A Prima Bakery Cafe..! If you had tried them, good for you! If you have not, I think you should make time to drop by one day!

1 Vista Exchange Green #02-28
The Star Vista, Singapore 138617
Tel: 6694 4718
Fax: 6694 4708

Business Hours:
10am – 10pm Mondays to Thursdays & Sundays
10am – 11pm Fridays & Saturdays


From the above picture I’m sure you can tell that this is not an air-con place but trust me, you won’t be having your meals in perspiration! It still cooling in here (plus, the installed fans la)..



These bread display kinda reminds me of.. Paris Baguette…20140309-011322.jpg

Per my voucher said, reservation is required 1 day prior. Indeed, god thing I made a reservation because who will expect as full house on Saturday morning!? My gossh!

20140309-011331.jpg 20140309-011338.jpg

The menu is pretty easy to understand, I didn’t take much pic of it but, just FYI, you can top up you ala carte sandwich to a set which will include one drink and one side (ie: pot pie or salad).

Since we’re using groupon voucher (it was a 40% off kinda deal), we can only look at ala-carte items.. 😦

20140309-011351.jpg 20140309-011356.jpg

Our drinks are pretty standard.. Ice Latte (S$6.50) and Chamomile Tea (6.50)..


The Seafood Chowder Pot Pie (S$7.80) was slightly smaller then I thought but it was worth it. Claim, scallop, prawn & mussel can be found! The bread was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside!


Here’s my Smoked Salmon Sandwich (S$12.80)! At one look, I’m like.. “erm.. salmon leh??”

Too much greens but that’s what I’m lacking!! Too much onion too.. =P

Very well toast sliced baguette! Overall still good because of the smoked salmon and crispy bread! Will still order this again if I re-visit!


My girlfriend ordered this, iBake Egg Benedict (S$16.00). This is very filling! Poached egg, bacon, mushrooms, sliced tomato & thick toast.. Yummy!

For a poached egg, I think it’s a bit over cooked that day.. Other than that, everything was good!


Salami & Mushroom  Sandwich (S$9.00), I didn’t try this but I didn’t hear bad comments about it so I assume it’s good too.

I think it’s the bread that makes the difference.. Good bread makes everything that goes with it good!!

For dessert, we order Blueberry Danoise A La Myrtilles (S$5.80) & Petite French Stick with Milk Cream (S$1.50 for one, $8 for six)



If I have to choose, I think the Petite French Stick is what I will want to order again, or even every time I visit Star Vista!! It’s totally heaven! Every bite with milk cream oozing out from the french stick! Aaaw.. sweeet and crispy! Darn, I’m craving for it will writing up this post already!!!

I think you should got for the $8 for six pcs deal! Because ONE is definitely not enough!!

Our total bill adds up to S$73.40 and good thing we had the deal voucher and we only paid S$23.40 up front! Sounds a bit crazy to have costly breakfast but thinking that if it’s brunch, it’s sounds totally fine!!

If there will be another brunch in a more centralized area, I would be more than happy to visit each time I am near them!