If you love to snack, this is one box you wouldn’t want to miss.. BOKKSU!

Founder Danny Taing developed his passion for food and travel while living and working in Japan for many years. During his time there, he immersed himself in the culture, traveled all around the country, and stuffed his face with all the local snacks along the way. It was through the mango chiffon cakes in Kyushu and the freshly handground matcha in Kyoto that Danny found his passion. After returning to the U.S., he was frustrated with the limited availability of the authentic snacks he had discovered during his time abroad. Yearning for a real taste of Japan, he set out to create Bokksu: a premium subscription service that delivers a cultural and gourmet journey through Japan to your doorstep each month.


Bokksu is unlike any other Japanese snack subscription. We are totally in love with authentic Japanese snacks, which is why we handpick snacks that people in Japan actually eat and curate them into beautiful themed boxes every month. We are also the only Japanese box subscription that includes a Tea Pairing specifically selected to complement that month’s delicacies as well as a Tasting Guide that describes the story and flavors of each item in the box.

So after seeing so many FB & IG ads on Bokksu, I decided to give it a try! Enough of healthy snacks! LOL!!

When i saw the subscription i was like… WHAT?? So expensive??? But actually, there are two plans to choose from..


From Hokkaido milk cookies to Kyoto hand-ground matcha, Classic Bokksu gives you the experience of tasting authentic Japanese snacks and teas delivered to your door. Each box comes with:

  • 20-25 Japanese snacks & tea pairing curated around a fun theme
  • Our Tasting Guide that explains each product’s story and flavors
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • The option to pause or cancel anytime
  • Use code GUDETAMA when ordering 3, 6, or 12-month Classic Bokksu and get a FREE box of Gudetama Mochi!


This little explorer will take you to the highest mountains in Hokkaido and the whitest beaches in Okinawa. With Tasting Bokksu, you’ll get a sampling of most or all products in Classic Bokksu each month. Each box comes with:

  • 8-10 Japanese snacks & tea pairing curated around a fun theme
  • Our Tasting Guide that explains each product’s story and flavors
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • The option to pause or cancel anytime

NOW MUSIC PLEASE!! Here’s my first (two) BOKKSU!!!

Such pleasant orange boxes! The box don’t feel heavy! Got me wondering if there would even be enough snacks to get me HIGH!

Nevertheless, let’s open our first Bokksu – May box (All Star)!

This was a free box when i signed up during one of their promo period.


It didn’t took me very long to start trying (ALMOST) every pieces!

Each box comes with an introduction leaflet! Sharing the details of the snacks! Origin, ingredient, a lil story! This was pretty thoughtful isn’t it? At least I will know what I am chewing and enjoying!

Now let me show you a few items which i tried on the spot while doing unboxing!!


First impression , for myself was, eew.. that’s a weird tasting cookie but as you bite, the brown sugar fragrance became stronger and it got tastier! For sure this is not love at first sight!


The white choc sweetness overwhelmed me when i opened the pack! Like sweet chocolate berry scent! Took while to have my first bite as i’m not sure is this raspberry will taste like medicine – you know most raspberry flavoured food does!!?

Well to be honest, it still have but was pretty mild. Probably because it was paired with white chocolate and the sweetness kinda smooth it out. The crunchy airy biscuit in it gave it additional texture which made this snack even more awesome than just awesome!


This just resemble Shiroi Koibito (白い恋人) so much I thought I would be indulge in another round of sweetness! BUT NO.

This was, ok yes, a lil sweet, but more of cheesy savory snacks! I’m not a cheese person so if you ask me, I would rather oop for Shiroi Koibito (even though i’m already sick of it). 

NOW THAT MY MAY BOX IS ALREADY FULL OF GOODNESS.. I didn’t waste another second thinking whether or not to open my second box!!

I didn’t take pictures of what I ate for my Jun box, but so far, most that I tried (or even shared – i.e. red bean toast, i don’t eat red bean), got pretty good feebback!

