Paris Baguette!

Bonjour! Today… I wanna share with you a very very yummy post!! BUT before that.. just a quick intro to CLEO Career Lab 2013!



It was a pretty wow seminar before it starts! Grand ballroom, warm lights, theatre seating arrangement, refreshments, Ettusais! & then just few minutes after it starts… I started to get bored.. Maybe this kinda talk is not for me.


There were a few guest of honor.. Like Jeannie from Tracyeinny, Gina Romero from Athena, Jasmine Ang from Ettusais! They shared very interesting stories but I still feel that it’s just stories. Kinda hard to relate to if you want to start your own business. They do give “tips” but are just very surface tips. Overall, It’s probably just a good story sharing session and introducing Ettusais product (mainly).


Ettusais makeup demo took up almost half the time… Good thing is, at least it’s not boring. When you went to 1 or 2 this kinda makeup demo talk, you’ll start to get bored. Most of them teach the same thing. *Yawn*

By 4pm,  we’re done and refreshment were ready. I didn’t Q for them as I already can’t wait to leave…. Leave to where??




It’s jam packed with customers!! (oops! I forgot its Sat!!) Anyway, a little background knowledge:

Paris Baguette is a division of SPG Group, an international food and food services company based in Korea. Paris Baguette ranks as the top brand – based on brand recognition and brand power – in the highly competitive Korea bakery market. Paris Baguette presently supplies fresh bakery products to customers through 2,900 stores in Korea, and 50 stores in China.

Paris Baguette currently operates 15 stores throughout the United States, in California, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The brand’s management philosophy focuses on educating its employees with offering the highest quality products with only the freshest ingredients and the best customer service.

Some other brand under SPC?



The Q was a bit messy but fret NOT! You’ll know that you’re in the right Q when the staff serve you! Hahaha!!


Ther have very interesting cake! I nearly gonna grab each a pcs but…. I’ve got limited vitamin M (M for money)! So I’m forced to choose just a few!


Croissant is my fave!!!! In here, you tell ’em what you want and they packed for you!

So what have I brought home after explore this new cafe? LOTS!! I spent almost S$60 just to buy bakery goods?!! The worst part… It’s month end.. Pay wasn’t IN yet!


The Royal Pudding! Mango & Strawberry!


I ate the mango on the same day!! Nice! Sweet on top and a little bitter below. But if you had “mix” well, it taste perfect!


& next…….. the CAKESSS!!


I bought Mango Napoleon, Haha Family, Cheese cake (I forgot its name!) & Oh My Baby Crepe (I think so)!!


Mango Napoleon was ok for me but too buttery for my boyfriend! The mango cream is to bland and buttery to eat it alone. A bite of the pastry and a bit of the cream+mango makes it well blend! But there’s one thing I just have to say.. Why is it a peanut must be there!!?


This one of the special, i guess.. I think it’s called Oh-My Baby Crepe! This cake is mainly strawberry and crepe! My mom ate this and she said was nice.. i only tried one bite and .. AGREE! It was NICE!! hahahaha! You can try this next time too…20130901-002304.jpg

The Haha Family Chocolate cake! I didn’t get to eat this! It was chocolate cake and…. FULLSTOP. Hahahaha!!! Till I get to try it again, you guys can just share with me how you find it, if you had tried!


This is Cheese cake. It has a very nice french name which obviously I had forgotten! The outer layer of white cream is just cream and icing sugar. The white cream sandwiched between the cake is the cheese… If you are a cheese cake lover, You can’t miss this!!


& I’m a croissant lover!! HOW CAN I MISS THIS!!! 7 minis for S$3.50 I think!


They are mad yummy!!!!! You just gotta try it!!! Even my boyfriend said it was nice! Sorry mom! None for you because I ate them all (well, mostly!)


This is the Honey Honey bread… Where has it gone??? I didn’t get to eat this.. Probably it’s already in someone’s stomach (or even digested already!)..


Eat tart for my boyfriend! I like the danish “skin”! But again, I didn’t get to eat it! Tsk!!


