My All Time Favourite – Makeup Stash!

POST of the year!! A compilation of my favourite makeup product here!

What can get me excited? Anything NEW..!!! I remember when I was a kid, I always wanted to go home after I got my toy!! That’s why my mom always put my “shopping session” last.. 😥 Now that I’ve grown up, this habit never change.. It just got improvised! Instead of wanting to go home to open up my toy immediately, I opened them up when I got a chance to!! Like, when we’re sitting down for dinner or while waiting to bus/train?? But of course this time, it ain’t children’s toy anymore.. It’s my beauty products..

I’ve always love to try new things!! Eyeliner.. BB cream/foundation.. Blusher.. Lip color.. As long as it’s new it’s worth a try until you know it’s not. LOL! So after trying several products, below are the few that becomes the apple of my eye.. ❤

= | BB CREAM | =

Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control


What I like about it: Gives a dewy look & made my complexion looks really brightened!

What I don’t like about it: It can’t withstand the humid weather in Singapore and I look really CUI (ugly – makeup turned cakey over the forehead/nose/chin) by the time I reached office.

Remedy: Use it only on non-working day, like going on a date? *heartz*

Ettusais BB Cream


(suppose to be pink tube, not this white one)

What I like about it: Matt look that last! Good oil control and give pretty decent coverage!

What I don’t like about it: Probably not the latest technology already..

Remedy: They gonna improvised it?


Covermark Creamy Liquid Foundation


What I like about it: It cover marks and look very natural! Thin layer of foundation is all you need to flawless good skin look! Another point worth mentioning, this foundation sure can withstand hot sun! I wear it to work everyday and still looks good end of the day! FYI, my journey to office is often exhuasting~ T_T Up the slope.. Long walk.. Hot sun.. Yes, regular BB cream will just melt and make me look disgusting but this creamy liquid foundation stay totally cool!!

What I don’t like about it: Not at this moment..

Remedy: N/A

Read more: Here/ Here 

SKII Cream Foundation

IMG_0707 IMG_0708

What I like about it: You just need a lil dot to look flawless and a lil more on pigment are for excellent coverage..! Not only I look good almost the whole day with this foundation, my T-zone are well controlled (in terms of oiliness) too!! *whistle*

What I don’t like about it: The way this foundation is packed, I feel it’s not very hygienic and quality of the foundation may be affected as we open and close the lid too many time. 😦 Plus, it’s SUPER expensive loh..

Remedy: Hygiene wise, use a spatula? Cost wise, save up to buy..!! It’s worth the cents!

= | EYELINER | = 

Marc Jacob Skyliner


What I like about it: Smooth application, opaque color, super long lasting & doesn’t smudge! Click HERE to read more about it.

What I don’t like about it: Expensive, perhaps? S$36 for one regular size skyliner. O_o

Remedy: Save up before splurging? LOL

Read more: Here

Holika Holika Jewel-light waterproof Eyeliner


What I like about it: Smooth application, opaque color and comes in many color too!

What I don’t like about it: Price are kinda costly if you are going to purchase them in retail store/counter. Some might not like the fact that it needs a sharpener (but I’m fine with this..)

Remedy: Purchase online! =X Qoo10 latest promo 2 for S$8.85 (or something!!) Sharpener cost less than a dollar..

= | LIPCOLOR | =

VDL Triple Shot Tintbar


What I like about it: When you say convenient.. Nothing beats this!! Three tone in one!! Ombre/Gradient lips in a sec!

What I don’t like about it: Not very long lasting and colour is a bit sheer.

Remedy: Good to use this if you want a natural gradient lip color.

Read more: HereHere

Peri Pera Tint Glow Stick

IMG_0533 IMG_0537

What I like about it: Nice bright color that’s not too exaggerating! Healthy glow.. and LASTING~ LOOONG LASTING…

What I don’t like about it: Breaks TOO EASILY!!! Broken when I first used it. Lucky I didn’t throw away..

Remedy: Hell I have no idea!


= | BLUSHER | =


<image coming up soon!>

What I like about it: Has different tone of color in a palette and it has shimmers! This will brighten your look and make you look more cheery.

What I don’t like about it: I will let you know when I find out..

Remedy: N/A


<image coming up soon!>

What I like about it: Like the sleek design! It comes with 4 tones of a particular colour and it has PLENTY of shimmer!!! Bling Bling~~

What I don’t like about it: Costly as compare to drug store brands..

Remedy: N/A


My Loots from Preloot!!

After making my first purchase, I thought this was a pretty good concept for user to explore more local brands. Good local brands! Through Preloot, I actually get to know more local brands! I actually seen some brands before but wasn’t aware that they’re local brands – ie: Gummi! I thought they were from US or Europe.. (my gosh! How sua-ku!) & Bodhi too!!

Well…here’s my SECOND BOX (& THIRD BOX) to share.. Hope you like them too!

