#DALoveKnot – Chapter 11 (Actual Day – Evening Time)

With a wonderful and smooth morning agenda.. What can make a happy bride unhappy on her big day? We were pretty on time in the morning and had time to enjoy our lunch with no rush!

At about 130pm, Kelvin (our bridal car driver) sent us to Amara for check in! My advise for couples, load your gowns and personal belongings for the stay, in the bridal car/or whichever car that u’re taking to the hotel venue. This way, you will not need to wait for your team to bring you your stuff especially if you’re departing at a different time.

At Amara, no hiccups for our check-in but our deluxe room weren’t ready though. The ever-so-excited-me, head str8 up to bridal suite and started snapping pictures! How many time in a lifetime would you get a chance to stay in a “bridal suite”? LOL!

(okay, keep cool, it’s actually just executive suite!)

Rooms were nicely decorated and shortly after, the other deluxe room were ready.. My team bride didn’t took long to arrive as well.. So what did i do the whole time before the dinner? NOTHING.

I just took showered, washed my full of hairspray hair and enjoy the luxury of having my BFF blow dry my hair and waiting for my pre-dinner food served. In between these time, i even have time to drop by the ballroom to hang out with my friends who came early to help out with the reception deco!!

I joined the hotel briefing, had the chance to hang around until about 5:30pm my MUA called me to inform about her arrival. Evening makeup was pretty quick, about 1.5hrs and we’re done. By then it was about 7pm, just nice to linger around for cocktail reception and photo time!

Time pass VERY FAST during the cocktail recept!! A few shots here, a few shots there and standing at photobooth for shoot and suddenly it’s 8:15pm, time for march in!! Wow!! I don’t think i even had a chance to say Hi to all my guest!!


Before march-in, a few guest actually fed me with dragon breath meringue! I’m actually pretty touched that there are kind soul who bring food to me!!! T_T Ya, i still eat even though my gown was tight, my makeup was on. A hungry bride won’t be a happy bride! LOL..

Both the photobooth & dragon breath meringue was quite popular! Glad my guest tried and like it!

This video doesn’t exist

The banquet manager ushered the guest in and brief us on how to hold the dress while walk in and cue us etc etc.. Clear instructions (I LIKE!)!

First march in was pretty romantic..White gown, dry ice effect, slow music.. Second march in almost killed me! LOL!! I’ll tell you why in a while!

We gave a speech shortly our first march in. Wasn’t too long but felt like a decade up there. the spot light blinded me and getting a lil too hot (nervous la)! One of my team bride helped to prepared personalized bouquet for our moms and we present to them right after our speech. I heard my mom was pretty touched.

Didn’t get to eat much and it’s time to get change for 2nd march in! When we leave the ballroom to get change, the photobooth were taking the last few shots and close for the day! As for the dragon breath, i guess business was too good, he ended earlier! LOL..

We prepared party popper for 2nd march in and our lil newphew and niece volunteered to lead the walk (page boy/flower girl)! Aiyooo so touched! this was not planned. I think the hotel asked and they were okay to do it and there they are..

Look at the amount of party popper!! I guess i bought a lil too much! Even got hit on my head twice (still must act calm!)… LOL.

By then when we done… look at our guest’s food… HAHAHAHA!!!! I’m so sorry but i wasn’t expecting soooo much confetti! >_<

So what’s after second march in? Table shoots! I think we were really efficient! our team bride and team groom helped us a lot during the shoot thus we were able to end on time! we even have idling time for wefie!!

Who says wedding is stressful (for the bride)!? I thought we had FUN! LOL..


TIO SMOKE (dragon’s breath meringue) – (4/5)

1.5 hrs operation with supply of 300 cups @ SGD388.00

If you ask me, it’s expensive! However, looking at our guest enjoying the meringue, i think it’s pretty worth it! Minus 1 point because my Mr Chong didn’t get to eat 1! LOL…

I can’t comment much about their service as I wasn’t the one coordinating this! Special thanks to my sis! She found Tio Smoke and volunteered to sponsor on behalf on my dad who’s enjoying the wedding in heaven!