Get your $5 off first CLASSIC BOKKSU!


Travelogue: Indonesia Bali (Day 1)

So near yet so far! Although Bali is just less than 3 hours flight away, this is the first time we’re heading there!! I feel that we should have a break after planning #DALOVEKNOT wedding!! A well deserve vacation! PS: this is NOT our honeymoon yet!! >_<

So as you may all be aware, Bali has lots of villa! How I choose? Go to Groupon (via shopback – earn up to 7% cashback)!! Go find a villa that’s within your budget and looks appealing to you!

Bracha Villas: 4D3N stay for 2 for $452 in a Private Pool Villa with Breakfast + 1-Way Airport Transfer (up to $832 value)


This villa looks not bad leh! Most importantly the pool doesn’t have tree/plants over it hence no worries of bug/insect or leaves dropping into the pool while you swim! Clean poool! (Yes, I’m timid!)

So i went to google about Bracha Villa and learnt that it’s actually quite well located! It’s at the heart of Seminyak! Food/Shopping/Beach all walking distance! What could be better?

So deal locked flight booked and off we went!!


(View from the plane overlooking at Legian Beach (?) where hard Rock Cafe, Potato Head Beach Club are located.)

Upon arrival (about 130pm), we were greeted by our friendly hotel representative, Putu! Journey from Airport to Bracha is about 30 mins ride! Not sure how much it cost if you’re taking a cab though. However, if you’re planning to take a cab, Blue Bird should be a safer option! You can consider downloading their app and make booking easier (if you have data roaming).

BTW, there’s no time difference between Bali and Singapore..

Upon arriving at our villa, I must say… food is definitely not an issue here! Just opposite our villa is a Chinese restaurant!


Opening the door to my VACATIONNNNN!!!

The villa is quite true to the illustration shown online.. Hence no shocking sight!

& let me proudly introduce my GIANT FLAMINGO!!!

It’s soooo big that it occupied almost 1/3 of the pool! If you have kids, I got a feeling they are gonna love this giant float!! It cost IDR150,000 per day (about SGD16?)

Now let’s move in to check out the villa rooms!



The living area is a comfortable size for 2 person! They have everything that u will need! Fridge, stove, water dispenser, mineral water, complimentary soft drinks, plates, utensils, cooking ware, detergent, washing sponge, pepper & salt, tissue…


They even have some books for you to read! Now I really don’t mind staying in the villa whole day!!


From the living area (actually bedroom too), you can look out to the pool area, hence no worries about losing sight of your kids when they go to the pool

Now lets take a look at the room!!


Neat room and ……JGOL0689XZPX9443

Spacious bathroom without door.. The only door u can close while doing business in the toilet is bedroom door.. Yes inconvenient but if you’re going with your partner/spouse, I guess should be fine..


I must say, staff here are quite thoughtful.. Although it’s a groupon deal, they still arranged rose petals and honeymoon swan on bed after knowing it’s our lil honeymoon! I wasn’t expecting this though.. 🙂 A lovely surprise!

And you think that’s all….?

They even prepared a small cake for us!!!! I dont know if this cake really taste nice or because we’re hungry… This lil cake exceeded our expectation!! hahaha!


Check out what’s outside the bathroom window!! My giant flamingo!! LOL!!


I’m soooo in love with my giant float that i was granted a quick swim before we head out to familiarize ourselves with the surrounding! Apart from being our first honeymoon trip, this is also a trip for us to recce and plan for the next family trip! Private pool villa, who doesn’t like that idea??

The streets in Seminyak are all like this. A lil narrow but you’ll get a hang of it very soon..

Very soon, I got a lil too hungry to carry on and her head back to look for Ultimo!

Ultimo was HIGHLY recommended by my friend who went there for honeymoon too! Was told that they have very yummy pasta at affordable price.. I was initially a bit unsure if i want to try because I don’t know the chef’s standard..

