NYLON x VANITY TROVE October Edition

Time for my favourite session!


Today I am going to show you what I’ve got in my Oct edition Nylon trove!!


Again, I have a trove full of goodness!! We have sample size, travel size and even FULL size product!! Wow…Nearly all are popular brands!!

  1. Tsubaki Extra Moist Shampoo (40ml)
  2. Tsubaki Extra Moist Conditioner (40ml)
  3. Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion (180ml, full-sized)
  4. Za True White Ex Essence Lotion (20ml)
  5. Bioré Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover (20ml)
  6. Shiseido Professional The Hair Care Fuente Forte Toning Serum (10ml)
  7. Benefit POREfessional (3ml)
  8. Curél Sebum Care Lotion (8ml)
  9. Curél Sebum Care Moisture Gel (7ml)
  10. Senka Perfect Watery Oil (20ml) and Perfect Whip (35g)
  11. CNP Laboratory Anti-Pore Blackhead Clear Kit
  12. VDL Beauty Cleansing Foam (25ml)
  13. Bottega Verde Body Cream With Red Grape Extract (50ml)


I’m sure most of your out there are no stranger withh Tsubaki! Tsubaki is one of my favourite hair care brand! I love their conditioner – it give my hair shine and smoothness that last! In Oct’s Nylon Trove, we are getting this 40ml Extra Moist set!

Hair can get moisture from inside and scalp can be soft too! Why?

Here’s why!

  • Camellia Oil and Rice Malt infusion technique – Includes Camellia Oil and Rice Malt S (fermented extract of camellia oil, rice malt and sorbitol : softener and moisturizer for hair and scalp). Apply it thoroughly over scalp and massage. Your scalp gets relaxed and the hair is moisturized from the inside. Feel a blissful improvement in texture.
  • Super rich moisturizer can keep shape of hair – Dry hair can also maintain the smooth style. Moisturizing ingredients: sustainable hyaluronic acid (acetylated sodium hyaluronic acid and sorbitol)
  • Elegant aroma filled with selected camellia nectar and fruit


Shiseido Professional The Hair Care Fuente Forte Toning Serum addresses concerns such as dryness and itchiness. Replenishes the scalp with moisture and creates a healthy scalp environment for growing beautiful hair.

Recommended for :


Next up! Something good for those who find removing makeup such hassle!!


Bioré Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover was one of my die hard favourite before Biore Micellar Water Remover was launch!

You can check out my previous post from HERE to see it’s effectiveness!


Senka Perfect Watery Oil (20ml) and Perfect Whip! This is the third Shiseido product we have in this Trove!

Nylon3 Nylon4

Senna Perfect Whip creates 5 times density of foam then conventional cleansers. So that it penetrates into your pores easily and removes impurities and dirt in an effortless way

As for Senka Perfect Watery Oil, I bet you can tell its a makeup removing oil.. Don’y you love the simplicity of in-shower make-up remover? Perfect Watery Oil will be your ideal choice. It helps you to remove waterproof make-up and can be washed away instantly without any greasy feeling!


VDL Beauty Cleansing Foam – A moisture type cleansing foam that gently removes makeup and impurities while maintaining the skin’s moisture balance.

IMG_2247 IMG_2360

ZA True White Essence Lotion, it’s a lotion + essence + emulsion ─3 in 1 skin whitener Reduces dark spots and evens out skin tone in just 7 days!

Not sure if you can see in about picture but the lotion is filled with white micro beads.. These are the micro capsules that holds the whitening essences!



Next up is a full size toner from Neogence!

Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion – uses Hyaluronic Acid+Tornare, it supplies large amount of moisture to the skin, and at the same time maintains hydrous conditions after cleansing the skin, which helps to facilitate effective absorption. It has purified ingredients, is alcohol-free and soothes dry skin after undergoing a medical beauty treatment or sunbathing.

Next up is CNP Laboratory Anti-Pore Blackhead Clear Kit!

IMG_2358 IMG_2359

I’m sorry I can’t show u a closer look of the packaging because I threw them away already! OOPS!

This is a 2-Step mask set that makes the nose appear cleaner. The Blackhead Clear Mask (Step 1) gently removes blackheads and sebum, while the Pore Tightening Mask (Step 2) effectively tightens the pores for a cleaner and smoother appearance.

Step-1 – Blackhead & sebum removal

Natural ingredients gently dissolve blackhead and sebum, and help lift unseen sebum via maceration. By wearing the mask, which is designed to prevent pore expansion for 10 minutes, skin irritation is minimized and you’ll be able to see the crusting of sebum and blackheads popping out of skin. It will leave your nose smooth and glossy.

