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Just wanna do a quick share! Tempted to Love is being featured!

Featured where?

Featured in Mei Mei’s Signature for my nail polish review!

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Also featured in The Little Beauty Black Box Social Media Mentions page!

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Hopefully my review is really helpful to those who plans to get the items they’re looking for!

Also, this may not be something WOW enough, but I’m glad to see my nailart on Bellabox Instagram! *HAPPY*


These motivates me to keep on blogging (& improve my nail art)! So sad to see that I’m so far behind from the top vote! If you are kind enough, do give me a vote on Bellabox Facebook page! Here’s the link >>> https://www.facebook.com/BellaBoxSG/app_448952861833126

Click on “Vote” button to vote! ^___^


Let me know if the link is not working! Pls be patient when the app is loading, it will take some time! I don’t have much friends in my FB account thus can’t “earn” much votes! Looking at the TOP VOTE of 150++, I think my 17 votes is…………. TOO FAR TO CATCH UP!!

Anyway, contest ends 31st Oct (or was it 30th??) Appreciate all kind votes for my nail art!

Thanks in advance!!


Bellabox Giftbox!


Straight to the point! See… You like my giftbox too?? Received this complimentary gift box (worth S$125) from Bellabox because I’m subscribed to them (again)! See… below was (part of) the email I received… Subscribe now (then) and receive a free $125 gift box!! Why not! It’s like paying $19.95 for 2 box! Capture

Soooo, first thing that attracted me to get this gift box is because of this….!


Anna Sui 870!! A bright cheery yellow! Opaque yellow! Vivid yellow!


Broad brush is another thing I like about it!



Index finger: 2 coat

Middle finger: 1 coat

If you like this yellow, you can check out from HERE to see which is your nearest outlet to grab one!


Well, that’s not the only thing that caught my attention! Another reason why I chose this gift box is because… it has twistband!!

Twistbands are really useful, pretty and most importantly.. cause no dents/damage/crease to your hair!!!


These are the 3 colors I received. basic black and white and a sweet pink that comes with a bling bling!


Next, shampoo & conditioner. I assume I don’t have to introduce this again.. I had received them so many time and i’ll sound like an old lady if I intro them again (like a spoil radio that keeps on repeating!)

Summary, it’s the scent that will keep me wanting to use it.. 😉


VEET! Hair removal cream… erm, not very useful for me as i don’t really have much hair to remove and if I really need to, I usually go to the experts.. LOL! Pampered me~


I had this from one of my beauty box! It looks/sounds really good but i have not used it yet because the thot of having to wash away the mask makes me lazy~ hahaha

You can read up my previous post HERE for more details about this mask pack! C’mon, don be lazy.. (LOL!!)


Next next… something from Adonis.. I never expect to see Adonis product in my trove..

Herbal Peel Gel – Mild exfoliator

Using a variety of Herbs and seven types of natural eco-friendly ingredients, this mask delivers serious brightening, glowing results. The dead skin on the surface of your face accumulates over time, causing a dull, gray complexion. Only with exfoliation can you remove this skin to reveal the soft, new skin underneath, revealing its natural lightness.

Herbal Peel Gel exfoliates gently and expertly, providing a bright skin tone, replenishing your youthful complexion and removing unsightly dead skin.

How to use? Apply a thin, comprehensive layer of the mask on your face, avoiding eye area. Leave on initially for one minute, then spread and massage it into your skin in circular motions. Rinse off with clear water and apply moisturiser and SPF right after.

Dermatox – Anti-toxin

Dermatox provides intensive purification for congested pores. Over time dirt, oil and dead skin can clog pores leading to breakouts, blemishes, even scarring. Prevent and treat your blemishes with Dermatox.

This amazing product will let you know in two ways that it’s properly working: The first is by releasing a strong smell indicating the level of toxicity in your pores that’s being released. With regular use, the smell lessens, proving that there is less toxicity. The second way you’ll know it’s working is by the compliments you’ll receive on your improved, radiant, clear complexion.