IMG_6538 GUMMI Designer Nail Wraps


Uniquely designed in Singapore, GUMMÍ nail wraps are fashion forward, effortless and high-quality.

We truly believe that when it comes to quality, its the little details and the things you don’t see that sometimes make the biggest difference. We put a lot of care and thought into GUMMÍ nail products and its our mission to make you feel extra special whenever you put on GUMMÍ nail wraps.

I ever tried nail films before and I thought they sucks. They gets peeled of easily, last not even more than 2 days. -___-

I’m hoping this will last long because I’m gonna wear this for my upcoming trip!! I shall share more swatch on my instagram!! Stay tune!



A place where you can find solution to your skin problem!

Although I don’t like ginger but I like the scent of Ginger Turmeric Soap!! It smells really energizing! LOL..

visited their website and found that they not only have soap, they have scrubs and mask too!! Do check them out HERE too!!



Correct! this is my second pack of body scrubs from Basic Theory! I prefer this than the coffee one redeem earlier! the mild soothing lavender scent helps ease my mood and makes me feels relax after a day of hard work!!



OH!! This is GOOD! I never thought local brand can be this good – especially the night cream!! But to be exact, this is not really a local brand though. Flower2Grass2 originated from Hong Kong and is new in Singapore! Best part, it’s paraben-, colorant- and sulphate-free!! Pssst~ Only available on Preloot – that’s exclusive!


The night cream good for combination skin user (yes! finally something made for me!!)! Rose Geranium oil calms oily or irritated skin, such as eczema, acne & rashes. Skin appears radiant as a result. Hazelnut oil penetrates the outer layer of skin easily, leaving your skin silky smooth without any feeling of oiliness. Lavender oil is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-depressive characteristics; also rejuvenating skin by softening and lightening, an excellent solution to acne scars.


Happy with my 2nd loot bag, I packed my 3rd bag!!

IMG_6603 Basic Theory



Yes, Basic theory again.. LOL! They have really good scrubs so thought of giving their skin care a try…



The #nofilter Makeup Remover gently but thoroughly removes all traces of makeup without stripping your skin of its natural oils. Its blend of moisturizing coconut oil, clarifying castor oil, gentle avocado oil and relaxing lavender essential oil seriously nourishes your skin while cleansing and will have you snapping #nofilter selfies in no time! Engineered for every party girl – super effective on waterproof mascara and eyeliner! Strengthens and conditions eyelashes and eyebrows over time.


Not the best makeup remover I had used but glad I had gave it a try..



The classic calming scent of lavender will soothe your body and soul. This handmade soap contains tiny lavender flowers and natural essential oils, which provides soft and gentle care for your skin.

Rachel KIMG_6610I guess I do not need to intro this again! Everyone knows Rachel K! I redeem a lighter tone this time and it suits me!

Guess, I will be keeping a lookout on preloot to try more local brands!


My stash of… BB Cream!


You got it right!! Time again for my stash review – my stash is growing day by day!!!!

Today I’m gonna run through my stash of BB creamsss!! You may see CC cream or foundation appearing too though.. LOL!

First in the list is none other than Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion! If you are a regular beauty boxes subscriber you will not be a stranger to this great products! Most beauty subscription boxes recommend this to their users!! I happen to be one of the many who got the chance to try them and fall in love with it after trying! Love it even more after being advise by a makeup artist on how to use it to cover blemishes during my SWW shoot~!!

20140410-151046.jpg 20140410-151056.jpg

(from the second pic you can see I have been using it very diligently huh~ HAHA!!)

A new-concept cushion-type whitening BB for 6 effects (Whitening + Moisturizing + Sunscreen + Water resistant + Soothing + Makeup Effects)! Yes, 6-in-1, used to be just 5-in-1 i think!! I’m not too sure which version I’m using because I bought it on Qoo10 and they shipped direct from Korea. Packaging is different from Singapore Laneige before the change.

Nonetheless, they are still as good! I’m already using my 2nd refill.. 😀


Here you can see, the side with Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion is slightly fairer and my freckles has lightened quite a bit!! I feel that is has brighten my chubby face yet doesn’t look too ghostly! Can’t see the diff?? Try comparing the eye area and freckles.. 🙂

Some user may find the coverage not that fantastic but I find it great! The trick (advised by Eric Tan, the MUA) to get better coverage is to DAP. Dap on area where you want better coverage (ie: freckles)! That’s all~ It doesn’t turn cakey It doesn’t look oily after half a day. It has SPF50 PA++. Gives a dewy look. What more can I ask for…?

And not long ago, Laneige launch their NEW BB Cushion Pore Control! I tell you…  This is AWESOME! Not only it gives a better coverage, it minimize pores!!



I don’t have the image of it on my face (YET) but you can click HERE to check out my post about it~!

These BB cushion is good for going on date, going to work, going shopping or even going for tea (coffee if you like it!)!! That natural dewy look~! I can’t resist!!