Facebook: Tio Smoke

FUNPICS SINGAPORE (photobooth) – (4.5/5)

2 hrs operation with unlimited supply of 4R photos with sleeves @ SGD550.00

This was one of the most cost effective vendor if you asked me – i signed up with another buddy and we got further discount on the above rate! They have ready templates for your photo borders or you can choose to customize! Aden was very patient with me while i’m trying to decide on the color and design! He understand what i was trying to explain when i just doodled the borders with PS app. Glad that it was a pleasant experience co-ordinating this!

FunPics have more than 140 props to play around, hi-speed printer and 2 facilitator onsite to assist you! I appreciate them even more as the facilitator were very proactive! All i need to do is stand there and smile and he will pass me the different props for the shoots! He basically manage my props!! LOL!!

FunPics Singapore
Mobile / Whatsapp: 9222-2235
Email: hello@funpicssg.com / FunPicsSG@gmail.com
Facebook: FunPics Singapore
Website: http://www.Funpicssg.com

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! If you haven’t read about what happen in the day, click HERE!

#DALoveKnot – Chapter 10 (Actual Day – Day Time)

Today we celebrate our 1st Anniversary of #DALOVEKNOT! To share the joy, i decided to release my wedding review today!

Finally.. After months of preparation, the big day has come! With many helps we’ve got, I managed to be a very chillax bride with no overrun on my agenda! SMART PLANNING! *proud*

In this post, I’ll be sharing A LOT of stuff! ie: MUA, bridal car, PG/VG, banquet.. Bear with me because this is probably the one and only post I’m gonna do on MY WEDDING!!

Here goes..

I was suppose to be the excited one who cant get to sleep but seems like many others got more excited than me. At least I know my MOH only slept 1 hours.. Me? I slept for a good 5-6 hrs! HAHAHA! When you trust your team, you sleep well!

Around 3:30am, I woke up and got myself all prepared and ready! Even started to cook the bitter gourd for my team bride’s gate crash!! Before I could finish boiling the water, my MUA (Joann from Bridal Studio) arrived and soon I got chained up in my room for the makeup..


I think my PG/VG came early too? I don’t know, I was in my room, remember? All i heard is laughter and conversation in the living room until my PG/VG came peeping in my room to say hi! They were very prompt in their work, wasted no time and started shooting here and there. Btw, it was also the first time we met our VG, finger crossing hard that we’ll have no hard time taking his instructions.

Brides, listen, if you need to eat, EAT! Damn, i was so freaking hungry when i woke up! Must be the super filling dinner i had last night made me so hungry in the morning.. My MUA was pretty accommodating! LOL she allow me to eat while she do the makeup and very kind of my PG/VG didn’t edit photos of me eating onto the SDE!

I’m not very particular on makeup, as in, I do not have in mind a look that I want the MUA to achieve, hence generally, i feel the makeup is still ok. The only think is, I feel that Joann may needs to pay more attention on bride’s eye makeup. I didn’t think that my eyes were balance in the morning – one big one small. But it’s ok, since it’s not very obvious.. (Anyway, i only realised that after she left, so be it..)

Other than that I must say my morning was pretty good. A lil emotional but it was all under control!!

tick tock tick tock… very soon, 7am the bridal car came honking!!!

Not hard to guess what follows after…

Team Groom was so steady! Played the games with no foul! Hahahaha! Guess we think too badly of them!!

The games lasted per my planned time and soon I got to hear my groom saying his 10 promises to me!! LOL!! His money is MY money!!! I LOVE IT! Oh brides, if you’re reading this.. pls draft the 10 promises for your hubby, or least, give him some clues on what you want! Else you might get some funny promises from him! Nearly fainted when i saw my hubby’s version of 10 promises hence i decided to draft one for him!

Anyway, shortly after he FTB, we left home and went for mid-day shoot.. I believe my PG/VG already comb thru the garden near my place hence when we were there, they gave me clear instructions where to go, what to do, where to look! I love clear instructions and i love my PG/VG!! They planned minimum walking for me, they joke all the time, we were all like friends in a very short time. When i say all, it includes my team groom and team bride.

side track abit: Seriously, it’s not like I wanna nag again, but as compared to my PWS PG, I love my AD PG/VG so so much more!! Clear instructions, joke that does sounds like a joke and doesn’t at all made me feel insecure about how the photos gonna turn out. In fact I didn’t even thought of worrying about my photos/video! (ehem, although i haven’t seen all of it yet)


At least, until that point of time, I’m still very pleased with my decision in engaging DrinkTea Artwork! At the rate the go for taking pictures, i really trust that photo will turn out better looking good!

