A Closer Experience at The Clementi Mall – Part II

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Like I mentioned in my previous post, going to The Clementi Mall is more convenient than you think! It’s located next to Clementi Station and no need to worry about the weather because there’s a link bridge directly to the mall! With 142 shops, there will always be something for you!





We went on a weekday afternoon and the crowd doesn’t looks like a weekday at all! LOL.. Not only the MRT (Yes, we took MRT to Clementi! It’s sheltered all the way, who cares about the rain/sun!) is crowded, the mall is not lonely! You will be entering the mall level 3 if you are taking MRT (directly access). Since I’m not very familiar there, let’s just head to the Infomation Counter at level 4 to grab the mall directory leaflet first!!


Since we’re at level 4, let’s just start of here first… On this floor, it’s mainly Food Court, Sports & Lifestyle, IT, Gadgets & Entertainment, F&B, Services, Information Counter!

We went to Box Boss first as we’re thinking of getting a hp case for my dad (Yup, he just bought a new phone)! Box Boss is like a shop with MANY stalls in them! You can find items like hp charger/earpiece/casing, watches/accessories, baby clothes, plants, pretty magnetic boards, badges, Japanese DIY candy, etc etc!!


IMG_5542 IMG_5543

One thing that caught my attention is this musical “box”! What do you call this btw? It’s so hard to find this when I need them!

Well, after getting something for dad, it’s our shopping time!! We head down to level 3 and spent almost half of our time there!! On this level, it’s mainly mini anchor, fashion, watches & jewellery, F&B shops.


Our first stop at level 3, Rubi Shoes!! Yes, woman not only can’t resist SALE, they love SHOES toooo! And you know what, Rubi Shoes is having both!!!


Exclusively at The Clementi Mall: STUDENTS get 10% OFF if you flash your student pass! (Students, ain’t that a good reason to pop by The Clementi Mall’s Rubi Shoes!?)

Although I’m already a RETIRED student for almost a decade (T_T), I still love buying shoes!!








Casual shoes on the left and smart casual shoes on the right!

Let me side track a bit! I recall when I was in poly, the thing i would hate to forget is… to wear covered shoes for lab class and/or the day I have presentation! It’s either I don’t have the right shoes for presentation or I came in sandals.. -___- There isn’t Rubi Shoes then and I don’t recall Clementi being so trendy like now!! To get a pair “emergency” shoes, it will either cost you quite a bit or you’ll end up with a pair of old-fashion black shoes! There weren’t many shopping option during my poly time!! How sad! (Poly) Students now, you are so lucky there’s a Clementi Mall there!!



Colorful flip flops!! Spoil for choices!!

20140806-144429-53069449.jpg 20140806-144432-53072096.jpg

20140806-144430-53070213.jpg 20140806-144431-53071347.jpg

20140806-144429-53069079.jpg 20140806-144432-53072944.jpg

So back to our topic!! Who doesn’t love trendy and pocket-friendly shoes!? Not only shoes, they have flip flops/bags/shades/accessories too!!! Hahaha! My mom even reminded me that I can actually get some hair accessories to “beautify” myself when I’m working on my blog!  So… it’s selfie time!!


What do you think of this kitty hairband?


OMG~ My sis look so EXTRA SMALL standing next to me yet still wana stand behind me!!! #$%^?*%


Me & my sis even saw the same bag that we thought was quite nice and multi-purpose too! Most importantly, it’s less than S$20!! erm.. Actually the price is there…! Of course we bought it!!


Yes, I know I look hilarious here but I couldn’t resist not trying this hat! Maybe one day if I’m going to the beach I may consider getting one!! I’m serious leh but you might have to convince me to go to the beach first~!



At one corner (big corner in fact), I saw this banner!! “…S$10 & UNDER…”!! No student sale for me, neh-mind!! I can compensate that with a pair of S$10 shoe!?? HEE!!!!

I saw quite a few shops selling shoes in here so fret not if you can’t find what you want in Rubi Shoes.. There are heels/running shoes/men shoe all available around Clementi Mall (mainly at level 3)..

Just few shops down, we saw Typo! Although there were many Cotton On outlets but I think Typo were quite limited! So it’s actually good that we find Typo here!!


With such friendly staff! LOL..