How to use? Spray Dermatox onto cleansed skin. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse with cleanser. For best results, rinse with Adonis Cleanser.


Justin Bieber roll-on Eau de Toilette .. I’m not a Bieber fans… but this lil nothing smell ok to me!


It’s pretty convenient to bring around! Just one thing about it.. The scent ain’t that lasting as compared to my other perfume.. and the roller isn’t very smooth. Not much perfume “rolled” out when I apply it.. 😦


Ok, now for something that I like again… Dr.Ci:Labo! Again, I’m gonna do it the lazy way! hahaha… click HERE to view more details about it!


Last but not least… A very powerful sunblock!! SPF70!! Hell madness! hahahah! Armada Sport 70 is by VMV Hypoallergenics!

If you spend lots of time outdoors, and want a very lightweight, high performance cream, this sunblock is for you! Extreme protection for extreme outdoor conditions. It’s ultra lightweight and very water resistant.

Impressive PFAs are combined with SPFs as high as 70-90 to effectively screen out UVA and UVB rays for active protection against sun-induced skin cancer, photoaging and hyperpigmentation.

Defensive-line formula creates a unique “barrier-film,” an invisible virtual “second skin,” that stays on skin’s surface to maintain protection integrity in and out of water, and while exposed to harsh sun and heat. Soft, skin-coating silicones give this barrier-film an exceptionally smooth glide and keep it light, so skin stays comfortable.

To Use:

Shake well before use. Apply liberally on face and body skin, carefully avoiding membranous areas of eyes and nostrils. For best results, apply 30 to 60 minutes prior to sun exposure, especially before highly active sports. When outdoors, reapply at least every 1 to 2 hours, after swimming or sweating and after towel drying.

Well, that’s all for my gift box! It’s a quick post because most of the item here are either repeated products or I haven’t use thus not much to share.. All I can say now is… Stay tune for the next box.. I think it’s coming in 2 weeks time…. 😀

Pardon any error/typo you see here.. I’m too tired to proofread yet wana quickly share this with you! Shall make amendments again!

November Bellabox – Bliss

SNEAK PREVIEW…..! Of course not!!


SEEEEE!! It’s my bellabox time again!! But this will be my last box already. i decided to cancel my subscription.. Not that i had some real bad experience to the extend i wanna quit this but i think for S$19.90 (to me it’s S$20 already..).. i would rather pay abit more for a VT which, IMO, has more exciting products for us to explore..


So what do we have here? 🙂


Loreal Shampoo.. Absolut Repair.. Had tried.. its good but not the best. =X

I don’t feel my hair condition really improve after using. I know i cant see immediate effect but.. as compare to Kracie Hair product i got from VT, i this this still lose out abit..



i never liked to use oil on my hair.. so i guess i will have to share this w one of my lucky friend.. hee!! =P


Face Mask..! Mask is something i will never have enough!! This EGF silk mask is nvr too late to rejuvenate my face..


Next, we have this hydrating creme from Benta Berry.. used ONCE.. what i think? nothing happen.. haha not like i want to see my face becoming very beautiful overnight but…  really i din feel anything special.. =X


Like finally i see a makeup product!! YEAH.. A lipstick from Savoir Faire..



But the color is.. not my type.. wasted.. a bit metallic bronze..


Last but not least…. .a necklace! pink mustache necklace..


Nice.. i have somebody in mind when i see this.. man! (老婆,这是你的了!)



So other then products, BB also included some discount vouchers for us to use..



Are you bliss-ed ~ hahahaa! well.. i pretty bliss with the EGF Silk Mask i’ve got!!

Definitely looking fwd to use it SOOOON!

August Bellabox – I Love Singapore

First thing first… Happy Belated National Day Singapore!!!

