Glanz 2 in 1 Eyelash Maximiser


Obviously this post is about eyeliner, not? There’s more than meets the eye!!

Before I go into details, let us watch a video first…

HOW’S THAT?? AMAZING RIGHT!? Eyelash maximiser day and night!! Grow your eyelash almost 24/7!

This is Glanz 2-in-1 Eyelash Maximiser from Germany!!

Day time look pretty with the eye liner. Night time apply the eye serum and go to bed!


One ‘pen’ two use! Convenient? Definitely!


Serum on one end and eyeliner on the other end!

The black eyeliner isn’t those super black or blackest black kinda black. It’s natural soft black but yet can give you the define look. Why? Because of it’s fine tip of course!

Alright, I’m not very good with drawing fine lines but hey at least it allow me to control the thickness I want, fine to thick..

However, do note that this is only water resistance not waterproof. So give it time to dry after you apply them.

I rubbed it across my hand just seconds after I put down my pen.. See the trail it left behind?

Wait a lil longer and the eyeliner will dry up slowly and kind rub proof..

Now let’s try it on….


Application was kinda tricky.. U’ll have to tilt the pen 45 degree to allow the ink to flow. It doesn’t work like our usual gel pencil where you can just land on your eye lid and start drawing.. Rather then me explaining.. Why not see below video for instruction!

If you’re a liquid liner person, this is definite for you! Eyeliner and eye serum all together!

And you think it will not be lasting since it’s not waterproof?? NO.

Above pic is taken after a day of hard work! Eyeliner still visible and clear! And if you are wondering why the other eye has no eyeliner.. that’s because I’d removed them prior to taking this pic!

Removal was pretty easy.. few wipes with my Bioderma and all gone.


Another day I tried it again.. And this time I did a two tone..


Even with a gel liner as base, this eyeliner is easy to “add-on” too..!

Overall, I like the concept of applying eyelash serum day and night! If you are keen to maximize your eyelash too, head over to to to order online now!! They do FREE LOCAL DELIVERY!!!


**The above blog review is proudly sponsored by:



My All Time Favourite – Makeup Stash!

POST of the year!! A compilation of my favourite makeup product here!

What can get me excited? Anything NEW..!!! I remember when I was a kid, I always wanted to go home after I got my toy!! That’s why my mom always put my “shopping session” last.. 😥 Now that I’ve grown up, this habit never change.. It just got improvised! Instead of wanting to go home to open up my toy immediately, I opened them up when I got a chance to!! Like, when we’re sitting down for dinner or while waiting to bus/train?? But of course this time, it ain’t children’s toy anymore.. It’s my beauty products..

I’ve always love to try new things!! Eyeliner.. BB cream/foundation.. Blusher.. Lip color.. As long as it’s new it’s worth a try until you know it’s not. LOL! So after trying several products, below are the few that becomes the apple of my eye.. ❤

= | BB CREAM | =

Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control


What I like about it: Gives a dewy look & made my complexion looks really brightened!

What I don’t like about it: It can’t withstand the humid weather in Singapore and I look really CUI (ugly – makeup turned cakey over the forehead/nose/chin) by the time I reached office.

Remedy: Use it only on non-working day, like going on a date? *heartz*

Ettusais BB Cream


(suppose to be pink tube, not this white one)

What I like about it: Matt look that last! Good oil control and give pretty decent coverage!

What I don’t like about it: Probably not the latest technology already..

Remedy: They gonna improvised it?


Covermark Creamy Liquid Foundation


What I like about it: It cover marks and look very natural! Thin layer of foundation is all you need to flawless good skin look! Another point worth mentioning, this foundation sure can withstand hot sun! I wear it to work everyday and still looks good end of the day! FYI, my journey to office is often exhuasting~ T_T Up the slope.. Long walk.. Hot sun.. Yes, regular BB cream will just melt and make me look disgusting but this creamy liquid foundation stay totally cool!!

What I don’t like about it: Not at this moment..

Remedy: N/A

Read more: Here/ Here 

SKII Cream Foundation

IMG_0707 IMG_0708

What I like about it: You just need a lil dot to look flawless and a lil more on pigment are for excellent coverage..! Not only I look good almost the whole day with this foundation, my T-zone are well controlled (in terms of oiliness) too!! *whistle*

What I don’t like about it: The way this foundation is packed, I feel it’s not very hygienic and quality of the foundation may be affected as we open and close the lid too many time. 😦 Plus, it’s SUPER expensive loh..

Remedy: Hygiene wise, use a spatula? Cost wise, save up to buy..!! It’s worth the cents!

= | EYELINER | = 

Marc Jacob Skyliner


What I like about it: Smooth application, opaque color, super long lasting & doesn’t smudge! Click HERE to read more about it.

What I don’t like about it: Expensive, perhaps? S$36 for one regular size skyliner. O_o

Remedy: Save up before splurging? LOL

Read more: Here

Holika Holika Jewel-light waterproof Eyeliner


What I like about it: Smooth application, opaque color and comes in many color too!

What I don’t like about it: Price are kinda costly if you are going to purchase them in retail store/counter. Some might not like the fact that it needs a sharpener (but I’m fine with this..)

Remedy: Purchase online! =X Qoo10 latest promo 2 for S$8.85 (or something!!) Sharpener cost less than a dollar..

= | LIPCOLOR | =

VDL Triple Shot Tintbar


What I like about it: When you say convenient.. Nothing beats this!! Three tone in one!! Ombre/Gradient lips in a sec!

What I don’t like about it: Not very long lasting and colour is a bit sheer.

