Shakura Pigmentation Treatment

Good day to you!

Today I’m gona back date some post that was loooong overdue!

Have you heard of Shakura? Not Sakura ya! It’s S-H-A-K-U-R-A.. I have not heard about them until one day i bought a free deal at some deal site. Its been very challenging to find related reviews about it before i head for my first facial treatment. I believe Shakura originated from Malaysia?? why i say so? B’cuz most reviews i found are by bloggers living in Malaysia!

Those reviews i saw are mostly about their super hard selling tactic and can be quite aggressive. Made me a little 怕怕 (scared). But (un)fortunately my appt was 7pm (almost the last one) and by then i was too tired to smile and make conversation. They didn’t bother to hard sell and we ended the facial treatment swiftly! (They might think that i’m not interested at all)

Actually the facial treatment was quite ok! The mask has this light floral scent, the face (milk) massage was good, the extraction was done with hands (not extraction tools).

So i decided to bring my mom to try out this facial treatment. After 1.5hrs of treatment, she came out with a smile and think its quite good too.


We sat in the consultation room listening to our consultant “hard selling” to us. i can’t recall the initial price she quote but i know it was a very WOW price that i almost wanted to leave immediately.

Then later, as she goes further….. she offered us a couple package which includes 10 + 10 treatments and 2 + 2 eye/neck treatment..  & guess how much?!?

1st clue.. 4 digits!

2nd clue.. ask me and i’ll tell u!

Mom & I were pretty tempted to try so we decided to split the cost and make payment via installment!


Overall, i still think it was a pretty enjoyable treatment. Good thing is no hard selling occurs..


Jennifer is our consultant by the way.. 🙂


& today…. i realise….. my iphone 5 cable…. is.. so fragile! 3rd party product indeed!


My Whitening Treatment

FRECKLES!! My all-time-killer! It made me hate sun~! seriously~!

Went shopping one fine day w my girlfriend and got to know that Loreal is having a promotion!! What promo?? ha~ Dual products for a lower price! For my case, its definitely gona be my whitening products!! they have anti-aging set too. But i doubt i’ll need that for now!

So i grabbed just this whitening set! It consist of a full size Youth Code Boosting Essence & White Perfect Laser Essence.


I’ve been using them for quite soe time.. about 2 weeks??? what’s my thot.. hmm.. seriously i think i need more time to tell. I don’t feel that my freckles have gotten any lighter – maybe i see them everyday so i don’t feel any diff?? but at least im happy that i dun see more growing overnight!

I don know if this happens to u. but it happens to me! i can have “new” freckles overnight!! I looked at myself in the mirror every morning (not on purpose but the mirror is there when i brush my teeth!! how to not look at myself??!), and sometimes i can see new “things” on my face.. suddenly i can have one new spot on my nose and it will stay forever.. -___- Thus im actually quite happy that after using these product, i don see new spot (at last for now!)

If it takes 3 months to see result i promise i will stay hardworking to see results!! >_<

BTW, did i mention?? i went for a pigmentation specialist facial that day!! WHERE?? It’s……

*click image to proceed to site*

I got a complimentary session at Shakura because…. *can’t remember why* probably some deal promo..

I must be honest!! It really lightens my pigmentation in just one treatment!! Other than pigmentation, my blackheads were 60% gone!! Pores were also minimized!! The facial massage was good too… one other thing i like about it is.. the extraction process was “hands-on”! No equipment used! thus its not that PAIN LIKE HELL! Seriously, i hate extraction everytime i go facial but i kinda love the extraction here…

Sadly i was too tired and hungry to actually stay behind to hear wat treatment package they can offer me and i decided to leave the place for my late late dinner!! im glad they didn’t really do much hard sell on me (and my girlfriend – we went together, FYI) as i read many review say they are very POWERFUL in hard-selling! We SURVIVED that stage!! hahahaha! Probably because it was really late the time i went so (my facial ended around 9.30pm).. everybody wanted to go home SOON and we ended everything without wasting much time. CHOP CHOP GO! hahaha!

seriously if i have the vitamin $$, i will sign up for package there.. but location really is a turn off.. But again!!! for beauty sake, i think location is not an issue! HAHAHA!!!