After we’re done with the shoot, we hopped onto our bridal car and headed to the groom’s place.. then i heard a horror story from our driver!! He actually come to my place in the morning thinking that it’s the groom’s place!!!! OMG~ LOL!!! But I think because he came early (to my place), he managed to pick up the groom before 630am and return to the bride’s place for the gate crash! (Efficient eh!)

Upon reaching the groom’s place, we started our tea ceremony, feeding each other tang yuan, kept drinking the bowl of dessert water..

“again.. again… again… again…” until we finish the bowl of water.. hard work behind every good photos/video!

When all done, the groom was called to do some shots so the happy bride went to take a break, char siew bun with coke! omg~ like heaven! But it’s not like i got a lot of time to enjoy. Shortly after, I need to changed into my kua and return home..

I can feel my fats bouncing with joy the moment we untie the white gown! LOL! Finally can breathe in more air!! The only thing is.. i need to walk small steps in kua because the dress is kinda straight cut..

To be honest, the whole morning went pretty well. I didn’t have to worry about agenda overrun because my team bride constantly reassured me that we’re on schedule and all contact person are being updated on our whereabout. Besides that, I feel that my groom was pretty comfortable with our PG/VG too. He’s quite camera shy if case u didn’t think so. Hence, the whole trip from place to place, he didn’t feel awkward and/or acted weirdly. *thumbs up Mr. Chong*

In fact most of the time, the PG/VG just did their work without us knowing.. All we need to do is follow the flow and stay BEAUTIFUL!!

I must say, I love Kelvin’s pro-activeness!! Before we got in the car, he already boost up his aircon power! The moment i got in, all i could say is.. “wahhhh (with a smile)!” With such heavy gown & thick kua, it’s really quite difficult not to perspire like hell..

Back to the bride’s place, we actually took a 5 mins breaks for “air purifying” session (smoking break) before heading up to our unit.. Yes, we were so on time that we actually can afford to have break time and selfie time!!


When the lift door open, I’m like OMG, so crowded!!? But I’m glad that our guests had already started taking their brunch. My MOH helped ordered buffet from Stamford Catering Service. Well, I didn’t receive much compliment but at least there wasn’t any negative feedback too. At least I was told that the honey glazed wing was nice & I personally like the crab meat siew mai.. Now that aside..

The couple (we) went back to their bedroom and started the whole tang yuan saga again.. feed each other tangyuan and drank the dessert water again, again, again, again and again until we finish the whole bowl.. (I’m super thankful that my bowel system is super cooperative on that day!)

When done, we headed out to the living room for tea ceremony and I’m thankful everyone was present to give their blessing! After tea ceremony done, we took a few family group shots (Ronald (PG) call the shots).. and we ended our morning agenda ON TIME, actually earlier than planned!!! & the happy bride finally can have a proper meal!!!

Stay tune for evening post coming soon!


MUA from Memoire & Co – Joann (3/5)

Normal makeup can be quite thick and suffocating actually. I still prefer airbrush makeup but too bad will need to top up extra if you want it. Joann was a pretty accommodative person. Prior AD, i did send her some hairdo looks that I would like to have in the morning and i guess she did work on it. I pretty happy with the hairdo in the morning. but makeup wise, like i mention earlier, she’ll need to more attentive to the eye area. The bride should be the most beautiful person that day. Big small eyes is definitely a big no-no.

Bridal Car from WeddingCarz – Kelvin (4/5)

Prior confirmation, we actually request a car viewing appointment and Abel (weddingcarz) helped us arranged and sent us to appointment location to meet our driver. Both Abel and Kelvin (our driver) gave us tips and told us that car will usually be sent for polishing and/or cleaning before AD so need not worry about the car condition.

Kelvin was pretty nice IMO. I’m not sure about other couples, but we actually requested for Kelvin to pick up our hand bouquet and fresh flower corsages from the bridal studio when he’s there for car deco the day prior AD. Kelvin agreed to it and took great care of those flowers (aircon room for hand bouquet & fridge for corsages)! He even have got a DIY hand bouquet stand in his car for us to put out hand bouquet! How considerate!!