This is ONE GIANT ROLL! Bacon Roll.. I thought it was just plain bread wrapped with bacon! I didn’t get to see a clearer view of it when ordering.. Everything happen too FAST!


But actually it’s not PLAIN! There’s eggie mayo!! Wow~!! Me like!!

Well, to summarize it all, Paris Baguette is definitely one cafe I’ll go AGAIN and AGAIN!! Thankfully I read about it from Lifestyle and Beauty Blog of a Singaporean – Paris Baguette Korean Bakery Review! Else I think I might have just missed it!!! Have you noticed, her name is Audrey too! Heee!!!

To end this post, I’ll like to share something I saw online and thought it was quite interesting!


Are you guilty of this  Hahaha! I think I am somehow somewhat erm… *run away* But don’t strp your phone to my forehead.. I don’t want you to start poking/tapping my forehead!! Man~!


More Tips!!

Here’s more Tips from SWW & Cleo!!!

I personally like how this “25 Tiny Tips To Improve Your Life Right Now” article! Not very wordy and str8 to the point! Enjoyed the reading satisfaction.. As in the satisfaction after you complete reading a paragraph!! These are all SHORT paragraph!! ^_^


*guilty* probably i can start by making my bed!! >_<


Yes! point 8!! i should do the smallest things first~!! i always gets stressed up when my work are piling up!! and i always don’t know where to start!!


I always tell my mom i love her (point 15)… i tell my sis too.. but they think I’m up to something~! & they rather me not love them! HOW SAD~ =P


Hey! this is so me~ i always sing in the shower (point 22) !!! HAHAHAH!!!!

What do you think?? These Cleo’s tips are great aren’t they!!? You can find all this in Cleo June issue! and next TIPS coming up is from Singapore Women’s Weekly June Issue too!

5weapons_Pg1 5weapons_Pg2

Point 1, FAILED… i can’t even get my daily done right… how am i gona rmb to keep a FOOD DIARY!? LOL~~ & my fridge is never gona filled with LOW-FAT Food!!!! ROARRR~~


Point 5.. weight loss partner?? i don have.. but i have a weight gain partner! a partner who love to see me put on weight~~ =X Always feeding me with food when i loss 1kg.. T__T

Hope these tips will be helpful to you… or at least, let you have fun reading it~!

Nail Article from CLEO (June Issue)

Good Evening All!!! Today out of boredom i went to the nearest Buzz outlet to grab a copy of the latest Cleo & Singapore Women’s Weekly magazine!

Been wanting to find out which is a better magazine and WOW.. both are equally good! However for me now, i would think Cleo is more suitable for me as every page is so interesting to me. Perhaps when i have my first kid, SWW will be my kind magazine~! I mean.. at least now i wun need to know what baby product is good or which school should my kids go…. >_<

Alright, so now… some warm up! I scanned a few pages from CLEO article and decided to share them with you.. and which one to share first… OF COURSE my hobby first.. NAIL POLISH!


You can click the image to view the enlarged version.. this nail art looks simple but caviar nails is something i think i need my “good nail day” to do it right! Else i don’t know how many caviar will be wasted!! (LOL)Nail_02


I like this! PINK is not my favorite color but its definitely my must-have colour when i grab polish! nothing can goes wrong with pink! Black & Pink! White & Pink! Grey & Pink! Yellow & Pink! Blue & Pink!! Brown & Pink! Red & Pink! Ahhhh~~~


I’m not gona talk about the nail foil here.. but FACEIT polish~! maybe not.. i have not try FACEIT.. but i had used Etude House Graduation Polish.. it comes in a pack of 3 (4ml each) and you can do perfect gradient nail using the colour combi they pre-matched for you!! Check out my previous post HERE & HERE!

Next up! MAKE UP CLASSSSS everyone!! Ever wanted to know how to put on a fake lash!? or wanted a lasting lip color!? Read on man!!

Beauty School_Pg1 Beauty School_Pg2


Everything made so easy now!!!! a little more practice and you’re gona be as good as a pro!!!

I’m definitely in love with CLEO now~ ^_^