Travelogue: Indonesia Bali (Day 1)

Yay!! Returned to BALI after 1 year to celebrate #DALOVEKNOT anniversary!

This is a love and hate post! I will tell you why later. For now let’s stay focus on the happy event first!! Woohoooo! VACATIONN!!

Just by the look of the above teaser, did it made you wanna go Bali already?

This is my first trip with SQ using my miles redemption! I’m totally elated to hear my waitlist flight got confirmed!

But a lil disappointed no crew realized I was traveling on my birthday – exact day I’m saying! You can tell me about how many XXX number of guest SQ received everyday, how will they noticed or check every guest details.. what am I to them? But.. ain’t excellence service make them different from other airlines? Or maybe it was because I didn’t “pay” for my ticket so I should even be happy I wasn’t being ask to leave the plane due to full flight – not sure if it was even overbooked!

Perhaps I expect too much outta SQ. See too highly of them. -__-

Brought a book along this time round and was hoping to kill time, but time killed me instead! I was fully occupied the whole time – TV, selfies, small talks, meals & still hoping someone would pop by and say “Happy Birthday Ms Eng”.. BUT BO LEH~!!


In-flight meal is definitely not always the best meal but it’s never fails to get me excited!

Very soon 2 hours swift past and here we are in the tropical land Bali!

Upon arrival, our villa airport pick up driver was already at the arrival hall waiting. It took so long for our baggage to arrive – more than 30 mins and we thought he probably had left without us!!

The journey from airport to our villa in Seminyak was a mere 30 mins drive (or 40 mins, depends on traffic condition). If you recall in my previous trip, we stayed in Seminyak area too. In fact, this villa location is just along the same street.

DID I EVEN TELL YOU WHERE I’M GONNA STAY?? (my goodness if i haven’t!!)

We had booked ourselves a one bedroom villa in Ziva A Boutique Villa!! We booked via Agoda through Shopback! Never missed the chance to earn rebate!! But you know luck doesn’t always stand on the same side with you! When I tried to book on Agoda, the first night wasn’t available! But i really love this villa and decided still go ahead with whatever available then emailed to villa directly to check!!

Luck came back! Ziva crew was able to arrange a villa for me and combined my Agoda booking with their booking! Vacation saved!!

Ziva only has 10 unit in total – 9 x one bedroom and 1 x three bedroom! I had put in a request for the nearest room to the main recept so that we do not need to walk too far inside and risk lizard dropping dropping on my head! I can’t imagine walking this corridor at night (eek!!)

Without further ado, let me open the door to my vacationnnnn!!!

Just standing outside, i can already hear the birds singing, the tree dancing and the water calling!!!

Now walking into our room, we thought it will be a lil warm inside since it’s a bright sunny day shinning through the full glass room! It turns out, cooler than expected!!

& Ziva was so sweet sia!! still got honeymoon deco and a stalk of roses (I assume it’s for me and not my mister!)

They even got flower bath ready for us! Sweet max – so sweet until I forgot to take a picture of the toilet!! LOL!!

After settling down, we head out to grab our lunch it was almost 4pm by the time we reach Ziva and settle down! Hungry is the only thing in my mind!

We wanted to go Ultimo but it was close for break and only re-open at 430pm. I was so hungry i can’t wait for another 5 mins so we went a lil further down and walked in Char Char!

Regulars in Bali definitely knows to find Char Char! Even first time, Char Char is so hard to miss! The steps alfresco sitting was like their distinctive icon!

We parked ourselves comfortably there and ordered our lunch!

Fruity Coconut drink is super refreshing on such summer days! Quench your thirst, keep you cool!

We ordered Happy Hour Oyster too. Was cheap but not as yummy as what we had in Melbourne! You can skip this IMO.

Sorry for the weird angle, like i said, i was tooo hungry already!

We ordered a prawn aglio olio and a beef steak. Portion was generous but taste wise, I still prefer Ultimo’s pasta. However, the steak was good! we only ordered 100g and we were laughing at ourselves for being a silly customer! 100g and we want it medium rare! The chef must have thought we’re crazy, 100g how to cook M.R.? It turns out, the steak was really medium rare and absolutely tender and juicy!