Remedy: Good to use this if you want a natural gradient lip color.

Read more: HereHere

Peri Pera Tint Glow Stick

IMG_0533 IMG_0537

What I like about it: Nice bright color that’s not too exaggerating! Healthy glow.. and LASTING~ LOOONG LASTING…

What I don’t like about it: Breaks TOO EASILY!!! Broken when I first used it. Lucky I didn’t throw away..

Remedy: Hell I have no idea!


= | BLUSHER | =


<image coming up soon!>

What I like about it: Has different tone of color in a palette and it has shimmers! This will brighten your look and make you look more cheery.

What I don’t like about it: I will let you know when I find out..

Remedy: N/A


<image coming up soon!>

What I like about it: Like the sleek design! It comes with 4 tones of a particular colour and it has PLENTY of shimmer!!! Bling Bling~~

What I don’t like about it: Costly as compare to drug store brands..

Remedy: N/A

Marc Jacob Skyliner


This is a super duper over due post…! I meant to post this shortly after Christmas but….. too much “to-do” item in my list that I need to complete before this. My bad!

After my office moved, everyday seems to be a tired day after work!! There was once I tried to take a bus home instead of MRT, I tell you, IT WAS TOTAL MADNESS!!! It took me 2 hours to reach home!!! 1hr 30 mins on the bus and 15 min on MRT!!! Never do impromptu action without checking…. Seriously!! Longest bus ride I ever had! -faint- On the bright side, at least I reached home before bed time..

After a month plus of blog-break, I realize my page view has dropped!! >_< Time to end my break and come back to action! First step to working hard, share this over due post with you guys first…!

The beautiful present I got last Christmas for myself!!!


This is none other than my favorite makeup stash – EYELINER!! I can’t do without eyeliner!! My eyes will looks super restless and super annoying! This set of eyeliner is by MARC JACOB BEAUTY! 7 minis cost about $50+/- at Sephora’s Christmas sale!! AND it’s super duper worth every cents!!

The sleek casing.. The fun size gel pencil.. The awesome colours.. Enough to make me go crazy for it.. Not to mention, the 7 amazing colors let you match every dress in your wardrobe perfectly! Perfect for girls who always like to try different colors of eyeliner! I bet you’ll love the colors they put in this lil box too! Feel so proud having it in my bag!

Let’s take a look at the first color…. ^_^


One of my favourite color is this green one – O(Vert)! It’s a shimmery khaki green..

IMG_3473 IMG_3474 IMG_3475 IMG_3476

Pretty safe tone of green, lightly soft blackened green.. I like the fact that it’s a dark color yet able to tell this is not a regular black eyeliner!

Giving you a soft yet enhanced look.. and not forgetting it does have a bit of shimmer (but unable to captured in this image, sorry!)..

Lens: Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown (Bambi Series) Review


Next is the regular dark brown – Brown(Out)..Although it’s dark brown, it’s not blacken kinda brown.. or I should say it’s like chocolate brown??

IMG_2721 IMG_2722

It’s pretty natural and again, it has shimmer! woohoo!


This color I’ll probably keep for my waterline because I can’t seem to bring out the beauty for light color.. “Sunset” is a frosted light brown.. I can’t help but to think that I’ll look like Son Goku if I have to put this on my upper eyelid.. =X


Another favourite color – Midnight In Paris! This is almost like a teal blue or peacock blue.. And yes, you’ve guessed it! It has shimmer toooo!!

IMG_2691 IMG_2693 IMG_2692 IMG_2694

Nice right!?

Lens: Pinky Paradise’s Sample Lens!


This is Th(Ink) – a shimmery navy blue. Also another favorite of mine (This collection is really a MUST HAVE for eyeliner lovers!! You will hate to missed them!!)

Below image under normal room light..

IMG_2599 IMG_2601

And here’s with flash..

IMG_2603 IMG_2604

It looks a lil purplish blue under flash but no worries because it’s still a blue under normal lighting..

Side track: If you like this lens, head over HERE to find out more.. 🙂

Before I move on… here’s another picture to show you the difference between “Midnight In Paris” and “Th(Ink)”..


(With Flash)


(Without Flash)

They may look similar but Midnight In Paris seems to be a darker tone of blue while Th(Ink) is looks more to purplish blue (more cheery I think)..


Next up is (Plum)age! Like the name suggest, it’s a plum color – PURPLE!

IMG_3930 IMG_3929


I can’t really capture the beauty of this but it is a pretty cool shade of purple!

Last but not least, the all time favourite – Blacquer..


This is just ………black. No shimmer, nothing.

I can’t emphasize more, this collection is really beautiful! I’m so glad I bought them at Sephora! The best Christmas gift I could every buy for myself!!



Besides the beautiful colors, you may want to know that these are gel eyeliner hence application so smooth and damn easy!! PLUS, all these colors are highly pigmented tooo! One (or two) stroke down and it’s as good as done.


That’s not all!! Don’t forget gel-liner has this amazing feature which all girls look for…WATERPROOF!! Singapore is so hot and humid. I’m sure you would not want to look gothic after a walk along Orchard Road (It’s not Halloween yet~) on a Saturday afternoon!

Watery eye girls should be glad to have this too as your eyeliner will stay with you throughout the day not matter how you tears.. LOL..


Not only I put it through the water test, I tried to rub it off using my fingers after running them in tap water.. and I must say.. I’m starting to get worried if these eyeliner will ever come off..?? *raise brow*

You see, water can’t wash it off.. fingers can’t rub it off… It’s like “oh shit!”, I don’t wanna leave it on like this forever man! >_<


So then I used my Biore Micellar Water to remove (my best makeup remover already!) and result…??


