My stash of… Makeup Remover!


Yes.. It’s time again to share some loveee with you! I realize I’ve been stocking up lots of makeup remover lately!!! Not because they’re good/bad but most of the time it’s because of SALE!

So which of those I’ve been using are worth mentioning?? Read on to find out…

If you’re a loyal reader, I’m sure you’re aware that I had recently received a Biore Micellar Cleansing Water for review (you can read from HERE).. So amazed with the result, I decided to pull out ALL my “Micellar” remover to do a comparison! Spoiler: I’m really mind blown with the result of Biore Micellar Cleansing Water!!

So before I start removing my makeup, I must have some makeup on right?? Thanks to my left hand, she decided to sacrifices herself for this test!!



In this makeup, I’ve used La-Roche Posay BB cream, Benefit mascara, K-Palette liquidliner, NYX blush stick Shiseido lip color and Misline compact powder.. Eyeliner is 100% waterproof/smudgeproof!!


This is not micellar related but this is my so-call current makeup remover – Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover… Why is it “so-call”? Because this is the makeup remover which I will constantly buy when it runs low. IMO, it’s good as it can remove waterproof mascara without much effort and I chop chop remove my makeup quickly while in shower..


See it’s not “water” form but more like gel…

Side note: There no need to use cotton pad when using this remover. Now this is just for show and to keep the consistency of the test as close as possible..

Usually, I will just pump 2 times on my hand and start massage gently onto my skin to remove makeup.


I placed the cotton pad on half of the “face” for about 30 sec (or so, didn’t really count the time)..

Can you guess the result??…..






jiang-jiang~ not bad right!? Just one wipe and 80% (of half the face) makeup gone…


2-3 more wipe and I’m clean!!! Like I said, proper usage of this remover is to apply directly onto skin and gently massage to remove makeup. That way, it can be result will be more effective.

How many star will I rate this? 4 stars!!

Will I buy it again? Yes! It very convenient to use and, again, it’s effective!! Most importantly, it’s pretty friendly to my pocket.. I think it’s about S$25+/- for 230ml (let me go check out the price and update you again!!!)

Next in the list….


Inseta H2O Tonic Lotion – Makeup Removing Lotion! This is a delicate cleansing lotion for eyes, lips and face. Best of all, No rinse required!! Oh and oh and!! It’s suitable for sensitive skin too

There isn’t much information found online but what I can share with you is that, this is a product of Italy (Made in Italy) and so far, I haven’t seen it in Singapore. Then where did I bought it? From Hong Kong, a retail shop call Colourmix (feels like SaSa/Beauty Language)!! 坐过 Cathay Airline的卸妆水哦~

Actually I didn’t planned/expect to buy this but the staff came to me while I was looking at Bioderma makeup remover. She started to promoting Inseta saying that the price is just a fraction of what I’m holding and quality is comparable too! Well, looking the price, I think I have nothing to lose too (I’m already in HK, there no need to save what I’ve already prepared to spending!)


So with appropriate amount of it, I placed it on the other half of my “face”..






another 30 sec has passed..

and 1 swipe~


Wow… this is pretty clean!!


With the 2nd swipe, waterproof makeup is gone!

Indeed it’s comparable with Bioderma but sadly i can’t find it in Singapore.. If your ever go to Hong Kong and interested to try it, drop by Colourmix and grab yours at HKD98 (500ml; about S$16+/-)..!

How many star will I rate this? 4 stars too!!

Will I buy it again? I really don’t know! I like it that it’s suitable for sensitive skin, the convenience of “no-rinse” and doesn’t make my skin feels dry! Even if I want to buy, I think I will need to save some air fare first.. =X

Next up *excited* is my new favourite!!


Yes, Biore Micellar Cleansing Water!! Post link provided earlier..


Same steps, pump appropriate amount onto the cotton pad and hold for 30 sec +/-…


If you have followed me on Instagram, you should have seen the result tooo…..



Makeup all being lifted up!! I’m amazed! I mean.. When I try it on my face previously, I thought it was pretty “wow” already because I didn’t even hold for 30 sec and makeup were removed.. BUT NOW YOU SEEE!! My makeup literally being lifted up and goneeeee!!!

2 wipe is almost clean!!

How many star will I rate this? 5 stars of course!! It’s very rare a makeup remover can excite me sooo much!!

Will I buy it again? Definitely a YES! In fact I might just replace the Aqua Jelly to this as my regular remover!! Price? S$18.90 for 300ml (if I do a lil math, for 500ml it will cost about S$31.50) Hmm double the price of Inseta but definitely cheaper than Bioderma.. Well, at least they had made it look affordable!

“Wah, only $18.90! That’s less than $20!” mentality.. LOL..!

Finally at the last (but not least) product… Biodema Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution!


This is my most expensive makeup remover that I have ever purchased. It was about S$40+ when this 500ml first launch in Singapore! Madness! If you really like this yet have a tight budget, go find out who’s going Hong Kong and ask them to help you get a few back! It’s much cheaper buying from Hong Kong (I’ll share the price with you at the end of the post..)!


By now i need not tell you what I’m doing here ya? 😀 Pour appropriate amount and hold for 30 secs………


Wanna guess the result?







Indeed you get what you pay for! Despite the high price, it can effectively remove my makeup without much effort and (importantly) doesn’t cost and dryness nor prickly sensation on my skin… Woohoo!  However, if you have sharp eyes I’m sure u can see that the mascara (or eyeliner, idk) isn’t really cleaned up on my hand. There’s still a lil dot on my hand but again just one more wipe and I’m all cleaned and good!! (oh yeahhh)

How many star will I rate this? 4.5 stars! 0.5 was deducted for the cost!! >_<

Will I buy it again? YES but maybe the 100ml for travelling use..! As promise, here’s the price for the different size..

  • 100ml at S$15.90 (promo: S$9.90)
  • 250ml at S$29.90 (promo: S$23.90)
  • 500ml at S$46.00 (promo: S$39.90)

And if you’re buying from Hong Kong, Colourmix is selling 500ml pack at HKD135 (approximately S$22) – Almost half price~ kaoz!


So to summarized it all, here’s my favourite makeup remover from left (being most love) to right (being the least love)..

How sad to see my once sooo loved Aqua Jelly become last in the list!! :X BTW, I wanna emphasize I did NOT draw the makeup on the cotton pad for Biore Micellar Cleansing Water ok pls~!! In case anyone thought it was being draw on.. -___-

I will be back to update this post again when I have more to share!! Stay tune!!

Update on 1 Jun 2015: Nearly forgot to update this post with my makeup remover update!! Probably few months back, I bought Legere’s cleansing oil stick! Like what the name suggest, it’s a oil stick to remove makeup!


I thought it was pretty interesting and had effectively remove my makeup from the back of my hand (from all those sampling) then! IMG_2424

Well, bringing it home and doing it on my face is a different story.. I don’t really like the process of using this to remove my makeup.. Too many “corners” can’t be clean thoroughly.. 😦 You can check out my post here for more details..

Until then~! C’ya~