My stash of… BB Cream!


You got it right!! Time again for my stash review – my stash is growing day by day!!!!

Today I’m gonna run through my stash of BB creamsss!! You may see CC cream or foundation appearing too though.. LOL!

First in the list is none other than Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion! If you are a regular beauty boxes subscriber you will not be a stranger to this great products! Most beauty subscription boxes recommend this to their users!! I happen to be one of the many who got the chance to try them and fall in love with it after trying! Love it even more after being advise by a makeup artist on how to use it to cover blemishes during my SWW shoot~!!

20140410-151046.jpg 20140410-151056.jpg

(from the second pic you can see I have been using it very diligently huh~ HAHA!!)

A new-concept cushion-type whitening BB for 6 effects (Whitening + Moisturizing + Sunscreen + Water resistant + Soothing + Makeup Effects)! Yes, 6-in-1, used to be just 5-in-1 i think!! I’m not too sure which version I’m using because I bought it on Qoo10 and they shipped direct from Korea. Packaging is different from Singapore Laneige before the change.

Nonetheless, they are still as good! I’m already using my 2nd refill.. 😀


Here you can see, the side with Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion is slightly fairer and my freckles has lightened quite a bit!! I feel that is has brighten my chubby face yet doesn’t look too ghostly! Can’t see the diff?? Try comparing the eye area and freckles.. 🙂

Some user may find the coverage not that fantastic but I find it great! The trick (advised by Eric Tan, the MUA) to get better coverage is to DAP. Dap on area where you want better coverage (ie: freckles)! That’s all~ It doesn’t turn cakey It doesn’t look oily after half a day. It has SPF50 PA++. Gives a dewy look. What more can I ask for…?

And not long ago, Laneige launch their NEW BB Cushion Pore Control! I tell you…  This is AWESOME! Not only it gives a better coverage, it minimize pores!!



I don’t have the image of it on my face (YET) but you can click HERE to check out my post about it~!

These BB cushion is good for going on date, going to work, going shopping or even going for tea (coffee if you like it!)!! That natural dewy look~! I can’t resist!!

Yay or Nay?? Definitely a BIG YAY for me!! I love how I look when i just put it on! Even after a day at work, I still look decent! Oxidization doesn’t really ruin the look.. If you’re keen to try, probably you can head down to any Laneige boutique to take a look!

Laneige BB Boutiqe

(Click image to see other store locations)

Next is my newly added item! La Roche-Posay Melt-in BB Cream. Got this from SampleStore as a product for review..

20140326-233736.jpg 20140326-233740.jpg


I agree this image may not be the best to show you how good this product is BUT fred not! Check out my previous post HERE and you will see it actually has got good coverage and totally suit Asian skin too! I love the natural finish it gives and yet works like wonder when covering blemished!!

If you would love to try it first before purchasing, head to SampleStore to redeem it now~! Else, La Roche-Posay products are available at Changi General Hospital, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, National Skin Centre, National University Hospital, Singapore General Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital as well as major Guardian, Unity and Watsons retail pharmacies. ($$$: S$49.90 for 30ml)

Ok, now for my all-time favorite! .. wait.. I mean above mentioned are my favorite too!! This is probably the pioneer among the other BB cream in my favorite list! Ettusai’s BB Mineral Cream is the first to be added to my favorite list before exploring any others..

ettusais bb cream 1 ettusais bb cream 2

It’s a BB cream that gives you coverage while treating your skin at the same time. Love it because it covers, spreads easily and is so lightweight yet it works hard to keep to your skin baby soft. Made up of 79% skincare ingredients, Ettusais first BB Cream hides pores, evens out skin tone and controls oil. It also contains 6 different kinds of moisturizing ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin, while also preventing acne with our star ingredient, AC-Control Oil. Contains SPF 30 PA ++.


And I totally agree with what was stated! The color of the BB cream is suitable for Asian skin and it stays matte even after lunch time! It blends really well with my complexion, good coverage(!), oil control(!) and even out skin tone!

