StarBeau Academy

It’s lesson time!!!! Yey!!! What course have i took!? Its a 2-Hrs Hands-On Nails Workshop by StarBeau Academy!! StarBeau is a newly set up company offering professional advanced and novice courses using international branded products. Each student will have their very own Personal Training Journal to personalize and maximize their learning experience!

So where is StarBeau? It’s located at 33 Ubi Ave 3 #01-65 Vertex Singapore 408868. That sounds very far and out of the way for me… But after a google search, the location seems quite ok! I have direct bus from my work place & its the only bus that the bus-stop in front of Vertex have! Bus no. 58! LOL~ Lucky or not?


You can take a straight bus (no. 58) from Bishan Bus Interchange to Vertex. Alternatively, You can take MRT to Tai Seng Station and change to bus no. 58. It’s pretty hard to missed it! After Tai Seng station, alight at 2nd bus-stop after a left turn! And you are at Vertex already!


I did a printscreen from google map to show you the way.. After you alight, just walk back from the bus-stop to the carpark gantry and walk into the carpark inside. Continue walking straight till you almost reach the end (and now u will start to think “oh no, am i at the right place?”) and ta-daa~ StarBeau is there! The shop display all nail related stuff so it can’t be wrong!! But after explaining so much i just recall.. They might relocate their classroom to Sembawang MRT Station.. By then i guess it will be easier to find them. Just hop in the train till you hear Sembawang! hahaha!

Now that we found StarBeau, go in and head up to 2nd floor!


Sorry, i forgot to take pic of the shop front but here’s the classroom.. can hold up to 12 students (maybe 13/14 shouldn’t be a prob too??)


Did you spot Jaclyn?? hee! After registration, i find myself a seat and started to read the notes and see what material was provided…


The basic base/top coat, polish remover, buffer, cotton pad are provided..


There’s a goodie bag prepared for the participants as well! Inside the bag you will find a Jacqueline Burchell nail file, OPI cuticle oil, nail sticker, rhinestones, nail wrap, toothpick, sauce dish and half nail plate! Other than these materials, there are 2 vouchers included as will! S$20 nail art voucher and a S$88 Cuccio Deep Derma treatment voucher!


Here’s the note.. basically they are basic knowledge.. the actual informative part is where everyone gathered and see how she do it (nail art)..


So what i’ve learned? I learnt that you should never use a nail clipper to clip the nail shape u want! You should only use a nail clipper to clip away unwanted length. then use a nail file to shorten it and trim the shape (oval, square, squoval, round, pointed). She showed us “How To Hold Your Nail File” too! Probably i can take pic and show you when i have the chance!


So what’s next after you trim your nail shape? Clean your cuticles of coz! How to? eh.. actually they’re pretty simple! Just grab one orange stick and pick out some cotton from your cotton bud (similar concept to a cotton bud) then dip into water and go around your cuticle in circular motion.. OH! somebody asked “Why not just use cotton bud??” because cotton bud’s stem is too soft, making it difficult to clean your cuticles.. When cleaning your cuticles, pls be gentle and not to hurt them.. It they’re injured, new nails may not grow out or nails that grows out will not be beautiful..


Next is buff! Buff is pretty straight fwd.. just BUFF! LOL.. but don’t buff too much.. your nail will become thin! When it becomes too thin, it will break easily.. ouch!

So after this tutorials, we all went back out seat to try it out ourselves.. we file we clean we buff.. NICE! applying polish is so much easier now~!

Shortly after that, we all gathered around Jaclyn again to see the demo on nail art..


Nail sticker rhinestones are pretty easy.. Just keep in mind that when doing nail art, you should (visually) divide your nail into quarters and concentrate on just a quarter at a time..

Jaclyn also demo the gradient nail art technique (using sponge – cut into small pcs) and nail wrap (nail foil).. Now i know i no need special nail primer to get my nail wrap on but just a top coat and the job is done..!

By 9pm++ the class ended and i made my way back by taking the only bus 58 to bishan!

Below are the pic i took when i got home… better image of the goodie bag!!


Love the cuticle oil (Peach scent) & nail file! Nail sticker is not my cup of tea but i guess it will still be useful some day!!


This is the voucher i mention earlier.. Now i just need to make my appointment to PAMPER MYSELF again~~~!!!!

Looking fwd to the next workshop!! Definitely keen in more nail art demo!


Jacqueline Burchell Gel Polish Workshop

How many of you heard of Jacqueline Burchell? JB is actually a Gel Polish Brand. A brand with thousand over gel colours! Impressive? Yea.. i think so..


This complimentary workshop i attend is at Midview City (Sin Ming Lane).. it’s not hard to find.. But the walking is… LOL.. probably cuz i’m not familar with  that area..


Guess what i’m the first to arrive!! * applause* So i was told to register over at the booth first then take a seat anywhere i like in the “classroom”..


Looks like it’s gona be a 12 pax class.. *excited* Since there’s still some time before the workshop starts.. i went around taking pics..



