Make A Guess


What am i doing??? What am i doing??? What am i doing???

I am………………..



ADDING COLOR to my hairs!! Palty Treatment Bleach (Natural Brown)!

Those of you who know me, you know i have very solid black hair.. and hair dye basically will takes ages to get absorbed.. i can sit in salon for 2 hours to get my hair dyed!

But I’m so brave! i decided to try Palty after recommendation from my friend..


Nothing too surprising or new if u had tried dying your hair at home. Many reviews said that the bleach scent was pretty strong and i do agree. However, i kinda like the bleach scent! So doesn’t affect me at all..

My hair length is slightly around chest level and i must say… anything longer then this length, pls get two bottles of dye! One bottle like this is barely enough for me..

After 30 mins (do not leave it for more than 40 mins), i washed away the solutions and shampooed my hair twice follow by conditioner. To my surprise.. my hair is pretty smooth! doesn’t feel damaged at all!! I think the treatment in “Treatment Bleach” is pretty true but as for the bleach part… erm…


at least i get to see some natural brown under sunlight.. not too bad!


*indoor light*

I think among most users who used this color, i should be the only one whose result is the least obvious and totally diff from picture illustration! LOL!! That shows how stubborn my black hair is!!