After lunch, we went supermarket for a quick shopping and head back for a dip as the sun is almost down!!

The best time to swim is probably between 5-7pm, no sun yet still bright! I believe Ziva does have floaties for guest to rent but since we had one, why rent?? Bought my pizza floatie from Taobao and this is probably one of my many best & happiest buy!

In the evening, the villa still very pretty and looks even more romantic with all the warm/orange lights!!

But of course, as the night turned dark, my guts became smaller! (LOL!!!) I had to ask my handsome hubby to make tea for me because I don’t want to startled myself when i see lizard or even hear one!!

Then suddenly(!!), the door bell rang!! It was the crew giving us a pleasant surprise!!

A birthday cake & a heart-shaped anniversary cake!! Wahh.. scored full marks liao!! Briefly mentioned before that I would like to spend my birthday and anniversary in their villa (because i couldn’t get a room on the first night and had to write to them, remember?) and here we had 2 cakes to celebrate!!!

Really, when you expect nothing, you will truely be surprised when there’s one! Thanks Ziva!!

Ended a day with high sugar and I know I will definitely gonna have sweet dream!

Stay tune for Day 2!!



Back to Qoo10 again because of Secret Key!

It has been ages since I last logged in to Qoo10. My status has dropped from VIP (is there even a VVIP?) to GREEN! LOL! Being a Green is tough! You don’t have much coupon to offset your purchases and the roulette now only allows you to spin 3 times a day!

Can’t maximize the best I’ve got! Nonetheless, I’ll be sharing a few pocket friendly products with you today! Secret Key. They have skincare, cosmetic and makeup tools! I’m not new to SK but was only using their eyeliner previously. Heard so much review about their Treatment essence hence decided to check it out


7 Miracles on your skin! Exfoliation, smooth skin texture, nutrition, elasticity, soothing moisturizing, even skin tone!

5 Free system! Free from Paraben, animal oil, coloring, mineral oil, benzophenone!

Suitable for user who:

  • wants various skin improvement effects with a single product.
  • wants a mist with various effects which is easy to carry around
  • wants a clean & transparent skin tone
  • has sensitive skin & wants hypoallergenic product

Best use as a step before your essence!

WHAT I THINK? It definitely doesn’t have the most pleasant scent but it is at least refreshing. But again, which mist isn’t refreshing?? For the price you paid (S$8.90), i think this is good enough! Hydrating and convenient!


Suitable for user who:

  • wants soft exfoliation.
  • wants smoother & hydrating skin
  • wants to brighten skin tone
  • has sensitive skin & wants hypoallergenic peeling product


It’s really light weight and smells better than the mist! I actually don’t mind using this every night!


I have not use this yet! But this is the legendary “miracle water” inspired by! How true? I don’t know but I thought it was really cost effective enough to give it a try! Even if it didn’t turn out well, at least can still use it for my hands and legs!!

If you’re interested to get your hands on any of above products, check out below link from Qoo10:


[$9.50][Secret Key]【Secret Key HQ】◈STATRING TREATMENT LINE 30% OFF◈Galactomyces Essence/Eye cream/Cream/Sleeping Pac


Travelogue: Indonesia Bintan (Day 2 & 3)

I’m never gonna get tired of looking at the above picture i think! LOL! Who doesn’t love vacation!

Waking up to day 2, I took a morning swim the moment i woke up, before sun is fully up and before breakfast even starts,

After a good 30 mins swim, we took a morning stroll to the restaurant for our breakfast. If you’re feeling lazy, feel free to press “0” and get a buggy to pick you up!

I wouldn’t say they serve the best breakfast but at least, it wasn’t so bad that it’s inedible. Pulut Hitam, Mee Soto, Nasi Goreng, Siewmai, Cold cuts, Salad, Juices, etc..

We chose an alfresco seating since the sun wasn’t that glaring (yet) and the view was somewhat romantic!