Most of things you can find here are stationery/gifts/fun stuff! When I’m still a student, I like to having unique or fun stationery that is not common! Reason? You can easily identify your things when they’re gone and it makes you (school) life more fun!! Imagine writing with a P*lot pen and a Skull Pen, which one keeps you gonig!?? Hahaha! Ya la ya la~~ I know I am superficial~ But doesn’t having something you like makes you wanna hang on to it more..? ^___^

20140806-174100-63660253.jpg 20140806-174100-63660472.jpg

I don’t know about you, but I think I looks good in glasses! *whistle* LOL!!

20140806-174100-63660140.jpg 20140806-174100-63660361.jpg

20140806-174101-63661192.jpg20140806-174106-63666081.jpg 20140806-174103-63663674.jpg 20140806-174103-63663331.jpg 20140806-174104-63664017.jpg20140806-174105-63665043.jpg 20140806-174100-63660842.jpg

Lots of amazing stuff right!? Love that Eiffel Tower scissors!! We even bought this cute sleeping eye mask for my niece and nephew!! A mall where you can shop for the young and young at heart indeed!!!

If you can’t find the right gift or don’t know what your friend like, go get a GIFT CARD!!


After all the shopping.. It’s already evening and we’re dead beat!! We head straight to B1 as we wanted to have our dinner and … we got attracted to …… FAMOUS AMOS!!



My sis said my niece and nephew love Famous Amos so we got some back for them!!


Not forgetting my dad (again), we bought tori-Q for him!!! He’s a “carnivorous” so tori-Q would be a good choice for him!!

Seriously.. B1 is like a food heaven! From sweet to savoury.. From snacks to meals.. From kiosk to restuarant.. It’s all here!!

Now I understand why it’s crowded even on a weekday.. There are sooo many things to shop & eat here lah~!! A mall for everyone!!!!

Don’t forget to check out The Clementi Mall Facebook Page HERE for latest news!!!!

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It’s Alive – Alive Museum!!!

As part of the Singapore Blog Awards fringe activities, I have been invited to visit Alive Museum Singapore (AMS) – the latest attraction in town!!

If you are not aware, AMS, Korea’s original and biggest chain of Illusionary Entertainment Museum, is newly-opened in June 2014 at Suntec City. Suitable for people of all ages, be it families, couples or tourists, the Alive Museum infuses and modernizes the concept of art into fun and entertainment. Sprawling over 10,000 sqft, more than 80 artwork exhibits are brought ALIVE with 3D painting, shading and drawing techniques that create visual illusions
Say goodbye to those “Please do not touch” or “No photography” signs!!! Visitors now will not only be able to experience magical ideas in reality by touching and watching objects, they will be part of the masterpiece too. These visual art illusions would definitely provide LOTS of photo opportunities and fun-filled moments.

Don’t miss the special locally-themed pieces too! There will be 9 locally themed paintings in addition to the other interactive pieces on exhibit.

BONUS: Free WiFi access inside the museum! Snap and upload them to FB and show off to your friends, LIVE NEWSFEED sia!! But I was too busy taking photos and totally forgot about it when I’m inside!! -___-|||

Now, before I show you all my FUN and GOOD TIME, let me share with you a little background on AMS..
ABOUT | Creative Tong Korea owns Alive Museum. Adval Brand Group is the official licencee and marketing agent of Alive Museum in Singapore and globally outside of Korea, and works closely with Creative Tong Korea and Creative Tong Asia to make Alive Museum Singapore a success.

Adval Brand Group Pte Ltd was started in 1999 by Ms Patsy Ong Hahl and Mr Tom Hahl. Since then, the company has established itself as a key player in the growing tourism sector in Singapore and Asia. Adval’s main focus is in the branding, sales and marketing of leisure and tourism projects and businesses related to these projects.

HISTORYAlive Museum first started in Korea as Trick Art Museum in Seong-eup, Jeju Island, and changed its name to “Alive Museum” in 2012. Since then, there are 15 branches of Alive Museum globally, making it the largest chain of 3D interactive illusionary art museum in the world. Outside South Korea, Alive Museum is also in Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, China and now (from June 2014), in Singapore.

R&DDriven by a passion for Art works and the commitment to deliver the best quality experience, Alive Museum is supported by an R&D team in Korea. Every artwork you see is hand painted by our artists and coated with a special paint to preserve the quality of artworks.