It did not lift up my eyeliner fully!! I had to massage in circular motion for a few seconds before they’re gone. Indeed a long lasting eyeliner!

Well, is this consider good or bad?? Hmm, at least I think the long lasting part is one of the best factor. Seldom I will see a “long lasting” makeup last. But this eyeliner did! I like the opaque (pigmented) colors it gives and the smooth application is another reason I will continue to use it too.

Side note: My BFF was commenting below during one of our dinner date and I super glad it made an impression..

“Your eyeliner doesn’t seems to smudge after a whole day ya??”

If you like it too, you can drop by Sephora to check it out..! I’m really really pleased with my purchase!!! <3<3

Open your Eyes~

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” ~ Audrey Hepburn

Today, I’m gonna share with you something I’ve wanted to try. Thanks to Samplestore, I got the opportunity to try and share my review!! So what is it!??

Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara + Perfect Automatic Liner #36 Limited Edition~!!

Are you as excited as me to try them!!? I’m sure I am!!


I like how they market/package their products. Made consumers (maybe just me >_<) feel like a royal~!

BTW, Majolica Majorca is one o the product line by Shiseido! Knowing it’s from Shiseido actually made me quite confident in whatever it claims to to! Just that I’ve always felt that I’m too old to be buying them off the shelf! Teenagers/Young adult seems to be their targeted market.. T_TI’m already in my final year of 20s!!!! Enjoy while it last~~!

20140701-194223-70943857.jpg 20140701-194224-70944195.jpg

Back to the mascara! Upon opening it, the first thing that caught my attention is ….

“WOW, Such long fibers!!?”


This is the longest fiber I’ve seen among my stash of mascara! Just how long are they? 5mm!! Long and black! No wonder it’s called KING Lash!!


King Lash is formulated with creamy wax and an increased amount of volume-increasing powder for superb lash adhesion and a clump-free and smooth finishing touch. It contains gentle treatment ingredients like Macadamia Nuts Oil & Vitamin E Derivative for your lashes.

That’s not all… The acrobat catch brush coats the lashes evenly and ensures excellent lash catching and separation effect.

Scrolling down, you’ll see more image of the mascara effect…

IMG_3806 IMG_3796

Without any mascara… Pardon those sleepy soul-less eye!

IMG_3800 IMG_3798

Here’s after applying the mascara!! Woot~! Lash lengthen!? YESH~ Look more alert?? Yesh! (There’ll be more image towards the end of post)

IMG_3803 IMG_3802

Here you can see how “volumize” it is in a single coat.. Applying it is not a problem.. Just start from the roots, apply while lifting upwards, in a zigzag motion. For lower lashes, keep brush upright and apply while moving tip of brush sideways. This is Lash King’s basic application method.

Next, I will be showing you the Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner #36 (Limited Edition)! The water-based dial-type eye liner that allows you to easily draw fine, delicate lines or thick, bold lines with its felt pen bristles. Entice with a shimmering pearl color
on your eye line!


Basically, this is how it looks like before you start using….


Eh! eyeliner leh??

LOL~ Don’t gan jiong (panic)!! It’s inside the cap..


*remove the pink ring*


*close it back” (you should be able to feel a click..)


And ta-daaaa~~ Here you go (that’s why u have to remove the pink ring)~!

The Perfect Automatic Lineris formulated with super fix polymer to give clear and long-lasting eye lines, which is very resistant to perspiration, skin oils and tears. Achieve dewy eyes by drawing on the lower lid or a shimmery effect by drawing on the upper lid.


How to get the “ink” out? Just turn the back of the eyeliner (where my right hand is holding)..

20140701-194234-70954149.jpg 20140701-194234-70954983.jpg

Some smudge-proof test? I drew 1 “coat” of the liner (most bottom line) then follow by two “coat” and then 3 “coat (top most).. I swipe my finger across almost immediately and I guess you can see the result..

The 1-coater is already dry by the time I’m drawing mt 3-coater.. The3-coater takes a slightly longer time to dry but still once its dry, it’s pretty smudgeproof/waterproof already..

Pls pardon me for not having swatches of it on my eye.. For some reason, the moment i dew them on my eyelid, i felt the sensitive pain on my eyelid and had to remove them immediately. I don’t know is it because I’m sensitive to any ingredient in it or just me eye being anti-social that day. But nonetheless, I’m gonna show you how waterproof these two products are!!


So here’s the mascara and the eyeliner… Yup, it’s dry already..


and then I *RUB RUB RUB RUB RUB*


SEEEE!! They just won’t leave you~!!! After rubbing so hard and they’re still visible, I believe they’re gonna stay whole day on your eyes man (you won’t be rubbing your eyes so hard anyway, am I right??)


Since they are sooo stubborn, will it be very difficult to remove??


Not really actually… I used my regular makeup remover water, press and hold for about 30 seconds and the eyeliner is gone. Mascara is still a little stubborn..


I think removing the mascara is more tidious.. It’s super water proof that I had to used my gel makeup remover and slowly remove them..


Ok, so here’s my look with the King Lash Mascara!! I like how it actually lengthen my lashes and stay neat whole day long! The only thing I will hesitate buying it is … it’s too stubborn to remove and it doesn’t really curl your lashes unless u have prep your lashes beforehand… T_T Guess when u’re at my age, time is precious… LOL!!

eye006 eye007

If you’re keen to try Majolica Majorca King Lash, it is exclusively sold in Watsons stores from 26th June ’14 onwards! I haven’t tell you the price is it???