To make our anniversary trip even more romantic, we took a long walk along the beach while it’s low tide (no guard btw, walk at your own risk!)

Standing at a spot where I know when the tide suddenly rush in, I have time to run up the shore with my pair of short legs!!!! LOL!!!

When the sun is up….. we walked back to our room. Too hot, I will melt! But before i melt, the ice cream mustn’t melt! Woohooo!! Oh in case you finished your snacks, fret not! There’s a minimart (real mini) here where you can get snacks, cup noodle, ice cream, cold drinks, simple medication, sunblock, bikinis, etc…!

Yup, here’s me and my rainbow ice-cream!!!

& since it was really really near my birthday, my mister ordered a steak to share (in-room dining) as my BIRTHDAY TREAT!

In-room dining so far was good. Food was up to my expectation and price was still affordable! In the end, we only finish our snacks but not the cup noodles!

After dinner, we went back to the beach for another evening stroll.. It was windy and quiet.. We had the beach all to ourselves and thankfully, we didn’t fed much mozzie!

Back to the villa, in case, you’re keen to know how dark is the room at night, it’s actually still decently lit up!

The pool still looks so good to take a night swim!! However, do note that it gets quieter at night hence if you’re at the outdoor area, do speak softer, your neighbor might just hear what your conversation is (at least we heard our neighbor’s conversation for the few hours before they went to bed)!

Before you knew it…

It’s time to check out… 😦

Sad but still looking forward because i can have my favourite HOTDOG BUN from BRF!!!!

This marks the end of my 3D2N getaway and I’m totally glad I came! This is definitely a more cost effective resort than Montigo (at least for now)!

If you haven’t read my day 1 post, check it out HERE!

REMARK: Family travelling with children, the villa offers floaties and activities too! However, IMO, it’s not cheap eh! Let me share the price with you after i found the leaflet which i took!

Travelogue: Indonesia Bintan (Day 1)

When you worked hard (I mean extra hard) for a period of time, what reward you most is TAKING A BREAK!

This trip is so relaxing you basically do nothing plans nothing and think only about summer!


Came across this accommodation while doing agoda e-window-shopping and Facebook captured my search result then recommended me this place! Did a lil more homework by going through tripadvisor and other travel blog.. I must say this place sure have not been explore much by locals (or perhaps they just didn’t share much!)

If you are reading this blog, let me tell you, you’re in luck! You will not regret reading this and may even start booking this accommodation (but dun expect 6 stars reviews)!

I booked my accommodation on Agoda (via SHOPBACK – earn up to 6% cash back!) The rate I managed to book for a one bedroom villa was about SGD608.00 – 2 nights stay (inclusive of taxes) with land transfer, breakfast and wifi!

Ferry ticket was by Bintan Resort Ferries. It cost about $67 per pax and I booked via Shopback>Easybook too! NOW ALERT: Not all deals found on shopback are best deal! you need to do a lil homework to compare the price. Apparently after I book my ticket, I then realized brf site was offering $1 hot deal ticket but it was too late to realize it! T__T boohooo!

ANYWAY… SOOOON it was time to depart!! Sorry, didn’t take much decent photos on departure.. Didn’t even took anything upon arrival at the villa reception!


The only photo of the common area I took was probably this alley to my villa!

Clean living room upon entry. Cooling aircon is the best in a country where it’s all-time-summer weather!

What’s waving at me upon entry is the BIG POOL!! you can see the pool from the living room already!

Almost fully equipped kitchen! We brought out microwaveable food, cup noodle, snacks and hosen canned fruits! Trying hard to minimize expenses!

Enough of the living room and kitchen (or pantry area), let’s head over to our bedroom!

Woohoooo! Honeymoon anniversary!!!! The staff here sure take note of casual comment (was just telling them we are going there for our anniversary and woohoooo! so much better than SQ – will share this in another post!!)

Toilet was “outdoor” but dun worry, no one’s gonna peek and it’s all sheltered!

Toilet comes with bathtub and separate rain shower! Super spacious toilet I think I can fit a king bed inside if without the fixture! Probably even bigger than my room!