Yay or Nay?? Definitely a BIG YAY for me!! I love how I look when i just put it on! Even after a day at work, I still look decent! Oxidization doesn’t really ruin the look.. If you’re keen to try, probably you can head down to any Laneige boutique to take a look!

Laneige BB Boutiqe

(Click image to see other store locations)

Next is my newly added item! La Roche-Posay Melt-in BB Cream. Got this from SampleStore as a product for review..

20140326-233736.jpg 20140326-233740.jpg


I agree this image may not be the best to show you how good this product is BUT fred not! Check out my previous post HERE and you will see it actually has got good coverage and totally suit Asian skin too! I love the natural finish it gives and yet works like wonder when covering blemished!!

If you would love to try it first before purchasing, head to SampleStore to redeem it now~! Else, La Roche-Posay products are available at Changi General Hospital, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, National Skin Centre, National University Hospital, Singapore General Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital as well as major Guardian, Unity and Watsons retail pharmacies. ($$$: S$49.90 for 30ml)

Ok, now for my all-time favorite! .. wait.. I mean above mentioned are my favorite too!! This is probably the pioneer among the other BB cream in my favorite list! Ettusai’s BB Mineral Cream is the first to be added to my favorite list before exploring any others..

ettusais bb cream 1 ettusais bb cream 2

It’s a BB cream that gives you coverage while treating your skin at the same time. Love it because it covers, spreads easily and is so lightweight yet it works hard to keep to your skin baby soft. Made up of 79% skincare ingredients, Ettusais first BB Cream hides pores, evens out skin tone and controls oil. It also contains 6 different kinds of moisturizing ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin, while also preventing acne with our star ingredient, AC-Control Oil. Contains SPF 30 PA ++.


And I totally agree with what was stated! The color of the BB cream is suitable for Asian skin and it stays matte even after lunch time! It blends really well with my complexion, good coverage(!), oil control(!) and even out skin tone!

Not long after, Ettusais launch the whitening version – BB Mineral WhiteAn all-in-one makeup base, concealer and foundation in cream form that gives coverage and brightens skin by 120%!


Made up of 63% skincare ingredients, this BB cream conceals and corrects skin imperfections. Skin is illuminated by 120% with its Pure-white Brightening Powder, adding a glow and radiance to your complexion! Protects skin from harmful sun rays with high SPF 45 PA ++. 


IMO, this is too fair for me. I don’t know if it is suppose to be like this or I bought the wrong color (too light)~ Either one, I still prefer the BB Mineral Cream (pink tube) than this BB Mineral White (white tube). Anyway, I saw on Instagram that Ettusais is gona launch a new bb cream soon has launch another new bb cream.. gel type! Definitely looking forward to to using that soon…!! *excited*

BB Mineral Cream – S$38.00 for 40g

BB Mineral White – S$40.00 for 40g

Next BB cream is one great thing for girls who wana cover pores!

Dr.G Perfect Pore Cover BB Cream SPF30 PA++. This BB Cream cover pores and acne scars without skin irritation.

It contain:

  • Lime tree water and Cabbage extracts that are excellent in sebum control.
  • Sebucontrol – 5 controls excessive sebum and enlarged pores. 
  • Rose hip oil and Lemon balm extracts moisturizes and nourishes skin.
  • 5-free (Alcohol-free, Mineral oil-free, GMO-free, Benzophenone-free, Tar colorant-free).
  • SPF 35 PA++


I thought it was pretty greyish at first but as I apply I think it kinda neutralized and blends with my complexion. On pigmented area, you just need an extra touch to cover them and you’re good! Coverage is good in this case (with that extra touch)..


Although the pics I am showing you in this post are mainly a half face application but you can always use your hand to cover the other half that you don’t want to see!!! hahahaha.. Like that, you will be able to visualize the effect better.


Perfect Pore Cover is what this BB Cream is named. So it should cover pores right? Do you think it did its job?? Me? I think it did a great job! My complexion looks smoother eh! flawless?? O_O hahaha.. ($$$: S$29 for 45ml)

Next in line that caught me by surprise is Touch in SOL Pure Dew Water Drop BB Cream!! This BB cream is safe to use on sensitive and trouble skin with SKIN FILM SYSTEM for the excellent calming skin! Not only that, it’s long lasting from sweat and water for all day long.

Water radiance textures, bright color and excellent coverage for skin flaw but also features gorgeous skin radiance through water holding system. Sun protection? Of course!! This bb cream comes with SPF 36!!


The texture of this bb cream is sooo.. watery yet not runny. creamy yet not sticky!! Very lightweight BB cream..


You can really feel the moisturizing agent on your skin and it looks very natural too!


Man.. Although BB cream are getting “outdated” but I’m still loving them so much!! Recently I redeemed Dr.Jart+ Dis-A-Pore BB cream on SampleStore and I thought it might just be another so-so product..


