Coffee Stars by Dao

Today, I’m sharing some yummilicious dinner with you! This place serves Thai.. Western.. International food! & this place is called…. Coffee Stars by Dao!

Coffee Stars by Dao, known as Coffee Beans by Dao in Thailand, is a restaurant-cafe concept that has experienced tremendous success in Bangkok. Currently with 8 outlets, the café chain made its foray into Chiangmai and Phuket in 2011. Singapore is the first country outside Thailand to enjoy this unique and dynamic dining experience. The idea behind Coffee Stars by Dao is that of sophistication, embodied in its signature chandelier found in every outlet. The ambience is designed to provide a casual yet elegant, cozy yet trendy, dining experience for all. Coffee Stars by Dao offers a wide array of authentic Thai cuisine and a spread of international desserts, satisfying their customers in every way, be it a main meal or just an indulgent tea break. Every food item is prepared with the best ingredients to excite even the most jaded palate. Their aim is to keep their customers coming back for more

Just back track a little.. this ain’t the restaurant we planned for dinner.. We wanted to just go Far East Plaza for some Tauhu-Telok (& Ayam Penyet). Then I thought maybe we can go Wisma to check out Paris Baguette to see if they serve dinner! Then my friends suggested why not Koh Grill & Sushi Bar? So, we actually went to Koh Grill first thinking that BREAD won’t fill out stomach but it was a long Q there so we head back to check out Paris Baguette again.. but we still think BREAD is not our kind of dinner! So we decided to just stick to tauhu-telok! JUST THEN… We saw this not very crowded and luxury looking restaurant seem a not bad idea! After looking at the menu, we decided to take a table for 2!



(limited cake choice and doesn’t looks appetizing though..)



But still it looks like a good chillax place! Air-con.. Comfy chairs/sofas.. Nice lighting.. & nice fooood!

What did we order?


Here’s a Pad-Thai Rice Noodle (Chicken).. It’s sweet & a little spicy! Very nice.. Portion is good to make you VERY FULL! For S$16, i think it’s pretty worth it!


Next, Stir-Fried Spicy Bean Sauce Glass Noodle (Seafood)! At one look, i really dono if it will fill my stomach because I don’t see much glass noodle! All i see is chinese cabbage, kang kong, pasley? Oh! Not forgeting, eggs! And it looks kinda spicy..

But after first bit, I find it quite ok! Not as spicy as it looks and the combination of everything is near perfect! Paying S$16 for this, i think is alright!


A side dish? Of course! We ordered Crispy Shrimp Rolls! S$14 for a plate like this, I thought its pretty expensive (yes, i know I’m in a posh restaurant!) But seriously that thought didn’t last more than a second bite!


It’s a crispy roll FULL OF PRAWNS! Mince prawn! Jammed packed mince prawn!! It goes well with the Thai chilli sauce too.. Yum Yum!! Not a chilli lover? Eat it plain like this is good toooo!

For the food I get, I definitely don’t mind coming back for more!! BUT (now the not so positive hold back!)! The service you get here, SUCKS!

The moment you sit down, none of the staff were give you a friendly look. They present the menu to you with a stern face. They take your order with a stern face. They serve your food with a stern face. They clear your plates with a stern face. They give you your bill with a stern face. They return your bill with a stern face without a “Thank you”!! Is everyone having a bad mood here!?

I’m not expecting you to smile like an idiot to every customer at every table. But at least look FRIENDLY. If you think you can give this attitude because you’re a “posh” restaurant, YOU ARE WRONG, your are not anywhere near “posh”. I’ve been to even more exclusive restaurant (a simple meal can cost you a few hundreds) and they give very good service and every staff puts on a smile (that’s the basic in service line!) and makes you feel welcome!

For this service, I won’t return to this restaurant again. Buck up man!

If you’re don’t mind the service and want to try the food, Coffee Stars by Dao is located at 435 Orchard Road Wisma Atria #01-37/41, Singapore 238877. Open daily 11:00am – 10:00pm