House of Seafood

Finally after much consideration over the weekend…

Dad: “Let’s buy the groupon deal and go eat crab tonight!”

Yes!! This is the House of Seafood deal we got for our dinner on some weekday (can’t remember when exactly..)


S$9.80 for a 350-400g crab – that’s not very big actually.. But oh well! Better than nothing!!



And here we are!! U know.. It’s smarter to make a reservation first before heading down!

After I brought the deal, I called the Yio Chu Kang branch to make my dinner reservation (I want it at about 7.30pm) and the person who picked up my call said “oh no need, you just come over will do..”

In the end the restaurant was full and we’ve to wait for quite awhile.. (Should have insist I wanna make a reservation!) other than this “wrong information”, I’m quite satisfied with their service level.. They pick up the call and answer enquiries very politely (no matter how stupid my question is!) and the dishes were served pretty fast.

Before I show you what I order, something I wana share with u first (drivers, attention please)..


“三万来咯” if you ever see the staff walking in the restaurant with this sign, you better run (for you car)! “Mdm summon” is here to issue summon!! Lol! This is not the only/first restaurant that do this but I think they really put in effort to even do up something so nice to warn u about summon!

Now I shall start to make you droooool!!!



We ordered a small portion of Sambal La-La (clam) and a small Stir Fried Frenchbean.

The lala was good!! The sambal fragrance has enhanced the lala totally!! Tomatoes are soft enough! Both lala & tomatoes had absorbed the sambal fragrance totally! A small portion like this is definitely not enough for even 2 pax!!

The frenchbean was cooked with chopped dried shrimps and this is absolutely our liking too!!!

I don’t exactly remember the price for this two but it should be more than S$10 for a small portion like this! Why I say so? Because our bill adds up to be another S$60+++ after deducting our crab voucher!! My goodness!!

We’re done with “appetizer” and now…. The MAIN COURSE!



Chilli Crab!! My dad’s all-time favourite!! With such generous amount of sauce who can resist to eat this without fried mantou (plain bun)!!? It definitely a perfect match!!

Eat it while it’s still hot course the sauce will turn sticky when it gets cool.. The sauce might be a lil spicy for non-chilli eater but the tomato fragrance could be what keeps you going!! Hahaha… Such a dilemma!

Next up, Golden Creamy Salted Egg Crab!


This is really creamy!! I like it!!! No other tze-char stall has ever gave me such creamy salted egg crab ever!!!

And the cream is so good that you will even wana to lick the plate!!!

They did not use parsley to garnish this dish but fried yam strip instead!! Crispy till the last bite!

As we have 4 vouchers, we used the last voucher on this… Crab Vermicelli!!


This is goood too, other then the troublesome part when you have to be careful not to swallow any crab shall when eating your vermicelli. This dish is a little more salty as compared to the other 2 crab flavours and the peppery taste might be a no-no for those who are not very into pepper (can’t remember if this is meant to be black pepper crab vermicelli, which I don’t it it). For me, I like peppery stuff so this is totally my kinda dish!


Conclusion… Using a voucher is definitely not shiok enough because 350-400g of crabs are really small and the shell is so thick and hard! Other than this, big crab or small crab, overall experience is still pretty positive! I’ll definitely be back and at that time, paying the full price (shall show you the difference in the crab then~)!!

If you are dining without any vouchers, ie: paying original price, I believe you will get better crab (thinner shell, fleshier crab) !! Or at least you get to choose the crab you want!

Btw, if you have noticed, all the crab dish have this flag on them right? They are lucky draw coupon. Scrap of the silver part and it will reveal some numbers (should be 3 or 4 digits, can’t remember). If your receipt last 3 or 4 digit is the same as what appear on your flag, your bill be be waived!! That means… FREE MEAL!! Well.. GOOD LUCK!!