DA BIG TUMMY #106 – Chicken Wing Stuffed Fried Rice

It’s been a while DABIGTUMMY is in action!

We had been resting and finding inspiration.. (ya right!) Today, we’re gonna share our Christmas feast recipe! Nope! It’s not turkey not ham!

It’s chicken filled with loveeee!

De-boned chicken wings stuffed with fried rice!

Deboning the wings is such a skill and unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I don’t have that kinda skill. This is solely a husband dish from start to end! He spent hours debone the 16 wings with a scissors – totally can feel his love just in a bite!

So here’s what you need for this dish!

Chicken wings

Rice (75% cooked)




Oyster Sauce

Sesame Oil

There is no measurement for this recipe because everything is measured by love! If you love wings, buy more! If you love eggs, add more! If you prefer spicy, add more pepper!

So now, start getting your hands dirty! Deboning time! Once done, keep them in fridge first and work on your fried rice..

There’s few ways to get this done. (1) Buy from tze char stall but might be over cooked when you baked your wings. (2) Fried using overnight rice from your dinner the day before (don’t forget to add eggs!). (3) Cook rice on stove until 75% cook before you start frying them with egg!

I won’t be going into details on how to fried rice as I believe everyone has their preferred way to do it. The key thing here is ensure your rice is not fully cooked before it’s stuffed into the wings!

Once you got your fried rice ready, time to get messy! Stuff ‘me in your wings gently!do give them a push down to ensure the rice will fill the bottom too!

Once full, close the opening w a toothpick and position them on your baking tray!

We’re not done yet! Time to give your wings a good massage! Massage them with either (1) salt and pepper or (2) oyster sauce and sesame oil! If you have other marinate to use or try, go ahead!

With that done, heat up your oven at 180 degrees and bake those wings for 25 mins!

*DING* now your chicken wings is done!!!

We tried an alternative for carb-free diet! We stuffed a few wings with diced vegetable (fry w garlic and a pinch of salt only) and they’re equally good and filling!

Scroll back up and see again the black pepper wings, you’ll noticed that there’s one (in fact two piece, one piece on the left and the other on right) is slightly green, yes! That’s our vegetable wings!

Cooking is very much base on creativity, patience and love. He once again won my heart with the above!