Ya, you can tell I ain’t prepared to showcase this right!? It perform better than expected and I thought I should make a note!


Well, the coverage isn’t very good but it can cover pores better than regular bb. oh wait! that’s not the reason i’m attracted to it! I like it because after a day at work, my bb cream is still covering my pores and looking fresh! If you’re keen to cover some pores, quickly head to SampleStore now to redeem the sample sachet before it goes out of stock!! Retail price is about S$44 (40ml) and available for your purchase at SaSa and Guardian if I’m not wrong..

So far these are the few BB creams that I’m pretty satisfied with.. I will be updating this post periodically when I find a good BB/CC cream to share!!

So stay tune!!

Laneige Pore Control Collection!!


How long have we not “met” ?? TWO WEEKS (more than that I believe)!! I have not been very active for two weeks!! Why? Because I’ve been busy with my new role in a new company and still trying to adapt to the new culture. (O_o) Fast pace company is no joke man!

Why again (am I here today)? Because I’ve bought something really interesting online and I think very soon (or already) it will be available in Singapore!! It has got me so excited that I decided to do a post for it! Trust me, you will be excited about it tooo~!! S much talking and I haven’t tell you what is it ya??


It’s this – Pore Control BB Cushion + Brush Pact!! Wow wow wow!! Finally something (makeup) for pore control from Laneige!

BB PC_01

If you are aware, BB Cushion isnt any new product line from Laneige. They have previously launched Snow BB Soothing Cushion then they improved it to BB Cushion and now, BB Cushion Pore Control!!  \ ( ^ _ ^ ) /

BB PC_04

BB Cushion Pore Control has a light blue cover casing, other than that, outer appearance is almost the same! Their tailor-made puff & refills are available too!!

20140526-153125-55885784.jpg 20140526-153126-55886111.jpg

I did a little comparison between the two (BB Cushion & BB Cushion Pore Control). Basically, nothing much have change.

BB PC_02

Both type still provides:

  • Sun protection of SPF50 PA+++
  • Water resistance
  • Soothing effect

The difference?

BB Cushion BB Cushion Pore Control
Brightening Pore Control
Moisturizing Pore Coverage
Natural & Clean Coverage Semi-Matte Finish

Wonder if they will have a color tone for you?? Of course they have!! See~~!!

BB PC_03

5 color tone to choose from! No matter fair or tanned, confirm got one color suitable for u! FYI, I’m currently using #21 as that’s the darkest tone available by one of the seller on Qoo10.. it look a lil fair initially (prolly like over brighten yet not to the extend like you seen a ghost) but as it oxidize, it looks quite blend with my tone..

A lil test to see the color tone? Alright, here.. My hand has got all this “lil freckles” and I must admit, its coverage power is AWESOME!!


See the right pic, now u know why i say it’s too fair for me? Hahaha! Aren’t u amazed with its coverage (I give it 4 star so that there will be room for improvement!!)!? Just gently pat and the coverage is so amazing already! The normal BB Cushion, you might have to tap a lil more on pigmented area to give it an extra coverage..

Next, something that is not available in Singapore yet, I guess! The Brush Pact!


(image from Qoo10 seller whom I purchase my brush pact from)

It comes in 3 “color”.. (#1) Natural Finishing, (#2) Pore Blur & (#3) Pink Beam. I bought the Pore Blur hoping it will cover my large pores..

20140526-153126-55886437.jpg 20140526-153126-55886659.jpg

The brush is very soft!! I like it.. You don’t ned a lot of powder to cover your pores. Just gently brush them across and you’re good!


Below is another image where I put on the products on my hand..


Now you can see, what it means by semi-matte ya? Comparing both pic, the one on the left is “glossier” (with BB Cushion Pore Control only) whereas the one on the right is matte (with BB Cushion Pore Control + Brush Pact).

Not only matte, my skin color has been a tone darker now.. No more ghostly white face with beige neck before leaving home! LOL~

Now if you’re interested in this product, check out Pretty Shop! I purchased both items from them! Fast delivery and some sample sachets as free gift for buyer!

La Roche-Posay

How’s weekend everybody!?? Mine was crap! I got stung by a “I-don’t-know-what” insect.. Though swell has reduced but the wound is still in pain.. T_T I hope I don’t die just like that…!

Anyway, today I’m gonna share with you something.. This time it’s not anything from Korea, nor Japan, nor Taiwan! It’s from *drumroll*


Any guess on the brand!??


Ta-daaa!!!! It’s La Roche-Posay!

Verdict? I think the BB Cream is awesome! The Aqua Fresh Gel? Nah, not for me..

Read on to find out more/why…


Long range UVA rays account for more than 75% of UVA rays. They reach the heart of dermis all-year long, even in cloudy weather, in the city or through windows, and trigger global damage to the skin quality. With new filter Uvinul A+, the La Roche-Posay Uvidea Aqua Fresh Gel offers superior protection on the whole UVA spectrum including long UVA, in a water-concentrated gel texture that is suitable for normal to oily skin types.