  • No U-turn anytime of the day when the couples are in the car.
  • No reversing anytime of the day when the couples are in the car.
  • Teochew brides, we usually needs to arrive groom’s place prior sunrise so as to avoid “sunlight” on bride (don’t ask me why!). If you’re like me, starting your day after sunrise, you can consider going straight to the groom’s place and save your midday shoot after that (you will most likely be in your Kua/tea dress) and ta-daa..”sunlight” avoided prior arriving groom’s place!!

Now.. EXCLUSIVE NEWS! If you’re looking for bridal car and don’t mind black car, I would recommend Kelvin. Considerate and cost effective (which I found out later from Carousell!)

Check out THIS LINK for his carousell page! I paid a much higher rate for the same thing because I went through WeddingCarz. My advice, GO DIRECT to him. Chauffeured Wedding Service (BMW 523i – Sportiest Black Beemer with black leather seats) for S$280, go where find??

He does other wedding services too if I’m not wrong. Wedding deco (car & reception)/PG/VG too..

PG/VG from DrinkTea Artwork –  Ronald & Gan (5/5)

What more can I ask for other than a team of fun people during our wedding!! PG/VG are super important people for your wedding!! Other than your own team groom & team bride, they’re next in the list who will be with you the WHOLE DAY! I’m sure you wouldn’t want someone with grumpy face and attitude service to spoil your day ya?? Most importantly, they’re the one who will give you memories to keep for a lifetime.. No eye-rolling, No double chin, no flabby arms! LOL..

We really had fun working with them! I may have taken plenty of selfies, but when it comes to a real shoot, I need clear instructions! This is what they give me without making me feel stupid. Ever since the PWS experience, I learnt that chemistry is super duper critical! Without chemistry, you will not have patience. Without patience, you’ll be be frustrated! When you’re frustrated, you’ll not be a happy bride and you’ll make everyone on their toes! hmm..

Anyway, back to DrinkTea, They may not be the most cost effective team we found but they’re the one which we actually liked both their services. This made coordinating much easier when it comes to AD.

DrinkTea Artworks  |  BRN : 53220658D  |  Ctc : 90043214
Email : friends@drinkteaartworks.com.sg

Facebook: Drink Tea Artworks
Website: http://www.drinkteaartworks.com.sg

Buffet from Stamford Catering (4/5)

I can’t really give much comment about this as I wasn’t the one working on this. If i were to rate it, I will give it 4 stars because i pick this outta the few options my MOH provided! One of the reason i chose this was also because I tried their bento set before and they were good! But I guess, bento set and buffet orders were prepared in different kitchen?? LOL!

That is all for my Actual Day (Morning) review!!

Stay tune for Actual Day (Evening) review!

#DALoveKnot – Chapter 9 (The Bridal/Wedding Car)

The clock is ticking.. We’ve done PWS! We’ve locked our guest list! We’ve done GDL! Now how can we not done with Bridal car!!

In Budget Bride FB Page, I did a quick search and found that quite a few brides recommended Abel & WeddingCarz. By instinct, I went ahead to check out WeddingCarz first because it seems like they will have a better variety of cars!

To my surprise, the person who replied me is.. Abel! CHEY!!!!

My hubby-to-be & I were pretty much firm that we don’t want a white bridal car because it’s too common and doesn’t compliment the white gown (at all). Hence we told abel to quote us dark colored cars.


Very soon after the FB PM, i got his email with car image.

We made our decision within those selection and did a soft booking!

img_5103 img_5104

His response was fast and even help to arrange car viewing session for us! What touched us most is that he even offered to pick us up as the car owner’s location might change.. Very considerate boss!

During that 1st meet up, all went pretty well! Driver assured us that prior the wedding day, the bridal car will be sent for washing & (omg, can’t remember the term he use) polishing?? Anyway, in short, he promised that the car will be shinning and clean when he pick us up on our big day!

I didn’t take a lot of picture but the inside of the car is decent. Leather seating (grey color if i’m not wrong).. They even shared their experience with us on what to expect on that day and what to avoid..

