L’egere Perfect Cleansing Oil Stick

Going home is not lonely anymore! I’m so happy that my mama has been transfer to a new branch – we’re close (at work) again!

So last week while waiting for mama to end work, I went to do some shopping at BHG.. I have no plan to buy anything, purely window shopping, until I saw this interesting stick!

Let’s have some fun, this beat is sick
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick
Let’s have some fun, this beat is sick
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick
– Lady Gaga (Love Games)

NO!! This is not a disco stick! This is a Cleansing Oil Stick!

What’s NEW? This is new – OIL in a stick! I had some makeup (from all the sampling) on the back of my hand hence I took the sample stick and try it.. I was pretty amazing! It wiped out all the make up on my hand!! CLEAN!

Who can resist such cute convenient makeup remover!!? It’s so easy to bring around and need not worry about leaking/spilling in your makeup pouch or bag! NO MESS!

Was pretty surprise to see this little cap when I open up the stick.. They really protect it well ya!?

So now I’m home, let me show you the power of this cleansing stick!


What’s on my hand: Waterproof mascara, gel eyeliner, glittery eye shadow, bb cream and lipstick!

(music) As the stick goes round and round, round and round, round and round..

All the makeup sort of dissolve and blends together.. Was pretty gross but I think it works quite well.. Even removed my gel eyeliner without a trace! Although some glitter can still be seen but, I think it did better than what I expected!!

The only extra step that we need to do here is, clean the stick after every use..


Since it work so well on my hand why not try it on my face since it’s time for me to remove my makeup too!

(music) As the stick goes round and round, round and round, round and round..

Hmm.. It turn out not as comfortable as when I used it on my hand.. Area like nose, eye need extra care.. It’s easy on forehead, cheek and chin and these area were pretty clean..

IMG_2702 IMG_2704 IMG_2703 IMG_2701IMG_2699IMG_2705


For my eyes, they didn’t quite turn out clean the first time.. Eyeliners are still visible, almost 75% of my mascara did not goes off.. maybe if the stick comes in a two-way concept will be better? One side pointy and the other side as it is, then I can use the pointy side for more precise cleaning.. Or maybe I should just just a eye-makeup remover first before attempting to use this??

Well I guess I did not try hard enough.. I’m not giving up and tried it again the next day but without mascara this time.. Well….

IMG_2706 IMG_2708


It turns out much better than the day before. Glad to see that 80% of my eyeliner was removed.. When I’m done, I used a piece of tissue to wipe away the residue. It doesn’t really feel clean honestly..I don’t see much bb cream stain on my tissue though..

(Above picture on the right shows u the amount of oil stick depleted after using for 2 times..)

Overall, I would rate this only 6 out of 10.. More for the convenience than the effectiveness. Not that it’s not effective but areas like nose & eyes are pretty challenging to get the makeup removed.. It doesn’t matter if you do light or heavy makeup because you will still need to remove makeup around this area right?!

Plus I don’t like the oily dirty feeling it leaves on my face while removing my make up.. I would rather is a liquid cleansing oil..

So that’s reason for this rating! If you would like to get your hands on this too, head down to your nearest BHG (ALT) to check it out..



July Bellabox – Around The World


Yahoooo!! Got my July Bellabox just bef the week ends..! Happy!! Happy!!!
So what do we have here for July??



Seems like a pretty heavy box right?? Totally excited for this! Now let start looking into the simple one first..! ^_^



Twistband!! If u haven heard of twistband then u are (slightly) outdated thn me!!! I got to know Twistband from Bellabox in Q2 this year!! It’s actually a hair band that u can use to tie ur hair without leaving tie mark! And they comes in colorful colours….!

Just a bit sad that my twistband had a little defect. But the thot of contacting Bellabox for an exchange made mi… (think twice) accept how it is! To email them is a headache! I wonder all this beauty boxes company.. Are they really sooo busy? Din they put into consideration for time like this? Ok, or at least not for exchange but more of.. customer service/enquiries? Every time when they are gg to have something big, reply seems to slow down even more (already so slow then become even slower..)

Had tried calling them to enquire some stuff but was asked to email them instead. But their reply always take sooo… sigh~

Ok I think I drift tooo much! Back to twistband! You can grab yours at Bellabox e-store HERE!


Next, Jimmy Choo lil perfume (4.5ml)! Like that cute little granite-like bottle! Smell great too! But if I were to buy it at its full size I would think that they’re a bit on the costly side.. I’ll stick to my bvlgari! Hahaha!