The Impact of Long Range UVA Rays

Since long UVA has the largest wavelength, it goes even deeper into the skin, up to a 3-level damage.

  • Color Impact: It generates photo-oxidative stress which increases greying, causing dullness, uneven complexion and brown spots etc.
  • Structural Impact: It generates cytotoixicity for fibroblasts which erodes the dermis and affects the skin surface quality. This is turn causes fine lines and visible pores to appear.
  • Functional Impact: It generates dermal modifications that lower the immune defenses and overtime leads to increases sensitivity.

Is this making you bored?? Well, in short, Aqua Fresh Gel has superior daily sun protection in a fresh water-break concentrated gel texture. For a long-lasting pure skin sensation and prevents hyperpigmentation, complexion greying & UV aging. Protect Against UVA for 18 Times longer. Tested on Asian sensitive skin.

Read on to find out how I feel about this..



20140326-233706.jpg 20140326-233712.jpg


I was a bit shock that this “gel” is white.. It doesn’t looks like gel neither feels like one. Btw, one pump gives me this much of gel.. It’s not like I pump and pump and pump… LOL!

20140326-233718.jpg 20140326-233724.jpg


It’s lightweight.. It leaves a lil oily texture (for me) but not to the extend like you just dipped your face into a bowl of oil! I believe it’s becuase it can be use as a makeup base hence it has this “oily” factor.. (just my wild guess)..



Hmm.. overall, this is not my kinda moisturizer I will want to use daily. It’s too rich for me I suppose.. I have out-breaks after using this moisturizer.. T_T

BUT the next item is amazing!! The Melt-In BB Cream~



Highest UVA Protection in a unique melt-in BB Cream. Feather light daily moisturising and correcting BB texture. The BB Cream texture intensely hydrates skin while covering blemishes, fine lines and brown spots. Developed for Asian Skin, its shade instantly melts in skin natural tones for unified complexion and healthy looking skin, without oily finish. Long lasting wear. Excellent Make Up base. Fragrance free and paraben free.


To reach the ideal tone, the texture contains white, black and grey pigments. Melt together, they correct naturally the skin tone while allowing the skin to breathe thanks to a fresh and light texture. Specifically developed for Asian skin, its light and luminous shade instantly melts in skin natural tone for unified complexion and healthy looking skin, without oily finish.


Results? Skin is hydrated during 24h* and protected from UV-aging. Immediately, blemishes, fines lines and brown spots visibly fade out. Complexion is long-lastingly unified for a fairer, healthier and more radiant skin. In which I totally agree! Read on to see “live” pictures (non-edited)!


20140326-233747.jpg 20140326-233755.jpg


This is not those creamy type of BB cream that makes you feel that you are putting on makeup!

20140326-233759.jpg 20140326-233803.jpg


It’s really light weight and blends well with Asian skin! Your skin looks better without feeling like you have put on one thousand and one shield! Best part, it covers my blemishes well! See below image!


Not only spots are covered, it gives a radiant glow too! This is definitely gonna stay in my makeup pouch!

That’s not all!!!!! If you like to try this BB Cream, do participate in La Roche-Posay UVIDEA XL BB Cream Instagram Contest by posting Before and After photos of using La Roche-Posay UVIDEA XL BB Cream accompanied with hashtags #LaRochePosay #UVIDEAXL #BBCream to win a La Roche-Posay hamper worth $100 (5 lucky winners)!!!! Winners to be announced on 31st Mar 2014 on Sample Store’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Can’t wait? Redeem a free La Roche-Posay UVIDEA XL BB Cream sample on at this link HERE and La Roche-Posay UVIDEA Aqua Fresh Gel sample HERE!!

Don’t forget to give a ‘LIKE’ to La Roche-Posay Sg Facebook page so that you can received their latest update!

Love these product? Grab them at Guardian, Watsons, National Skin Center & Hospital Pharmacies for:

  • La Roche-Posay UVIDEA XL BB Cream – $49.90/30ml
  • La Roche-Posay UVIDEA Aqua Fresh Gel – $38.90/30ml


**The above blog review is proudly sponsored by:

The Sample Store | La Roche-Posay

LBBB A New Beginnning

This is a SUPER LATE post!!! I kept it in my draft and happily forgot about it until now!! Goshhh….

Now here’s my January Little Black Beauty Box! I’m actually not that excited already when I opened up the box. I think this is not the first time they throw in perfume samples to fill the box (at least that’s what I feel – using perfume sample to fill the box)..


Okay, let’s start with Shiseido first.. We have a couple of samples from Shiseido..20140117-182921.jpg

The White Lucent Power Brightening Mask. An original brightening mask inspired by iontophoresis, a beauty treatment that saturates skin with a generous amount of brightening ingredients. Through the power of Ion Force Technology, the brightening ingredients are absorbed deep within the skin for highly effective results. Remove the mask and see your skin refreshed, bright and even toned.