Not long after, Ettusais launch the whitening version – BB Mineral WhiteAn all-in-one makeup base, concealer and foundation in cream form that gives coverage and brightens skin by 120%!


Made up of 63% skincare ingredients, this BB cream conceals and corrects skin imperfections. Skin is illuminated by 120% with its Pure-white Brightening Powder, adding a glow and radiance to your complexion! Protects skin from harmful sun rays with high SPF 45 PA ++. 


IMO, this is too fair for me. I don’t know if it is suppose to be like this or I bought the wrong color (too light)~ Either one, I still prefer the BB Mineral Cream (pink tube) than this BB Mineral White (white tube). Anyway, I saw on Instagram that Ettusais is gona launch a new bb cream soon has launch another new bb cream.. gel type! Definitely looking forward to to using that soon…!! *excited*

BB Mineral Cream – S$38.00 for 40g

BB Mineral White – S$40.00 for 40g

Next BB cream is one great thing for girls who wana cover pores!

Dr.G Perfect Pore Cover BB Cream SPF30 PA++. This BB Cream cover pores and acne scars without skin irritation.

It contain:

  • Lime tree water and Cabbage extracts that are excellent in sebum control.
  • Sebucontrol – 5 controls excessive sebum and enlarged pores. 
  • Rose hip oil and Lemon balm extracts moisturizes and nourishes skin.
  • 5-free (Alcohol-free, Mineral oil-free, GMO-free, Benzophenone-free, Tar colorant-free).
  • SPF 35 PA++


I thought it was pretty greyish at first but as I apply I think it kinda neutralized and blends with my complexion. On pigmented area, you just need an extra touch to cover them and you’re good! Coverage is good in this case (with that extra touch)..


Although the pics I am showing you in this post are mainly a half face application but you can always use your hand to cover the other half that you don’t want to see!!! hahahaha.. Like that, you will be able to visualize the effect better.


Perfect Pore Cover is what this BB Cream is named. So it should cover pores right? Do you think it did its job?? Me? I think it did a great job! My complexion looks smoother eh! flawless?? O_O hahaha.. ($$$: S$29 for 45ml)

Next in line that caught me by surprise is Touch in SOL Pure Dew Water Drop BB Cream!! This BB cream is safe to use on sensitive and trouble skin with SKIN FILM SYSTEM for the excellent calming skin! Not only that, it’s long lasting from sweat and water for all day long.

Water radiance textures, bright color and excellent coverage for skin flaw but also features gorgeous skin radiance through water holding system. Sun protection? Of course!! This bb cream comes with SPF 36!!


The texture of this bb cream is sooo.. watery yet not runny. creamy yet not sticky!! Very lightweight BB cream..


You can really feel the moisturizing agent on your skin and it looks very natural too!


Man.. Although BB cream are getting “outdated” but I’m still loving them so much!! Recently I redeemed Dr.Jart+ Dis-A-Pore BB cream on SampleStore and I thought it might just be another so-so product..


Ya, you can tell I ain’t prepared to showcase this right!? It perform better than expected and I thought I should make a note!


Well, the coverage isn’t very good but it can cover pores better than regular bb. oh wait! that’s not the reason i’m attracted to it! I like it because after a day at work, my bb cream is still covering my pores and looking fresh! If you’re keen to cover some pores, quickly head to SampleStore now to redeem the sample sachet before it goes out of stock!! Retail price is about S$44 (40ml) and available for your purchase at SaSa and Guardian if I’m not wrong..

So far these are the few BB creams that I’m pretty satisfied with.. I will be updating this post periodically when I find a good BB/CC cream to share!!

So stay tune!!


One Day Bazaar @ BHG

It’s time for shopping again!!!! Hahahah!! Don’t u just love to shop whole day, all year round!!?!? Man I wish I could!