(pssst, anti-lizard fans, my stay here was very safe, no lizard sound no sight of them too! PHEW!!)

So here’s the exterior of the our villa.. Everything you need was just within a few steps and totally comfortable stay!

Wasted no time, get changed and started to shoot a few insta-worthy pic before i get all messy and unglam!!!

After all the play and swim, we got a lil hungry and started heating up our microwaveable food.

We saved the best for last! In-villa dining! The price for room service food/beverage was still quite affordable but it’s not dirt cheap kind.

Beef burger and Fish & chips! Do try the fish and chips if you have the chance! I thought it was not bad and i love that they actually fried in small sizes!

Day 1 was pretty much about it.. Settling down and enjoying my afternoon under the sun (heat rash after that!! LOL) and not forgetting our FULL-FILLING dinner!!

Stay tune to catch Day 2!!!

DA BIG TUMMY #705 – ABC Soup

The easiest soup I ever prepare!! It’s a 3-steps recipe again: chop-boil-serve! (less than 3 steps as a matter of fact!!)

People has been telling me ABC Soup very easy to cook but I wasn’t really listening! How easy can easy be?? Indeed, after decided to give it try, turns out really easy and fuss-free!

Ingredient (prepared for 7 pax):

  1. 3 Potatoes
  2. 5 Carrots (mine was a small carrot but not mini)
  3. 2 Onions
  4. 1 Radish
  5. 2 Tomatoes (not seen in picture because i added them last)
  6. 500g Chicken/Pork
  7. 1 tsp Crushed White Pepper
  8.  Salt

Like I always mention, these ingredient are just a guide. You are free to change it to your liking! If you don’t like radish, skip it. If you like more carrot, by all means add more. Most video I check out online doesn’t have radish as one of their ingredient but because I like radish, I decided to add 1.

Now you’ve got your ingredient, go ahead and chop them them into pieces. What size? Up to you. If you like it big, chop it chunkier. If you like it bite size, chop them smaller.

NOTE: If you are preparing your ingredient in advance (ie: the night before), do remember to keep your chopped potatoes in a bowl of water. This can prevent potatoes from turning brown. I didn’t thus the brown potatoes. 

We also boiled the meat partially (70% cooked) prior to putting them in the soup pot so that the blood won’t “contaminate” it.

With all chopped ingredients, put them into a pot, fill it with water (1-15 liter, again, it’s up to you) put to boil. Once boiled, turn to low heat and keep it simmer for about an hour to two hours.

Just before serve, don forget to put in tomatoes, salt & crushed white pepper for flavoring, let it boil for another 5-10 mins!

Now you’re now ready to serve your homely ABC Soup!

In case you’re wondering, “isn’t that a fishball???” Yes, we added fishballs for the kids! If you’re wondering again, “isn’t that pork???” Yes, we added both chicken & pork in our soup! I want pork but one of the guest don fancy pork hence chicken for her. 😀

Cooking is all up to your creativity! As long as we don’t get food poisoning end of the day, everyone is your own masterchef!!

DA BIG TUMMY #704 – Blueberry Jam

After 2 post of heavy dinner, decided to prepare a quick and easy sweetie – Blueberry Jam!

This might be too sweet to eat on its own but it taste great with bread or toast!

What you need

  1. 500g of blueberries (frozen pack)
  2. 2 cups of sugar
  3. Half tsp of cinnamon powder
  4. Half lemon (its the juice that we need)
  5. 1 tsp corn starch

How to do it

1. Pour all blueberries and sugar into a pot.

2. Keep stirring until sugar melted. (I thought it was a bit dry initially & add about 1/4 cup water. It will be easier to stir. However, this is not necessary.)