TIPS we learnt:

  • On the wedding day, Bridal Car should not do U-turn nor reverse – not a good sign.
  • If you’re a teochew bride, rightfully you your leave the house before sun rise. However, if you’re like me, doing it later, you might want to plan to go straight to groom’s house – NO mid-day shoot before that. Teochew bride cannot “see light” prior arriving groom’s place. Mid day shoot can be done after you leave groom’s place. 🙂 Take it as a  chance to showcase your Kua/Teadress, else i believe you’ll have little photos of those dress.

Well, since all went well, we confirmed the booking and secured out bridal car! Now hope all will be smooth on that day! 🙂

#DALoveKnot Chapter 8: The Bridal Studio – Pre-Wedding Shoot

The long awaited PWS day! Probably one of the post that I do not need to edit my complexion!

My appointment was at 10am for makeup! We arrived early and Joann was already there! without further delay, we started doing our makeup after I got changed into my button shirt!

Ampoule – $25

Lashes – $15

Friendship – Priceless!

Prior to our PWS, I actually gave Joann a lil thank you gift and she felt the appreciation and in return upgraded my makeup to airbrush makeup! Woohoo!! Who says studio are all about making money.

Airbrush makeup are light weight and moisturizing! By the look of below image, i guess it’s not hard to tell which is before which is after ya?


Word of advice: Top up to bring your MUA out! the weather is not going to do justice to your glamorous face!!


I have 4 looks to compliment the gown and to be honest, letting down my hair is still my favourite.

Looking back all this photo, I have to say, hairdo might not be joann’s strength. Nonethless, it’s not that bad too la. Just don’t expect super wow look.


Very soon we started our indoor shoot and spent about 4 hrs doing that..

Smile~ Look down~ Hold your dress~ Shoulders down~ Chest up~ Chin down~

If you ask me, I did not feel that the PG was able to lighten up the mood and made us feel natural. In fact, by the end of the day, I still didn’t feel very into the shoot.

In case you didn’t read my previous post (HERE), pls note that I was still pretty upset by the fact that the studio changed our PG without informing us and showed us NOTHING on our new PG’s work..

All they had had been showing us during our appointments were their existing PG’s work and it’s not like the original PG they assigned to us left/resign.. But they just changed it. Totally affected my mood for the shoot..

DISCLAIMER: I’m not pissed or dissatisfied with my PG but just the shit they do is like misrepresentation! Promise not delivered!

For now I can only pray hard that the photos by the PG will turn out unexpectedly HIGH. Because everything that’s just of OK/So-So standard will be consider and marked as BAD.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE! I’m so glad I had my maid of honor (MOH) with us throughout the shoot. She drove, she gave me water, bring me fan, help me everywhere we went..

She help us took candid shots .. which turns out pretty NICE!! Since I don’t have the real photos by the PG yet, let me show u some sneak preview by *proud* my MOH!!


First outdoor location: Seletar North Link

The whole road was pretty nice and in fact I would highly recommend couple to take their outdoor shoot here! There’s pretty “lake”, foresty, burnt “jungle”, lalang field.. Seriously, I love this place!

Now for the piece of bad news, rumour has it that this place will be gone in another few years.. Maybe 2-3 years, maybe 4-5 years, I don’t know. So heard over there while it’s still around.

PS: Lots of lalang there for those brides who’s really into taking lalang field! A big field of lalang and not like just a small area.. Look really beautiful in my mind!

We almost missed shooting at the lalng field because the PG didn’t direct us there and asked us to leave for next location when he think he’s done.. I had to request again (already asked for lalang field prior our shoot) then we managed to take a few shots there..  sigh~


Second outdoor location: Fort Canning Park

The Groom choose this place as it doesn’t seems like a very popular destination for shoot. We were pretty late already by the time we reach here. Hence i did feel that the PG did not really explore the place but instead only ask us “where else you wana shoot? where else?”

Seriously?? if you ask me, I would think that PG should do the homework and recommend the place to shoot (like what he did for Seletar North Link)..

Now a tip for The Bride – BRING lotsa mosquito repellent!! Damn! less than 5 min there I was already feeding 5-6 mosquitoes! 2 on each side of the arm, above my brow and my ring finger! T_T

img_2508 img_2578

And above 2 photos are indoor shoot within the studio. They have quite a few indoor scene.. Those backdrop poster kind, real cafe kitchen, bedroom, garden, staircase. The whole 5 stories high shophouse, everywhere, can be a scene..

