Lunch at Canton Paradise – HORROR!

Very nice lunch with very bad experience. you know its either VERY GOOD or VERY BAD when i blog about something i seldom do here.

Lunch at restaurant is very pleasant but the take away food is… NIGHTMARE.

We ordered half a duck (S$25) and this is what we get (we only opened up when we reached home). drumstick, breast meat, thigh.. HELLO?? where’s my duck wing??? Had called them up and even mms them this pic.. Looking at this pic they can tell mi where and where is the wing and bone had been removed (to me this is all defensive rubbish).. Izit me who ate the duck or you?

EXCUSE ME.. this is duck wing, not chicken wing!! If bone is remove what is left??? We even took this to coffeeshop and ask the uncles and aunties “IS THIS HALF A DUCK?” the answer we got back is… “where got half a duck?” “duck no wings meh?”

Yes you might think this is only A PCS OF DUMB DUCK WING but to others this wing might be their favourite part of a duck! Seriously, i dun give a damn even when you offered me complimentary ONE PORTION of duck, you can save it for yourself. If i can afford a S$79 Japan musk melon, I can afford the whole duck. I’m not here to cheat your DUCK WING – ONE PCS.

IT IS INTEGRITY. Trust me, i won’t patronise this restaurant again, will nvr bring my family, relative & friends there on any occasion, not even recommend. N-E-V-E-R!

By the way, this is at Katong I12 outlet – #B1-15.