So here’s my Bellabox!! But before that…I’m disappointed with Courex! Got an email from Bellabox before national day saying that our boxes are on the way to us! Yippie…!! I waited and waited.. No sign of my box & it’s already been more than 5 days! 7 days to be exact.

So I decided to go online to check out the courier status. And to my HORROR (!), the status was…… “delivery unsuccessful – no one home” on 11 Aug!!! What is this!?!? There was no call to me from Courex!! Not even a delivery notice was found!!

I later wrote a FEEDBACK to Bellabox (cc Courex). Excuses are all I see from Courex! Was told that they try contacting my several time but couldn’t get hold of mi. (seriously, my cell was on 24/7 but I don’t see any missed call!) they even said there should be a note left behind and a lady from courex even told me I should have rec’d an SMS informing me of the delivery unsuccessful..

I only got one word for them.. Bullsh*t. If u din call means u din call. Stop being so defensive.

If this is going to happen again I think I might as well cancel all my subscription since I don’t feel being a valued member.. I can save some $$$ too if I cancelled them! I wonder where did that malay courier gone too.. Sigh..

A bit reluctant to finish up this post after this shitty incident.. But still, here’s my box..



It’s the Bella bag again! But a little different from the previous one. This is without drawstring.. Just a bag.

Erm.. I forgot to snap a pic of everything.. So will upload it next time!


Philosophy’s sample.. U know, i’ve been eyeing this Hope in a Jar since Sephora published in their FB.. It sounds as if it can really give me HOPE! haha thos i haven try buy below are just some more pics to show u..





Update on 29 August 2012: tried a few times.. like printed, it feels really like oil-free..so far so good but.. Like purity, it has this not very fragrance smell. mi no like. lucky i did not do an impulse buy at Sephora the other day! If u asked mi, i will say there are other better products out there that works the same but smells better! at least i feel more comfy using those.



and this kinda looks not bad!! hahahaha!

Update on 28 August 2012: This is nightmare.. this purity smell can kills! it did remove my makeup but i din apply a lot so i can’t comment if it is really good or just happen that my makeup is light. but still, i can’t get over the strong chemicated-like smell… i.. will not use this again seriously.. 



Next, Loreal Youth Code! i think will pass this to my mom..but again.. i wouldnt want my mom to look younger than mi!!! >_<

Update on 29 August 2012: I’ve tried this for about a week or so? hmm.. quite happy w the result. it din really make my face wrinkles-free like a baby but i can see that fine lines are now reduced! will definitely recommend this to ladies who wish to say bye bye to fine lines!!


Nothing much to elaborate about this.. China Glaze Polish (80703 Senorita Bonita). not my color.




Anna Sui eye shadow.. again.. not my color..20120819-215936.jpg



Another Enavose product. After using so many, i think only the hydrating mask is good. Together in this month’s box, there’s also a $5 gift voucher for Probiotics Exfoliaance Gommage.

Update on 27 August: Used this today! Mixed feeling.. hahaha..it feels so “nothing fascinating” about it when i press out a amount on my hand. However, as i massage on my face for few seconds (about 20-30 secs??) “ahhh..” is what came out from my mouth after that.. the flakes of dead skin starts appearing! SO i massage even moreee (hoping to see more flakes! – probably not! more flakes = more dead skin!?? gosh..) After im done massaging, i wash away with water and i goes “OOOH!!” again! (what now??) to my surprise, my skin feels soft and SMOOTH! really SMOOTH! if only i can use this everyday.. can i??

I have taken some pic of the product that was tested on my hand but i don have it now. Will upload it when i have access.. stay tune!



Besides that, there’s also Anna Sui Gift Voucher… and… 20120820-171749.jpg

Philosophy’s Exclusive gift.


LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!! The usual bellabox info card… i think it will be better is u click to see larger image of this than my post!!! >_<

Sorry for this Not-Very-Sincere Post!!! I’m too lazy.. TODAY.

