My All Time Favourite – Makeup Stash!

POST of the year!! A compilation of my favourite makeup product here!

What can get me excited? Anything NEW..!!! I remember when I was a kid, I always wanted to go home after I got my toy!! That’s why my mom always put my “shopping session” last.. 😥 Now that I’ve grown up, this habit never change.. It just got improvised! Instead of wanting to go home to open up my toy immediately, I opened them up when I got a chance to!! Like, when we’re sitting down for dinner or while waiting to bus/train?? But of course this time, it ain’t children’s toy anymore.. It’s my beauty products..

I’ve always love to try new things!! Eyeliner.. BB cream/foundation.. Blusher.. Lip color.. As long as it’s new it’s worth a try until you know it’s not. LOL! So after trying several products, below are the few that becomes the apple of my eye.. ❤

= | BB CREAM | =

Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control


What I like about it: Gives a dewy look & made my complexion looks really brightened!

What I don’t like about it: It can’t withstand the humid weather in Singapore and I look really CUI (ugly – makeup turned cakey over the forehead/nose/chin) by the time I reached office.

Remedy: Use it only on non-working day, like going on a date? *heartz*

Ettusais BB Cream


(suppose to be pink tube, not this white one)

What I like about it: Matt look that last! Good oil control and give pretty decent coverage!

What I don’t like about it: Probably not the latest technology already..

Remedy: They gonna improvised it?


Covermark Creamy Liquid Foundation


What I like about it: It cover marks and look very natural! Thin layer of foundation is all you need to flawless good skin look! Another point worth mentioning, this foundation sure can withstand hot sun! I wear it to work everyday and still looks good end of the day! FYI, my journey to office is often exhuasting~ T_T Up the slope.. Long walk.. Hot sun.. Yes, regular BB cream will just melt and make me look disgusting but this creamy liquid foundation stay totally cool!!

What I don’t like about it: Not at this moment..

Remedy: N/A

Read more: Here/ Here 

SKII Cream Foundation

IMG_0707 IMG_0708

What I like about it: You just need a lil dot to look flawless and a lil more on pigment are for excellent coverage..! Not only I look good almost the whole day with this foundation, my T-zone are well controlled (in terms of oiliness) too!! *whistle*

What I don’t like about it: The way this foundation is packed, I feel it’s not very hygienic and quality of the foundation may be affected as we open and close the lid too many time. 😦 Plus, it’s SUPER expensive loh..

Remedy: Hygiene wise, use a spatula? Cost wise, save up to buy..!! It’s worth the cents!

= | EYELINER | = 

Marc Jacob Skyliner


What I like about it: Smooth application, opaque color, super long lasting & doesn’t smudge! Click HERE to read more about it.

What I don’t like about it: Expensive, perhaps? S$36 for one regular size skyliner. O_o

Remedy: Save up before splurging? LOL

Read more: Here

Holika Holika Jewel-light waterproof Eyeliner


What I like about it: Smooth application, opaque color and comes in many color too!

What I don’t like about it: Price are kinda costly if you are going to purchase them in retail store/counter. Some might not like the fact that it needs a sharpener (but I’m fine with this..)

Remedy: Purchase online! =X Qoo10 latest promo 2 for S$8.85 (or something!!) Sharpener cost less than a dollar..

= | LIPCOLOR | =

VDL Triple Shot Tintbar


What I like about it: When you say convenient.. Nothing beats this!! Three tone in one!! Ombre/Gradient lips in a sec!

What I don’t like about it: Not very long lasting and colour is a bit sheer.

Remedy: Good to use this if you want a natural gradient lip color.

Read more: HereHere

Peri Pera Tint Glow Stick

IMG_0533 IMG_0537

What I like about it: Nice bright color that’s not too exaggerating! Healthy glow.. and LASTING~ LOOONG LASTING…

What I don’t like about it: Breaks TOO EASILY!!! Broken when I first used it. Lucky I didn’t throw away..

Remedy: Hell I have no idea!


= | BLUSHER | =


<image coming up soon!>

What I like about it: Has different tone of color in a palette and it has shimmers! This will brighten your look and make you look more cheery.