Looking and the price, it was indeed quite reasonable and they have quite a wide variety of main course!

The next thing i can recall, I’m seated inside already! hahahaha!!

We ordered a Lychee Juice (I seriously don’t know lychee can be squeezed into juice!) 250g Waygu Steak, Prawn Linguine and a Mix Seafood Soup!

Not very appealing but taste wasn’t that bad. I love lychee hence this taste ok for me! Just image lychee drink but thicker and with a bit of pulps in every sip u take.

It’s a pity I couldn’t find my seafood soup image! The soup look so normal but taste totally like lobster bisque (without the cream maybe!)..

My SUPER DELICIOUS Prawn Linguine! It’s a lil oily but taste totally flavorful! I’m sooo in love with my pasta! Make a guess how many prawn are there in this plate? From the picture I believe u can see it’s quite a lot already ya? There are actually 20 prawns!! I can’t finish this alone!!

Then we have the 250g of Wagyu.. I had a few bit of this and I like this too! Tender medium rare steak with lots of fats.. Fine grated mashed potato with mix greens by the side!

Total Bill: 493,000IDR (approx S$53, depending on your exchange rate)

  • 45,000IDR Lychee Juice
  • 68,000IDR Seafood Soup
  • 200,000IDR Wagyu Steak
  • 180,000IDR Prawn Linguine (can’t recall the price but definitely cheaper than steak)

Food are generally a little more salty in Bali but I’m pretty fine with it. They taste more flavorful in fact! I’ll probably survive well if i’m gonna stay there!

You thought that’s all for our dinner?

We walked back further and landed at this first restaurant we saw when we step out from our villa (other than the chinese restaurant).

My hubby wanted to “purify the air” hence we sat here for a drink and I think he love their espresso! The first sip he took he immediately gave me that raise-brow look and said “好喝! (Nice!)”

Kinda rare for him to say something is nice or delicious.. He’s most common reply for good food is probably “Ok la~”..  Just first day and I heard his say something good about the food/drink!

Another reason we picked this place for him to take his puff was also because they sells babi guling! We ordered a Babi Guling set and a Mixed Satay set for takeaway so that we can have it as supper in the villa!

This is the Chinese restaurant I was saying earlier that’s opposite our villa! Looks pretty wow..

Walking back to our villa from the reception was quite adventurous for me.. It was so dark and eerie, i don’t know if there will be any lizard dropping on me! Guess my imagine went too wild!

Before we tuck in to our supper, CHECK OUT MY POOL NIGHT VIEW!! Got lights and mini “water fall” from the wall!! It’s never too cold for another swim!!!!

Now, back to my supper! The babi guling wasn’t what we expected, we thought it’s suppose to come crispy.. Nonetheless, it still taste quite good! The Babi Guling Set comes with keropok, soup, vegetables and 2 minced meat stick, cost about 98,000IDR?

The Mix Satay set comes with half dozen of satay (3 beef 3 chicken), keropok and vegetable, cost about 78,000IDR? It wasn’t too expensive but the fact that we had already taken dinner and they don’t sell just the meat, we gotta take the whole set, this made it a lil expensive.. LOL!

But overall, it’s still a nice supper!! I was sooooo FULL I think I was filled all the way up to my throat!!

Well, that’s about it on our first day in Bali Seminyak! Slept early so that we can get enough rest for the next day private tour!

Click below to continue the journey:

Oriental House Restaurant

I have been wanting to try something different. Something that’s neither Chinese, Western, Korean, Japanese, Malay, Indian nor Indonesian cuisine.

And here I am…. My first experience of Burmese cuisine at Oriental House!! Oriental House is located at Peninsular Plaza B1, a lil restaurant inside the food court!! I heard that it’s usually crowded during the weekend!! So do drop by early if you’re interested to try too!

Location: 111 North Bridge Road #B1-07 Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098

Contact: 63380315/63385610

To start off, we ordered one of their must-try!