Location: Suntec City Mall #03-372 (Between Towers 3 and 4)

Ticket Prices: $25 (Adults), $20 (Children 3-12 yrs)

Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm Daily (Last Admission at 9pm)

Approximate Duration of Visit: 1.5 hours

As part of Alive Museum’s efforts to refresh and reinvigorate visitors’ experiences, 30% of paintings will be changed annually. So what’s are the painting this season!?? Read on to find out more!!!



Alive~~ 我来了(here I come)!!!

IMG_5475 IMG_5380

FYI, the ticket is One-Time-Entry only, so make sure you go toilet first before entering~!! Don’t say I no tell u ah!

At the entrance, there’s already a few art pieces for you to start taking pic.. So let’s not wait any further!!!

IMG_5378 IMG_5381

*warm up at the entrance!!*

IMG_5477-0 IMG_5383

*Going in now!!!* ^__^


*My angel mom*




*Don’t let goooooo~~~~”


*Your leg must put here… Come I help u!!*


The different kinda ruler~! The Humble, The Fierce, The Proud, the Noob! LOL… You put the names in! XD


Side story: My man always calls me 小胖(lil fatso)  and I always argue back that I’m 美人鱼(mermaid) not 小胖(lil fatso)!! NOW…. SEEEE!!! I told you I’m a mermaid already, why did you not believe me!! WAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


OkOk… I’m not mermaid!!! I’m not mermaid!! Don’t peeee on me!!!! >_<

IMG_5400 IMG_5399

(Left) Look who’s driving!! LOL…! 

(Right) Shampooo pls!!

The next few exhibit has not illusion nor special effect but it’s BEAUTIFUL!!!

IMG_5403 IMG_5402

P.S.: NO SKIRT pls~!! in case anyone… you know… “run light





We insisted the let her try this MJ move.. She nearly lost an arm!! Hahahaha!! But the effect is awesome!!! PASS!!


*Chaplin to the rescue!!*



Sorry, I didn’t have a proper photoshop app so the only way to “remove” strangers at the background is to…. colour them away~ Geez!!


Girls are always girls!!! We can’t wait to KISS SPIDERMAN!!! Did you notice someone is sooo happy till she’s smiling while kissing!!! :-*

IMG_5412 IMG_5413

Anyone recognize this place…?


*Someone save our mommiesssss pls!!*


*Who kicked my mommy!! (pull up sleeve)*


*After kicking kicking still wanna eat her!!!?*


*I… I can do hand stand!!!! Like finally!!!!*

(oops! Sorry.. this art is under maintenance but.. I can’t missed this ❤ !!)


*Mom~ You’re awesome tooo!*


*We are strong girls but poor grandpa T_T bo gey liao (toothless already)*


While playing with all the art piece, we saw this..! It’s cute.. When you blow through hole, the fan will start moving and Marilyn Monroe’s dress will… C’mon you know… >_<



We have a family of angel~




and sports player!!


This exhibit was close off for maintenance.. Thus we then manage to pose with it BUT.. a picture should be still fine!!! 😀

IMG_5428 IMG_5429

Seeee! If you’re naughty, you will be…….. *gulp*


*Hiaaaaak!!! Watch my swooooord!!!*




Up up and away~~


*Isn’t it clear who’s the winner? LOL*

IMG_5445 IMG_5468 IMG_5469

Super love this family pic!! Thanks to one of the crew who helped us took this picture!! *thumbs up!*


She’s the one, Danielle..! Hope I didn’t remember her name wrongly! =X




*Quick!! Save the penguins!!*


She’s such a talented artist!! The elephant she drew came to live!!!! ❤ ❤


*I didn’t play with it’s toy.. save me~~ T__T*


This bird sure is strong enough to hold me weight!!!


*Help Help!!*

You know by the time we finished the whole museum, it’s already 2 hours gone! I think we had way tooo much fun and laughter inside! LOL!! So pls buffer more time if you are coming to Alive Museum!!


That ends our trip to Alive Museum!! Seriously, this day turns out better than I expected!!


Can’t wait to visit Alive Museum!?? Check out HERE for their promo & HERE for their Facebook Page!!

I’ve uploaded the full album on my FB HERE and thought would just share with you guys too.. 🙂

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A Closer Experience at The Clementi Mall – Part I

Thanks to The Clementi Mall & OMY Blog Club, I got a chance to explore out of the north! Yes, Journey to the … West!? Almost west….  XD



The Clementi Mall (金 文 泰 广 场) opened officially in May 2011, is strategically located in the heart of the Clementi town, at the junction of Commonwealth Ave West and Clementi Ave 3. The mall serves the suburban population of about 365,000 within 5km radius including residents, working adults and students is a six-storey retail development totaling approximately 191,000 square feet of retail space, which includes a basement shopping level and a basement carpark.



