April Trove – Spring’s Surprises

Last night had showed u a sneak preview.. LOL~ today i’m gona show u more.. ok.. perhaps i should share my thots first.. (pardon my long winded opening..LOL) Here goes…

i think the courier guy is good.. he actually called in advance to inform me that he will be around my area between 5-10pm (thot the range was a bit too FAR APART..) but he actually take into account of my request. I asked if he could deliver to me last in the list (9-10pm) as i won’t be home early.. and guess what.. he’s totally fine~! how cool!

Jus bef i reached my void deck, he called again and asked me to gv him a call when i’m reaching as he’s alr at my void deck waiting.. (impressed!! btw, it was only about 8.40pm then..) and throughout this whole “process”, he did not show bits of fustration and negetive attitude!! He’s all POLITE and TACTFUL!! *thumbs up!!*

Indeed a S$25 box service is different! If he had show a bit of attitude, i might have stopped my subscription!! GOOD JOB Vanity Trove!! GOOD JOB.. *oops* i din get the courier guy’s name! T_T


So here’s the box which i’m so looking fwd to!!! It’s a box of 5 sample items and vouchers (plenty!!!).. Clinique.. Style.. Nuxe body.. and a house brand soap??



I’m sure everybody is familiar with this brand, Clinique. In this month’s VT, i’ve got a lip gloss with SPF 15 and a liquid facial soap for dry combination skin type (it’s my type~! how coincident!! LOL!) Clinique products are Allergy Tested and 100% Fragrance Free! well.. at least that is what is stated in thieir website.. LOL!! But one thing true enough.. their products (skin care) are custom-fit for every skin type and concern.. i had been to a Clinique counter ages ago (when i was a TEENAGE!!) to purchase their product.The beauty consultant there will actually talk to you to find out a few things from you and there is this “survey” u need to do to let them know more about your skin type and concerns.. Very personalise indeed.. unlike other brands that i had been to, the beauty consultants tends to introduce only their latest product.. 😦

The lip gloss here is a nude pink shade with some microshimmer.. it looks pink and sweet in the tube.. but when i applied, it is quite transparent.. and quite sticky actually.. Not that it will glue up your lips but it feels more “fiction” when u “mmmm” ur lips together tightly and trying to rub them against each other, probably becuz its less oily?

As for the facial soap, no comments yet as i only used ONCE.. quite hard to tell if it is good.. i would be telling a lie if i say it is excellent! >_<


Next is this coffee soap.. it smells good but i’m not a soap person.. so i passed this to my dad..! he’s a coffee person and also a soap person! i think this suits him best! hahah!! Hope he wun turn into some vixen after shower!! hahahaha!!


Body scrub~~ come just in time! my Lemongrass House body salt is finishing..! thou this is not some full size scrub but better than nothing! hahahaha!! (i have a photo of the scrub, let me upload it here ltr..! it looks abit.. unpleasant tho! probably b’cuz of the colors… hahah!) Here’s the pic!!! looks very unpleasant ya?? hahhaa! anyway, i feel that the scrub is rough… as if it wil damage ur skin.. but after scrubbing, i feel much better.. 🙂 not bad!



I’m not sure if this is a full size hair moisturizer but this is the biggest item in my VT! Together with this hair moisturizer is a S$2 voucher for future purchase at Guardian! i wonder how “costly” is their product!! (let mi do some research and keep you guys update again!!) Of cuz, i hope this product works! gona start using it tonight!


Apart from solid samples.. here is one complimentary spa voucher and a spa polish! i think this month theme is highly related to coffee!! this spa sample is some coffee pack too! Looking fwd to my spa treat SOON! i hope they don’t do hard selling.. BTW, this Masego Spa is at Jurong.. was it call JCube?? the Ex-Jurong Entertainment Complex..?? oh well..  SAFRA Jurong!! Click here to see one of the review on Masego!!


Last but not least… here is the TONS of vouchers in the pink envelope! but sadly.. none suits me.. the clothing for sale are for regular size ladies.. and there are not much accessories i can get from these sites.. think im gona pass on to my sis.. 🙂

April Bellabox – Flawless Beauty

Got it!! Got it!! rec’d my April’s Bellabox on Wed! 😀 Super happy!! interesting item in this month’s box..

This month’s box feels abit heavy.. made mi even more eager to open up and see what’s inside..! when i opened it up.. the first thing i saw is a Lemongrass House S$5 voucher!! I’m so glad!! i love Lemongrass House!!! Gona make a visit to LGH after ‘ma payday!!