IMG_4468 IMG_4469

IMG_4458 IMG_4462


If your friends are gonna be late, it is advisable that you order this in advance! You need to wait at least 20 mins for dish!! BUT IT’S ALL WORTH IT!!

It’s similar to our Teochew style steam fish – sour plum clear (limited) soup.. Their’s A WHOLE BOWL of soup!! The fish is fresh and the soup is super appetizing!! I think I can finish the fish by myself!

I have a friend who’s really picky when it comes to eating fish (she doesn’t like fish with fishy taste)and guess what?? She likes this!! I’m sure you won’t regret ordering this!!

We wanted to order Crab Huyaung but… not available! One of the dish that was strongly recommended too!!

IMG_5257 IMG_4470

Tell me if it’s good if you ever try it ok!!

Next up, something to interesting!?

IMG_4474 IMG_4463

This is really interesting!

White fungus with green pepper and tomatoes strips.. and some other ingredient which I can’t tell what is it! It’s a refreshing dish and you just can’t stop eating! LOL. the Burmese kinda salad!

After something refreshing, how about something heaty now..



Deep fried eel… If they hadn’t told me it’s eel, I seriously can’t tell it is EEL! I thought is some calamari or… hmm.. Anyway, not sure you can tell, but this dish doesn’t only have fried eel, it has fried lil onions too! The onion taste sweet! It can actually helps to blend off that oily taste when you had too much of it..

Now for one of my favourite (other than the fish).. Chicken Kebab! No…… I mean Kabat!

IMG_4472 IMG_4464

This is like those chinese style stir-fry chicken but this is better! If you can get used to the strong fragrance, I think you’ll like this. The sauce is not like a typical sauce you can find in any chinese restaurant. Like satay sauce but with a mild spiciness in it..Total good match with the chicken!

After so much meat, why not some vegetable?

IMG_4475 IMG_4467

Come to think of it.. Actually these dishes are pretty similar to chinese cuisine isn’t it!?? Yes, in fact, this is a Burmese-Chinese food.

Ok, back to the vegetable. After eating above dishes, all I can only say, Burmese food are pretty flavorful.. This dish may be simple but it’s a good dish to go with rice!! What can goes wrong with mushroom you tell me??

To end our dinner, We ordered some dessert to share.. since it’s a Burmese cuisine, of course we have to order something different!

IMG_4476 IMG_4478

WAIT – Faludah is only available on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Hence we didn’t get to try….



Fortunately, there’s Shweyinaye!!

I am lost of words when I try this… I.. I had so much struggle savoury sweet dessert!???

Love it or hate it! Those sagos are sweet!!! But with savoury coconut jelly!? what? How?? There’s a lil white bread soaked in it too.. 😕

I thought the bread was a spoiler at first.. Hesitated for a few seconds if I wana take the first bite.. hmm okie, be advanturous right!!? I took my first bite. WELL… Not too bad! Actually after a few more spoon, this desert actually taste quite nice! At least it’s not sickening sweet!

I will definitely be there again! Not only the fish is an addiction, Oriental House does not charge GST & service charge..!

Check out their Facebook if you’re keen to find out more!!


In The Brickyard

Late post is better than no post right? Right(!!) & I’m telling you this is definitely a post that can make you stress-free!!!

Went to Queensway Shopping Center for dinner the other day and received a call from to tabao (take-away) some dinner back.. So while I waiting for my takeaway to be ready, guess what I saw…


I was planning to visit them someday with my girlfriends (maybe with the help of google map since I have no idea where it is located initially) but now looks like… I’m already here!!

If you didn’t know, Salute is a coffeeshop selling FRENCH FOOD at super affordable price! In another words, it’s ATAS KOPITIAM la!!

It was almost 10:00pm when we were there and many stalls were preparing to close! We didn’t plan to have another round of dinner but some dessert might help digestion?? LOL.. will it?


