doll liquid foundation goes on smoothly, providing you the same high quality results as the pressed powder and the same Hyalurionic, Ceramide ingredients. Natural looking skin that is translucent and lustrous are the beautiful results, and are yours for the taking!

CandyDoll is ideal for all skin types! Now i save the trouble to find one foundation suitable for my combination skin! haha..! It hides skin irregularities and creates flawless texture, maintains a clean finish all day!! This is so tempting me to buy one!! That’s not all!! It also includes a moisturizing formula & brightens skin for a perfect, even finish!! Gosh! I gotta try them tomorrow for work!!

Well, that’s all for today’s Bellabox! hopefully the next box will be as impressive too! looking fwd!! 😀

My Prize from Etude House!

Have i told you i submitted a nail art to Etude House to participate in one of the Valentine contest?? i think i i didn’t uh?? well.. ok now u know! Haha.. which nail art?? *gimme a sec while i go dig it out!!*

Nail-zzify My Prince


ah-hah! its here.. My Oriental Love for this Valentine (2013)!! hahah I’m one of the 5 winner for best design! so lucky.. probably not much nail polish lover join this contest that why i get to win! >_< Else for my standard i think i cant even stand near a consolation! T_T

OKOK what did i win!??? I won this Etoinette Collection that is worth $50++!!IMG_0165

There’s a lipstick, a hand essence, a shower cologne and a mini comb.


this is the lipstick set that comes with a mini comb.. ( i thot a mirror will be more handy. hmm)IMG_0167

Colour?? sweet pink! im quite reluctant to use this pink initially cuz IT’S TOO PINK!!


But after applying on my hand i think otherwise.. It looks pretty ok in fact! but probably i’ll just not apply too much! (my mom says this set looks like a toy! haha)


Next I’m gona give u a quick peep of the hand essence and shower cologne..


Here’s the hand essence.. i suppose its like a normal hand lotion?? it come with a safety seal so i did not open up to try (because i’m not using it anytime within this few months.. I still have others.. even lotion have to take Q number for me to use them ok!! *giggle*)



Here’s the shower cologne.. it has a like rose scent.. pretty soothing.. mi like.. but does shower cologne acts like a perfume or eau de toilette? Really like the light rose scent!

Well, so that’s all for today! i just took my medication and the drowsiness is kicking in already.. time for bed! good night!!


Intl Women Day

TODAY.. i rec’d my Mar Bellabox! super excited about it!! Been longing for it since i rec’d my first Bellabox!!! Good thing is.. it did not disappoint me!! seriously it did NOT! hahahaa! ok no more nonsence.. let me show you what i’ve got in my Mar box!!!

Before i go into details i must say… when i got my box, the weight of it makes mi wonder.. “is there more items in it this month…??” cuz its like kinda heavier than last mth! LOL! and after i opened it up, indeed i got shock.. not only its heavier, the packaging inside is nicer this time.. and it comes w a $50 Dermalogica gift voucher! dun be too happy.. this voucher is only redeemable on facial treatment priced at $100 and above only.. so it is as good as none to me.. Now.. i shall show you what’s inside!! heee~!!

Hand, Nail & Cuticle Creme – just tried this.. seems not bad! my hand feels smooth now.. as smooth as when i put on Crabtree & Evelyn’s hand lotion! but this is better (IMO) as it tackles nails & cuticle too! mi loveeee~! A point to note: its not oily…. really not oily..if u have a crabtree lotion.. u will understand this not oily feeling..! love this even more now.. AND before i forgets.. it smells great too.. i guess because it has lavender content so the scent is definitely there..

OK! this is a bit tough.. i hvn read up wat is this… let mi do my homework and update you guys after i find out wat is this for… HAHAHA! nvrtheless, feel free to enlighten mi about this!! =P

Dermalogical Special Cleansing Gel –  if i did not rmb wrongly.. i think i had used this before LOOONG ago! what’s more can u say about derma’s product?? they’re good stuff ok! it is effective and also expensive! LOL! u can see result after use.. but the down side is… once u stop using, all your “problems” will come back very fast.. meaning u gotta continue to use their product.. and due to the high cost… i dropped off halfway.. But it is really a good brand.. at least to mi (& my mom)…

LUS Lip Gloss – this comes just in time.. i was looking for a gloss earlier at Junction 8.. but couldnt decided which color to get so i went home empty handed.. and now.. i have my new lip gloss.. From the bottle, it looks like some orangie gloss with shimmers.. but when u put it on, its actually quite a nude shade.. mi like too! hahaha!! and the shimmer makes ur lips 亮晶晶!! OH!! u know what? i got a shock when i twist open the gloss..

are u able to spot anything special?? lol!! ok.. hint… look at the cap! when u open, the cap will light up.. DUN ask mi y or how.. i got no idea.. it just lighted up! hahahahaha!! so cool! this is sth special and i had not seen before.. i showed it to my mom and she’s amazed too.. hahaha!! (suddenly we’re like two caveman! – sua gu!)

Royal Herb Cream (with pure gold flakes) – well.. another cream for skin renewal, but this is with gold flakes..! i din take the pic of it but the gold flakes in it are not little.. haha! reasonable at least.. and as per the info given together, this is 100% oil-free and 100% plant-based ingredients.. haven try too… my face cant take too much things at once.. !

THIS!!! is a complimentery sample pack i guess.. overnight repair serum.. seems good! hahhaa!! again.. how bad can a derma product be.. LOL!!

Conclusion, i love my Mar Bellabox!! Hope Apr Bellabox will be as good or even better!! Also, hope to see my (last) Glamabox arrived next week!!