The Perfect Pout?

Have u always wanted a beautiful lips? No chapped no dry no crack no bleed!?? (FYI, I have all the above!)

And again, I’m going to share some tips with u from Singapore Women’s Weekly magazine I saw the other day! I find it pretty awesome!!


Before I have the habit of using lip balm, I have very unsightly lips! They chapped like nobody’s business.. But slowly I try to make it a habit to put on lip balm, I find my lips are getting better! Especially when I apply them overnight!!! Juz apply a generous amount (generous, not humongous) and go to sleep! Next day, MOISTURIZED LIP!!!

So I’ve tried below balm and think they’re pretty good! They are not those oily type that will make u feel that your lips are covered with oil!

– Mentholatum Deep Moist (non-menthol)


– Vaseline Lip Therapy


– Make Up Store Lip Treatment



– Dirty Works Lip Balm (this will be a little oily but it gives your lip a shiny glow like u had put on a lip gloss!)
*no pic as balm is in office* – yes! I left one in office so that I can care for my lips during working hours, in air-condition environment!!

And I had a lip mask too!!! I did a post in my lip mask which you can find out more from HERE!

All in all, I juz wana say, a beautiful lip is attainable if u put in some effort to care for them! And very soon u’ll have beautiful pout! Geez! Heehee!


Lip Exfoliating Mask!!

Good day girls!!! Today I’m going to share w u my new loveeeee!! Aaaw~~


Here! A lip mask!! To be exact it’s a exfoliating lip mask! Gosh! I’m so impressed!

A little history how I get to know this mask? Well, I attended a beauty workshop by Style Essential Inc., a really hands on workshop! They use Mary Kay products & Mary Kay is actually a product from US. (i thot from korea initially!)

At the workshop the trainer let us try most of their products and see the difference.. From hand spa to face mask to lip mask to foundation primer, mineral loose powder, blusher, eyeliner!! And immediately I fall in love with the lip mask & foundation primer. Tho I did not make the purchase immediately that day but it really made me thinking about it for days when I went home! Then I decided to text my trainer to get one… LIP MASK! Foundation primer prolly later..


Ta-daaaa!! Here it is! My long awaited lip mask!! Geeez! I used it immediately when I returned home.


It’s a small tube that can last at least 6 months? That’s what I was told..


Apply a little bit on ur lips and massage in a circular motion then leave on for 1-2 minutes.


See.. Just like that.. Then rinse off with water when time is up!


And here…..! My chapped-no-more lips!!!! For best result, I personally advise u to apply healing lip balm to see faster result of beautiful lips!

**applying lip balm now**