3. Keep stirring. (LOL!!) Feel free to mashed the berries (until you achieve you desired texture/bits) while stirring.

4. About 10-15 mins of stirring, add cinnamon powder (this is optional if you’re not a cinnamon person)

5. Add lemon juice to enhance it & continue to stir for another 10 mins.

6. Add in cornstarch & continue stirring (you can also add water to corn starch first then mix well before adding into the jam. I believe it will incorporate into the pot of jam better)

7. Switch to low heat and let it simmer for another 10 mins or until the jam thickens!

8. Done!

TIPS: I added about 1 tbsp of gelatin powder in the jam because I wanted a gel like texture instead of saucy jam – partly also because my jam is too watery (remember I added water at the start?), cornstarch only thicken it but doesn’t solidify it.

Let it cool (luke warm) then transfer into a jar and refrigerate it!

Tadaaaaaa! I let my mom try it and surprisingly she said it was good! She is not a cinnamon person, so I guess the cinnamon ain’t that strong and blended quite well with the blueberries!

I shall try strawberry jam the next time and share a post with you if it’s successful!

#DALoveKnot – Chapter 11 (Actual Day – Evening Time)

With a wonderful and smooth morning agenda.. What can make a happy bride unhappy on her big day? We were pretty on time in the morning and had time to enjoy our lunch with no rush!

At about 130pm, Kelvin (our bridal car driver) sent us to Amara for check in! My advise for couples, load your gowns and personal belongings for the stay, in the bridal car/or whichever car that u’re taking to the hotel venue. This way, you will not need to wait for your team to bring you your stuff especially if you’re departing at a different time.

At Amara, no hiccups for our check-in but our deluxe room weren’t ready though. The ever-so-excited-me, head str8 up to bridal suite and started snapping pictures! How many time in a lifetime would you get a chance to stay in a “bridal suite”? LOL!

(okay, keep cool, it’s actually just executive suite!)

Rooms were nicely decorated and shortly after, the other deluxe room were ready.. My team bride didn’t took long to arrive as well.. So what did i do the whole time before the dinner? NOTHING.

I just took showered, washed my full of hairspray hair and enjoy the luxury of having my BFF blow dry my hair and waiting for my pre-dinner food served. In between these time, i even have time to drop by the ballroom to hang out with my friends who came early to help out with the reception deco!!

I joined the hotel briefing, had the chance to hang around until about 5:30pm my MUA called me to inform about her arrival. Evening makeup was pretty quick, about 1.5hrs and we’re done. By then it was about 7pm, just nice to linger around for cocktail reception and photo time!

Time pass VERY FAST during the cocktail recept!! A few shots here, a few shots there and standing at photobooth for shoot and suddenly it’s 8:15pm, time for march in!! Wow!! I don’t think i even had a chance to say Hi to all my guest!!


Before march-in, a few guest actually fed me with dragon breath meringue! I’m actually pretty touched that there are kind soul who bring food to me!!! T_T Ya, i still eat even though my gown was tight, my makeup was on. A hungry bride won’t be a happy bride! LOL..

Both the photobooth & dragon breath meringue was quite popular! Glad my guest tried and like it!

This video doesn’t exist

The banquet manager ushered the guest in and brief us on how to hold the dress while walk in and cue us etc etc.. Clear instructions (I LIKE!)!

First march in was pretty romantic..White gown, dry ice effect, slow music.. Second march in almost killed me! LOL!! I’ll tell you why in a while!

We gave a speech shortly our first march in. Wasn’t too long but felt like a decade up there. the spot light blinded me and getting a lil too hot (nervous la)! One of my team bride helped to prepared personalized bouquet for our moms and we present to them right after our speech. I heard my mom was pretty touched.

Didn’t get to eat much and it’s time to get change for 2nd march in! When we leave the ballroom to get change, the photobooth were taking the last few shots and close for the day! As for the dragon breath, i guess business was too good, he ended earlier! LOL..

We prepared party popper for 2nd march in and our lil newphew and niece volunteered to lead the walk (page boy/flower girl)! Aiyooo so touched! this was not planned. I think the hotel asked and they were okay to do it and there they are..

Look at the amount of party popper!! I guess i bought a lil too much! Even got hit on my head twice (still must act calm!)… LOL.