Step-2 – Powerful pore tightening

With Witch Hazel extract tightens pores effectively. CNP Anti-Irritant Complex ingredients are safe for sensitive skin


And you think after all this skincare, you are good to go? NO!! We need a good makeup base in order to make us look more flawless!

Benefit POREfessional quickly minimize the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin! Apply this silky, lightweight balm alone, under or over makeup. Translucent, oil-free formula complements all skintones and helps makeup stay put. Contains a Vitamin E derivative, known to protect skin from free radicals!


Last but not least.. We have Bottega Verde Body Cream With Red Grape Extract to pamper your body!

Now that you’ve seen the items in this trove, are you excited to yours too!!!? Head over toVanity Trove website to find out more or click HERE to purchase your NYLON x VANITY TROVE now!!


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Tsubaki Hair Oil

Dry Hair? Split ends? Dull hair? ….. Tsubaki Hair Oil to your rescue!! ^_^

I’m starting to believe OIL can actually give your hair not only SHINE but moisture too! I’m so glad I had this chance to try Tsubaki Hair Oil!!


IMG_5902 IMG_5906

What is Tsubaki Hair Oil?

It’s a deeply penetrative hair oil formulated with high concentration of selected camellia oil to deeply protect, moisturize and repair your hair, resulting in a luxurious shine. It can instantly penetrates hair upon application without feeling greasy or sticky and gives a silky smooth finish. It also protects your hair from damage by UV rays and heat from hair dryers (or other styling equipment), while preventing split ends and hair breakage.

Not only that, it has a very nice floral scent! ❤

edit001 IMG_6653

Origin of Selected Camellia Oil?

Specially selected camellia oil 
Produced in the Goto Islands in Nagasaki, the perfect location for producing quality camellia oil thanks to the warm climate, fertile soils, and other favourable conditions.

Traditional harvesting method
Only fully ripe fruits are carefully handpicked, one by one, before they fall to the ground.

Meticulous oil pressing method
Camellia oil is extracted using a traditional, time-consuming method of pressing finely selected seeds.

Carefully selected for freshness
Only pure camellia oil obtained from the first pressing of camellia seeds harvested in the current season is used.

Effects of Selected Camellia Oil


  • Prevents cuticle damage and makes hair feeling smooth.


  • It produces abundantly beautiful and shiny hair upon application.


  • Change in Hair Shine before and after use.

What I think?

Packaging – Nice and sexy! LOL.. I like the idea of this “non-leak” bottle!

IMG_5911 IMG_5912 IMG_5913 IMG_5910

See.. It’s doesn’t leak (unless u shake vigorously)

So how about the product? Let take a look at my hair condition before and after!

IMG_6662 IMG_6667

Had recently went to colored my hair and they are now super dry!! You can see from the above pic, especially the pic on the left.. Scary split end and hair breakage easily! *heartache*

Now let’s start our Tsubaki Hair Oil application…


(Before application)



First, pour a few drop (about 20-cent coin size for mid-length hair) onto the palms and work through the hair. Then, drop a few drops again onto the palms and focus on areas that require extra application.


It may look oily here but that’s because the oil haven’t been really absorb. I would usually rub till my hand doesn’t feels oily anymore and I’m done.


See.. Better right? Not only it looks better, my hair smells good tooo! Somewhere between sweet fruity to light flora scent.. If you’re a Tsubaki product user, you know what I mean! 😀

TIPS:How to prevent flat hair (Particularly recommendable to those who have soft and fine hair) 

Refrain from applying large amount inappropriately and unevenly. Start application from the damaged tips and gradually work upwards to the roots to avoid flat hair

TIPS: How to reduce volume or prevent dry hair (Particularly recommendable to those who have thick and voluminous hair)

Apply an appropriate amount to wet hair and dry it with a hair dryer. Then, spread a small amount onto the palms and apply on bottom half of the hair to reduce the volume.

Do you want to experience the true magic of Camellia Oil now? Head down to your nearest Watsons store from 11 September and you can bring it home at S$26.90 (60ml)!!

UPDATE on 8 Sep 2014: Watch out TSUBAKI Facebook Page for an upcoming contest that will be live on 12 Sep (Friday) – Don’t say I bo jio ah!!

Simply follow below two steps when the contest start and you’re halfway to winning the new Tsubaki Hair Oil for yourself and 2 of your friends!


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