We had our casual shoot done outdoor but because my MOH needs to look after the car, hence, we did not have any candid casual wear shoot.

The whole shoot ends at about 830pm and by the time we send the MUA and PG back to shop, it’s about 9pm already.. Mad tiring but mad happy too (minus those hiccups that I’ve been bugging about)


Bring a friend/sister along! She will be a great helper – like my MOH!

Bring along drinking straw – Bride will need a straw to drink so as not to ruin the beautiful makeup.

Bring a portable fan – The weather will kill the mood!

Bring a powerbank – In case phone battery went dead for taking too much candid shoot! (BTW, I understand some PG don’t like people to take candid shoot, so pls do it discreetly in case you were asked to keep you phone!)

Bring ice cold water – Freeze some ice in the bottle prior the shoot and then fill in ice water and keep them in a cooler bag! My ice water became useful when we were at Fort canning Park (which was already almost like 6-7pm?) Yes, cooler bag very important!

LOTS OF TISSUE (DRY/WET) – You will be perspiring like a dog! So good to have more..! I’m so glad I had both my MUA and MOH around.. They took care of me so well.. Touch up make up! Dap on my (endless) perspiration!! Fan me! Hold on to me!

Plaster/Tiger Balm Oil/Light food or snack – These are good to have! we did not use the plaster nor tiger balm (heng ah!) but the ham & cheese sandwich were pretty handy when we were doing our indoor shoot halfway! The Bride became very hungry!

All in all, I think it’s the companion that day that made the exhausting day less frustrating. 🙂 Just before I end this post, sharing one more thing with you – TIME LINE.

Everyone might not have the same timeline but it can serve as a guide for those couple who signed up BS package at least 1 year prior wedding!


Contract signed + Deposit payment

1st appointment (May 2016): Gown selection

2nd appointment (Jul 2016): Gown selection + 2nd payment (not needed if you found what you like during the first session)

3rd appointment (Oct 2016): Makeup trial + Fitting for PWS (usually 2-3 days bef pre-wedding shoot)

3rd appointment (Oct 2016): Pre-wedding shoot

4th appointment (Nov 2016): Bridesmaid dress selection

5th appointment (Nov 2016): Photos selection

6th appointment: (Dec 2016): See Layout

7th appointment (Jan 2016): Collect Album (before CNY) – clear balance payment

8th appointment (Feb 2016): Final fitting/Gown collection – pay cash deposit for the gown

9th appointment (Feb 2016): Return gown and take back deposit


#DALoveKnot Chapter 7: The Solemnizer a.k.a. JP

The actual period for you to get a JP is 3 months prior your wedding (ROM) date.

However, it seems that popular JP are always fully booked prior that dateline. Hence I decided to start early!! I already did a shortlist of my preferred JP at least 9 months prior my wedding!

  • Dr. Phua Tan Tee (licence expiring 30 Jun 2016 UPDATE: his licence got renewed until 2020 & we managed to invite him to solemnize our wedding!! woohooo!) Very fatherly and well recommended JP! Tends to give long speech but according to review, his speech are well loved by elderly..
  • Mr. Tan Yan Boon Alex (licence expiring 31 Dec 2016) A jovial gentleman
  • Mr. Chiang Heng Liang (licence expiring 31 Dec 2016) In case you want to know, he’s the JP for Christopher Lee & Fann Wong..
  • Mr. Lee Ka But (licence expiring 31 Dec 2020) From what I read online, seems like he will usually donate the angbao money from couple to charity (under couple’s name)
  • Dr Ho Lai Yun (licence expiring 31 Dec 2018)

On the 6th month, I had approached the first 2 JP and was indirectly rejected as their license are expiring. They couldn’t advice any further as license renewal wasn’t up to them to decide. It’s ROM decision whether to renew them or not. Hence outta courtesy, they actually advice me to look for someone else in case their license wasn’t renew.

