Eye Mask

An eye mask that is reusable… Have u heard before?? I have not!! And I got a shock!


This eye mask from Talika is reusable!

When u open up the pack, this eye mask is a dry mask. One side is cushiony texture and the other side that is suppose to be laid on your under eye is gel texture.


When I first put on my eye mask my thought was like.. “And then…? Nothing special eh? Not even cooling effect (I took out from my fridge)..”

But! After 30mins when I remove them.. Wow! My eyes sure feel refresh and awake! The cool cool feeling after removing mask made mi feel amazing! I wonder if I can do this mask everyday???

But now my issue is … How do i keep my used eye mask? Geeez! Guess I’ll have to put in back into the pack and put back to fridge! Gossh!!

Recommendable? Let me try 2nd time and I’ll let u know!!! Hee!!