Majolica Majorca Lash King $25.90 and Perfect Automatic Liner #36 $22.90

For more updates on Majolica Majorca products, give a “LIKE” on their Facebook Page HERE!

Wait wait… That’s not all! Currently there a giveaway going on!!! All you need to do is follow the instruction HERE~~~ Quick Quick!! You could stand a chance to win the new and improved Lash King with your 3 other friends!!

**The above blog review is proudly sponsored by:

The Sample StoreMajolica Majorca

My stash of…… Eyeliners!

REVAMPED!! I had revamped this post (if you have noticed)!!

What’s good will still be good and what’s not will remain as it is too!


In this post, I’m gonna be sharing my collection of eyeliners with you!


Without further ado, let’s read on!

CLIO – Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel liner


Type: Gel Pencil

What I like: Anything GEL is my soft spot!! Smooth application and very convenient! Who says I need to bring a sharpener around to sharp my eyeliner pencil? Who says sharpener is a waste of space in your makeup pouch? Well, CLIO proofs you wrong!

20131103-230340.jpg 20131103-230353.jpg


This waterproof gel liner comes with a built-in sharpener! Small and handy! Waste space? I don’t think so..

What I don’t like: The only downside I suppose is that the tip gets broken easily. You have to be gentle when sharpening this..

How it look: Color is pretty shimmery like it can make you eyes glow!

20131103-230359.jpg   20131109-012151.jpg

20131109-012137.jpg 20131109-012145.jpg

These few pics are my worn out look.. it was almost end of the day when i took these pic and you can see the eyeliner is still visible (though a little fade off).

Removing it: Totally easy-peasy!! Even makeup remover sheet can do a good job!


How did I know about it: I get to know about CLIO from Bellabox! They were having some giveaway and I got lucky to bring home the dark blue gel liner (Bellabox giveaway) and later the Nude one from Vanity Trove!

Will I buy again: Yes! I’m a black eyeliner person! The last time I check out Watson’s for their eyeliner, they only has got black with gold shimmer. If guess if they have Gelpresso in black (just black), I will purchase them without hesitation!

K-Palette – Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h Waterproof 1 Day Tattoo


Type: Liquid liner

What I like: This 1 Day Tattoo is really amazing! It’s not only waterproof, it’s smudgeproof! No matter how I try to rub it off, the eyeliner stays on like a stubborn cow! LOL.. Super good one for fine/precise line!!


What I don’t like: Can’t afford any error..! One stroke off and that’s it. But there’s always a solution to every problem.. Use a pencil liner to draw the base color first (get the shape I want) then use my liquid eyeliner to go over it. By doing so, chances of my eyeliner getting out of shape is reduced greatly!

How it look: I haven’t try it on my eyes so will update this section when I do so!

Removing it: Although I mentioned that this liquid eyeliner is stubborn like a cow, you can still easily remove it with an oil-based makeup remover or any cleansing sheet.


How did I know about it: Promoter?? I was at Japalang’s warehouse sale and the promoter was super promoting this!

Will I buy again: Hmm, maybe not. I’m not a liquid eyeliner person so it doesn’t really tempt me in getting a whole bunch home even if some superstar had endorsed it.

Secret Key – Secret Kiss Gel Pencil

20131103-230459.jpg 20131103-230505.jpg

Type: Gel Pencil

What I like: Like I mention, GEL liner is my soft spot! This is pretty much one of my favourite ever since KATE gel pencil was discontinued (check out my brief KATE post HERE & HERE).

What I don’t like: You need to sharpen this and it’s too short! I bought the full size eyeliner but doesn’t seems as good as this.. I don’t know maybe psychological effect..??

How it look: So here’s the 5 colors! Not all colors are of practical use to me actually… So far, I had tried the Shinee Pink (2nd from top), Choco Brown & Deep Black (last two).

This set of eyeliners are waterproof but I guess not smudge-proof. One rub and you see the color runs (or maybe I did not give it enough time to dry? I rub them immediately after I put down my last eyeliner pencil.. oops!)

20131103-230513.jpg 20131103-230520.jpg

Using my Secret Kiss Deep Black and Shinee Pink, this is my Monday look! I do not have double eyelid, The only reason I can think of now (to justify why it is showing in the pic) is that it must be due to TIRED EYES!


The color is not as black as using a gel pot/liquidliner but it is definitely darker than using pencil. I used the black gel liner on my upper lid and the pink on my lower (just the inner) lid. With the aid of a mascara (in this makeup, I used Catrice waterproof mascara), my eyes looks brighter immediately! It’s a pity i wasn’t wearing my Misaki lens yesterday! Else it would be a GOOD EYE DAY~!

20131104-234915.jpg 20131104-234840.jpg

Below is my Choco Brown eyeliner~ It gives a softer look! So normally on days where I’m feeling a lil lazy, I’ll just put this on and a lil BB cream & I’m done.. at least I won’t look sleepy or look like I’m going around kill.. LOL!

20131106-114806.jpg 20131106-114814.jpg

Removing it: See after cleansing with my makeup remover sheet, the mark is still visible! Normally, I would use a gel based makeup remover to remove this! It’s only for this post, I used a makeup remover sheet.


I’ve also screenshot some info from Secret Key (Qoo10 seller) about the product!


How did I know about it: Qoo10! While doing window shopping I saw this and thought was pretty cool (& cheap) to try various color and there it goes into my cart! Sharing you with the link below!


