Botoru Ki Japanese Restaurant

Hi all! I’m sooo excited today to share with you a new Japanese Restaurant i found around Khatib! It’s not a NEW place.. but i nvr thought (or maybe have forgotten) that a Japanese restuarant would be found here…

This place that I’m gona introduce to you is Botoru Ki Japanese Restuarant at Bottle Tree Park! So where is Bottle tree park?? It’s at 81 Lorong Chencharu (Yishun)!! About 10 mins walk from Khatib MRT Station.. If you’re taking bus, it’s even nearer.. There’s a bus stop just in front! You can take bus no. 39, 85, 851, 852, 853, 854, 855, 857, 858, 965 and 969! Alight at the bus stop opposite Yishun Stadium (which you can hardly missed!)

See HERE for Bottle Tree Park website and HERE to read more about Bottle Tree Park review!

We were there for dinner and the funny thing is, when i called to make my reservation, the staff told me.. “OH~ no need reservation, you just come.. weekday no people one!” and i was like.. okay.. your restaurant must be quite big enuf to hold dinner crowd without reservation ya? and when i arrived, i laughed to myself.. no wonder there’s no need to make reservation!!! The restaurant is NOT BIG at all.. and at the time like 8pm, there is only a table of 2 being occupied!! the whole restuarant is only about… half a badminton court size?? 6-7 tables only..

Sorry that i din get the chance to share some restuarant pic as i was starving already!! i just cant wait to sit down and start eating!!! and.. to proof my hunger, i din even take a snap shot of the menu!! (indeed very hungry) Maybe next time ya??

All i can share now is the yummy food i tried at the restaurant.. from appetizer to sushi and main course!


First, my fave, Pitan Tofu! you can visualize the size of my tea spoon? haha ya.. the pitan tofu is only this BIG and it cost S$2! geez.. half the price of what i ate at Akashi but standard not even half..  But i still love it.. its like nothing can goes wrong with pitan + tofu! BTW, Pitan is Century Egg!


Next, we ordered Salmon Mentai! Oh i must say.. this is nice~!! the salmon is soft and “tender” (is tender even the right word to describe???) The salmon almost melt in my mouth when i put it in! and the whole sensation is just soft and warm and.. absolutely NICE! MUST TRY!


Sushiiiiii~! this is new in their menu.. it’s called Assorted Sushi Ball!! (well i dono, i just call it what i want!! Hahaha!) seriously, other then it comes in a ball shape, i dono what’s so special about it! hahahaa.. but one thing i like about their sushi is.. the quantity of rice they used for a sushi is not like Sakae! Sakae’s sushi is like they’re trying to stuff you FULL with their rice! *nightmare*


Next up is Corn tempura!! This is in their NEW menu tooo! S$5 seems reasonable in the menu.. but when it’s on my table i was like.. “oh, S$5 just like that..?” well.. all i can say is eat it while its hot for this corn tempura! Else the freshness will be gone~


Next up, Fried Udon! this udon taste more to sweet than savoury.. My mom doesn’t like it & i think its so so.. The ingredient seems abit over-cooked.. The sotong (squid) is a little rubbery to chew.. the prawn seems to have shrink quite a bit! LOL..


Now this is my another fave!! Fried ebi maki or whatever you call that!! hahaha… crispy fried ebi and soft warm rice and seaweed sprinkles! AND MAYO!!! man~!! what can be better?! hahahaha… MUST TRY!!!


Our last dish~! Grill assortment! LOL! By the time we reach this dish.. we’re already like “I’M SO FULLL~!!” but still we mgt to clear everything… mushroom~ 2x chicken~ 2x scallop~ sotong~!!! *BURP* The scallop is good~ the chicken and sotong.. so-so.. not sure izit beause we’re so full already or izit really not that.. you know.. hahaha!


End of our dinner we also brought some take away!!!!! Corn Tempura and Pitan Tofu!!!! man!

Guess our damage!!? LOL it’s about S$74!!! geez.. that sure is expensive for a place like this! 9 items for S$74… u rate it yourself.. hahahah!

Conclusion… I will definitely still come again! yeah!!!