Knowing that I’m a kiasu bride, I decided to go ahead to look for alternative! I asked a few married friends / visited forums to see if they have any recommendation! My main concern is that i do not want a JP who’s too serious (which will makes me more stress) nor i want a JP who doesn’t seems to take things seriously (comes late / not pro-active / rushing things through)..

Finally, I shortlisted next 3 names and decided to email to Dr Ho first since my friend highly recommended him.. I did not approached Mr Chiang due to personal reason but according to my friend who engaged him, they really enjoyed their ROM with him. He basically stayed throughout the session even though he’s role was done. Very 尽责!

Waited for few weeks, no respond from Dr Ho.. (SAD again!!) Decided to resend the email to follow up and to my HORROR!  I SEND TO THE WRONG EMAIL! OH-EM-GEEEE (OMG)!! HAHAHAHA

I quickly copy and paste the context and send to the correct email and he responded within a day! *whistle* HAPPY GIRL NOW.. Not just because I found my mistake and corrected but because he replied.. with a POSITIVE ANSWER!!! Yey!!!

He had blocked his calendar for our wedding date and we even talked about meeting to get some documents sign and filing for marriage!! Pls note that this was about 6.5 months to our wedding!

For now.. I guess i have nothing else to update! So stay tune for next week’s post for more wedding preparation post!!

Some links that might be useful in finding your JP:

Registry of Marriage


#DALoveKnot Chapter 6: The Wedding Band

Apparently, after the day you said “I Do”, more decision making follows.. After deciding on the venue, the bridal studio, AD PG/VG.. now comes the wedding band! Wedding ain’t a cheap game uh. -__-

So we started our research once again.. check out the design, set out budget, check out retail store..

img_1094 img_1095 img_6392 img_6393 img_8165 img_8317

The Groom prefer something simple and The Bride loves bling bling! So that’s the kinda design we’ll zoom into. With a tight budget, I guess it’s pretty obvious that we’re not going to Tiffany & Co nor Cartier~

House of Hung.. We planned to dropped by House of Hung to check out their collection since they have pretty much positive review! Design ain’t that bad and one of my friend who just got married highly recommend them too!



Address: 545 Orchard Rd, Far East Shopping Center, 238882

Tel: 6887 4248

So here we are at House of Hung. Wow, seems like a popular place for couple to get engagement ring and/or wedding bands! Not forgetting to mention, it’s a pretty big shop they have!


We were greeted by a gentlemen and later refer to Nancy who can give better advise for wedding band!

We shared with her our budget, the kinda ring we like and don’t like.. After looking at a few couple ring, (hmm), we decided to go SOLO! We each chose the ring we like and put them together..


And so here it is, #DALOVEKNOT Wedding Band (that’s within our budget)! In case u thought that’s it, check out the details of my ring..


See those lil hearts under my ring?? It’s the small details that makes it unique  isn’t it.. 🙂

#DALoveKnot Chapter 5: The Bridal Studio – Fitting Session

For those who have not read about my previous post on The Bridal Studio, pls click HERE!

I’m really excited for this first appointment since it’s my first time having a fitting session – I’m like a princess!! LOL!!

Shortly after we signed the packaged, our coordinator (Yean) helped us arranged for our first gown selection session whereby I get to choose/try the gowns!

bs3 bs4

From lace to organza to satin.. Although they don’t have A LOT of plus size gown but, well, not too bad.. at least I still managed to try 10 over gowns in total! Throughout the fitting session, Yean Yean (the co-ordinator) & the lady who helped me get changed were both very patient and jovial! They show no sign of impatient and they allow us to have our private time for discussion!

During the first fitting session, we did not chose any gown since there were nothing that really caught my eye. Yean Yean suggested that we come another day when other gowns returned to them.

img_1920 img_1919

During our second fitting appointment, We tried a few more new gowns and woohoo.. we found something that we like and will not be utilizing the MTM service! Amber was around to help look at the gown and point out the area that we need to alter and make TIGHTER! Now that the bride has picked her gown, it’s the groom turn to pick his suit! Guess what, he’s done in 15 mins. (-___-)

With the gown and suit selection (above image are just sneak preview, bear with it!!) done, our next step is to pick a date for the fitting + shoot! Yean was pretty helpful to arrange a date whereby both our assigned makeup artist (Joann) & photographer (Baofu) are available! This way, we can fit the gown looking beautiful after doing the trial makeup! The meeting with our photographer prior the shoot can also allow us to know each other better and discuss about our expectation!