By then when we done… look at our guest’s food… HAHAHAHA!!!! I’m so sorry but i wasn’t expecting soooo much confetti! >_<

So what’s after second march in? Table shoots! I think we were really efficient! our team bride and team groom helped us a lot during the shoot thus we were able to end on time! we even have idling time for wefie!!

Who says wedding is stressful (for the bride)!? I thought we had FUN! LOL..


TIO SMOKE (dragon’s breath meringue) – (4/5)

1.5 hrs operation with supply of 300 cups @ SGD388.00

If you ask me, it’s expensive! However, looking at our guest enjoying the meringue, i think it’s pretty worth it! Minus 1 point because my Mr Chong didn’t get to eat 1! LOL…

I can’t comment much about their service as I wasn’t the one coordinating this! Special thanks to my sis! She found Tio Smoke and volunteered to sponsor on behalf on my dad who’s enjoying the wedding in heaven!

Facebook: Tio Smoke

FUNPICS SINGAPORE (photobooth) – (4.5/5)

2 hrs operation with unlimited supply of 4R photos with sleeves @ SGD550.00

This was one of the most cost effective vendor if you asked me – i signed up with another buddy and we got further discount on the above rate! They have ready templates for your photo borders or you can choose to customize! Aden was very patient with me while i’m trying to decide on the color and design! He understand what i was trying to explain when i just doodled the borders with PS app. Glad that it was a pleasant experience co-ordinating this!

FunPics have more than 140 props to play around, hi-speed printer and 2 facilitator onsite to assist you! I appreciate them even more as the facilitator were very proactive! All i need to do is stand there and smile and he will pass me the different props for the shoots! He basically manage my props!! LOL!!

FunPics Singapore
Mobile / Whatsapp: 9222-2235
Email: /
Facebook: FunPics Singapore

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! If you haven’t read about what happen in the day, click HERE!

#DALoveKnot – Chapter 10 (Actual Day – Day Time)

Today we celebrate our 1st Anniversary of #DALOVEKNOT! To share the joy, i decided to release my wedding review today!

Finally.. After months of preparation, the big day has come! With many helps we’ve got, I managed to be a very chillax bride with no overrun on my agenda! SMART PLANNING! *proud*

In this post, I’ll be sharing A LOT of stuff! ie: MUA, bridal car, PG/VG, banquet.. Bear with me because this is probably the one and only post I’m gonna do on MY WEDDING!!

Here goes..

I was suppose to be the excited one who cant get to sleep but seems like many others got more excited than me. At least I know my MOH only slept 1 hours.. Me? I slept for a good 5-6 hrs! HAHAHA! When you trust your team, you sleep well!

Around 3:30am, I woke up and got myself all prepared and ready! Even started to cook the bitter gourd for my team bride’s gate crash!! Before I could finish boiling the water, my MUA (Joann from Bridal Studio) arrived and soon I got chained up in my room for the makeup..


I think my PG/VG came early too? I don’t know, I was in my room, remember? All i heard is laughter and conversation in the living room until my PG/VG came peeping in my room to say hi! They were very prompt in their work, wasted no time and started shooting here and there. Btw, it was also the first time we met our VG, finger crossing hard that we’ll have no hard time taking his instructions.

Brides, listen, if you need to eat, EAT! Damn, i was so freaking hungry when i woke up! Must be the super filling dinner i had last night made me so hungry in the morning.. My MUA was pretty accommodating! LOL she allow me to eat while she do the makeup and very kind of my PG/VG didn’t edit photos of me eating onto the SDE!

I’m not very particular on makeup, as in, I do not have in mind a look that I want the MUA to achieve, hence generally, i feel the makeup is still ok. The only think is, I feel that Joann may needs to pay more attention on bride’s eye makeup. I didn’t think that my eyes were balance in the morning – one big one small. But it’s ok, since it’s not very obvious.. (Anyway, i only realised that after she left, so be it..)

Other than that I must say my morning was pretty good. A lil emotional but it was all under control!!

tick tock tick tock… very soon, 7am the bridal car came honking!!!