The property enjoys high pedestrian traffic due to the integrated transport amenities and is easily accessible by car via the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) and Pan Island Expressway (PIE). It is the first development in Singapore to integrate public housing (two residential blocks of 388 HDB units), the West Coast Town Council (Clementi Office), an air-conditioned bus interchange which has direct access to the mall at level 1 and Clementi MRT Station linked directly at Level 3 and a shopping mall within a single complex. How convenient!! Rain or Shine, there’s no need to worry!!




Besides being located next to the Clementi Town, The Clementi Mall also enjoys a good catchment from West Coast and the Holland-Bukit Timah area, where key tertiary institutions such as National University of Singapore, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, and SIM University are located.

IMG_5057  IMG_5059  IMG_5060 IMG_5058

The mall is anchored by familiar household names – FairPrice Finest, BHG department store, Popular bookstore, Foodfare Foodcourt, Best Denki and Clementi Public Library. It is also well complemented by a wide variety of established F&B chain restaurants, fashion, sports and specialty stores including well-loved brands for shoppers such as Charles & Keith, Cache Cache, Cotton On, Rubi Shoes and G2000 men on Level 3; lifestyle, sports and electrical shops like OSIM, Ogawa, Challenger and World Of Sports on Level 4; and kids retail offerings such as Colette, Kiddy Palace and Fox Kids & Baby on Level 5. There are also two enrichment centres – Stalford Learning Centre / Confusion Mandarin School & Mindstretcher on the same level.

With 142 shops including 16 restaurants and cafes, I’m sure it’s a good place to spend off days with your BFFs & Family!

Did I mention? The Clementi Mall has FREE WIFI !! *RAISE BROW*


Now that’s what I call trendy mall!!! Is that a bonus to shop at there now!??

Stay tune to my next post and I’ll be sharing with you more of Clementi Mall~!!! 😀

Sneak Preview:

20140806-144150-52910094.jpg  20140806-144149-52909956.jpg

20140806-174100-63660253.jpg 20140806-144428-53068327.jpg

Do hit “LIKE” on The Clementi Mall Facebook Page for latest update!!

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Scalp & Hair Treatment at iSalon!

Sponsored review

TGIF!!! or should I say TGIBF?! It was a black Friday! Indeed black! I made a whoooole list of appointment so that I can fully utilize my half day leave but in the end (!) half the plan was dropped off… Went all the way Holiday Inn Atrium to collect giveaway prize and as I was leaving, it rain! Gave up the thought of walking to the bus stop (to take a bus to next destination – iSalon), I took a cab instead! Then I realize, I forgotten my dental card! Have to cancel my appointment since I can’t make that trip anymore.. After my hair treatment, I thought of going over to POMO to settle some school stuff but it was raining cats and dogs! My lil umbrella couldn’t withstand the gust of wind and gave way… I had to quickly go back to Plaza Singapura to get sheltered! In the end, I didn’t make it to POMO! Arggg…

I guess the only good thing that happen is that … I made a right choice to cancel my dental appointment (something good after a long day)! Because then I can 100% enjoy my hair treatment without thinking of how to rush for the next appointment! If you’ve guessed it (without much effort) today’s post is about my afternoon at iSalon for a Hair Treatment..

iSalon is the best place to be after a hard day (it’s not even end of the day!)! Always filled with laughter and happiness..! Without further ado.. Let me start today’s post!

So, what’s my treatment today? After telling Susan my (hair) problems, she then catered a scalp & hair treatment for me. Basically is like deep cleansing and giving your hair moisture. I guess it was lack of moisture that’s why I keep having hair breakage.. I almost thought I’ll go bald before my hair turn white. 😥

Did I not mentioned in my previous post – iSalon are using mainly Shiseido products! So you’re gonna see lotsa Shiseido in this post.


The interesting thing about the scalp treatment is that we get to choose the kinda sensation we want! Warm or cool! I chose the “cool” sebum clear gel for my scalp treatment!


The difference between warm and cool gel is the particles in it.



See? For the “warm” gel, the micro beads are red!



& the “cool” gel, the micro beads are blue!