The unique shape of our mask is the result of a long and meticulous design process that led to its simple and effective form. Made with highly elastic new materials, it fits any face perfectly, allowing the formula to reach deeply into every part of the skin.

I had used this mask and erm.. the brightening effect.. I guess I need more to see the effect.. LOL..


White Lucent Total Brightening Serum. The ultimate brightening solution for even-toned skin with perfect radiance. A brightening serum that combines Shiseido’s advanced brightening technologies to achieve ultimately bright skin. Shiseido’s exclusive new complex, ProBright 4MRtm, has been developed based on the latest research for a superior combined effect* of overall brightening, and flawless, perfectly radiant skin.
The light, dewy texture absorbs quickly from the skin surface to deep within.

It refines the skin surface for a lustrous look. Provides generous moisture, for optimum clarity. Prevents and diminishes visible dark spots, for spotless skin.

Next up, Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion!


Laneige has always been one of my favourite brands! Not only their skincare range is hydrating enough.. I like their packaging too!

This is not my first time using Snow BB Soothing Cushion (You can check my my previous post HERE). In fact I have a full size one in my makeup pouch!


Something from Kose. It’s the Sun Protect Gel, in short, sunblock.

This gel block out UV rays and lock in moisture with SEKKISEI Sun Protect Gel’s new “ultrathin cohesive veil” formula.

  • Sun protect gel made with oriental plant extracts that creates smooth and translucent skin by preventing spots and freckles caused by sunburn.
  • Thin and soft “ultrathin cohesive veil” locks moisture inside of skin for long hours, while protecting it from UV rays.
  • SPF50/PA+++ thoroughly blocks UV-A which causes damage to plumpness of skin, and UV-B which causes sunburn.
  • Can be used as makeup base. Tones skin, and enhances and supports application and lasting effect of foundation.



I don’t know how comfortable this will be but that’s what written on it. Nuse Ultra Comfortable Face Cream. This nourishing cream with its delicious, creamy texture, replenishes, soothes, repairs and protects the skin from external aggression. A delicious treat for pampered skin all day long.

The skin is intensely nourished (91%*) and its comfort is restored (86%*). Sensations of discomfort and tightness are reduced (91%*).
*Use test carried out under dermatological supervision over 28 days of application on 21 volunteers  % of volunteers who agreed with the claim.

Next are all about perfume whereby I will just skipped them.




Ok, this is something new to me. Or rather it’s my first time using this brand. Holika Holika.20140117-183053.jpg

This is a pot of eye shadow. It will tightly attached on skin and maintains clear makeup all day. It also creates light and clear shimmering with brush.

How to use?? Apply a proper amount with brush or with your finger tips.


It comes with a safety seal so that the powder will not “leak”.


If you have notice, It doesn’t comes in a powdery form but instead they are like little balls.




Looks not bad on hand ya!?? Let’s see how it look on my eye…20140117-183217.jpg

hmm .. pretty light.20140117-183227.jpg

*dapped more*

Still look light…


NOW, this is too much! LOL… I did this on purpose just to show you that you have to blend well if you are using ur fingers. If not the chunks of ball will just be unevenly spread out.


And yup, this is the amount of perfume samples I have in my drawers… ! LOL! I should be able to finish them before they turn yollow… =X


Vanity Trove X Cosmopolitan!

Been hearing all the hoo-ha about VanityTrove Cosmopolitan Beauty Authority & finally I can get my hands on it!!! HURRAAYYYY!!


See the amount of goodies!! We have hair care, skin care, hair styling & makeup products..! Wow.. I can’t wait to show you everything!


So here’s Goldwell Style Sign Full Rebel! Erm, I’m not really into this althought it promise good holding power! Why? Because it’s too sticky!! So much more heavier then whipped cream! As sticky as a glue! & it feels as if my hair is gona stick together (like tangle up).. Eeew… I prefer the curling cream iSalon recommended much much more!

IMG_6880This is the curling cream Susan recommend to me when i did my perm at iSalon! I ain’t that interested initially because I thought it works like a hair moose giving my hair a wet look throughout the day or a hair wax where the holding power is a nay.

However, to my surprise, it has amazing styling power! Why did I not use the word “holding” power? because it doesn’t HOLD your curl! You do not need to stand in front of the mirror and start grabbing/scrunching your hair! All you need to do is twirl your hair with this cream when it is almost dry then let your hair be.. You will get beautiful natural curls after that!! NO NEED MIRROR! I SOMPA (I swear)~! Best part about it is, it’s not expensive! S$19 for a bottle like this and each time all I use is just 2 pumps!

Erm…. have I drifted too far?? OKAY! Back to my trove!


