Mineral Ice Gel

What would you normally do if your body’s aching? Stick on some Salonpas (pain relieving patches) or Yokoyoko (antiphlogistic and analgesic liquid)??

Today I have something good to share! It’s seldom to see my parents both agree that something is good. Hence when they do, it’s really gooood!!


Mineral Ice – pain relieving gel

This gel is good for temporary relieving pain of minor muscle and joint pain associated with:

  • Arthritis
  • Bruises
  • Simple backache
  • Sports injuries
  • Strains and sprains


I believe it’s not available in Singapore as I couldn’t find it in any local drug store.. So if it’s not available how would I know such things exist? Because I’ve got great colleagues around who will recommend me good things – and this is one of them.

So whenever there are frequent traveler in the company going to states, I would usually asked them to help me grab 1-2 bottles so that it can last for a while (at least until the next person is travelling again!! (LOL..)


One bottle (no matter big or small) can actually last for quite a long period because each time you only need to use a small amount (else you’ll be freezing – it’s cold gel!!)..

IMG_7031 IMG_7032

Gently massage the gel onto wherever is aching.. The gel will be absorbed and totally not oily nor sticky!!IMG_7033

Seee.. Clean dry!!

…… and you thought that’s all?? After the gel absorbed and dried, the cooling sensation is gone!? NO! NO! NO!

The COLD is just about to start!!! Really deeeeeep cold! I tried to “wipe” off the coldness but my hand is totally dry and nothing to wipe off!! BUT it’s coooold! LOL.. I nearly went crazy!! You see, I’ve no pain when I took this shot so all I can feel is cold-cold-cold!

Strongly advise you to apply when you’re in pain (maybe feeling hot, LOL!)..


Well next time when you’re visiting the states, grab one to try! I don’t exactly know where you can get it but my boss bought a few small bottle Mineral Ice for me in Walmart.. The BIG one was bought last year and yes, it’s only finishing now..

For more details, visit their website!