BTW, It’s waterproof.. not waterploof.. (LOL)


Will I buy again: 80% Yes! If you like the set I had (Twinkle Edition No.1), sorry, I believe they are out of stock! But it’s ok, NEW colours are available (Twinkle Rose Edition No.2)!! I’m so tempted to get this!


Maybelline – Lasting Drama Pen Gel Liner


Type: Gen Pen

What I like: Intensively BLACK and opaque!! Waterproof and smudgeproof!! Not to forget it dry fast too!

What I don’t like: It’s kinda hard to control the gel ink and not very user friendly.. and dry too fast. LOL!

How it look: Nope I didn’t take any picture and decided to keep it till it expire and donate to the dustbin!

Removing it: Can’t remember!

How did I get to know: Window shopping kills! Hahahaha! Saw this in Watson’s and thought it’s pretty intense! so decided to give it a try…

Will I buy again: NO.



Type: Gen bottle

What I like: This is my first gel eyeliner! Intensively BLACK and opaque tooo!! Like a pro when you have a bottle of gel eyeliner!! LOL~!

What I don’t like: Too troublesome to have to use a separate eyeliner brush!

How it look: I didn’t manage to picture of how it look on my eyes before it’s gone but this is really a good bottle if you do not have shaky hands!!

Looking at the below pic, what does it shows you? Maybelline indeed is a reputable brand huh? LOL! After applying the eyeliner, I tried using one finger to rub it (one stroke down) and result is clear! Maybe I didn’t give Tony Moly enough drying time?!


Removing it: Easy peasy! Normal cleansing sheet/makeup remover can do a good job!

How did I get to know: Again, window shopping!

Will I buy again: Maybe?? Not that it’s no good.. BUT now that there’re gel pencil available, why still go for bottle one??? Not like I’m a pro~

Solone – Alice Fantasy Series Perfect Drawing Eyeliner: S$14.90


Solone Black Cavier

Type: Gel Pencil

What I like: Do I still need to say this?? GEL of course~!! Alice Fantasy collection is cool because it can act as an eye shadow too! Not only that, its swivel design make things so easy for user (works similar like clio), it’s waterproof & smudgeproof!!

What I don’t like: I can’t find any fault.. probably not may colors to choose..?

How it look: The color I bought is #01 Black Cavier!!

20140218-203501.jpg 20140218-203510.jpg

It’s not solid black kinda tone but I love it with the little shimmer. Not too exaggerating yet not boring.


Removing it: No challenge at all!

How did I get to know: Through a friend.. We were shopping at Plaza Singapore’s John Little and she recommended me this!

Will I buy again: Yes, I think it’s worth the value!

Solone – Gel Eyeliner: S$11.90

Solone Black

Type: Gel Pencil

What I like: The smooth application is awesome (smoother than Alice Fantasy)! No eyeliner that I purchase is not waterproof! I love gel and waterproof stuff!!! This eyeliner dries in quick 10 seconds! Hence there is no need to worry about smudging!!

What I don’t like: You really need a sharpener to sharpen this!! So not advance~

How it look: This is much darker than the fantasy collection..! Reminds me of the Tony Moly bottle gel liner..



Removing it: No trouble at all! Any remover can go a good job!

How did I get to know: Through a friend.. We were shopping at Plaza Singapore’s John Little and she recommended me this!

Will I buy again: Yes…! Who can resist gel pencil!?

Update as of 31 Oct:

I have using Holika Holika (bought online) for a period and I think I’m loving it.. Gimme some time and I shall share more about it later!!


Well, to conclude it all, I usually purchase eyeliner based on ease of use! Waterproof or not is not an issue for me because non-waterproof eyeliner will nvr appear in my “to-buy list”. LOL.. If I have to give a recommendation based on what I’ve used today, It will be either Secret Kiss or CLIO Solone (It’s a pity I can’t find KATE Gel Pencil anymore). They are really easy to handle and no matter which level of eyeliner guru u are, Secret Kiss/CLIOSolone will never fails u! If you need something BOLD, I will recommend Tony Moly’s gel pot! It just take once to know if a product is good or not. Never try never know..

What’s next? Lip color or BB cream recommendation? Stay tune!

Note: Photos are not edited ok! So shy to show you my crumpled hand! (T_T)

Yes… Vanity Trove time again!

Attended VanityTrove X Decléor Special Members’ Only Event last month (one of the Tue i think) and was later been “gift-en” a chance to redeem a complimentary trove for myself, which I’ll be sharing with you what I had put in my trove shortly!

You can view some photos from Vanity Trove facebook page HERE – I did took some pictures of the event BUT I don’t know what happen, they are all gone! (T_T) OH!! & you know what? I think I saw another blogger too!! I’m not sure if it was her until i saw her blog post! Hee!!

So without further ado.. Here’s a quick look of what I had redeemed for myself!


I’m pretty satisfied with what I had redeemed although not much choice was available..


Yes, Decléor !! Hee.. After I attended the Decléor event, I thought i can probably try some of their other products (since the gift set they gave during the event may suit my mom more~ =X) Decléor product are all pretty well scented! Aroma products for your skin.. Besides that, they are 100% pure, 100% natural, and without colorants or preservatives!

And i just found out from the their website, In 2000, the adventure broadened with the arrival of the Shiseido Group which allowed Decléor to develop its research and development base and to benefit from new sales markets, particularly in Asia.

So the set I had chosen for my trove is…..

Essential Cleansing Milk is a light and silky emulsion with Neroli Essential Oil (used in Hydra Floral) that promotes hydration. It softens and soothes thanks to Sweet Almond Oil. Its fresh and sparkling fragrance awakens the senses.