IN THE BRICKYARD – New stall? I bet! By the look of it, I’m sure you can tell they bake their own cakes & not order from any A-B-C suppliers.. You know you are eating something not found at other places (maybe)!

Although not many cakes were left but still managed to grab 4 pieces back home..

IMG_4050 IMG_4051 IMG_4053 IMG_4052

These cakes look so pretty and they were all WAVING at me to bring ’em home!! How to resist you tell me!!? If you’re early, I bet you’ll have more options to choose..

IMG_4042 IMG_4049

Image on the left shows the cake they have on that day and out of those I only got three (except brownie)..

IMG_4043 IMG_4044 IMG_4047 IMG_4045

The reason I decided to grab one of each that’s available is because they have interesting flavours – ie: Banana split, Black current yuzu, lemon something something.. Can’t really recall!! But at least I’m not buying the regular strawberries shortcake, chocolate cake, fruit cake.. So boring, I know..

Importantly, their cakes are AFFORDABLE too..


It doesn’t really reminds me of banana split ice cream, seriously..

I’m not a strawberry person hence I’m really glad the banana taste stronger than the strawberries. However, you can rest assured that the banana will be too overwhelming (if you don’t really appreciate bananas..)! They probably hand-picked the fruits.. Why?? Because the raspberries ain’t sour at all, it’s sweet!

In fact, what I like most about this cake is the CREAM~! They’re not stingy with the fresh cream yet not covering the vanilla sponge cake too much! I’m not sure about you but I think giving me a thicker layer of fresh cream on the top of the cake is better than thick layers by the side. In that case, I can enjoy a good mix of cake and cream till the last bite and not eating just the left over cream.

(Was that your intention #INTHEBRICKYARD? Or I think too much??)



This cake look so cute in the cake shelf you know!! So hard to resist not to bring it home! I didn’t managed to get the name when they were recommending it.. (too noisy?? too full?? Can’t remember why..)..

When I posted on IG, they told me it’s Yuzu Frosting.. So I assume its some Blackcurrant Yuzu cake??



It wasn’t ORANGE!! What’s wrong with my taste bud!?? But.. orange and yuzu do taste similar right? RIGHT!?? &.. only orange skin is orange isn’t it?? okie.. Maybe I was wrong.. 😦


But no matter the case, this is good! The hint of sourness is just right. It doesn’t make you squint your eyes and it’s kinda appetizing too! LOL~



Despite the slight sourness, the cake is still full of sweetness! I would definitely recommend you guys to try this if it’s available when you visit!!


After two very interesting flavors that I just shown you, this one seems to lose out abit. If you like meringue, you might like this but other than the apply filling, there’s nothing much I like about it.. I can’t feeeel the love in this cake.



Doesn’t look very appealing but seriously it taste better than it looks! It may seems dry and boring but this brownie is very chocolate-ty and quite moist (yet light)! Wah.. I already don’t know what I’m saying~ I think it would serve best with a scoop of ice cream!! I wanna eat this with ice cream when I’m there again!!

IMG_4140 IMG_4139

*click to view larger image*

If you’re keen try their cake or even other stalls at Salute, head down to 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1.  It’s very near Queestown Shopping Center/Ikea!!

Sorry la! It was late already so that’s the best image I can show you but I’m sure google map can to a better job!!




Sunday Market 周日市场

Happy Birthday to me – not today but about a month back! today I’m gonna share my birthday treat with you!! My cousin been wanting to bring me to this new place to had brunch (as a birthday treat).. and finally after all the busy schedules we managed to set and date and makes it happen!

So where are we going?? We’re going to Sunday Market @ 22 Lim Tua Tow Road… WAIT! Hang on~! Isn’t that where The Factory is??? Yes, USED to be.. Unfortunately, The factory had ceased operation and Sunday Market had took over their location! Well.. nuff said! Let’s check out their food!!

