NYLON x VANITY TROVE December Edition


Yes, another month of goodness to share – DEC NYLON TROVE! Although this is an overdue post but trust me that you can still find this on Vanity Trove website!

What do we have here in this post?

1. THEFACESHOP Chia Seed & Natural Sun Eco Sebum Control Deluxe Kit:

  • Chia Seed Fresh Cleansing Foam (20ml)
  • Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Water (20ml)
  • Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Cream (10ml)
  • Natural Sun Eco Sebum Control Moisture Sun (20ml)

2. ETUDE HOUSE Petit Bijou Baby Bubble Trial Kit:

  • Petit Bijou Baby Bubble Soft Body Wash (30ml)
  • Petit Bijou Baby Bubble Moisture Body Lotion (30ml)

3. Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief (7ml)

4. CNP Laboratory Invisible Peeling Booster (25ml)

5. Philosophy All-Over Skin Perfecting Brightening and Hydrating Emulsion (7ml)

6. Bioderma Hydrabio H2O (20ml) OR Sensibio H2O (20ml)

7. Illamasqua Matte Veil (3ml)


This trove has got you covered!! Cleaner, toner, moisturizer, sun block!

Chia seed has grown popularity among ladies! Not only it’s good as a food (rich in omega 3 fatty acids!) it’s also good for our skin too! If you didn’t know it helps to retain moisture! Moisture is very important to our skin/body!

When our skin have enough moisture, it will not generate excess sebum causing our skin to be oily and that’s clean and clear~! (That’s my understand!)


When you’ve got your face covered, you need to pamper your body too! Body wash and body lotion from Etude House!

This series is formulated with milk protein, ivy extract and the petit bijou fragrance to soften and relieve stressed skin! Smells good and like baby powder! It’s also good to know that the formula is free of sulphates, parabens and ethanol..


Clinique’s top selling moisturizer, Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief, is lightweight cream-gel plumps skin with 24-hour hydration.. Importantly, it’s suitable for all skin type!


The Brighten My Day All-Over Skin Perfecting Brightening And Hydrating Emulsion features a lightweight and oil-free formula that makes sure skin feel fresh and well-moisturised. It is also designed to refine and tighten pores while reducing the appearance of dark spots and redness.


Korean beauty brand CNP Laboratory’s new Invisible Peeling Booster is a leave-on formula that gently exfoliates skin and keeps it smooth and hydrated.

Exfoliating is an important part of our skincare routine! it’s only when u exfoliate, dead skin cells will be gone and your skin will look brighter and absorb nutrients better! You know what, don’t be lazy!


Illamasqua Matte Veil is the matte version of Hydra veil. I had used hyrda veil before and find it not too bad.. For matte lover, I’m sure you’ll love this!

An oil control primer, Matte Veil preps the skin to create the perfect matte base for make-up application. It’s mattifying cream-gel formula absorbs excess oil whilst retaining the skin`s natural moisture levels, providing a silky, soft finish. Enhancing make-up longevity, Matte Veil also controls shine throughout the day and into the evening, keeping skin feeling healthy and balanced..


Last but not least, one of my favourite makeup remover!

Hydrabio H2O is the 1st and only dermatological micellar water perfectly compatible with the skin. Its fatty acid esters, the constituent elements of micelles, are similar to the phospholipids of the skin cell membranes and naturally help rebuild the skin’s hydrolipidic film. Thus, Hydrabio H2O guarantees unrivalled tolerance and comfort for optimum make-up removing efficacy. Moreover, its Aquagenium® exclusive biological patent retrains the skin to activate its natural moisturising capacities by stimulating the production of aquaporins, water channels in the skin, and retain the water it needs to be balanced.

Now that you’ve seen the items in this trove, are you excited to yours too!!!? Head over to Vanity Trove website to find out more or click HERE to purchase your NYLON x VANITY TROVE now!!

dec trove

**The above blog review is proudly sponsored by:

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OH.. that’s a.. mask??

Happy Labour Day!!! 五一劳动节快乐!!

How’s your holiday!? It sure feels good to wake up without an alarm clock, isn’t it!! 自然醒 很爽!

Since it’s a PH today, I shall share some interesting stuff.. You may have tried them before already but I still thought it’s good to share!! Don’t worry, it’s not gonna be a long post because I don’t have much image to share (I didn’t plan for this post..)!

mask (1)

So first .. How many have seen this mask in our local The Face Shop outlet..? I don’t really stepped into one so not surprised if I don’t see them.. I bought this on Qoo10 and thought it will be pretty fun to have a masking session with my mom, like role-play..

Roarrr~~~ 虎妈来了!

(eventually seems like I’m the only one enthusiastic about it.. -__-|| )


This character mask has a nice refreshing citrus scent.. It delivers rich moisture to dry flaky skin with hyaluronic acid & collagen! Formula without 4 additives – mineral oil, sulfate, talc, polyacrylamide)

It doesn’t matter which character you buy, the effect is all the same..

