In The Brickyard

Late post is better than no post right? Right(!!) & I’m telling you this is definitely a post that can make you stress-free!!!

Went to Queensway Shopping Center for dinner the other day and received a call from to tabao (take-away) some dinner back.. So while I waiting for my takeaway to be ready, guess what I saw…


I was planning to visit them someday with my girlfriends (maybe with the help of google map since I have no idea where it is located initially) but now looks like… I’m already here!!

If you didn’t know, Salute is a coffeeshop selling FRENCH FOOD at super affordable price! In another words, it’s ATAS KOPITIAM la!!

It was almost 10:00pm when we were there and many stalls were preparing to close! We didn’t plan to have another round of dinner but some dessert might help digestion?? LOL.. will it?


IN THE BRICKYARD – New stall? I bet! By the look of it, I’m sure you can tell they bake their own cakes & not order from any A-B-C suppliers.. You know you are eating something not found at other places (maybe)!

Although not many cakes were left but still managed to grab 4 pieces back home..

IMG_4050 IMG_4051 IMG_4053 IMG_4052

These cakes look so pretty and they were all WAVING at me to bring ’em home!! How to resist you tell me!!? If you’re early, I bet you’ll have more options to choose..

IMG_4042 IMG_4049

Image on the left shows the cake they have on that day and out of those I only got three (except brownie)..

IMG_4043 IMG_4044 IMG_4047 IMG_4045

The reason I decided to grab one of each that’s available is because they have interesting flavours – ie: Banana split, Black current yuzu, lemon something something.. Can’t really recall!! But at least I’m not buying the regular strawberries shortcake, chocolate cake, fruit cake.. So boring, I know..

Importantly, their cakes are AFFORDABLE too..


It doesn’t really reminds me of banana split ice cream, seriously..

I’m not a strawberry person hence I’m really glad the banana taste stronger than the strawberries. However, you can rest assured that the banana will be too overwhelming (if you don’t really appreciate bananas..)! They probably hand-picked the fruits.. Why?? Because the raspberries ain’t sour at all, it’s sweet!

In fact, what I like most about this cake is the CREAM~! They’re not stingy with the fresh cream yet not covering the vanilla sponge cake too much! I’m not sure about you but I think giving me a thicker layer of fresh cream on the top of the cake is better than thick layers by the side. In that case, I can enjoy a good mix of cake and cream till the last bite and not eating just the left over cream.

(Was that your intention #INTHEBRICKYARD? Or I think too much??)



This cake look so cute in the cake shelf you know!! So hard to resist not to bring it home! I didn’t managed to get the name when they were recommending it.. (too noisy?? too full?? Can’t remember why..)..

When I posted on IG, they told me it’s Yuzu Frosting.. So I assume its some Blackcurrant Yuzu cake??



It wasn’t ORANGE!! What’s wrong with my taste bud!?? But.. orange and yuzu do taste similar right? RIGHT!?? &.. only orange skin is orange isn’t it?? okie.. Maybe I was wrong.. 😦


But no matter the case, this is good! The hint of sourness is just right. It doesn’t make you squint your eyes and it’s kinda appetizing too! LOL~



Despite the slight sourness, the cake is still full of sweetness! I would definitely recommend you guys to try this if it’s available when you visit!!


After two very interesting flavors that I just shown you, this one seems to lose out abit. If you like meringue, you might like this but other than the apply filling, there’s nothing much I like about it.. I can’t feeeel the love in this cake.



Doesn’t look very appealing but seriously it taste better than it looks! It may seems dry and boring but this brownie is very chocolate-ty and quite moist (yet light)! Wah.. I already don’t know what I’m saying~ I think it would serve best with a scoop of ice cream!! I wanna eat this with ice cream when I’m there again!!

IMG_4140 IMG_4139

*click to view larger image*

If you’re keen try their cake or even other stalls at Salute, head down to 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1.  It’s very near Queestown Shopping Center/Ikea!!

Sorry la! It was late already so that’s the best image I can show you but I’m sure google map can to a better job!!