SKII from VanityTrove & BellaBox

This is the SKII Facial Treatment that i had rec’d in my July VanityTrove & July BellaBox.. are they spoiling us with choices?? >_<

On the left is from VT, a slightly bigger sample (20g) and on the right is from BB which is only 6g, good for 4-5 use i think??

and i wana say.. the smell of SKII reminds mi of…………………….

Hazeline Snow Moisturizing Cream.. 😀 and this, reminds me of my granny!

and next, u can see here is the Clear Lotion 20ml from VT and Essence 10ml from BB.

Of cuz essence is better but.. oh well.. lotion is good enuff for me too..

So now you tell me which is better?? hard to judge ya?? >_<

July Bellabox – Around The World


Yahoooo!! Got my July Bellabox just bef the week ends..! Happy!! Happy!!!
So what do we have here for July??



Seems like a pretty heavy box right?? Totally excited for this! Now let start looking into the simple one first..! ^_^



Twistband!! If u haven heard of twistband then u are (slightly) outdated thn me!!! I got to know Twistband from Bellabox in Q2 this year!! It’s actually a hair band that u can use to tie ur hair without leaving tie mark! And they comes in colorful colours….!

Just a bit sad that my twistband had a little defect. But the thot of contacting Bellabox for an exchange made mi… (think twice) accept how it is! To email them is a headache! I wonder all this beauty boxes company.. Are they really sooo busy? Din they put into consideration for time like this? Ok, or at least not for exchange but more of.. customer service/enquiries? Every time when they are gg to have something big, reply seems to slow down even more (already so slow then become even slower..)

Had tried calling them to enquire some stuff but was asked to email them instead. But their reply always take sooo… sigh~

Ok I think I drift tooo much! Back to twistband! You can grab yours at Bellabox e-store HERE!


Next, Jimmy Choo lil perfume (4.5ml)! Like that cute little granite-like bottle! Smell great too! But if I were to buy it at its full size I would think that they’re a bit on the costly side.. I’ll stick to my bvlgari! Hahaha!

PRICE? … 40/60/100ml for S$78/125/165


Next next!! Skinmiso nose pack!! It’s a 2 step pore care that will remove blackheads and whiteheads! Looks interesting ya!!? I think I’ll try this out tmr??

PRICE? …10 sheets plus essence(15ml) for US$21.99

Review on 15 July evening:


Wow.. This is not wat I expect yet not too different from what I expect too..

I expect something like Bioré pore pack? But looking at it’s packing I had expected it not to be like wat i expected! (gossh, am i confusing u??)


As per its direction, I apply it on my nose for 10 mins. Initially, I feel a bit pinchy pain, quite annoying but bearable. Abt few sec ltr the pain is gone.

When I peel out the sheet, I dun see any whitehead/blackhead residue on my nose.. I had also used the Q-tip to exfoliate but… Nothing come out.. At that point I thought this was pretty useless..


But still I decided to continue w the step 2!! This pack’s essence more gelish as compared to step 1 (watery)..


I dono if I shd even post this pic cuz it looks the same as the previous one! But oh well…

Step 2 still has that pinchy pain feeling too but din last long.


So after I remove …. Mi first reaction was….. “WOW!!! No more large pores!!! Wah!!! Whr’s my blackheads!?!??” Hahahah!!!

Tho this doesn’t works like Bioré pore pack whr u can see ur blackheads being “pull” out.. But… My nose really is much cleaner now!!

If bearing w these pinchy pain can change a clean nose back, seriously… I DON’T MIND!! Hahaha!!

Now I’m really tempted to buy some home!!


Yes.. I know what u’re thinking!! It’s SKII again! My third set of SKII since my July Vanity Trove! It’s either SKII is having a promo or both VT and BB a good deal with them! But doesn’t really matter, 好东西不嫌多!

This SKII comes in a smaller pack then VT’s one but it comes with 2 extra items.. Cellumination skin care..

• Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser (6g)
• Cellumination Mask-in Lotion (10ml)
• Facial Treatment Essence (6g)
• Cellumination Deep Surge EX (2.5g)



I used the facial cleanser immediately since both (VT & BB) are like gvg out their products so hard!

It’s easy to lather into form but the form is not those very dense type like Ettusais.. But it does smells nice! Probably my skin is too thick? I dun feel anything special about it after washing.. It’s like “just another cleanser”..


Aft cleanse, I used the cellumination mask-in lotion! Refreshing.. Nice scent too..

According to their tips, u can use it like a cool therapy (extra treatment on concerned area) too!

Read on and u’ll understand more..


And last step is my cellumination deep surge ex!


And here!! Seee!! I followed every step as provided in my box! Very useful instruction..! Mi like!!! ^_^

PRICE? …Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser 120ml for S$89, Cellumination Mask-in Lotion 100ml forS$114, Facial Treatment Essence 75/150/215ml for S$99/168/209, Cellumination Deep Surge EX 50g for S$199


L’egere skin conditioner (30ml).. Product of Korea.. Juz with the chinese instruction can’t help feeling like it’s fr Taiwan..

What can this skin conditioner do?? See below packaging! (sorry.. Feeling abit lazy tdy!! Oppsie!!)


I duno about u but I always seems to mixed up L’egere and Laneige! Haha!

PRICE? …150ml for S$31.90


L’egere Platinum Hologram Illuminating Hydro Cream Base (3ml).. Another L’egere product.. But this acts more like a makeup base I guess..



Pore tightening and oil control is enuff for me to grab a full size one!!

PRICE? …40ml for S$39.90

Review on 16 July:

ok it din show very well in this pic but the cream is in a bit pale purple-ish beige color! wah sound so.. hahahaha! but u have to visualise abit to be able to see the purple.. putting aside the color.. the cream contain shimmers.. i guess that is why it can create the radient look.

in this pic, u see my hand?? bling bling..! on my finger tip is Ettusais BB cream, ignore that! hahaha! im just putting on my daily makeup before heading to work!

Overall, i feel nth too special about it. but probably i just haven use long enuff..

Next is a… BONUS!!


A housebrand sexy red lipstick!! Yayaya!!! I’m lying! Hahaha!


This is a pen not lipstick.. Not of very good quality but definitely a cute gift!!


Last but not least… Other the the sample products, the usual brochures are also added in a pink envelop..


Details of products in ur box will all be printed on this lil note… Very handy!

Now it’s the real “last but not least”! If u are interested in getting one box to pamper urself, check out this the link HERE! New price starting in July is $19.95 (existing subscriber still can enjoy usual price of $15 till ur subscription ends..)

Hope their products get better… Since there’s a price increase.. 🙂


GIRLS!!! Fancy cat eye makeup!? Tell u what! i “found” a good site that teaches us how to draw one! It may not be the best.. but it’s definitely the easiest one i’ve seen so far!!!

Click HERE to see Bellabox post on cat eye make up! Also, i managed to find the youtube video that Bellabox posted.. Magic Cat Eye!! zero skills need!!

Seriously.. no more reason to say u don’t know how to do a cat eye..! Practise Practise Practise.. and u will get a hand of it!

June Bellabox – Summer Upgrade!

Just when i thot i’ll be missing my June box last night.. there comes a knock on my door!! As i peep through my peep hole, i saw my favourite courier guy!! He’s here to bring mi my June Bellabox!!! Why i say favourite?? Because he’s the very patient courier who delivered my first VT to me.. i think this time round he sort of knew that i wun be home early so he came rather later..? or maybe i’m just guessing too much! hahaha!

