Erich’s Wuerstelstand

The last Sausage Kiosk before the Equator

If you ever been to Chinatown (even if you’ve not!), I bet you have heard/seen the well known Sausage Kiosk by Austrian Chef Erich Pollski – the Sausage Chef of Chinatown!!


Today I finally got a chance to try it!!! Yes!! After soooo many years this is my first time trying their sausage!!


He now has stall at K88 Coffee House (Blk 5 Banda Street #01-52, Stall no.5, Singapore 050005)! Not too far from the kiosk he used to be.. Prolly just a 100m away? Wuerstelstand lover can now seat down and enjoy your German bread, sausage and other Erich’s specialty!!!


Here’s my sausages!! My boyfriend ordered almost everything on display! What we see here is Wuerstelstand’s mini combo which includes 3 mini sausages (chicken, regular pork & spicy pork), smoke pork with cheese, pork frankfurter & German Pork Bratwurst (last two are based on my memory! I’m not the one who ordered.. Lol!)

I like the mini spicy pork sausage (yup, that small brownish red sausage)! It’s not really that hot & spicy but you can really distinguish its uniqueness from other sausages!


Another one that perks me up is the smoke pork with cheese! Taste aside! Look at the CHEEEZE!!!!!! It’s oozing out everywhere!!!!! *drool* Just looking at it makes me hungry!!! Ok, maybe the pic did not show much but trust me, the cheese and the pork are like the best partner forever at Wuerstelstand’s! They taste sooo well blended together!

You know some place sell cheese sausages and it taste… Erm so not wonderful? Sausage is sausage and cheese is cheese. The taste just doesn’t blend! It’s like u won’t know you’re eating cheese sausage until u bite the cheese! But here.. Every bite of it gives you that cheesy taste that you’ve wanted!! You never knew cheese sausage can taste so good!


U know..? I was sooo engross with trying my sausage until I totally forgot about my sauce! My boyfriend told me it’s tomato sauce! I….doubted him! LOLX! You see, it’s not red in color!!! But still I wana try! So I dipped my pork frankfurter in it..!

Hmmm… If u insist it is tomato sauce, I would agree too but I would say its more like home-made tomato sauce with something else.. Onion perhaps? I really don’t know!! Probably I should order it personally one day and check it out!

The sauce is nice.. It enhance the sausage fragrance but it’s not necessary to dip every bite! The sausage is already very nice on its own!


I took a snapshot the price list for future easy reference! For this price, I think they’re reasonable! Perhaps you may think that $3.50 can get you a decent wanton mee for lunch but this is different la! Where can u get a Austrian celebrity chef selling authentic German sausage at this price!? Even Gio Gio Sausage are not cheap ok~ (IMO la..)

If I’m ever dropping by K88 again, I’m sure I’m gonna order the smoke pork with cheese again!!

Side track: I’ll definitely be back because there’s a very nice slice fish bee hoon there by this old couple. You have to wait at least 30-45 min for your order during dinner time! They don’t really cook by first come first serve order. They cook by rounds. Ie: now cooking slice fish bee hoon (dry) then those who order this will get their food first. Each time prolly can serve 4-5 plates? Just be a little more patient when you’re here to try the fish bee hoon.. If you ask me what’s the thing that keeps me going back, I would say it the burnt wok fragrance! Be it soup and dry (with gravy), their bee hoon always have this burnt wok fragrance! My dad love it toooo! Clever him, always gets me to ta-bao (takeaway) for him so that he will not need to wait! Hmpf!! >_< Perhaps I can show you some pic of the bee hoon when I'm there again! Follow me on my Instagram/Twitter for quick update!!

Ok I think I side track too far!! So to end this post, here’s a pic of Erich!


(Photo grabbed from, one of their post on Erich’s Wuerstelstand!)

He’s always at the stall so it’s hard to missed him!

Additional info: interested to buy prepacked sausages? Here’s the price list!


Last but not least, you can find Erich’s Wuerstelstand on FACEBOOK, BLOGGER, FOURSQUARE, GOOGLE+ and WEBSITE!