Not hard to guess what follows after…

Team Groom was so steady! Played the games with no foul! Hahahaha! Guess we think too badly of them!!

The games lasted per my planned time and soon I got to hear my groom saying his 10 promises to me!! LOL!! His money is MY money!!! I LOVE IT! Oh brides, if you’re reading this.. pls draft the 10 promises for your hubby, or least, give him some clues on what you want! Else you might get some funny promises from him! Nearly fainted when i saw my hubby’s version of 10 promises hence i decided to draft one for him!

Anyway, shortly after he FTB, we left home and went for mid-day shoot.. I believe my PG/VG already comb thru the garden near my place hence when we were there, they gave me clear instructions where to go, what to do, where to look! I love clear instructions and i love my PG/VG!! They planned minimum walking for me, they joke all the time, we were all like friends in a very short time. When i say all, it includes my team groom and team bride.

side track abit: Seriously, it’s not like I wanna nag again, but as compared to my PWS PG, I love my AD PG/VG so so much more!! Clear instructions, joke that does sounds like a joke and doesn’t at all made me feel insecure about how the photos gonna turn out. In fact I didn’t even thought of worrying about my photos/video! (ehem, although i haven’t seen all of it yet)


At least, until that point of time, I’m still very pleased with my decision in engaging DrinkTea Artwork! At the rate the go for taking pictures, i really trust that photo will turn out better looking good!

After we’re done with the shoot, we hopped onto our bridal car and headed to the groom’s place.. then i heard a horror story from our driver!! He actually come to my place in the morning thinking that it’s the groom’s place!!!! OMG~ LOL!!! But I think because he came early (to my place), he managed to pick up the groom before 630am and return to the bride’s place for the gate crash! (Efficient eh!)

Upon reaching the groom’s place, we started our tea ceremony, feeding each other tang yuan, kept drinking the bowl of dessert water..

“again.. again… again… again…” until we finish the bowl of water.. hard work behind every good photos/video!

When all done, the groom was called to do some shots so the happy bride went to take a break, char siew bun with coke! omg~ like heaven! But it’s not like i got a lot of time to enjoy. Shortly after, I need to changed into my kua and return home..

I can feel my fats bouncing with joy the moment we untie the white gown! LOL! Finally can breathe in more air!! The only thing is.. i need to walk small steps in kua because the dress is kinda straight cut..

To be honest, the whole morning went pretty well. I didn’t have to worry about agenda overrun because my team bride constantly reassured me that we’re on schedule and all contact person are being updated on our whereabout. Besides that, I feel that my groom was pretty comfortable with our PG/VG too. He’s quite camera shy if case u didn’t think so. Hence, the whole trip from place to place, he didn’t feel awkward and/or acted weirdly. *thumbs up Mr. Chong*

In fact most of the time, the PG/VG just did their work without us knowing.. All we need to do is follow the flow and stay BEAUTIFUL!!

I must say, I love Kelvin’s pro-activeness!! Before we got in the car, he already boost up his aircon power! The moment i got in, all i could say is.. “wahhhh (with a smile)!” With such heavy gown & thick kua, it’s really quite difficult not to perspire like hell..

Back to the bride’s place, we actually took a 5 mins breaks for “air purifying” session (smoking break) before heading up to our unit.. Yes, we were so on time that we actually can afford to have break time and selfie time!!


When the lift door open, I’m like OMG, so crowded!!? But I’m glad that our guests had already started taking their brunch. My MOH helped ordered buffet from Stamford Catering Service. Well, I didn’t receive much compliment but at least there wasn’t any negative feedback too. At least I was told that the honey glazed wing was nice & I personally like the crab meat siew mai.. Now that aside..

The couple (we) went back to their bedroom and started the whole tang yuan saga again.. feed each other tangyuan and drank the dessert water again, again, again, again and again until we finish the whole bowl.. (I’m super thankful that my bowel system is super cooperative on that day!)

When done, we headed out to the living room for tea ceremony and I’m thankful everyone was present to give their blessing! After tea ceremony done, we took a few family group shots (Ronald (PG) call the shots).. and we ended our morning agenda ON TIME, actually earlier than planned!!! & the happy bride finally can have a proper meal!!!