Anyway… i’m still glad to be able to rec’d my Bellabox before i go to bed!!!!20120607-233107.jpg


We have LOADS of goodies in this month’s box!! See.. it’s all 好料!!Biotherm.. Lancome.. Shu Uemura.. Ralph Lauren.. Kiehl’s.. and this time round, Bellabox throw in quite a few giveaway in the box.. 😀

So here … let’s take a look what do we have from Biotherm…


A BB Cream.. i think i’ve been rec’g quite a number of good BB cream lately.. I’m very happy about it.. So what’s sepcial about this BB Cream? well.. other thn the usual SPF protection, it’s also oil-free, provide 24hrs hydration and give you a natural pink undertone of skin shine.. What attracts me most is that.. repeated use of this BB Cream, dark spots fade and skin radiates!! Ain’t that unbelieveable?!



Now here’s another “body lotion”.. this is Biotherm’s anti-drying body milk.. This body milk smells really familiar.. i just can’t recall what is it… it’s not just orange or lemon.. it’s.. it’s……..

I tried a lil bit on my hand and it doesn’t feels very oily and it gets absorbed very quickly.. it makes mi wana apply more cuz i feel as if the lotion is gone.. as for how moisturizing it is, i think i have to try a few more time.. but as of now,  I’m quite liking this two Biotherm product!!


Next from Kiehl’s.. Midnight Recovery Concentrate(left blue).. i heard many good review about this working wonders..

In the day, your skin is busy fending off environmental aggressors like free radicals. At night, the skin gets a breather to repair the damages, as there are few environmental aggressors to detract it from its healing process. The formulations of Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Midnight Recovery Eye enhance the natural repair and regeneration process at night, when your skin is at its maximum ability to absorb nourishing ingredients. This dream team is formulated with a complex blend of botanical oils including Squalane, Evening Primrose and essential oils including  therapeutic Lavender which are rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 to biologically replicate skin’s natural lipids and dramatically restore skin overnight. Both products are free from artificial fragrances, parabens and mineral oil, nourishing your whole face in the most natural way possible.

Enuff said! i think i will try this to9!!!! *can’t wait*


Next we have this Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner. It has real flowers in the bottle.. WOW.. im so amazed!!

This effective toner is formulated with select herbal extracts to gently cleanse and soothe normal to oily skin types without the use of alcohol or harsh synthetic drying agents. Our Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner may be used to soothe and improve problem areas.

i will save the best for last.. i think i will used this after i finish my existing stock of toner…


Next we have here is Lancome’s product! (wow.. things are getting better!! i think i will expect more from Bellabox in future leh!! oh no..)


Crystal Brightness! Seriously.. i have not even open up and peek at this yet.. im so clueless wat to write about this.. hahaha!! i shall review it again when i got the chance to!!


Visibly rejuvenated skin in just 7 days. Vibrant with youth, skin looks lit from within – breathtakingly radiant. Its youthful quality returns: cushiony soft and velvety to the touch. Skin’s tone is astonishingly even; its texture dramatically refined.

Next, Youth Activator… Zhun bo?? haha i think my mom will love this… but come to think of it.. isnt it time for me to use anti-aging products too!!??!! Looking at the ads i think this youth activator mite works!! hahaha good marketing!


Ralph Lauren Eau De Parfum.. eh.. quite surprisingly it smells nice.. i like the smell.. its not those feminine type of scent.. quite strong.. it’s definitely not sth like kenzo flower or Bvlgari Rose Essential.. heartz!!


Shu Uemura cleansing oil.. this is a make up remover from wat i know.. but not those that are strong enuff to remove waterproof makeup.. i shall try this to9 and keep you guys posted!! 😀


See!! so many product giveaway brouchures..! which one i will utilize?? i think most probably Ralph Lauren will be gone first!! hahaha!!!



Checklist checklist!!! all checked!! It you would like to have the a June Bellabox, do visit HERE to subscrube one.. One Bellabox cost S$15.. and you can earn points too!! My colleague signed up for one box just ytd and Bellabox had advised that she should expect her Bellabox from 20th!!! fast eh!!! hahaha so excited for her!!!!

Well, that’s all for now.. i’ll update this post again when i have my review ready.. 😀 😀