This class room is actually a studio.. i think that’s why there’s furniture everywhere.. I found something cute too, shall show it to you shortly!!


By 2pm, Jaclyn Ngo from Luxewomen started the workshop..

In this workshop, we learnt the basic nail knowledge. Jaclyn also showed us the comparison between regular polish and gel polish. (im still waiting for her pdf file to recap) and from this workshop, i learnt that gel polish only takes like 30s TO BE CURED!! wow.. thst’s very fast.. I’ve never done gel polish before cuz i wasn’t very excited about it. but now..hahah.. it seems pretty interesting already.. andgel polish can last at least 21 days (3 weeks!!) Man~!

Jaclyn also gave up a tip.. we can apply regular polish on top of gel polish if we want to change color for a night (or two).. then after that use a non-acetone polish remover to remove the regular polish and ta-dahhh~~ Gel polish again!


So after all the talking…. now it’s hands on time! but not our hands on.. it’s their hands on..

Their hands on is all about all the how-to… how to push cuticles.. how to apply gel polish.. how to remove.. how to give your nails treatment..


*pushing cuticles*


*applying base coat*


*curing the coats* 30s each for a base & (2 coats) color. 90s for top coat!


See.. it’s completely dry after those curing!!





and after all the talking and sharing.. Above are the promo pack that they’re having at this workshop! super good buy! but .. i din bring cash! or rather not enough cash!! T_T

Below are ALLLL the colours the JB have.. from basic to glitters.. man! hell lots of colours!









Last but not least.. this is really a educational workshop for nails lovers.. 20121129-161427.jpg

Covermark Workshop!

What do you normally do on weekend!? SLEEP?? SHOPPING?? MOVIE??? Well.. no time for this..! My Saturday (29 Sep) is a very anticipated one!! hahahahaa!! Soo looking fwd to this workshop since day one I register!!

How did i get to know this workshop?? haha!! Read more magazine! Esp Singapore Women’s Weekly! got to know this workshop from SWW Mag! This workshop cost S$30 but is fully redeemable fro Covermark products!! and guess what!? first 100 to sign up, you will get a goodie bag worth S$100!!! gues what again!!! i’m the first 100!! well i guess everybody’s the first 100 because i saw everyone holding the same thing as mi!

So here i am!! We (me and my girlfriend) were the first few to reach!! no prize but got door gift – this door gift is the S$100 worth of goodie bag! i’ll skip the 15min refreshment part! hahahaahha~~ it’s just about light snacks and drinks!!

We were ushered in and get a good seat! I see many interesting stuff at my station!! Mirror.. Mentos! blusher, highligher.. hair pins!

Out of all the items, only the mirror and this small pack can be “tabao” home!

Another thing that caught my attention is this row of…. FOUNDATION! What’s the difference? They are actually the same thing just different state!

No.1: Liquid Foundation.. Normal liquid foundation.

No.2: After much STIRRING.. REALLY LOTSA STIRRING, it will become powder. Why powder? cuz the stirring made the liquid evapourated.. (if i din rmb wrongly this is really the reason!)

No.3: CONTINUE stirring.. and it will become FINEEEE powder! This is the state of normal loose powder..

No.4: Never-dying-stir-job is tiring but you will get a very ULTRA FINE until airy powder (with the aid of some secret ingredient).. and this is the final, so-called final, product of Covermark foundation!

That is why covermark foundation are so good! Good coverage, Good moisturizing effect, Good wrinkle filler! not even smile line will show! hahahaah..

In this pic, on the left is the Trainer from Japan and on the right is Thailand’s Trainer a.k.a. translator! they showed us how to do simple face massage techniques and how to apply foundation the right way..

We were each given one MINI mask (soooo cute right!?) to try out.. well i have to say.. i can’t really see the difference.. but the serum in it is definitely very solid..

So after all the cleansing.. toner.. masking.. it’s time to hands-on!

The model here so poor thing.. the spot light is giving out way too much heat! It’s pretty hot sitting under that big bright light.. But thanks to her, i now know why Moisture Veil EX is a star buy!!! It’s really good!! really make u look so natural with flawless skin!

And this is the offer that Covermark is offering at the workshop.. purchase one Moisture Veil EX foundation (S$95) you’ll get one eye shadow palette on complimentary!

And heree.. if you get a full size cell advance toner/serum, you will get the other type free (travel size)!!

Mineral wash is also available!! Only at this worshop you will get this like sponge netting on complimentary.. so what is that netting for? it actually helps u to lather the foam faster!

ALL IN ALL, when u purchase above a certain amount, you’ll get to take home all this!!! plus a towel and a UV hand cover.

I walked away empty handed because i’ve got no cash with me.. cant bear to leave without my foundation but since i’m still holding to my $30 voucher, i think i can get it at covermark counter anytime!!

Totally happy w my flawless skin…. but i think i put on weight again!! >_< hahahahaha!!!!