Stay tune for evening post coming soon!


MUA from Memoire & Co – Joann (3/5)

Normal makeup can be quite thick and suffocating actually. I still prefer airbrush makeup but too bad will need to top up extra if you want it. Joann was a pretty accommodative person. Prior AD, i did send her some hairdo looks that I would like to have in the morning and i guess she did work on it. I pretty happy with the hairdo in the morning. but makeup wise, like i mention earlier, she’ll need to more attentive to the eye area. The bride should be the most beautiful person that day. Big small eyes is definitely a big no-no.

Bridal Car from WeddingCarz – Kelvin (4/5)

Prior confirmation, we actually request a car viewing appointment and Abel (weddingcarz) helped us arranged and sent us to appointment location to meet our driver. Both Abel and Kelvin (our driver) gave us tips and told us that car will usually be sent for polishing and/or cleaning before AD so need not worry about the car condition.

Kelvin was pretty nice IMO. I’m not sure about other couples, but we actually requested for Kelvin to pick up our hand bouquet and fresh flower corsages from the bridal studio when he’s there for car deco the day prior AD. Kelvin agreed to it and took great care of those flowers (aircon room for hand bouquet & fridge for corsages)! He even have got a DIY hand bouquet stand in his car for us to put out hand bouquet! How considerate!!


  • No U-turn anytime of the day when the couples are in the car.
  • No reversing anytime of the day when the couples are in the car.
  • Teochew brides, we usually needs to arrive groom’s place prior sunrise so as to avoid “sunlight” on bride (don’t ask me why!). If you’re like me, starting your day after sunrise, you can consider going straight to the groom’s place and save your midday shoot after that (you will most likely be in your Kua/tea dress) and ta-daa..”sunlight” avoided prior arriving groom’s place!!

Now.. EXCLUSIVE NEWS! If you’re looking for bridal car and don’t mind black car, I would recommend Kelvin. Considerate and cost effective (which I found out later from Carousell!)

Check out THIS LINK for his carousell page! I paid a much higher rate for the same thing because I went through WeddingCarz. My advice, GO DIRECT to him. Chauffeured Wedding Service (BMW 523i – Sportiest Black Beemer with black leather seats) for S$280, go where find??

He does other wedding services too if I’m not wrong. Wedding deco (car & reception)/PG/VG too..

PG/VG from DrinkTea Artwork –  Ronald & Gan (5/5)

What more can I ask for other than a team of fun people during our wedding!! PG/VG are super important people for your wedding!! Other than your own team groom & team bride, they’re next in the list who will be with you the WHOLE DAY! I’m sure you wouldn’t want someone with grumpy face and attitude service to spoil your day ya?? Most importantly, they’re the one who will give you memories to keep for a lifetime.. No eye-rolling, No double chin, no flabby arms! LOL..

We really had fun working with them! I may have taken plenty of selfies, but when it comes to a real shoot, I need clear instructions! This is what they give me without making me feel stupid. Ever since the PWS experience, I learnt that chemistry is super duper critical! Without chemistry, you will not have patience. Without patience, you’ll be be frustrated! When you’re frustrated, you’ll not be a happy bride and you’ll make everyone on their toes! hmm..

Anyway, back to DrinkTea, They may not be the most cost effective team we found but they’re the one which we actually liked both their services. This made coordinating much easier when it comes to AD.

DrinkTea Artworks  |  BRN : 53220658D  |  Ctc : 90043214
Email :

Facebook: Drink Tea Artworks

Buffet from Stamford Catering (4/5)

I can’t really give much comment about this as I wasn’t the one working on this. If i were to rate it, I will give it 4 stars because i pick this outta the few options my MOH provided! One of the reason i chose this was also because I tried their bento set before and they were good! But I guess, bento set and buffet orders were prepared in different kitchen?? LOL!

That is all for my Actual Day (Morning) review!!

Stay tune for Actual Day (Evening) review!