Here’s the next product, The Face Shop Baby Face Wash Off Mask Pore Care Pack!

It’s a wash-off type pore pack that cleanses inside the pores using hot spring mud from New Zealand! Gently massage onto skin and wash off!


  • New Zealand Rotorua Mud – Discharges wastes, astringent effects, anti- bacterial effects
  • Sebum controlling powder
  • Lecithin – Provides skin with moisture


This is not something new.. I had got this in one of my trove..You can read more infor from HERE..

Cleansing Gel for Oily-Combination Skin: 96% natural ingredients

Purifying Tonic Lotion for Oily/Combination Skin: 98% natural ingredients

  • Natural cleansing agents remove dirt and excess oil without drying the skin
  • Propolis offers mild antiseptic and antioxidant action
  • Citrus tones and refreshes skin while juniper essential oil offers rejuvenation
  • Lemon and tea tree essential oils regulate oil secretion and offer a matte look

Exclusive innovation: APIVITA replaces water in the facecleansing range with green tea infusion to enhance the antioxidant action of the products.

Excludes synthetic ingredients that may pose harmful effects to your health and the environment. Free of SLES, SLS, Mineral Oil, Parabens, Silicones and Propylene Glycol.

How to use: Gently massage daily onto damp face and neck. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.


3 in 1 Cleansing Milk for Face & Eyes: 99% natural ingredients

  • Gently removes dirt and make-up from the face & eyes with almond and olive oils without drying the skin
  • Honey moisturizes and nourishes skin, chamomile and lavender soothe the skin and protect from irritations
  • Propolis offers mild antiseptic and antioxidant action
  • Ideal for all skin types

Exclusive innovation: APIVITA replaces water in the facecleansing range with green tea infusion to enhance the antioxidant action of the products.

Excludes synthetic ingredients that may pose harmful effects to your health and the environment. Free of: Mineral Oil, Silicone and Propylene Glycol.

How to use: Apply with gentle movements all over the face, eyes and neck. Wipe-off with a cotton pad without rinsing.


OK.. I’m so excited to see this, Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion! A new-concept cushion-type BB with five active ingredients for Whitening + Sunscreen + Sweat-proof + Soothing + Makeup contained in the cushion to maximize the refreshing and soothing sensation. Every time you touch it, the air pump in the cushion contains air bubbles for thin and skin-friendly makeup. Also, it is provided in two separate containers to preserve the active ingredients and their functionality. The formulas can be used fresh and safely from start to finish.


SPF50 PA+++ is really tempting to me!! It always gives me a dewy and natural skin look. It “lightens” my freckles when I dap this bb cream on them (dap for better coverage)! On other area, I just apply per normal, swipe them all over and I’m done. Dewy, checked! Coverage checked!


Sheet mask from b.liv by cellnique! I tried the Bright is Right mask and thought is good but not enough for me to come back again..


But if you’re interested, you can always visit their website and check out their other mask/products!


DEEP CLEANSING OIL from ZA!! Just nice I need a makeup remover!

This little one can perfectly removes stubborn makeup, pore impurities and clogged sebum. Leaves the skin feeling moist and silky smooth, never sticky. Well that’s what it says.. Let me try and update you guys again SOON!


Belif Oil Control Moisturizer Fresh! I’m currently using Belif products, they are great to start but after some time i realize the effect is no longer that effective. Is it because my skin got used to it? I still remember how it hydrates my skin when I first try them out! So ladies, you can consider this if you need hydrating products!

Ok, next product is a nightmare! Read on to find out more..


Dove Hair Therapy hair fall rescue serum! This serum instantly reduces friction and makes your hair less prone to fall. Within six weeks of use it makes hair measurably fuller.

Directions to use the Dove Hair Fall Rescue Serum:

1. After shampooing, place 4 to 5 drops of the hair fall rescue serum on your palm and apply it throughout your hair.
2. You need not wash your hair after applying a hair serum as it is free of any harmful chemical.



Now you see why it caused a mess? It leaked!! EEEWWW~~ My trove smells so nice but SO OILY!! hahahahaa!!! I gotta clean and clean and clean in order to take a cleaner picture! LOL! But was touched that Vanity Trove actually offer to send me a replacement after I informed them about the leakage! I only wanted to inform them so that they can be more careful next time (2nd time i rec’d a leaked product). I didn’t thought of demanding for a replacement because it just didn’t came into my mind but they offered so i accepted. HAHAHA!! Pro-active customer service is what keeps a customer coming back. *thumbs up* Thanks for the replacement VT, I had rec’d them..

Overall, I’m still satisfied with my VanityTrove Cosmopolitan Beauty Authority Trove! If I can get Majolica Majorca Lash Expanding Edge Meister and/or Shiseido Professional The Hair Care Aqua Intensive Mask, I will be even happier!! HAHAHAHA!! Can’t get too greedy huh???

Bellabox Giftbox!