Bought a few items and decided to pick 3 out of the many to share with u!! I’m not going into product knowledge or branding background today! It will be just my POV! So…. Let’s start!

I believe L’oréal is not a new brand to many of u… Most girls started their makeup life with one or two L’oréal stash ya? Today at BHG ODB sales, I whacked these two makeup base for myself…!

Lucent Magique Pure Light Primer & Base Magique Transforming Soothing Primer!


Why buy 2 u asking?? Hahaha! Because I can’t decided which to settle for!! They both give different result!


Lucent Magique Pure Light Primer give u a radiant face!! Like you are giving out inner shine~ hahaha! Ok, I exaggerated..!



As u can see the primer is white in color and it contains a little shimmer (I guess that is what makes ur face bright like they’re glowing) the primer is quite runny but slightly thicker than water.. Application was easy too!



Love the glow that it gives and yet not too bright! People who wants radiant, brightened and/or dewy face, this Pure Light Primer is definitely for u!

Looking at the above “with & without” comparison, very obvious that my skin glows with Lucent Magique! Hahaha… Don’t u juz love the radiance?


Next here is the Base Magique Transforming Soothing Primer! This primer works great for people who wants matt complexion, less visible pores and smooth smooth face!!

It comes in a bottle, velvet cream like primer!



Application was a little challenging for me.. It doesn’t spread on nicely on my hand.. The cream doesn’t seem to get ‘absorb’ in and its like keep rolling on my skin.. Used double the time i use to apply pure light primer to get this done.

On the other hand, my sis like this lots! It went on perfectly on her hand when she tried the sample!! No cakey residue like I what I experience..



But after a while (was still doing my shopping in BHG).. I touchedy hand again and my skin feels smooth.., VERY SMOOTH!! I was like “wow! Not bad eh!?!?” It does takes a whole for the product to get used to my skin huh? (Hahaha) that is when I decided to grab a bottle tooo!!

I tried to show u the “with & without” comparison.. But doesn’t seems to show AT ALL! Hahah! FAILED! But it really smoothen my skin quite a bit! Even some wrinkles went *POOF* missing!!


Putting both hands together, I think u can see difference?? Radiant vs Smoothen!! Who wins!??

Other than L’oréal primers, I had also bought Ettusias Mineral Powder!!



First thing I want to tell u is that…. The powder puff is really very soft!!!!!! Feels like a princess putting on powder! Hahahaa!

This mineral powder has little coverage as compared to their mineral compact powder.. As I din wana add on the weight on my face, I choose this loose powder to sort of set my makeup and gives it a matt look..

In below pic, you can see my hand with the application on powder on top of the primer that I just shared w you..


Indeed very light ya? Hahaha! I can barely see the powder.. =P

After reading this post, have u decided which primer to get for yourself??

Ettusais Foam Party!

All set for an early Saturday Party!


Here i am st Shiseido Office! Did i come to the wrong place? Of cuz not.. Ettusais is part of Shiseido! Later i can show u other brands that are under Shiseido too..


I think i’m too early and the ladies are still preparing for the party! So i sat at this eye catching red sofa to wait for them.


On my left (when sitting at the sofa), is this Beauty Room. i think this is their facial room b’coz a lady came to me shortly saying this red sofa is only for this facial customer and she direct me to seat at the other end to wait. (Now then y did the lady at the front desk ask mi to sit der – is she not aware that it’s for facial customer only???)


OK! so here’s the other brands that you can catch a glimpse when in their office.. Z.A., Majolica Majorca, Ettusais (of course!) and etc etc…


So without further delay, the trainer starts her presentation .. Let me recall her name… *recalling*



Hands on experiment for you too.. this is the foam cleanser, star product for this party!

As u can see.. it is really very dense.. and guess what.. it really bounce! hahahaha! FUN! My hand is full of bb cream and this foam cleanse did clean them off with much effort.