IMG_3890 IMG_3892 IMG_3900 IMG_3891

Interior wise, can tell that they had put in some effort.. 🙂  Pretty cozy place.. Although not much choice in their menu but I guess this is a norm with cafe nowadays. They serve quality rather than quantity..

IMG_3893 IMG_3895

It was about 11am and the cafe has quite a bit of customer already (lucky it ain’t full house)..

So what did we ordered?

Smoked Salmon & Cheese ($12.90)


First look I thought it just merely so-so – can’t see what so great about it. When I take my first bite, I was speechless (salmon flying at the back of my head~ like so drama jiang~) LOL!! Nothing can goes wrong with smoked salmon isn’t it! Every bite is so savory and yummy! The cheese was lil cube mixed together in the scramble egg.. Even if you accidentally bite the whole pcs of cheese, you wun feel sick! The scramble egg is good! Not many cafe can do well in this kinda, I call it, Mcdonald scramble egg..! It’s either too runny or too well done. You might think that the smoked salmon looks so pathetic here, just that few bits and pcs and cost you over 10 bucks!? But the fact is every bite you eat will be filled with salmon.. The only thing I don’t like is probably the pile of vegetable by the side – not my favourite. Tomato is still ok but not the best that I had tried.

My aunt is not as adventurous when it comes to food so something simple for her would be this.. French Toast with BBQ Chicken ($12.90)!


The french toast all taste the same to me but the chicken was nice. I only had a bite so can’t really comment much about this. I can only say, both my aunt and cousin like this!

And my cousin had their Tender Loving Care ($15.90).. It’s similar to an american breakfast!


I like their chicken cheese sausage and mini hash brown! You should give it a try tooo!

Basically their Toast menu are pretty savory! Again, other than the “salad” by the side, I love what was served!


Will I go again? I think I will but the location is a bit turn off.. Probably when I craving for their toast again, I will just pop by!


Saveur – French Cuisine

Saveur is the brainchild of two young and enterprising friends who decided to pursue their dreams. After stints at various fine diners like Guy Savoy, Fifty Three and Tetsuya’s in Sydney, they discovered that there is a need to provide quality French fare at affordable prices. Armed with an entrepreneur rigor and wit, Saveur was set up.

Saveur prides herself as a restaurant that offers quality yet affordable French cuisine to the masses. Saveur aims to serve her own interpretation of French food, bringing French cuisine to everyone using local products at down-to-earth prices. Thus, bringing a whole new gastronomic experience to all.


We decided to try Saveur since we are around Far East plus it’s new..  The place doesn’t have the atas posh look but more like a cafe with insufficient lightings.. Sorry, auntie like me needs more light to see the menu (and $$)..

We ordered 4 dishes from Saveur and only one dish that we didn’t really like it. Read on the find out…



This is their Salmon Confit ($10.90).. I like the done-ness of the salmon – it’s as good as raw (lol) .. But I like the garnish even more! Very fine spring onion (Chives – the smallest species of the onion genus) & black pepper (in my own words)! Fresh salmon and every bite with the garnish just perfects it even more. The green side is apple & fennel tossed in lemon vinaigrette – refreshing.



Next, is this Truffle Mash ($5.00). Like its name, it’s just truffle + mashed potato. It was something new to our taste bud initially but as you eat more.. erm.. It ain’t that great anymore – we got sick of it very soon. We only managed to eat less than half of it. Why?? Because our main comes with potato already and with this, we’re like two potato lovers having potato meals.. gross.. >_<



I believe this is one of the signature dish (see see!! potato again! Btw, it’s truffle mash too! *faint*) Duck Confit ($13.90)! This is good! I would recommend this dish for those visiting Saveur! I’m not a duck lover but I enjoy this dish! The meat is tender on the inside, slightly crispy on the outside, flavorful and blends with the saute shitake! And I must say the orange segments made it more interesting.. Other than the mash, all is good.