Seeing the voucher made mi look fwd to seeing something fr LGH! After i unwrapped my bellabox(!) indeed…! there lies a miniature bot of shower gel!! Lavender Scent! Tried it immediately that night (as i just returned home, yet to shower!! *stink* hahaha!!) i nvr really wanted to try any lavender scent items because i think it’s too common.. everybody loves lavender..But after i tried this lavender shower gel.. i changes my perception! This is NICE! It does not have this typical floral lavender scent.. i can really feel the “de-stress” magic (lavender is famous for its destress ability)!! I feel so relax and enjoy using this shower gel..! It made mi so look fwd to my next shower time!!! hahahaha!! i think i’m gona spend that S$5 voucher getting something lavender!! Lavender essential oil perhaps.. what do you think?? *grin*

Next happy item i got is this!! Benefit’s Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow! Its a lightweight liquid foundation to FLAWLESS Skin!! HAHAH! Heard that this is Benefit FIRST liquid foundation! is it true!?? I like the way this foundation comes.. pump bottle instead of tube pack. but probably tube pack will be better when your foundation is running out.. u know y! haha! we can SQUEEZEEEE all the way for tt lil drop of foundation but we cant squeeze a pump bottle!! This travel size foundation is enuff to last me for at least a year! LOL! i shd start making good use of this already!! (Regular size 300ml: USD34)

KINOHIMITSU Collagen drink!!!!! I’m gg crazy for this!!! this is the most exciting product i got in this month’s box!! Spare mi those nutri-fruit bar!! i HATE it!!! taste bad! smells bad!! had heard a lot of good review about this beauty drink but no chance to really explore it further.. and now! i’ve got 2 bots of this beauty drink!!! aaaw.. <3<3<3

Kinohimitsu have various type of beauty drink.. Collagen, BB, Collagen Diamond 5300, UV-Bright, BodySlen, BustUp! For this collagen drink, if you are facing problems like forehead frown lines, wrinkles, noticable neck line, laugh lines, sagging cheeks & double chin (!!!! i hv double chin!!), eye bags… YOU SHOULD get one!!! The ingredient includes Collagen (fish), Perilla Seed Extract, Silk Protein, Soy Isoflavone, Apple, Lemon & Lychee Condensed Juice! Just have to drink one bot bef gg to bed at night or in the morning before breakfast… if u asked mi, i would prefer to take it at night as 10pm – 2am is the precious beauty slp time whrby ur body starts to repair your whatever damaged cells!! Be aslp by 10pm .. dun wake up before 2am!!! have at least 7-8 hours of slp..! and u will be stepping closer to ur FLAWLESS SKIN!

I’m definitely gona grab more of this (or maybe other kind) SOON if the price is right!!

Next we have here is a mask!! looks different from other mask pack.. I read some review on this mask and it seems like a pretty good stuff!! 好料!!What caught my attention is the MOISTURIZING EFFECT!!! it seems pretty good in doing that…! Read more from HERE.

Last in the list, i find it quite .. not much of a use is this Moa Green Balm.. It is said to be some organic healing cream?? Móa’s miraculous healing powers soothe, nourish and renew dry, itchy skin conditions like, eczema and psoriasis, bumps, bites, grazes and minor burns.. Probably i can just throw this in my bag for any “Just-In-Case” incident!! it will be handy i guess.. plus its not very bulky!

In da box.. there’s also some promo notice and beauty tips! i think this beauty tips are quite achieveable.. u shd try it too!

Sleeping Beauty: Swedish scientist have discovered that beauty sleep really is essential to looking attractive. Aim for at least 7 hours sleep a night to be your beautiful best.

Prevent fine lines: Give skin a boost with a glycolic acid peel to speed up cell turnover. Glycolic acid is a natural exfoliator and moisturiser that helps to ‘unglue’ dead skin cells whilst drawing moisture into new skin cells.

Disguise dark circles: Didn’t manage to get those 7 hours sleep? Never fear, there is always concealer. The trick to hiding dark eye circles is to counteract them with a toned concealer – try one that is yellow based and one or two shades lighter than your foundation.

Prime: Primer is perhaps the most important step to creating flawless skin, not only do they even skin tone, smooth out fine lines, wrinkles, and even reduce the appearance of pores but also diffure light meaning your skin glows with natural beauty.

Prevent Shine: Buy yourself a very big brush! A large brush will help to achieve an airbrushed look and control shine thoughout the day – dip a large, fluffy brush in loose translucent powder and apply lightly all over