This is a really interesting product and definitely attractive! it can remove makeup and cleanse ur face at the same time.. i know out in the market there are already quite a few products that has this function.. remove makeup and cleanse. BUT how many actually comes in foam form and provide moisturizing effect?



After the presentation, there even a mini competition for us to play! Who can lather a foam first!!? I’m really curious to find out how they lather such dense foam! Honestly, after seeing them lather, now i know the trick!


Well, a little corner with light refreshments for us too.. but i din ate any.. guess its too early for mi to feel hungry..

Overall, this party is an eye opener to me. Its a short session but you get to learn about their products.. OH! there’s even a skin analyst corner for you to find out your skin type! That, i didn’t mgt to pic it dw.. 😦

Produce wise, it is good. but i will not get it. Firstly, why would i want to get something that can’t remove waterproof makeup. Yes, it can’t remove waterproof makeup. i will need a seperate eye makeup remover or etc to remove them. For this, i think Biore’s Gel remover is doing well. Tho i may need to cleanse my face with a seperate face wash, but im fine. Secondly, after doing the skin analyst, this product may not be suitable for me. I’m more suitable for the Pore Care Wash – the one which we’ll need to lather our own foam..

So if you plan to get one of this Foam Cleanser, head down to their counter and check out more about it with their friendly staff or visit their SITE… 🙂

Bouncy Ettusais

Today, I’m thinking of not doing any product review post but instead my personal shopping thoughts..!


It all started with this irresistible offer i saw from Ettusais’s Facebook!! Only on 16 June, you can get a 3-step skin care trial pack for juz S$16! A face soap (cleanser).. A softener (toner).. A shooter (moisturizer).. That’s not all!! If you flash the above pic, you will be entitled to join a beauty workshop by Ettusais (worth S$30) on complimentary!! Now that’s really tempting!!

So i decided, first thing in the morning aft I woke up, is to prepare myself to leave for Bugis BHG!! Happy me arrived bef noon and glad that it wasn’t crowded there..! (probably I’m too early!! >_< haha)


Excitedly I told the promoter what I want..! She’s very friendly very 亲切!& I must say.. I’m impressed with Ettusais’s staff, esp their promoters. They are all very professional, friendly and does not give people a haolian (proud? Snob?) attitude.. You know some atas brand (which i won’t be naming) promoter, they only serve “potential” customers. If you dun intend to buy or even feel that their products are too ex, dun expect them to treat you with smile & patient.. Frequent beauty products shopper sure know what I mean.. But at Ettusais, i see that the promoters serve each & every of their customers tactfully & with a smile.

Caiying (Ettusais promoter) served her customer very.. “gently”?! Haha! (wat a weird description) She’s soft spoken and always smiling. She will let her waiting customer knows that she sees them and will get to them after she finish serving her current customer..

I have thot of chging my skin care product to Ettusais after my first purchased some times back but totally no idea which product will be suitable for mi.. So I asked Caiying to give mi some recommendations and had made known to her that I won’t buying them today. She, still smiling, gave me good recommendations and even explain why those will be suitable for my skin type. I don’t know if Ettusais have trained their promoters to be this way but at least I’m glad that the 2 promoters I met at BHG (Bishan & Bugis) are really great! Really appreciate their patient to serve a so-many-question me! Haha! Thanks Xiaoying and Caiying!

Have I drifted too far!? Ok back to my happy buy!!


This is the Acne Skin Version Up Softener (34ml at S$16) I bought! I was given a “sample” size of this when I purchased my BB Cream using VanityTrove & Ettusais joint promo offer. Well… I’m quite satisfied w this product that’s y decided to get this trial pack to enjoy more of other products!

Just pour out about 5 cents size and apply to ur face, it will made it easier for ur moisturizer to be absorbed!


With purchased of the Acne Skin Version Up Softener, you will get to choose to take home either this White Shooter Dual Effect or one of the other 2 items which I can’t rmb what is it! =P

This White Shooter is one good stuff!! It acts as a moisturizer with whitening effect! If you have pigmentation concerns like I do, I think this will be good for u..! How to used?? Same! Jus pour out lil bit, about 5 cents size & apply to ur pretty face will do!