I had their Seabass ($15.90) as my main.. Seriously, it’s hard to tell which one I love more.. The duck is good but the fish is nice toooo! Especially the skin, it’s crispy and a little saltish.. You have to eat the seabass with the skin to have a more flavorful bite. Else just the fish alone might just be a lil bland.. Not forgetting, the saute potato with crab meat definitely taste better than the mash!!

I think we have got phobia with mash now.. *cries*

The next time I visit again, I’ll probably wana try their Pork Belly ($11.90)

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restuarant

Wow.. How long has it been since my last food review!!?

Today I’m gonna share some heavy meals with you! Yes, as you can see from the subject, it’s BBQ!!! So far, I’ve only been there twice! TWICE, for dinner and always leaving the restaurant with satisfaction!!


Gyu-Kaku, the origin of Reins’ restaurant chains, has commitment to and pride in fresh foodstuffs. The Gyu-Kaku chain pursues “restaurants that offer good food at reasonable prices with excellent atmosphere/services,” and customers can enjoy various menu items such as barbecue (not only meat but also vegetables and seafood), desserts and drinks. Their specialty is the WAGYU beef and many sumptuous dishes!

Their staffs are all very friendly and always making you feel comfortable! They are attentive and always checking if you need help (clear plates/ refill water / more orders) *thumbs up*

First time here? Fret not, their staff can give you good recommendation (I don’t know about other outlet, but Novena staffs are awesome!!) Once you ordered, they will come to your table with the BBQ “pot” filled with charcoal! Wooo~ HOT!!


So while waiting for the “MAIN” dish, our salad and drinks were served pretty fast..

IMG_7422 IMG_6525

OH I haven tell you what we order??? LOL We ordered this (see below!!) This was the force that pull us into the restaurant!

GK wagyu

I will show you this later because our first dish served is…..

IMG_7424 IMG_7425

PRAWN (Garlic) 6 pcs S$9.90

Okay looks pathetic though.. You can give this a miss if you’re not a prawn lover. This dish is just so-so.. nothing fantastic in fact..

Shortly, the next few dish was served…

GK tofu chige


Looks a bit different from the menu illustrated hor..


Tofu Chige Soup S$11.90

Again, though it’s nice but absolutely ok to give it a miss too…


GK marinate

Chicken (100g) S$7.90

You can choose the seasoning for this!! Else, it will come tasteless.. we chose shio and it’s not bad! Shio is salty season but not too overwhelming kind.. Pretty mild la..

GK pork


Tsubo-Zuke Pork Belly (130g) S$13.90

AWW.. this is goooood!! The seasoning (i don’t know what is it) is gooood!! Actual thing looks more red then what’s illustrated in menu.. It taste a bit sweet a bit spicy and it wouldn’t make you feel too oily eating it – not at all!! Heavenly~~

NOW for our most looked forward dish… DRUMROLL PLEASE~~~~~


Ta-daaaaaa… If that pork is heavenly, this wagyu is definitely worth dying for!! Yes, I know this 300g doesn’t look a lot.. but our pocket is a lil limited so we settled for this.

When BBQ, you can see the shinning oil wrapped around the wagyu! The charcoal fire made the meat done pretty fast, tender & those char-grill fragrance – Oh man!


What makes it even better? The moment I put the wagyu in my mouth, the wagyu’s fat melted and all I could do then was “oooh” “aaawww” “mmmm~~”

And then I know my next visit will be real sooooon!!

Our bill?? S$214.70 for above items we ordered.. Seriously, out of so many dish, I only think that the soup is not necessary.. Else, all is good!!


NEXT VISIT shortly after 2 – 3 weeeks..?

This time round, we tried other stuff…


Gyu-Shabu Salad S$6.90

Salad lor, what else? This time it’s not sesame dressing.. It’s a lil sweet and sour kind.. Buay pai la~ (not bad~)


Signature Set for 2 pax S$54.00

It’s 100g of Beef tongue, 100g of Karubi and 100g of Harami! The restuarant is very thoughtful, they actually have image of the body parts to show your which part you’re eating..