What I don’t like about it: I will let you know when I find out..

Remedy: N/A


<image coming up soon!>

What I like about it: Like the sleek design! It comes with 4 tones of a particular colour and it has PLENTY of shimmer!!! Bling Bling~~

What I don’t like about it: Costly as compare to drug store brands..

Remedy: N/A


3 Blush Makeup Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Below is a quick post that I saw on Smoochiezz FB page. I think it’s quite a good tip thus sharing her post here! You can see her actual post HERE too..

1. Wrong type of blusher.

For starters, using the wrong formula for your skin type is a major no-no. Women with normal or combination skin will benefit from an easy-to-blend powder blush. For dry skin, cream formulas work to moisturize and hydrate as well as add a flush of color. For truly oily skin, a cheek stain boasts the best staying power.
2. Applying blusher in the wrong place.

Another big blush mistake is applying it in the wrong place. Go too high and you get that baby doll look, or go too low and it your skin appears as though it’s sagging. If you have a round/oval-shaped face, apply blush under the cheekbones for an instant lift. If your face shape is more triangular or squared, put it right on the cheekbones for the perfect pop of color.


3. Too much and not blending.

The last, but not least blush mistake is putting on too much and not blending. It’s easy to get that “too done up” appearance when you use the wrong tools. Reach for a loose, dome shape brush instead of a kabuki brush for an even application. Be sure to swirl the brush into the product and tap off any excess. To finish, blend with a clean sponge.

Essence Warehouse Sales!!



ME ME ME ME ME!!!!! *raise hand!!*

Essence having a warehouse sales early December!! It was a GREAT BUY!!!! went there on Friday noon and spent almost 2 hours in there!!!


It may look small but… trust me!! hell lots of things!! Tho some are limited stocks! man! After that 2 hours “war” with myself, i managed to grabbed a big bag of stuffs that i usually would think twice before buying!!


& what did i bought??


POLISH!!! CANNOT BE MISSED!! 5 for S$10~ ain’t that .. .amazing!!??

i think my sis MAY like Let’s Get Lost (teal green? turquoise??) It’s a very close color to OPI’s Fly (if i din rmb wrongly!) i also grabbed Pink Glam (french glam) for her..

For myself..? of courseeeee!!! How can i not love myself!? i bought:

  • Choose Me! – Green with golden (yellow) glitters.. lots & lots of glitters!! Color may seems dark in the bottle but its a very soothing green when applied!
  • Princess Prunella – Duochrome? Brownish Purple?! i need to look at it more…
  • Hard to Resist – Blue with glitters too! Let me look at it more when i reach home before i tell u more! haha..


Next, some make up play!! Multi colour blusher! Bronzer!! & fruity lip balm!! Had tried the blusher & bronzer.. i must say.. its not bad ya! It’s not like you buy cheap & you get cheap things..

It’s not extreme EXCELLENT but it can still perform what it’s suppose to do which i think is sufficient for mi! i dun need it to be like UV protection, skin brightening effect or last u 24hrs! As long as the blush looks like blush when i apply and made me happy, i think its a good blush! >_<

Not forgetting the bronzer.. i think its quite a good buy too! COST EFFECTIVE and HIGH PERFORMANCE! just that.. i wonder how long will all this little ones last..

Oh and!! Oh and!! the lip balm? nothing too special about it other then the VERY light peach scent.. if u have chapped lips, i think u have to apply just a light layer because it will make the chapped lips quite obvious if u apply to & fro too many times.. maybe u can heal you chapped lips with those normal moisturizing balm first? i dono.. but this Essence Lip balm acts more like a sheer nude lipstick to me..


Nail Polish remover!! this is what every nail polish lover would need!!! and guess how much its gg??? S$3?? NO!! S$2?? NOOO.. It’s only S$1~~~!!!! man! i can feel my shopping basket getting heavier!!!


Presents?? Yesh!! which lucky one will get these?? HAHAHA!! you’ll know soon my friends!!

20121217-000236.jpg& at the end of the day, my spending??? hahaha u do the maths!!!