What I think? Other than the interest character, the effect is just.. meh~ Unless you are gonna have a character mask party with your friends, I think you can skip this..

Next up is something that caught me by surprise.. I didn’t expect to open a LACE mask~!! Yes, it’s LACEEEE~~~ (It’s actually written on the packaging but I just didn’t catch that..)


Hey Pinkgo Girl is from Taiwan and from what I understand, this mask is either made from cotton (stretchable lace mask) or apply-pulp fibre (ultra thin mask). Of course I didn’t flew to Taiwan to get this.. I bought it in JB City Square Watson’s.. Bought it just to finish up all my Ringgit.. I didn’t really read what’s on the packaging (it’s all in chinese hence I only glance through to see what i want to see..) just saw that it’s some brightening mask and there it goes into my basket!

I must say I’m pretty impressed with Hey Pinkgo Girl Arbutin Brightening Lifting Lace Mask (Hey! 苹果肌女孩 熊果素美肌蕾丝拉提面膜)! I love mask that comes with that ear loop thingy! It will stay forever in place while i move around doing my chores.. this is probably the first mask that made me feel so sexy wearing it while doing chores!! LOL!!! Did the lifting works, I can’t tell seriously.. but it sure brightens my skin.. My big round face looks brighter and skin feel supple and smooth too!


It comes in many different effect to suit different skin condition.. whitening, hydrating, problem skin.. etc etc.. The one I used is the purple one (2nd row 3rd pcs)..

Will I buy again? YES I WILL and I think you should try it too!!

Do share with me if you have come across/tried any interesting and/or effective mask!! I would love to try them tooo!

世上没有丑女人,只有懒女人。(There is no ugly women, only lazy one..)

The Face Shop Lemon Brightening Nail Pack!


It feels kinda weird to start with a picture of a used pack but it was after I use the pack then I realize this is a good stuff and I should share it with my readers who love nail treatment!

So here are my yellow nails! Photos are not edited in any ways.



Darkened cuticles.. Yellow nail tip.. Sign.. I need to take good care of my nails man.. But good thing i found this nail pack last friday when i went shopping with my girlfriend!

So opened the pack and start to slot in the little pocket to my nails! No sizes! If my fat fingers can go in, so can yours! By the way, if you are doing this by yourself, don’t be as stupid as me! LOL!! I actually open one side first thinking that it would be messy to open everything at one go. After I put on my nail pack I realize.. “HOW AM I GOING TO OPEN ANOTHER SIDE WITH MY NAIL PACK ON??” In the end I had to trouble my beau to open the other side for me so that I can put them on too… (sigh~) Don’t understand what am I thinking! SO remember to open up everything before your start. It won’t be messy, really!

20131104-233328.jpg 20131104-233335.jpg

I massage my cuticles (while watching TV) with this pack on hoping that it can be absorbed faster, better and more!


I forgot for how long should I leave it on but I left them on for about a good 20mins before the pack is almost dry then I just removed them.

Basically I’m pretty handicap with this pack on.. I can’t hold anything, I can’t change TV channel, I can’t rub my eye.. So if you do not want to be as handicap, I recommend that you find yourself a disposable plastic glove and put them on after you put on your nail pack! This way, the solution will not be everywhere you had touched and you can change TV channel!! hahaha!

Ok, I found the link which says you just need to put them on for 10-15 mins! I’ll share the link at the end of the post.


SEEE!!! My fingers look brightened and darkened cuticles are lightened after the treatment!! I’m so elated!! It’s a right choice of buying this mask pack! There are 2 other types of nail pack.. The paraffin nutrition & Milk Calcium!

You can read more from below:

1. Lemon Brightening

2. Paraffin Nutrition

3. Milk Calcium

Cost: S$4.90 per pack! Affordable and effective! Must buy?? OF COURSE!!! You just need to try once to know its good or bad!



Vanity Trove X Cosmopolitan!

Been hearing all the hoo-ha about VanityTrove Cosmopolitan Beauty Authority & finally I can get my hands on it!!! HURRAAYYYY!!


See the amount of goodies!! We have hair care, skin care, hair styling & makeup products..! Wow.. I can’t wait to show you everything!


So here’s Goldwell Style Sign Full Rebel! Erm, I’m not really into this althought it promise good holding power! Why? Because it’s too sticky!! So much more heavier then whipped cream! As sticky as a glue! & it feels as if my hair is gona stick together (like tangle up).. Eeew… I prefer the curling cream iSalon recommended much much more!

IMG_6880This is the curling cream Susan recommend to me when i did my perm at iSalon! I ain’t that interested initially because I thought it works like a hair moose giving my hair a wet look throughout the day or a hair wax where the holding power is a nay.

However, to my surprise, it has amazing styling power! Why did I not use the word “holding” power? because it doesn’t HOLD your curl! You do not need to stand in front of the mirror and start grabbing/scrunching your hair! All you need to do is twirl your hair with this cream when it is almost dry then let your hair be.. You will get beautiful natural curls after that!! NO NEED MIRROR! I SOMPA (I swear)~! Best part about it is, it’s not expensive! S$19 for a bottle like this and each time all I use is just 2 pumps!