It haven really reduced my freckles because I only used this twice! But I’m really excited over this product!


Now this is the Acne Gentle Wash (soap) that you’ll get too..! I’ll probably only used this after my cleanser are done! 🙂


Last but not least…… Caiying gave mi 2 sun block sample to try when I asked her to recommend me a good one earlier on.. This is suitable for oily T-zone and can work as a make up base.. And importantly, it’s not oily (of cuz it’s not)! If this works well on me, I will consider getting it!


UPDATE on 26 July 2012:


Finally i can use my Ettusais face wash..very very looking fwd to use this…! well.. but end up din really like it.. Why? cuz it has this plastic smell.. the soap really is fragrance free until the plastic smell is too overwhelming for mi.. i’ll probably not get this face soap again.. hmm 😦

My First Ettusais..

How many have NOT heard of Ettusais?? i’ve heard of it but nvr really do much research about it.. My first impression of Ettusais was this brand must be an expensive brand from japan and only suitable for 小美眉 (小妹妹, teenagers). But i was wrong..

Et tu sais is a phrase you’ll often hear French girls using when they gather to share news and gossip with their friends. It means “You know what?”. Inspired by the modern, trendy and individualistic Parisian girl, Ettusais believes in giving women fun, tools to their individualism, and freedom from adult acne! (wow!!)


Adult acne, oiliness, poor sebum balance, dehydration, blemishes, clogged and enlarged pores affect many women in their 20s. Ettusais is committed to the search for clear, fresh skin. That’s why their fun-to-use skincare comprehensively takes care of problematic adult skin while hydrating skin to give it smoothness and a resilient bounce


Ettusais basecare is more than just about long-lasting coverage; to them make-up is also an extension of your skincare. Their base make-up covers and cares! Their products give excellent oil control, pimple prevention, have SPF, is non-comedogenic (so they’ll never clog your pores); all while giving you natural looking coverage with the lightest textures for the ultimate comfort in all-day-wear.


Make-up is about having fun, being chic and creating looks that portrays YOU! They’ve fashioned their make-up to come in an array of colors that you can pick and choose from, they also have smart, cut and innovative packaging that makes them convenient to use.


They have developed AC-Control Oil, a soy bean extract that effectively hydrates, treats and prevents acne. Dryness is one of the major causes of adult acne!

Their products that retain moisture, include AC-Control Oil as an ingredient while those that combat excess sebum adopt an oil-free formula. Both formulas help skin to stay resistant to acne. They address both dehydration and excessive sebum, while providing comprehensive care for those prone to adult acne.

Enough info now?? i got them from their site.. check it out HERE if u wan to find out more..

And now.. this is my happy buy thanks to VanityTrove and Ettusais joint promo.. S$38 for a full size BB Cream (40g) and get a complimentary Pore Care Wash (20ml) and Acne Skin Version Up (20ml)!

i think i can skip telling u how good is their BB Cream.. it’s really good!!! not only it have SPF 30++, it can hide pores, even out skin tone, provide good coverage, oil control, hydrates skin, prevent acne and also give u a natural rosy glow.. ain’t that better than best?? LOL!! If Vanity Trove hadn’t let us tried the sample bb cream, i think i would have defintely missed this baby out!! … in the end i still told you everything.. hahahahaha!Good stuff must be shared ya..!

As for the Pore Care Wash and Acne Skin Version Up, i have not tried them so cant comment much. But im confident they will be another good product too..! The girl who served me ytd explained these products very well (detailed and clear) and very patient with all my questions, tho i din ask much.. but she portray a very sincere attitude which i like.. btw, her name is Xiaoying.. 🙂 Thanks Xiao Ying! i’ll head back to Bishan BHG Ettusais counter to purchase my skincare from you after i clear my current stock !

