It’s cafe hopping time again with my cousin (my friends call her 黑表妹 because of her tanned skin tone! When she was younger, there are people who mistaken her as Indian. LOL, ya, that’s my 表妹!) So where did we go this time?

We went to …….. *drumroll*


Address: 30 Penhas Road, Singapore 208188 (Tel: 6293 3121)

Operation Hours: 11am to 10pm (Mon-Thur), 11am to 11pm (Fri & PH Eve), 10am to 11pm (Sat), 10am to 10pm (Sun & PH)

Website: (FB:

BTW, they have a few outlets (somewhere near town would be Mandarin Orchard?), this happen to be the nearest outlet at where we were that day.. 🙂



It’s quite hard not to notice this shop here because it’s as good as the one and only shop here. The exterior looks very english style and it’s absolutely stunning inside!


My first thought was… “Oh no! am I too dress down!?” but hmm.. my cousin didn’t wore any better than me so I guess we’re fine!! Hahahah!

Upon entering, you will see FOOD/SNACK/CAKE all waving at your!





I love how they packed normal looking snacks into something so classy! It make me feel so atas (high class) even just eating tapioca chips!!

Enough of chips/snacks, towards our right side are where all the cakes are displayed!




Yes, that’s lots of variety to choose from! Other than cakes, there are some pastries/croissant available too! Not too sure if they will heat up all order or upon request but i know they can heat it up for you!

20140118-192708.jpg 20140118-192745.jpg

Guess what!? Due to CNY around the corner, CNY goodies are available too!! Aww….!!


Now we’re done looking around, I shall bring you through our Hi-Tea session!


We sincerely think this is a place we can sit whole day to chill and catch up! They have all the food we love and desserts are totally mouth watering! Not only that, they serve plenty of different teas! A variety of black teas, green teas, herbal teas, new teas & etc!

While waiting for our tea, probably I should show you the cakes we ordered! Totally soul catching!

First to serve, Antoinette! Its a milk chocolate mousse cake infused with earl grey tea – chocolate biscuit – dark chocolate earl grey cremeux – raspberry coulis – earl grey tea crumble!


Look at the milk chocolate mousse!!


I’m never gonna have enough of this!! This milk chocolate and earl grey tea fragrance blends well.. It’s the best “tea” cake I ever had!


There is no single bit of dark chocolate bitterness throughout my indulgence! If you didn’t mention about dark chocolate, I don’t think I will ever know.

You, now, must be wondering where is the raspberry!!? Hahaha.. It’s here… the chocolate shimmery dome is the raspberry!


*Burst* you seee…. The raspberry here ain’t sour! I love how it goes with the tea fragrance! They blends well! The cake alone is good enough! With the raspberry, it adds a little fusion to it and still, it is marvelous!

I’m definitely ordering this again !!

Next up! erm…… I forgot what this is… I can only remember it has got something to do with.. passionfruit!!


This is more to the sour taste as compared to the Antoinette..


Have you also realize, seems like their cake has very little cake – like you understand what I meant!! Hahaha! I mean, just look at the cake, they have more cream/mousse than the sponge cake! Yet they don’t make u feel too much – unless you don’t have sweet tooth! =X

Now for the real dessert! Pavlova!! Don’t understand?? Neh-mind! I can explain!


This is a sweet crepe – Flambeed caramelized banana, chocolate sauce, passionfruit banana sorbet, French meringue and vanilla creme chantilly!

I’m not a meringue person so plenty of that actually is quote a turn off.. However the passionfruit banana sorbet is GOOD! I’m a banana lover!! I love chocolate banana drink! I love banana split! I love this passionfruit banana sorbet!! Yes, you can taste the real banana and not those artificial flavours – or at least to me! The caramelize banana tasted a bit too sweet till it taste bitter.. hmm.. or was it chao-ta (overcooked)??

Oh well, just have to eat this crepe while it’s hot because the crepe will turn chewy if left on the table for too long..

Oh and.. did I forgot about our teas???


We ordered a “Good Morning”, “Petit Rose” & “French Apple Tart”.

Good morning is basically an english breakfast tea. It taste like how it should be but as we drink we thought a has this mild jasmine fragrance. It feels like I’m having tea in India.. maybe not that far, just Little India..

Petit rose doesn’t comes PINK! what do u expect.. hahahaha.. It has a very mild rose fragrance. Too mild for me but just nice for my cousin.

French apple tart (above tea pic) is something I wouldn’t be able to get it else where and indeed it live up its own name! Pouring the tea into my cup, I can already smell granny! Hahaha.. The green apple scent is light and sweet. Compare to above two tea, this is much sour but if you are only drinking this, you won’t really feel the sourness. Very refreshing tea!

We sat there for about an hour+ and decided to call for bill.. This little thing gave my aunt a shock! She was so lost when the service crew left this on our desk! She looked at it for so long and decided to ask us “EH.. what is this huh???”

LOL.. we burst into laughter and said, “just open and see la…”.

I mean we couldn’t be sitting in the restaurant for half a day thinking what is it right?? Hahahah! She sure makes our day!!


So did you guess it right?? It’s actually our bill (bill box)!!


With that, we ended our afternoon with a great laugh and good tea!!!!