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What makes online shopping even more enjoyable?? FREE SHIPPING of course!! Pinky Paradise is having FREE SHIPPING for the month of MAY!! PPFreeShipping Now is your chance to try other new colors that you’ve been wanting to! So far I’ve tried GEO Diamond Violet and GEO Princess Mimi Almond Brown only though (click to read reviews)..

ppgeodiamondviolet IMG_2620 pp1IMG_2419

Lenses comfort level may not be determined by Pinky Paradise but delivery process sure is! Pinky Paradise ships your order fast and they make effect to bubble wrap your lense bottle to avoid breakage/damage! If you’ve been thinking of trying new circle lenses, NOW is the time! Free shipping is really a HUGE saving!!! Be fast before promo ends!


Geo Diamond Violet Review

Happy FRIDAY the 13th!! 😥 

The next one will be in November!


If you have been following me, you would have realized that I am pretty obsessed with circle lenses nowadays! I hope it’s not too late to learn about the beauty of BIG EYE!! LOL…

Started with 14.2 dia and thought it was just so-so~ can’t really tell if you’re wearing lenses.. VERY natural i suppose! So I start to look for BIGGER lenses – 14.5/14.8 dia..

Thanks to PINKY PARADISE, I’ve got my FIRST 14.8 dia violet lenses…!


From the title suggested, this is a pair of GEO Diamond Violet lenses! And if you didn’t know, most of the contact lenses you ordered from Pinky Paradise comes with a FREE MACARON CASE! (Yes, like the one I got in the pic!) Why I say MOST is because I’m not sure if it is ALL… So far, most that I browsed comes with it!

IMG_2613 IMG_2614

Pretty shock when I got my lenses! It’s so bright~ I was so worried the lenses will look super purplish when I wear it! I was looking for something more natural yet not boring though..

Image on the left was without flash and right was with flash..

IMG_2615 IMG_2616

It was quite easy to tell which is the correct side from the design of the lenses (phew~).. I’m sure you can tell from the image..

Now let’s check out the lenses swatch!

IMG_2617 IMG_2618

14.8 dia is BIG! It covered most of the white and I have BIG BIG eye now~ I took some before and after swatch for easy comparison and showed my BFF. Her response made me sad (at the same time happy!)

“Wow.. Big difference..” was one of her reply.. (seems like I have really small eyes all this while..)

BUT glad that my eyes can communicate better now! *blink blink*  LOL…

IMG_2619 IMG_2620

Comparing with and without flash, I think both are pretty likable! My eye look BIGGER, a lot BIGGER, than before..

The color kinda blend well with my black eye hence it’s pretty safe for wearing them to work (especially if your work place is conservative)..

More swatch…?? SURE!!!

IMG_2622 IMG_2623 IMG_2624

Without flash, you can still see the design but lightly. With flash, it just made the color more obvious..

IMG_2626 IMG_2625

Either way, they are really VERY PRETTY!

What?? Too much close up??


Okie, feedback noted!


How about this….?



Overall experience for wearing 14.8 dia circle lens was good!! Love the enlarging effect it gave me and the comfort level was as good as wearing nothing on my eye! The only down side is probably I have to OPEN my eye really BIGGG to put on the lenses! Else every thing is fine! You don’t even have to worry about having a tough time removing your lenses. Bigger lenses are easier to remove!!

Definitely a good lenses to have when going for a date or when we need to look alert/charming!

And let me tell you this….


Enter “tempted2love” under the coupon code fill when you checkout and you will be entitled to:

– FREE cute animal lens case

– Mystery gift


Best of all, this coupon code can be STACKED and has NO EXPIRY DATE!! Meaning, if you buy 3 pair of lenses, you will get 3 cute animal lens cases and 3 mystery gift!! However, do note that you will not receive your macaron lens case anymore on normal purchase when you enter this code!

If you like this pair that I’m wearing, click on below link to get yours today!!


Pinky Paradise ships out the product almost like next day upon check out! I made a purchase on 4 March late night and I got an email with DHL tracking number on 5th March afternoon and guess what?? My lenses reach me on 6 March before 7pm (when I reach home, my package was in the room already)!!

You can check out my previous port HERE on that purchase ..




**The above blog review is proudly sponsored by:

Pinky Paradise


Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown (Bambi Series) Review



DHL package received!! In my previous post I shared a sneak preview with you and now here’s the real thing!

IMG_2249 IMG_2251

I chose DHL delivery this time as I need to have my items send to me before month end. Else usually I’m total alright with normal mail which takes about 2 weeks (at least) to arrive..

In conjunction with the current promo, I got myself ONE free sample lens too! Like so lame!? Only ONE PIECE?? How to wear it out??? But I guess that’s the whole purpose, It’s meant to let you try and see its effect.. If you like it, you can go ahead to buy it from them. How smart! Question is… there’s no description about the sample lens, where should I start looking if I like it??

Anyway, that’s beside the point.. Now I can’t wait to show you my GEO Princess Mimi Almond Brown (Bambi Series)!! It’s not gonna be a lengthy post so don’t worry..

IMG_2252 IMG_2257

IMG_2254 IMG_2230  IMG_2419


Well, I think it look pretty natural! With a diameter of 14.8, I had to open my eyes really BIG to put on the lenses! Although it’s a little challenging to put it on but removing the lenses was a piece of cake! So much easier to take it out then a 14.2 dia! Needless to say the enlarging effect!

Shall share more picture on this lenses the next time I wear them again!!


Remarks: This is NOT a sponsored post. I purchased the lenses with my pocket $$. There goes my three days worth of lunch money.. T_T