20131130-145037.jpg 20131130-145046.jpg

This gel is applied directly onto me scalp and was massaged in for better absorption. Indeed, it’s very cooling and started made me feel a little cold.. Hahaha..


After applying the gel onto my scalp, Susan starts to gave me a good massage on my scalp to let the dirt and dandruff come out.. Next few pics are gonna be a little “dirty”..

20131130-145210.jpg 20131130-145220.jpg

Can you see small white particles on my hair?

20131130-145227.jpg 20131130-145234.jpg

20131130-145241.jpg 20131130-145250.jpg

These are my flaky dandruff from my sensitive scalp.. After the massage, it was then leave on for about 10 mins before we rinse it off and proceed to the next step, deeep cleansing!


*Deep cleansing in progress* LOL

After all the cleansing and rinsing… I can feel my scalp cleaner and lighter! I like this clean scalp feeling! Like my scalp is less stressful now! Girls, you do facial mask to relax & rejuvenate your skin right? This scalp treatment I just did is almost the same, it rejuvenate my scalp! Feeling fresh and clean!

Back at my seat I was being introduced to this new machine that uses nano technology to make my hair treatment more effective and more worthwhile!!


Instead of just using a regular steamer/heater to make my hair absorb the treatment essence, this machine can open up my (gosh I don’t know how do you call that) “hair pores” (??) and let the essence get absorbs and lock it up! Ok, this is to technical for me to understand.. In layman’s term, using this machine can let my hair absorb 100% of the essence no matter the hair quality is good or bad! When using a regular steamer, how much essence the hair can absorb depends greatly on the hair quality. That’s the difference!



Another thing I like about this machine is that.. you know you are not gona be left alone! Hahahaha! I don’t really like being left alone to wait sometimes. I feel that I’ll be forgotten! (Especially when you’re at a beauty salon doing facial, mask time! The 20 min always seems like an hour!!) LOL…

20131130-145457.jpg 20131130-145505.jpg

What was done here was like what I said earlier, using this nano machine to open up your hair pores! It’s more or less like a steamer.. I thought it will be pretty hot for the hairdresser to keep his/her hand near the steam but actually it’s quite ok (I tried!).. It ain’t that boiling hot, just warm..


Once pores are open, Kylie (Susan went away to attend to another customer) applied the scalp treatment onto my scalp (that’s step 3 already! iSalon’s hair treatment are mostly 5 steps process..)

20131130-151629.jpg 20131130-151634.jpg

When it’s done, we went on to do the hair treatment!


This is the bottle for hair treatment! It is said to be able to gives your hair intensive moisture!!! This product will only be applied to you hair and will not touch the scalp.

20131130-151650.jpg 20131130-151701.jpg

We are not done yet!! After everything was applied onto my scalp & hair, the nano machine is back in action again!!

20131130-151807.jpg 20131130-151814.jpg

Are you able to see the steam better now??


After 15 min of me-time, we went to rinse off again.. This time round we spend more time at the washing area! Why?

20131130-151601.jpg 20131130-151853.jpg

Because I’m doing my hair mask (5 min) & another round of moisture treatment (5 min) for my hair to give it an airy bouncy feel!

It was a pretty long session here, give yourself at least 2.5 hours for this treatment (Scalp & Hair) and you’re leave iSalon with a clean suppled hair!


I love how my hair feels after the treatment…! Light, clean, supple!


And knowing that I still have program, Susan was kind enough to plait up my fringe for a simple yet different look!20131130-151913.jpg

Again, good things are meant to be shared! Quote “temptedtolove” when you make your appointment or walk-in to iSalon!!! My readers will get to enjoy a 10% OFF all regular service/product (not applicable for promotion items/services)!!

UPDATE ON 11 DEC 2013: Next day when I’m washing my hair, I can feel my hair texture was really different & had improved! When I finger-combed my hair (with water running through) before the treatment, all I can feel is tangled hair!! Now.. I think my comb will just slide off my hair! It has been more than 10 days after my treatment, my hair still feels good!! Now then I know hair treatment really does makes a difference to one’s hair! Going again? OF COURSE!!


Saw a pic that my cousin posted on instagram about throwing away her 99 stalks of roses because they were dried and worried that it may produce toxic. Then I recall that I should have a lil bouquet somewhere!!

“AH! Where’s my roses?”


Here they are..! Dry and still intact! Can you guess their “age”??