Our pre-shoot fitting session was arranged 3 days prior the shoot. I went down with my maid-of-honur and her mom (impromptu). We started of meeting our assigned MUA (Joann) and did our trial make up. The makeup we did was only 30% (I thought most places will trial at least 90% without lashes and ampoule only) but it’s okie, since there were good review about Joann and we manage to find some of her work on the bridal forum, I’m quite comfortable with having her..

After the makeup done, Yean brought up the 4 gowns which we had previous selected helped me put them on.. and guess what! I think i lost some inches? All the gowns became a lil loose – wonder did they alter it before I come by?? LOL!! Since they were loose, Yean quickly re-take the measurement and gave it to the alteration lady to change them on the spot. While waiting, Yean also brought up some new arrival (white + evening gown) for me to try! I will not share the image with you for now, hang in there – pre-wedding shoot is happening soon!!!

Oops did u catch the leak? YA, I CHANGED MY GOWNS! Not 1 but 3 outta 4!! LOL!! The new arrivals were much nicer and more complimenting! HAHAHAHA!!! We have such struggle deciding which gown to get for the 2nd march in!!! Yean probably see me in such tortured state, she offered me an idea. stick with the 2 evening gowns that I had selected and the 3rd one, keep it for actual day! WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT!??

Well, now we have had 2 things covered! Time to meet the PG!

This is the heart sank part. He wasn’t the PG which Memoire initially assigned to us and they did not informed us about the change prior this meeting. I wasn’t mad with the PG but I was disappointed with the arrangement.. We spent time looking through the previous PG portfolio and they also showed us only Baofu/Sky’s work. Suddenly 3 days before shoot come Jacky? What makes it worst, he wasn’t aware about the levitation shoot that I was keen in replicating.. It seems like whatever that was communicated before signing the contract was dropped somewhere. Whatever Alan assured us about the shoot seems not valid anymore.

At this point, I can only hope that the shoot will turn out well… 😦

On a side note track: we’re still grateful that the team had really helped us a lot and we appreciate the NO HARD SELL attitude up till date. For these, I had prepared lil gift for them to show our appreciation.. Hopefully they’ll be more mindful about our shoot and other things!

Stay tune for next week’s post ladies!!


#DALoveKnot Chapter 4: The Banquet Venue – Paying the Bill

In my previous post, remember I mentioned about making use of credit card promotion fo earn rebates? So here’s how we do it!

From the day we signed our contract, we started saving even more and make trips to hotel to pay partial amount. Why do we trouble ourselves to do that? Because it’s also a way to save $$!


We applied for UOB One credit card and started paying $2,000 each months until our wedding month! UOB One card gives you 5% rebate on EVERYTHING if you spend as long as you spend $2,000 per month every quarter (min 3 transaction)! What’s the best time to earn these rebate? Pay for your banquet of course!!

There are a few other credit cards that offer good rebates too! AMEX True Cashback 3% rebate for first $5,000 spend within 6 months – thereafter 1.5%! It’s not bad too but the reason we didn’t apply is because I don’t wana hold so many credit card and this rebate is probably a ONE time only thingy, no point. ANZ Optiumum also have good rebates!

So if both of you are earning decent wage, both of you can consider to apply two card (one each) and start making payment! With 2 paying parties, the bill will be reduced greatly! and you earn twice of what i mention since you applied 2 card..

A lil Mathematic

Mister – 1 UOB One Card (spend $2K per month for 3 months)

Missus – 1 UOB One Card (spend $2K per month for 3 months)

Total spent = $12,000 per quarter, meaning you’ll earn $400 rebate each quarter instead of $200! and in just a quarter you already paid easily 1/3 of your banquet bill! Let’s say if your banquet is $36000, that means you will earn $1200 rebate in 9 months!

Talking about savings! This $1200 you had “saved”, can allow you to have your makeup artist follow you to outdoor shoot or even stayed for your 2nd march in already! Enough to let you do taobao purchases (wedding decorations) too!

Nonetheless, you should not be lazy! Do some homework and always check out credit card site for the most updated promotion they have. What I enjoy now may not be the best deal already!