IMG_7209 IMG_7206 IMG_7205


Closer look… I think the tongue was pretty gross.. but actually it’s good! i can’t describe how it feels.. but.. I know it’s good and not gross at all…!

GK meat

When the beef was served, the staff also reminded us that the lemon is for the tongue (how thoughtful – simple gesture counts)

we also ordered the chicken (again) & beef belly.. Both are Shio seasoning..



Staff staff told us, rock salt is just salt sprinkle on the meat whereas shio is marinated with salt (tend to have a lil sauce).. Maybe next time will try the rock salt! To see how different is the taste..

Well, as we didn’t order the wagyu set like previous time, our bill were relatively cheaper.


Seriously I believe there will be a third time, maybe fourth… fifth… LOL!! Ahh..



A Prima Bakery Cafe..! If you had tried them, good for you! If you have not, I think you should make time to drop by one day!

1 Vista Exchange Green #02-28
The Star Vista, Singapore 138617
Tel: 6694 4718
Fax: 6694 4708

Business Hours:
10am – 10pm Mondays to Thursdays & Sundays
10am – 11pm Fridays & Saturdays


From the above picture I’m sure you can tell that this is not an air-con place but trust me, you won’t be having your meals in perspiration! It still cooling in here (plus, the installed fans la)..



These bread display kinda reminds me of.. Paris Baguette…20140309-011322.jpg

Per my voucher said, reservation is required 1 day prior. Indeed, god thing I made a reservation because who will expect as full house on Saturday morning!? My gossh!

20140309-011331.jpg 20140309-011338.jpg

The menu is pretty easy to understand, I didn’t take much pic of it but, just FYI, you can top up you ala carte sandwich to a set which will include one drink and one side (ie: pot pie or salad).

Since we’re using groupon voucher (it was a 40% off kinda deal), we can only look at ala-carte items.. 😦

20140309-011351.jpg 20140309-011356.jpg

Our drinks are pretty standard.. Ice Latte (S$6.50) and Chamomile Tea (6.50)..


The Seafood Chowder Pot Pie (S$7.80) was slightly smaller then I thought but it was worth it. Claim, scallop, prawn & mussel can be found! The bread was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside!


Here’s my Smoked Salmon Sandwich (S$12.80)! At one look, I’m like.. “erm.. salmon leh??”

Too much greens but that’s what I’m lacking!! Too much onion too.. =P

Very well toast sliced baguette! Overall still good because of the smoked salmon and crispy bread! Will still order this again if I re-visit!


My girlfriend ordered this, iBake Egg Benedict (S$16.00). This is very filling! Poached egg, bacon, mushrooms, sliced tomato & thick toast.. Yummy!

For a poached egg, I think it’s a bit over cooked that day.. Other than that, everything was good!


Salami & Mushroom  Sandwich (S$9.00), I didn’t try this but I didn’t hear bad comments about it so I assume it’s good too.

I think it’s the bread that makes the difference.. Good bread makes everything that goes with it good!!

For dessert, we order Blueberry Danoise A La Myrtilles (S$5.80) & Petite French Stick with Milk Cream (S$1.50 for one, $8 for six)



If I have to choose, I think the Petite French Stick is what I will want to order again, or even every time I visit Star Vista!! It’s totally heaven! Every bite with milk cream oozing out from the french stick! Aaaw.. sweeet and crispy! Darn, I’m craving for it will writing up this post already!!!

I think you should got for the $8 for six pcs deal! Because ONE is definitely not enough!!

Our total bill adds up to S$73.40 and good thing we had the deal voucher and we only paid S$23.40 up front! Sounds a bit crazy to have costly breakfast but thinking that if it’s brunch, it’s sounds totally fine!!

If there will be another brunch in a more centralized area, I would be more than happy to visit each time I am near them!