They’ve been with me since 14 Feb 2013! … That’s not very long huh?? LOL.. But still feel happy seeing my roses, dried roses..!

Another thing that still makes me happy is my perm! it has been almost 2 months and I’m still loving my perm.. Although there are days that I’m so lazy and didn’t want to do anything to my hair but I’m still glad I made a right choice to perm them! Or rather let iSalon perm them!


Sorry if you can’t really see the curls clearly! I have to agree that the photo quality isn’t very good!! I hope I can get a new camera phone for Xmas present from my SOMEONE SPECIAL~ ❤ *waiting*

20131029-224306.jpg 20131029-224319.jpg

In the pic, I didn’t really do much thing about my curls, I only applied styling cream from mid length onwards when I reached office (I’m not used to treating my hair with hair dryer every morning that’s why the journey to office is the time i used to air-dry my hair). It’s already end of the day so my curls definitely look lifeless (Even I’m tired after a hard day at work)! Though lifeless,, the curls are still quite visible and you know what? the curls made my feel proportionate!

With a more volumized hair, my head looks bigger and I no longer looks like some small head big build girl. LOL


Now you must be wondering what’s with me in the picture I shared above! Hahaha.. It’s just some photo editing app I found on iphone and they works like magic! hahaha! The app name is “Camera360” (icon: yellow background with a white mini instax lookalike)! It not only can smoothen your complexion, makes you look fairer, it can also gives you other photo editing effects! Now who needs so many app with different function? haha!

If you scroll back again and/or down (if your heart can take it), you will realise the first pic on the left is the “raw” pic! No editing done.. the extreme right is.. max editing! LOL.. in between are just some other variations..


1. Raw / 2. Smooth / 3. Fairer / 4. “Sweet” effect added

Now that you seen my RAW face.. you know why I always like photo editing!! BWAHAHA!! They’re every girl’s savior!


Don’t forget to quote “temptedtolove” when you make your appointment/walk-in at iSalon!!! My readers will get to enjoy a 10% OFF all regular service/product (not applicable for promotion)!!

Season in the Sun!

First thing first… HAPPY BIRTHDAY Eileen!

Yes this post is for one of my girlfriend! A birthday post for her.. So, on this bright sunny afternoon, we went to Hort Park for our first bestie shoot! To start off……


We prepared a lil surprise for her… (side track a bit, I can’t help it but keep looking at my hair color when i go through these photos!! Look at them! They’re so natural yet not boring! You know why? Because I went to I Salon a week before to color my hair and till now I still love my hair color!)


For the first time i feel Hello kitty ain’t that annoying.. Don’t you think this little kitty is cute? It’s a walking helium kitty! Meow~~!


I have to say…. WE WERE ALL SO AWKWARD during our first few shoots! Thought we love selfies!?!? LOL…

So our photographer (she’s Nicole) tries to warm us up by asking what’s our common interest.. (erm.. we don’t have one I think..). She never gives up keep asking and asking and we finally had one thing in common.. We love to SING~ So she gave us this “instruction” to SING to Eileen using the rosey!Audrey_Besties_06

Even kitty is enjoying!


Sorry, pardon my expression! The sun is really killing me slowly!! But i still wanna share this pic because Eileen looks beautiful here.. She’s singing with happiness!! Even her hair is dancing!


Actually.. I’m not singing.. No matter what I sing, i know the photo is not going to show… so it was just a pose (or maybe i was joking ’bout something..?)Audrey_Besties_11 Audrey_Besties_13

Did i mention, Ashley (girl on extreme left) did her hair color at I Salon toooo!! Yes, we went there together!

Audrey_Besties_15 Audrey_Besties_16 Audrey_Besties_17


I love this pic.. She’s .. Beautiful!Audrey_Besties_24

Hahahaha.. I like the above pic too… Ashley expression is too epic! Priceless!!


Can u see Ashley’s hair color? It’s so nice under the sun!


Can see my highlight? & my wavy curls too!?? They’re getting loose (more natural now!)


She’s just so happy with that lil bubble..


Kitty is standing straight upright!! Good job kitty!!


I think we cracked a joke (that’s why we burst out laughing!).. But I forgotten what was it about already… =X

90 mins is almost up (the deal we bought is a 90 min outdoor shoot) and we’re all TIRED already…. but to catch the sunset… we used all our energy to climb to the roof top for all below…

Audrey_Besties_54 Audrey_Besties_57 Audrey_Besties_59 Audrey_Besties_60

I think it’s all written on our face… WE ARE TIRED!!