PRICE? … 40/60/100ml for S$78/125/165


Next next!! Skinmiso nose pack!! It’s a 2 step pore care that will remove blackheads and whiteheads! Looks interesting ya!!? I think I’ll try this out tmr??

PRICE? …10 sheets plus essence(15ml) for US$21.99

Review on 15 July evening:


Wow.. This is not wat I expect yet not too different from what I expect too..

I expect something like Bioré pore pack? But looking at it’s packing I had expected it not to be like wat i expected! (gossh, am i confusing u??)


As per its direction, I apply it on my nose for 10 mins. Initially, I feel a bit pinchy pain, quite annoying but bearable. Abt few sec ltr the pain is gone.

When I peel out the sheet, I dun see any whitehead/blackhead residue on my nose.. I had also used the Q-tip to exfoliate but… Nothing come out.. At that point I thought this was pretty useless..


But still I decided to continue w the step 2!! This pack’s essence more gelish as compared to step 1 (watery)..


I dono if I shd even post this pic cuz it looks the same as the previous one! But oh well…

Step 2 still has that pinchy pain feeling too but din last long.


So after I remove …. Mi first reaction was….. “WOW!!! No more large pores!!! Wah!!! Whr’s my blackheads!?!??” Hahahah!!!

Tho this doesn’t works like Bioré pore pack whr u can see ur blackheads being “pull” out.. But… My nose really is much cleaner now!!

If bearing w these pinchy pain can change a clean nose back, seriously… I DON’T MIND!! Hahaha!!

Now I’m really tempted to buy some home!!


Yes.. I know what u’re thinking!! It’s SKII again! My third set of SKII since my July Vanity Trove! It’s either SKII is having a promo or both VT and BB a good deal with them! But doesn’t really matter, 好东西不嫌多!

This SKII comes in a smaller pack then VT’s one but it comes with 2 extra items.. Cellumination skin care..

• Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser (6g)
• Cellumination Mask-in Lotion (10ml)
• Facial Treatment Essence (6g)
• Cellumination Deep Surge EX (2.5g)



I used the facial cleanser immediately since both (VT & BB) are like gvg out their products so hard!

It’s easy to lather into form but the form is not those very dense type like Ettusais.. But it does smells nice! Probably my skin is too thick? I dun feel anything special about it after washing.. It’s like “just another cleanser”..


Aft cleanse, I used the cellumination mask-in lotion! Refreshing.. Nice scent too..

According to their tips, u can use it like a cool therapy (extra treatment on concerned area) too!

Read on and u’ll understand more..


And last step is my cellumination deep surge ex!


And here!! Seee!! I followed every step as provided in my box! Very useful instruction..! Mi like!!! ^_^

PRICE? …Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser 120ml for S$89, Cellumination Mask-in Lotion 100ml forS$114, Facial Treatment Essence 75/150/215ml for S$99/168/209, Cellumination Deep Surge EX 50g for S$199


L’egere skin conditioner (30ml).. Product of Korea.. Juz with the chinese instruction can’t help feeling like it’s fr Taiwan..

What can this skin conditioner do?? See below packaging! (sorry.. Feeling abit lazy tdy!! Oppsie!!)


I duno about u but I always seems to mixed up L’egere and Laneige! Haha!

PRICE? …150ml for S$31.90


L’egere Platinum Hologram Illuminating Hydro Cream Base (3ml).. Another L’egere product.. But this acts more like a makeup base I guess..



Pore tightening and oil control is enuff for me to grab a full size one!!

PRICE? …40ml for S$39.90

Review on 16 July:

ok it din show very well in this pic but the cream is in a bit pale purple-ish beige color! wah sound so.. hahahaha! but u have to visualise abit to be able to see the purple.. putting aside the color.. the cream contain shimmers.. i guess that is why it can create the radient look.

in this pic, u see my hand?? bling bling..! on my finger tip is Ettusais BB cream, ignore that! hahaha! im just putting on my daily makeup before heading to work!

Overall, i feel nth too special about it. but probably i just haven use long enuff..

Next is a… BONUS!!


A housebrand sexy red lipstick!! Yayaya!!! I’m lying! Hahaha!


This is a pen not lipstick.. Not of very good quality but definitely a cute gift!!


Last but not least… Other the the sample products, the usual brochures are also added in a pink envelop..


Details of products in ur box will all be printed on this lil note… Very handy!

Now it’s the real “last but not least”! If u are interested in getting one box to pamper urself, check out this the link HERE! New price starting in July is $19.95 (existing subscriber still can enjoy usual price of $15 till ur subscription ends..)

Hope their products get better… Since there’s a price increase.. 🙂