All you have to do is just use a dampened cotton pad, gently massage the milk over the eyes and neck and then the rest of the face using light circular movements. Apply pressure to the smile dimples (under the cheekbones) for ten seconds. Then apply Essential Toning Lotion

Essential Tonifying Lotion is a lotion with Neroli Essential Oil completes make-up removal, removes any traces of the milk and prevents the skin from drying out.

After your Essential Cleansing Milk, just apply this lotion all over the face using a dampened cotton pad. Absorb any excess product with a paper tissue if necessary.


Next item from Decléor is this Revitalizing Eye Mask! Imaging using this together with a eye massage.. Wow.. Pampering!

If you wanna find out more about Decléor , visit their website now! They have massage techniques available for you to view/learn as well!!


The next next next item??? The Enavose Black Tea Quench Mask!! The ultimate hydration haven for thirsty and dehydrated skins, our quenching mask uses Sweet Black Tea to release a profusion of moisture and vitality that deeply replenishes skin’s moisture. It harnesses the power of skin to retain higher levels of water, leaving it feeling velvety soft, incredibly supple and invigorated. Feel the surge of immense moisture and be better equipped to defend against damaging environmental forces.

This mask really works like magic! It can really quench your skin’s thirst! Chill it in your fridge and use them when they’re cool.. WOOOOO~! Chill and relax and HYDRATING!!! This is one of the wash off mask where you can feel/see the hydrating effect almost immediately after you wash it off!! *thumbs up*


OK! Now.. this is one of the product I can’t wait to try out!! Cheonsoo Nail Lacquer!! To be exact, it’s scented nail lacquer! The scent ain’t very strong (as compared to Cirque’s Lavender scent) but the lightly scented polish can cover the typical lacquer smell which some girls doesn’t like!

Not only the scent is nice, another nice about it is.. the broad brush! The broad brush makes application so easy! That’s not all eh.. the opaque color really save my time on doing a second coat! I’m not too sure how many colors it has but I really love this color (340) I got here!!

IMG_6691 IMG_6693

Nice right? Hi-shine maroon! Very mysterious red you see here is just ONE coat (one thick coat tho.. LOL) If you like A-England’s Perceval I bet you’ll like this! It’s a darker version of it! ❤ ❤


Alright! Next is another pampering product! Coenzyme Q10 silk mask from Storyderm! Contain Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin E fluid (which is the elasticity ingredient of skin), and Licorice Extract energizes skin which has become weak because of harmful things and stress. Restore skin elasticity and skin moisture.

If you have realize… there’s spelling error on the pack (*misturizing??). I wonder if this is a rejected goods.. hmm….


Alright, I know you’ve seen this ample time!!! I redeemed this hair oil almost every chance I have! hahaha! Why? Because this is really good! DO a quick search on my blog and you will be able to see all posts on “Kerastase“!


Last but not least… a MINIATURE eyeliner from Déjavu! Hahaha! It’s really MINI! But it’s a decent size to try it out! I have not try this yet but will share my thoughts soon! 🙂

So that’s all for my personalized trove! What have you got for yourself??

Types of Eyeliners. Which one to go for?

Hi again, Smoochiezz shared some tips on her FB again and i think this is good for newbie who can’t decide which eyeliner to go for a start!

1. Powder Eyeliner: For a softer look (I haven’t try this before actually~)
Use a small, fine-tip pointed brush so you can be precise. You can use the powder shadow either wet (for a more dramatic effect) or dry (for a softer look). Tips: When applying, try to push it right in the lash line as closely as possible tap any excess powder off the brush before lining, do not drag it so as to reduce the risk of getting specks of powder eyeshadow on your cheek. And by pushing it in, you are actually stamping the colour into the skin and it’s gonna last a lot longer.

2. Pencil Eyeliner: For Beginner or for lining (I agree! Pencil is good start for beginner! i started with using pencil too!)
This is your basic makeup staple, and one especially good for beginners as it’s easy to apply while you develop a steady hand. However, it tend to smear and smudge, unless you find a really good one that isn’t too creamy or too slick .Be careful about sharpening the pencil too much – having the sharp end pull on your eyelids can’t be good for them! If you’re going for a more subtle look, opt for a brown eyeliner After applying the pencil eyeliner, apply a small amount of eyeshadow or pressed powder over it to help keep it from smearing. Pencil eyeliners tend to have the shortest wear time, so applying powder over it can help quite a bit.


(Above illustration is done using pencil liner)

Kohl: While kohl liner resembles pencil eyeliner, this “crayon” goes on a lot more thickly and is a little bit softer in texture. While kohl glides on pretty easily, be careful about putting it on too fast as it is rich but pretty imprecise. When you are lining with a Kohl pencils, you often have to stretch your outer corner of your eyes and by doing so, you are actually creating winkles!

3. Gel/Cream Eyeliner: Intense Look, Oily eyelids (I’m using Kate’s Gel Pencil now! Very satisfied each time i use it!)
It blends in smoothly, but it’s thick enough to make your eyes pop. Gel/cream eyeliners are also extremely flexible; you can apply it heavily with ease (no eyelid-tugging here!), or you can smear it a little. Make sure you use a quality brush.

The main complaints are (1) that you have to wash the brush applicator after every use to prevent the gel or cream from hardening on the brush hairs and (2) that the look is too intense. If you don’t find those to be problems, then gel and cream eyeliners are an excellent way to go. Because they don’t smear, they are especially great for anyone with oily eyelids or for use in humid climates.