Straight to the point! See… You like my giftbox too?? Received this complimentary gift box (worth S$125) from Bellabox because I’m subscribed to them (again)! See… below was (part of) the email I received… Subscribe now (then) and receive a free $125 gift box!! Why not! It’s like paying $19.95 for 2 box! Capture

Soooo, first thing that attracted me to get this gift box is because of this….!


Anna Sui 870!! A bright cheery yellow! Opaque yellow! Vivid yellow!


Broad brush is another thing I like about it!



Index finger: 2 coat

Middle finger: 1 coat

If you like this yellow, you can check out from HERE to see which is your nearest outlet to grab one!


Well, that’s not the only thing that caught my attention! Another reason why I chose this gift box is because… it has twistband!!

Twistbands are really useful, pretty and most importantly.. cause no dents/damage/crease to your hair!!!


These are the 3 colors I received. basic black and white and a sweet pink that comes with a bling bling!


Next, shampoo & conditioner. I assume I don’t have to introduce this again.. I had received them so many time and i’ll sound like an old lady if I intro them again (like a spoil radio that keeps on repeating!)

Summary, it’s the scent that will keep me wanting to use it.. 😉


VEET! Hair removal cream… erm, not very useful for me as i don’t really have much hair to remove and if I really need to, I usually go to the experts.. LOL! Pampered me~


I had this from one of my beauty box! It looks/sounds really good but i have not used it yet because the thot of having to wash away the mask makes me lazy~ hahaha

You can read up my previous post HERE for more details about this mask pack! C’mon, don be lazy.. (LOL!!)


Next next… something from Adonis.. I never expect to see Adonis product in my trove..

Herbal Peel Gel – Mild exfoliator

Using a variety of Herbs and seven types of natural eco-friendly ingredients, this mask delivers serious brightening, glowing results. The dead skin on the surface of your face accumulates over time, causing a dull, gray complexion. Only with exfoliation can you remove this skin to reveal the soft, new skin underneath, revealing its natural lightness.

Herbal Peel Gel exfoliates gently and expertly, providing a bright skin tone, replenishing your youthful complexion and removing unsightly dead skin.

How to use? Apply a thin, comprehensive layer of the mask on your face, avoiding eye area. Leave on initially for one minute, then spread and massage it into your skin in circular motions. Rinse off with clear water and apply moisturiser and SPF right after.

Dermatox – Anti-toxin

Dermatox provides intensive purification for congested pores. Over time dirt, oil and dead skin can clog pores leading to breakouts, blemishes, even scarring. Prevent and treat your blemishes with Dermatox.

This amazing product will let you know in two ways that it’s properly working: The first is by releasing a strong smell indicating the level of toxicity in your pores that’s being released. With regular use, the smell lessens, proving that there is less toxicity. The second way you’ll know it’s working is by the compliments you’ll receive on your improved, radiant, clear complexion.

How to use? Spray Dermatox onto cleansed skin. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse with cleanser. For best results, rinse with Adonis Cleanser.


Justin Bieber roll-on Eau de Toilette .. I’m not a Bieber fans… but this lil nothing smell ok to me!


It’s pretty convenient to bring around! Just one thing about it.. The scent ain’t that lasting as compared to my other perfume.. and the roller isn’t very smooth. Not much perfume “rolled” out when I apply it.. 😦


Ok, now for something that I like again… Dr.Ci:Labo! Again, I’m gonna do it the lazy way! hahaha… click HERE to view more details about it!


Last but not least… A very powerful sunblock!! SPF70!! Hell madness! hahahah! Armada Sport 70 is by VMV Hypoallergenics!

If you spend lots of time outdoors, and want a very lightweight, high performance cream, this sunblock is for you! Extreme protection for extreme outdoor conditions. It’s ultra lightweight and very water resistant.

Impressive PFAs are combined with SPFs as high as 70-90 to effectively screen out UVA and UVB rays for active protection against sun-induced skin cancer, photoaging and hyperpigmentation.

Defensive-line formula creates a unique “barrier-film,” an invisible virtual “second skin,” that stays on skin’s surface to maintain protection integrity in and out of water, and while exposed to harsh sun and heat. Soft, skin-coating silicones give this barrier-film an exceptionally smooth glide and keep it light, so skin stays comfortable.

To Use:

Shake well before use. Apply liberally on face and body skin, carefully avoiding membranous areas of eyes and nostrils. For best results, apply 30 to 60 minutes prior to sun exposure, especially before highly active sports. When outdoors, reapply at least every 1 to 2 hours, after swimming or sweating and after towel drying.

Well, that’s all for my gift box! It’s a quick post because most of the item here are either repeated products or I haven’t use thus not much to share.. All I can say now is… Stay tune for the next box.. I think it’s coming in 2 weeks time…. 😀

Pardon any error/typo you see here.. I’m too tired to proofread yet wana quickly share this with you! Shall make amendments again!