Erm…. have I drifted too far?? OKAY! Back to my trove!


Here’s the next product, The Face Shop Baby Face Wash Off Mask Pore Care Pack!

It’s a wash-off type pore pack that cleanses inside the pores using hot spring mud from New Zealand! Gently massage onto skin and wash off!


  • New Zealand Rotorua Mud – Discharges wastes, astringent effects, anti- bacterial effects
  • Sebum controlling powder
  • Lecithin – Provides skin with moisture


This is not something new.. I had got this in one of my trove..You can read more infor from HERE..

Cleansing Gel for Oily-Combination Skin: 96% natural ingredients

Purifying Tonic Lotion for Oily/Combination Skin: 98% natural ingredients

  • Natural cleansing agents remove dirt and excess oil without drying the skin
  • Propolis offers mild antiseptic and antioxidant action
  • Citrus tones and refreshes skin while juniper essential oil offers rejuvenation
  • Lemon and tea tree essential oils regulate oil secretion and offer a matte look

Exclusive innovation: APIVITA replaces water in the facecleansing range with green tea infusion to enhance the antioxidant action of the products.

Excludes synthetic ingredients that may pose harmful effects to your health and the environment. Free of SLES, SLS, Mineral Oil, Parabens, Silicones and Propylene Glycol.

How to use: Gently massage daily onto damp face and neck. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.


3 in 1 Cleansing Milk for Face & Eyes: 99% natural ingredients

  • Gently removes dirt and make-up from the face & eyes with almond and olive oils without drying the skin
  • Honey moisturizes and nourishes skin, chamomile and lavender soothe the skin and protect from irritations
  • Propolis offers mild antiseptic and antioxidant action
  • Ideal for all skin types

Exclusive innovation: APIVITA replaces water in the facecleansing range with green tea infusion to enhance the antioxidant action of the products.

Excludes synthetic ingredients that may pose harmful effects to your health and the environment. Free of: Mineral Oil, Silicone and Propylene Glycol.

How to use: Apply with gentle movements all over the face, eyes and neck. Wipe-off with a cotton pad without rinsing.


OK.. I’m so excited to see this, Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion! A new-concept cushion-type BB with five active ingredients for Whitening + Sunscreen + Sweat-proof + Soothing + Makeup contained in the cushion to maximize the refreshing and soothing sensation. Every time you touch it, the air pump in the cushion contains air bubbles for thin and skin-friendly makeup. Also, it is provided in two separate containers to preserve the active ingredients and their functionality. The formulas can be used fresh and safely from start to finish.


SPF50 PA+++ is really tempting to me!! It always gives me a dewy and natural skin look. It “lightens” my freckles when I dap this bb cream on them (dap for better coverage)! On other area, I just apply per normal, swipe them all over and I’m done. Dewy, checked! Coverage checked!


Sheet mask from b.liv by cellnique! I tried the Bright is Right mask and thought is good but not enough for me to come back again..


But if you’re interested, you can always visit their website and check out their other mask/products!


DEEP CLEANSING OIL from ZA!! Just nice I need a makeup remover!

This little one can perfectly removes stubborn makeup, pore impurities and clogged sebum. Leaves the skin feeling moist and silky smooth, never sticky. Well that’s what it says.. Let me try and update you guys again SOON!


Belif Oil Control Moisturizer Fresh! I’m currently using Belif products, they are great to start but after some time i realize the effect is no longer that effective. Is it because my skin got used to it? I still remember how it hydrates my skin when I first try them out! So ladies, you can consider this if you need hydrating products!

Ok, next product is a nightmare! Read on to find out more..


Dove Hair Therapy hair fall rescue serum! This serum instantly reduces friction and makes your hair less prone to fall. Within six weeks of use it makes hair measurably fuller.

Directions to use the Dove Hair Fall Rescue Serum:

1. After shampooing, place 4 to 5 drops of the hair fall rescue serum on your palm and apply it throughout your hair.
2. You need not wash your hair after applying a hair serum as it is free of any harmful chemical.



Now you see why it caused a mess? It leaked!! EEEWWW~~ My trove smells so nice but SO OILY!! hahahahaa!!! I gotta clean and clean and clean in order to take a cleaner picture! LOL! But was touched that Vanity Trove actually offer to send me a replacement after I informed them about the leakage! I only wanted to inform them so that they can be more careful next time (2nd time i rec’d a leaked product). I didn’t thought of demanding for a replacement because it just didn’t came into my mind but they offered so i accepted. HAHAHA!! Pro-active customer service is what keeps a customer coming back. *thumbs up* Thanks for the replacement VT, I had rec’d them..

Overall, I’m still satisfied with my VanityTrove Cosmopolitan Beauty Authority Trove! If I can get Majolica Majorca Lash Expanding Edge Meister and/or Shiseido Professional The Hair Care Aqua Intensive Mask, I will be even happier!! HAHAHAHA!! Can’t get too greedy huh???