Minimize Your Pores!!

Hi Guys! If you had followed me on twitter, you will know that I had planned to do this post. What is this post about? *drumroll* PORES MINIMIZING of course!! I’ve been crazy over beauty products that claim pore minimizing or effectively remove blackheads! Below products are those that I had tried and guess what!? I think i found my love out of this 4 products! I’ll just show you what I’ve used (details post will be shown in provided link) and give you a summary of what I think/recommend towards the end! So now….. The most common product that everyone ever used (I bet) is Biore pore pack!


IMO, it does remove blackheads but probably only for the first time you’ll see blackhead being “pull” out.. Subsequently… (you know~) You’ll start wondering why your nose still looks the same (full of blackhead).. Well not long after I gave up on pore pack and decided to source for something else.. Then I was given Skinmiso Pore Minimiing Pack to try (from Bellabox)!! 20120909-010714.jpg “WOW” was my immediate reaction! It’s painless! It’s soothing! It’s amazing! (Biore pore
pack tends to be a lil painful when we remove it too late – it’s too dry!)20120909-010721.jpg It’s a 3 step pore minimizing pack but not tough to do at all..! If you want to be pretty, that’s the price you should pay – time! I’m not going details about it in this post because you can read my review from HERE and HERE. The next pore minimizing pack that I found is from Caolion! Read lots of (positive) review about it and decided to make this “investment”!! 20130324-002100.jpg Bought my Caolion from Qoo10 (Seller: Wishtrend)! This mask is slightly more time consuming than the previous.. Why? Because it’s a wash off mask and is preferably 2 step mask.. You can read the details of my review on this product HERE.. Now for my FAVOURITE pore pack!! SexyLook Blackhead Pore Cleanser Set!!!


This pore pack has a very sweet strawberry scent.. Not those disgusting sweet! It’s pretty pleasant to me!


It’s also a 3 step pore pack but less time consuming and less messy.. All you need to do is apply the sebum softener (step 1) massage for 2-3 minutes then rinse off. Do it when watching TV, 2-3 minutes will just *poof* and gone. Then apply the strawberry sebum purifying mask. It’s a peel of mask! I love peel off mask!! This is why i said less messy! All you need to do is peel and throw and you can proceed to step 3 – pore treatment essence! The simplest step! Just apply and you’re done!



For result, I think Sexylook gave me the most satisfying result!! Seeeee!! Black heads! White heads! My nose is clean like hell!

For ease of use, it’s gonna be the traditional pore pack! ….But seriously for consumers who wants to remove black head I believe a little more “inconvenience” won’t be that difficult!

What are you waiting for?? Let’s minimize our pores together now!!!


Catching Up w My Mask!

Tired Saturday…!! Seems like I haven been doing much thing and my Saturday is gone!!!! I’ve been up since 9am!!! But only get to eat my first meal at 3pm!!! Oh man.. Hungry girl!!

But it’s ok cuz I’m not gona bored u w that!! I’m pretty eager to share w u my new gaga!!! Hahaha!!



Few weeks back i bought some wash off mask pack from qoo10 and finally got a chance to use it.. or rather got feel to use it! =X hahaa~! too lazy to wash it off..

i bought 3 types (Aloe, Volcanic, Blueberry) to try it out and i think i’m quite satisfied w the first pack (Aloe) i used. One pack is good for 2 use. but i finished the whole pack in one use!! =X oops! i applied a thick opaque layer on my face to near neck. i even covered my brow too~


Looking at this pic i think my eye lash treatment mascara is quite good! i THINK my lashes are slightly longer and thicker~ >_< hahha!! i think my chin is getting slightly more into V V shape..  ok, maybe only that 0.01% V-er~ hahahaha!!!

Hahahaha!! Interested to know what i’ve been using? …. *drumroll*

It’s the Makeup Store Eye Lash Treatment Mascara for my lashes and Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Lipo-drain serum for my V V face!!

You can read this BLOG POST for a detailed Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Lipo-drain serum! She have many other great post and recommendation too!!! Be sure to read her other post~!!

I can’t find any post on the lashes treatment.. but i promised to post a photo of it asap!! sty tune till then~


SKINMISO pore minimizer pack!!!! This is so far the best pore minimizer that I’d tried!! I got to know this brand thru Bellabox! I think it was in my July box that I was given one set to try..


You can check out this LINK to see my previous post (a little review) about it…


For $24.90, I got the whole set including this sebum removal stick and oil control essence!

Update on 30/10/2012: Look at the dirt i “scrap” out!! eeew!



Best part! I think i was the first 200 customer to purchase this product, i was given this Facial Water Mist (Olive Oil Lemon Tree) and some other samples (blemish cream, anti-wrinkle, brightening cream) too~!!

Also, not forgetting this Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask!!!

Oh man~~ can’t wait for my next masking session~!! 🙂 🙂