Kim Dae Mun


If you have been a die-hard Korean food fan, I bet you know about Kim Dae Mun! Pardon my ignorance here!! This is the first time I’m eating at Kim Dae Mun!

What?? Where is Kim Dae Mun?? It’s located at Concorde Hotel…………… B1 Foodcourt SORRY, should be Level 1 (same concept as FEP)!! Just in front of the drink stall..


They have quite a wide variety here.. Spicy BBQ chicken/pork, saba fish set, rice cake, kimchi fried rice, korean style (or something) fried vermicelli, soup and dumpling.. Best of all, they use the healty way of cooking!

“Our hotplate items are cooked with water instead of oil. Have it the healthier way!”

That’s what written on the notice at the cashier counter. And you know what!?? The lady can speak only English but Korean & Bahasa Indonesia as well!!! Fluently!!


So what did I ordered?? My typical all-time favourite! Spicy BBQ sliced chicken set ($6.50)! I feel it’s totally worth it!! Lots of chicken and doesn’t feel guilty after a meal because…….. *drumroll*


Tested and proven! They really use water to cook and yet it taste so yummmy!!! Eat till the last bit and you won’t feel oily too!



Kimchi is the next thing that interest me!! Very appetizing (sour and a lil spicy) and they’re not stingy! Quite big pieces and lots too!

Avoid lunch time if you wanna try Kim Dae Mun! I heard from the drink stall aunty that most people come to this food court for Kim Dae Mun (lunch hour)! I don’t know how true but should be at least 80% reliable! Because when I’m having my early lunch around 1130hrs, I can see many people are eating Korean food. Some Koreans were around too! Other than lunch/dinner time, this food court is rather empty.