Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restuarant

Wow.. How long has it been since my last food review!!?

Today I’m gonna share some heavy meals with you! Yes, as you can see from the subject, it’s BBQ!!! So far, I’ve only been there twice! TWICE, for dinner and always leaving the restaurant with satisfaction!!


Gyu-Kaku, the origin of Reins’ restaurant chains, has commitment to and pride in fresh foodstuffs. The Gyu-Kaku chain pursues “restaurants that offer good food at reasonable prices with excellent atmosphere/services,” and customers can enjoy various menu items such as barbecue (not only meat but also vegetables and seafood), desserts and drinks. Their specialty is the WAGYU beef and many sumptuous dishes!

Their staffs are all very friendly and always making you feel comfortable! They are attentive and always checking if you need help (clear plates/ refill water / more orders) *thumbs up*

First time here? Fret not, their staff can give you good recommendation (I don’t know about other outlet, but Novena staffs are awesome!!) Once you ordered, they will come to your table with the BBQ “pot” filled with charcoal! Wooo~ HOT!!


So while waiting for the “MAIN” dish, our salad and drinks were served pretty fast..

IMG_7422 IMG_6525

OH I haven tell you what we order??? LOL We ordered this (see below!!) This was the force that pull us into the restaurant!

GK wagyu

I will show you this later because our first dish served is…..

IMG_7424 IMG_7425

PRAWN (Garlic) 6 pcs S$9.90

Okay looks pathetic though.. You can give this a miss if you’re not a prawn lover. This dish is just so-so.. nothing fantastic in fact..

Shortly, the next few dish was served…

GK tofu chige


Looks a bit different from the menu illustrated hor..


Tofu Chige Soup S$11.90

Again, though it’s nice but absolutely ok to give it a miss too…


GK marinate

Chicken (100g) S$7.90

You can choose the seasoning for this!! Else, it will come tasteless.. we chose shio and it’s not bad! Shio is salty season but not too overwhelming kind.. Pretty mild la..

GK pork


Tsubo-Zuke Pork Belly (130g) S$13.90

AWW.. this is goooood!! The seasoning (i don’t know what is it) is gooood!! Actual thing looks more red then what’s illustrated in menu.. It taste a bit sweet a bit spicy and it wouldn’t make you feel too oily eating it – not at all!! Heavenly~~

NOW for our most looked forward dish… DRUMROLL PLEASE~~~~~


Ta-daaaaaa… If that pork is heavenly, this wagyu is definitely worth dying for!! Yes, I know this 300g doesn’t look a lot.. but our pocket is a lil limited so we settled for this.

When BBQ, you can see the shinning oil wrapped around the wagyu! The charcoal fire made the meat done pretty fast, tender & those char-grill fragrance – Oh man!


What makes it even better? The moment I put the wagyu in my mouth, the wagyu’s fat melted and all I could do then was “oooh” “aaawww” “mmmm~~”

And then I know my next visit will be real sooooon!!

Our bill?? S$214.70 for above items we ordered.. Seriously, out of so many dish, I only think that the soup is not necessary.. Else, all is good!!


NEXT VISIT shortly after 2 – 3 weeeks..?

This time round, we tried other stuff…


Gyu-Shabu Salad S$6.90

Salad lor, what else? This time it’s not sesame dressing.. It’s a lil sweet and sour kind.. Buay pai la~ (not bad~)


Signature Set for 2 pax S$54.00

It’s 100g of Beef tongue, 100g of Karubi and 100g of Harami! The restuarant is very thoughtful, they actually have image of the body parts to show your which part you’re eating..

IMG_7209 IMG_7206 IMG_7205


Closer look… I think the tongue was pretty gross.. but actually it’s good! i can’t describe how it feels.. but.. I know it’s good and not gross at all…!

GK meat

When the beef was served, the staff also reminded us that the lemon is for the tongue (how thoughtful – simple gesture counts)

we also ordered the chicken (again) & beef belly.. Both are Shio seasoning..



Staff staff told us, rock salt is just salt sprinkle on the meat whereas shio is marinated with salt (tend to have a lil sauce).. Maybe next time will try the rock salt! To see how different is the taste..

Well, as we didn’t order the wagyu set like previous time, our bill were relatively cheaper.


Seriously I believe there will be a third time, maybe fourth… fifth… LOL!! Ahh..