But it’s never too tired for a finishing JUMP SHOT!!


YEAHHHHH!! One happy shoot done!!

Thanks to Nicole our photographer and Adele Duxton for the great promotion on deal.com.sg! We had a great time!! Best of all, Eileen loves it!

Personal side note, I would like to take this opportunity to thank I Salon too! The hair color and perm is awesome!! Made me love myself even more after looking at these photos!!! Truly a different me after a quarter century! You can read more about my perm experience HERE and hair color experience HERE!!

If you are looking are a new image, check out I Salon! They are a great team who will give you honest advise! Sure you will walk out of the Salon looking gorgeous!

Do quote “temptedtolove” when you make you appointment or walk-in!!! My readers will get to enjoy a 10% OFF all regular service/product (not applicable for promotion)!!

Location: 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza #04-93/94, Singapore 228213

Contact: +65 6735 7308

Operating Hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon-Fri), 11am – 7pm (Sat, Sun & PH)

Hair Color at iSalon 番外篇: Friend’s Color!

Have you read my post on my hair color experience at iSalon? If you haven’t, I think you should because I had a great time there!! Just click HERE! Following up on my earlier post, here’s one on my friend, Ashley! We went to iSalon together to dye our hair so that we get to be pretty pretty for our photo shoot coming Saturday!


Basically she already have an idea of what she wants! But after discussing with Susan, she ended up with a different style.. But again, because Susan was busy, Benson came and attend to her and further discussed about what Susan had for her.. I don’t know the exact discussion between them but seems like Ben is able to achieve what Ashley wanted initially and had proceed with it. Look at Ashley (above pic).. so concentrating on choosing the hair color!


Can you guess her color?


Ashley is a little camera shy TODAY (only today)! So most of her image will be.. ehem.. You’ll see.. hahaha..


What you see here is Ben doing her highlight.. What a BIG highlight you must be thinking.. but this is what Ashley wanted (later you’ll see the result)..


After her highlight, Ben continued with her hair color..

20130913-102843.jpg 20130913-102847.jpg

Lucky for her.. Ben took care of her everything! From highlight to color to cut! Director’s cut okay!!

When everything is done, the result is close to what she wanted.. Why I said close? Because due to work environment constraint, Ashley can’t have too striking colors.. so end up the contract between red and (I don’t know what color she chose..) copper (?) isn’t that obvious..


Overall, Ashley like her new hair color and cut! The only regret is probably she should have took a brighter red.. LOL!!


FYI, her fringe looks lighter now.. Having said so much, let me show you the snapshot of what Ashley wanted and showed Ben..

20130913-154617.jpg 20130913-154621.jpg

See those red highlight? Like “can see cannot see” kinda feel??

Here’s Ashley version!

20130913-154644.jpg 20130913-154655.jpg

You can still see red color somewhere hiding.. But not as much as the snapshot. Probably next time she can try a brighter red to achieve the look of the snapshot!! Not forgetting, she quoted “temptedtolove” and got 10% off her bill!!

If you are thinking for adding some colors to your hair but don’t know what color suits you, call iSalon for an appointment and let them give you some advise! Trust me, you won’t regret for letting them take charge of your hair!!! Remember to quote “temptedtolove” when you make you appointment/walk-in. My readers will get to enjoy a 10% OFF all regular service/product (not applicable for promotion)!!

NOTE: It’s advisable to make an appointment before heading down to iSalon so as to avoid having to wait very long).

Feel free to check out my digital perm experience at iSalon HERE and some 1st day selfies HERE (day 2-3 selfies is in the post itself)!

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Hair Color at iSalon!

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It’s the loooong awaited “TGIF”!! But this TGIF is slightly different…! Why?? Look at your calendar.. Today is Friday 13th! oh man.. But doesn’t matter it’s still a FRIDAY!! I SMELL WEEKEND!! Can go around showing off my new hair color done at iSalon!!!

Yup! I went to iSalon again!! This time I went to color my hair. I went with no idea of what I want. Totally leave it in Susan’s hand! Well.. I like it or not?? Read on to find out…..


My hair color mix… Have you guessed it(the color) already?