4. Liquid Liner: For Long lasting effect (I have no talent in using a liquid liner seriously…)
Liquid liner is the most dramatic and, typically, the most difficult to apply. It takes a steady hand, but it also offers the most precise and defined line. This type applies much more smoothly than pencil and gel, which allows for a sharp wing-tipped or cat-eye look. Look for liquid liner that comes with a thin, fine-point or felt-tip brush for impressive results! Tip: If you make a mistake with liquid liner, wait for it to dry, remove it with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover, and try again.


(Above illustration is done using liquid liner.)

Some other ways to play with eyeliner!ELcutenat



Japalang Beauty Bazaar Sales!

No woman can resist SALE!! I’m one of those who can’t!! It’s my 死穴 (lethal point).. Sale is a good time/chance u can grab something that u usually will not! Why not?? well, probably because its too ex? Or probably u’ve not used it before so not confident in that product? Or maybe ………. nevermind!! I believe pricing is the main reason! Hahaha!

Today i’m going to share my HAPPY BUY at Japalang’s Beauty Bazaar Sale!! This Beauty Bazaar Sales starts from 5th to 7th July, 12pm – 7pm!!!

What will you see at the event??? PLENTY! mask, beautyblender, konjac, mineral power, steamcream, foot patch, blah blah blah…..


By the time u read this post, sale already ended!!! Don’t want to miss their sale again? Like Japalang Pte Ltd FB Page and you will be the first to see their latest news!!

JPL Sale!! Good thing is, it’s pretty near my place so going to 9@Tagore isn’t a big problem!!

The problem comes only when I’m in the building…

Yes, thank you JPL for the lift label.. But …. still very scary when i stepped out of the lift although i know I’m at the right place.. Facing all white walls and I start to wonder where is the door to the “office”!?? (This is not horror movie right??)

I think it will be helpful if they had paste some directional signs for idiot like me.. (Maybe the management didn’t allow?) I dono about you but I was really freak out for about 2 mins before I try the door which I first thot is a carpark! And it turns out to be….. really a carpark… cum offices! Seriously the management floor plan at the lift was not helpful at all (for people who has not been there)!! T_T

I reached kinda early, like (erm) 11:15am?? JPL staffs are all still packing and moving stuffs.. There is this lady whom i didn’t get her name, gave us (early birds) a friendly smile and thank us for coming down (so early) – lol!

About 11.30am, she walked to us with a bottle of juice and this time, she tell us that the sale will start in another 10-15 mins time!!! Yeah for the prompt update!!!! Yeah again for the juice – it’s not some alibaba juice ok!!


It’s F&N Fruit Tree Fresh!! Call me cheapo! But this buys my patience!! My happy meter is full again!


(everyone gathering for a final briefing before opening for business)

(“HUAT AH!!” they sounds really into this event!! Goood one!)

Ok.. I will skipped the shopping part and jump straight to conclusion!

I had an awesome time at the sale! Every counter had a staff waiting to serve u and answer to all your questions! Staff will promote their products yet doesn’t hard sell – no stress! They know their product well too!

Did buying without stress cost me more damage?? YES it did!!! “Sale” plays a part – BIG part!!!

See what I’ve bring home!!

Masks.. Foot detox patch.. Mascara.. Essence.. Shampoo.. Treatment.. Shall we look at them individually now?


SexyLook Hello Kitty Moisturizing & Whitening Rose Mask!! Seriously I’m not a HK fan but this ain’t gonna stop me from getting a good mask! Non-HK lover, don’t worry, you won’t look like HK when you’re doing your mask. Neither will you look like one when you’re done. It’s just marketing business, HK is a trend!

I tried this mask quite some times back and i like it and here i am grabbing more mask!! The rose scent is very soothing and the mask is really “well-marinated” in its essences! After placing the mask on my face, the essence will secretly roll down my chin to my neck minutes later – i had to pat the essence on my neck so that they get absorbed and not wasted while I’m masking! About 15-20 mins later, remove mask and gently message your face (& neck) in circular motion to get the essence penetrate through your skin! I pat them at time so that they can get in faster! =X (gently pat, not slap!)

And what’s better? Sale, of course! 3 boxes for $10 (UP: $9.90 per box if i didn’t hear wrongly from Doris (one of JPL staff)!! It’s almost like buy 1 get 2 FREEE! And u know what? I not only purchased 3 boxes, I was given a box for free too – won in the lucky draw after my payment!! That’s not all!!! Every customer gets a door gift too and I bet u know what is it.. (Yes..) a HK mask!

In total, it’s almost like $10 for 21 pcs (for me case)!!!! -faint-


Next in the bag, masks from Morilins!!! This is definitely another good buy!!! 3 for $10 (UP: $9.90 per pcs)!! Ain’t that too good to be true!??! Although I only bought 3 but trust me, I’m already regretting for not getting more now! Why did I not grab the eye mask too!? Shucks!

Review will be updated after i tried! Meantime, carry on reading.. 🙂

Now open your eyes BIG! Coming up next is mad crazy sale item!!!


Belif Hungarian Water Essence!! I’m using Belif products now and this essence sale came at the right time!! (I was still planning to grab them at belif store if I happen to pass by one! And now…. Mwahahahaa!! Call me lucky!!!!

This Hungarian Water Essence is a very light weight transparent essence. slightly heavier than water/toner only. It gets absorbs very quickly and and your skin can almost immediately feel moisten! Plus it does not feel sticky too! *thumbs up up up* You can read up my previous post on Belif Product HERE!

Let me share with you the retail price first before i disclose the GREAT SALE PRICE i paid for!!

At Belif store: $57! Even after greatest discount, it still cost me $49!20130707-224945.jpg

At Beauty Carousal: $66.90!20130707-225924.jpg

And for how much did I grab this 2 bottles?? $59! Not 1 but 2! TWO(2) for $59!! It’s so unbelievable till I even asked the staff “why so cheap!!?” (I feel so dumb at that instant!)

But nevermind, since they don’t know me!! LOL.. let’s continue!


K-Palette Real lasting Eyeliner and 1 Day Lash Perm Long Curl Mascara!!

Eyeliner first! This is a waterproof liquid liner that has won several awards!!

20130707-231056.jpg 20130707-231113.jpg

How can u not be tempted to get one?? Discount is not a lot for this.. $16 for 1 eyeliner (UP: $19.90)?

As my shopping bag gets heavier, my mind starts to get lighter…! I can’t think anymore!!! So just grab!!!

Next is this wonderful mascara! At this sale event, you can get it at $21 (UP: $25.90 I think) Yes, not very much good deal but still.. (like i said) at that moment I already lost my mind!! Everything is “sale! grab! sale! grab!” ROFL!

Update on 8 Jul: Images below shows the mascara I wear in the morning before heading to work!



fresh and clean look ya?




(My long lash!!!!)

After almost 8hrs (it’s 2pm++ now), totally no sign of smudge nor “gothic” look! Still clinging to my lashes nicely!

Btw, before i applied my mascara, i used my eyelash curler to curl my lashes a little and until now my lashes are still curled! What does this shows? The mascara is good or the eyelash curler is better? I’ll snap some pic when i get home (5 hours later!)

8pm: Now that I’m home, my mascara is still smudge proof! No black tears no black shadow! You see!!



(I’m super loving this pic!!! See my eye!! I have dbl eye lid!!!! No glue no sticker ok!! Hahaha! This is call tired-eyelid! When my eye lid gets tired, it SAG and with a little push it will become a few-seconds-dbl-eye lid!)




(Some side views to show you my extended lash with mascara)

This is really smear proof smudge proof waterproof!! And I think… I’M LOVING IT!!

There’s a newer version of this mascara which is “volume curl mascara”. Both have very good review if you do a simple google search.


By K-Palette, here’s another goodie! Overnight Eye Mask! This deal is $10 for a pair and $14 for 2 pair (twin pack)! If u buy 2 packs of twin pack eye mask, it’s even cheaper!! But erm… I forgot how much it is..



(Image grabbed from K-Palette fb page)

I’m using it now (yes, its bed time already) and probably will update you guys how is it when I’m ready!!

Update on 8th Jul: I have difficuly falling aslp!! I feel so uncomfy having something around my eye… i flip and turn until 3am, i decided to wake up and re-position my eye mask, this time, a little distance from my eye.. and… yes, i fell aslp. I guess i placed it too near my eye (lash line).. I’m not sure if my eye bags are gone… but i know i gained a sleep line. the patch caused a sleep line on my face (sign of aging #101: sleep line takes a long time to recover!!)


Will i continue to use this mask? OF COURSE – at least until this pcs wear out!! According the the staff, this mask can be reused for 3 months – as long as u keep it clean/hygiene!! After that i may not continue..

OKAY! Get ready once again to see the star product in my shopping list!


The Essence of Nature foot detox patch!! This is the MAIN MAIN MAIN reason I’m here actually! To grab this foot patch!!

The UP for this box (7 pairs) is $29.90!! Now they are selling for… “Drumroll please!!”


$20 for 2 box!!!!! No they’re not expired goods nor defect patch!! They’re selling at such low cost is because the box (packaging) is dented/damaged!!!!

There are new type of foot patch available too, ie: rose sap patch, eucalypts patch, warm sap patch, forest sap patch! But these new type is $21 per box! They sell individual pack too.. 1 pair for $4, 4 pairs for $10!! So I bought 4 pairs of rose sap patch too!

You can read my previous post HERE on the lavender foot patch I got from Vanity Trove.. I will be doing the rose sap patch soon!

Below are some benefits summary I’ve grabbed for The Essence of Nature Fb page! If you are keen to find out more, give them a like HERE and you will receive their first hand news update!!



Update from daddy (9 July 2013): after using for 3 days, daddy said he feels lighter (when walking)! Sleep well and doesn’t feels tired easily the next morning! Best part is that he can shit without much difficult now (OMG, he already been a very regular toilet supporter and now.. hard core fan! LOL)


(i think lavender is their all-time favourite/hot seller!)


Last but not least…….. Below is a “last-minute-out-of-my-shopping-list” item I grabbed at the cashier counter because I’m still short of $3 to give me extra chance of lucky draw!


Rêveur!! Understand from JPL that this is a silicon free shampoo and quite a hooha in Japan!

Rêveur’s unique formula of fine and well-foamed bubbles reduces the friction against the hair. This effectively avoids the common problem that non-silicone shampoo faces, which is to cause hair to be rough due to the lack of silicone.


I tried it today and erm… Sorry, I dono if its because I’ve too much hair or the sachet has too little shampoo for me… I can’t seems to lather much foam. Is it because it doesn’t have silicon?? I don’t know. Seems like it’s not my cuppa tea.. But surprisingly when my hair is dry, it does feels more tame and less frizzy. My only problem is that the shampoo does not lather enuff foam for me to feel like i’m shampooing my hair..

Conclusion, this is one great sale event that I will look forward to again next year!!! Good buy & good products! Stay tune and I’ll update this post with review again..

PS: Pardon my typo for now! I’m tooo slpy to proofread anything. I will tidy up this post soon! Good night and cya soon!!!!