Like all other salon, Susan brought a color chart to me and we started to discuss about what color to be done on my perm.. As i don’t color my hair often, Susan suggest that we shall not do something too bright. Else it will look ugly when new hair grow before I color my hair again. To bring out the 层次感 (layering) of my curls, we added some highlight toooo!! Cooool, me like!! So the bowl of color mix you see above is actually my highlight color..

20130913-103035.jpg 20130913-103030.jpg

As it was a busy evening at iSalon, my highlight was done by a freelancer (Sorry i couldn’t recall her name!!) instead of Susan herself. I think I had a worried look on my face when it wasn’t Susan who attend to me. Why would I think so? Because Ben actually drop by to give me assurance that she’s an “OLD BIRD” (very experience stylist) so no worries that my hair will be too… you know…..  But actually, I’m not worried at all because I know at iSalon, I will be WELL TAKEN CARE of!! *thumbs up*

One thing that made me so touched when doing the highlight is that Susan actually noticed that I would usually clipped up my fringe and told the freelance stylist to highlight my fringe too! So that when i clipped them up again, there will be some “pattern” and not a boring one tone color! How thoughtful!!

20130913-103443.jpg 20130913-103416.jpg

Soon my highlight is done and will have to wait for my hair to “eat” the color before we proceed to color my hair! So while waiting I took a few pic of my bombastic hair!

About 15-20 mins later… *drumroll* Christina is here is help!!

Christina is one of the boss at iSalon.. In my previous post, I mentioned that iSalon is a partnership business but we have only been talking about Ben.. Read on and you will see Christina!!


Do you know is the above pic about!!? Christina’s has a very ULTRA TURBO FAST speed to the extend that all I can shoot while she’s coloring my hair is…… her moving hands (O__o)! Thus above picture! No words can describe how I feel when she started working on my hair.. I’m so amazed so amused so speechless! My eyes just couldn’t stop looking at her fast actions (& she look very stylo ya!)..

20130913-115915.jpg 20130913-115925.jpg

In just few minutes, Christina (Yes, she is Christina, the lady with white hair!) is done and all I need to do now is wait (again).


I must admit, I have pretty stubborn hair! I always need double the time of what people need to get hair done, i.e.: normally 20 minutes to get hair dyed but I need 40 minutes!

…….about 45 minutes later? I went to wash my hair.. Finally this is when I get to see Susan! She’s been busy with customers the whole evening (remember to make appointment if you have plans to visit iSalon to avoid long wait)!! As a “compensation”, she gave me a good solid head massage! It was GOOOD!! If we haven been chatting like long lost friend (LOL), I think I would have fall asleep with that head massage!!

By the time iSalon became quiet, it’s already past 10pm?? Past their closing time! Yes, we’re still in the salon, just finish washing our hair! hahahaha!! and.. Nope, they did not show a bit of rushing or unhappiness for having to stay so late! In fact, if it wasn’t because I felt sleepy and checked on my watch, I wouldn’t have realized it had past 10pm!! Because we were all happily chatting away…

20130913-102946.jpg 20130913-102942.jpg 20130913-102938.jpg 20130913-102934.jpg

Quick tips: girls with perm, twirl your hair like how Susan did when you blow dry your hair. By doing so the curl will be more prominent! Even if you don’t have a hair dryer, twirl them and leave them as it is until they are air-dry then use your finger to make loose them for a beautiful curl!)

So ta-daaaaa~~ my new hair color… I was told by Benson that my color is ash color (darker kinda ash) but no matter how I see, I still think this is brown! >_< Indeed I’m not a professional! LOL!

20130913-102925.jpg 20130913-102920.jpg

Professional or not, I just love my new color! It looks GREAT!! Especially great on my curls!! Even now when I’m writing this post, I just could stop looking into the mirror in front of me to admire the hair color…!

If you are thinking for adding some colors to your hair but don’t know what color suits you, call iSalon for an appointment and let them give you some advise! Trust me, you won’t regret for letting them take charge of your hair!!! Remember to quote “temptedtolove” when you make you appointment/walk-in. My readers will get to enjoy a 10% OFF all regular service/product (not applicable for promotion)!!

NOTE: It’s advisable to make an appointment before heading down to iSalon so as to avoid having to wait very long).

Feel free to check out my digital perm experience at iSalon HERE and some 1st day selfies HERE (day 2-3 selfies is in the post itself)!

Sponsored by: iSalon

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Contact: +65 6735 7308

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