This make up remover (30ml at S$10) not only can remove makeup, it can remove waterproof eye makeup too!! Wow.. that save mi many hassles..! Thanks Xiaoying again for recommending this to me! I’ll try it soon and review it here again! stay tune!!

& now.. surprise time… I’m now a member of Ettusais..! But i dono my log in ID and password .. or am i not one yet until i rec’d some email?? Xiaoying told mi that shopper spent S$40 will be entitled to be member of Ettusais..member’s benefit..? i forgot.. sorli~ >_

Xiaoying was kind enuff to let mi have some samples after i told her some problem im facing.. outbreaks.. oily T-one.. freckles.. and she recommended these to mi.. i used the white serum dual effect last night, and i find it quite good.. Tho i dun immediate see the whitening effect, but my skin feel light from all the cream cream vitamine.. very light.. definitely interested to find out more about this!

As for now, i’ll just continue to happily use my BB cream every morning!! :D:D:D

June Trove – Best Friends Summer

Last night I blogged about not rec’g my June Trove and today.. I’m gona share my disappointment about June Trove..

Jus rec’d my Trove tdy, it’s not the same courier guy as the last two times. This guy’s not bad but the previous one’s better..

What have I got this month?? Plenty!! Plenty of disappointment..


Can u see my disappointment?? The most anticipated product was…. *sigh*




I thot the protective safety cap is suppose to protect it but it seems like it’s either the cap is not doing a good job or VT did not check the bot bef sending.. I tried to spray some on my hand to see how it looks like and apparently… NOTHING came out.. Utterly disappointed! The bottle has nth left!! The mist is all over the box but not in the bottle!


It’s spilled everywhr! The box is sticky and messy.. And I think it has been spilled quite some time alr as the lil card VT would usually attached tog is almost like ‘glued’ tog..! I kinda like this month’s card but…….


See what I mean?? Probably I should reconsider if I want to continue my subscription w Vanity Trove..

(Review on next post!)

Anyway.. Some other items in the box includes….


Essential Damage Care shampoo.. Both rich premier & nuance airy are in travel size (80ml).. I’ve used both before.. Smells good but it feels like seeing Pantene in my Trove box.. Nothing special..




Next item is tis bb cream from Ettusais.. Love this product even though it’s only 4g!! Like what I had shared on my FB, this bb cream can do oil control, cover up with a rosy glow, hide pores, even out skin tone, moisturizing, prevents acne and has SPF 30 PA++.. Ain’t this a good product? Will definitely make use of this promo leaflet! 🙂

Update on June 3: this is good stuff!! It can really even out skin tone and hide pore! The SPF I can’t feel it so can’t really say it work or did not work! Hahaha! But I’m really loving this product! Will be purchasing the full size at Ettusais counter using VT promo leaflet..


Jelly (13gms)?? Haha! Interesting.. (but still can’t get over my spilled sunbrella!!) haven’t seen anything like this before. This jelly is by SKINC. Wat it can do? I suppose that will be anti-aging, brightening and detox.. I wonder if they have other type of jelly? Lolx! Let me try one soon before I comment further abt the taste etc..

(Review on next post!)



Yadah lip crayon pencil.. The color I got is 02 lovely pink.. Well.. Sure enuff it’s lovely.. Ingredient? Extract from several kinds of vegetables oil.





Last thing in my trove is this Enabelle’s Mizu Therapy Mask – Rejuvenating. Wow.. Not cheap oh.. Within the box, is a promotion card (1 for 1) but one box (5 sheets) cost S$107! I think I’ll only buy if I strike lottery, but on one condition.. if it’s good.. 🙂

That’s all for my regular June Trove.. Next, I’ll be showing you my Testing Task Force products that comes together with my June Trove..


The Body Shop Moisture White – Shiso Whitening Serum

Update on June 3: this is a not bad product.. At least I feel this way. 1 packet is only good for 2-3 usage.. I’ve got a bigger face area so only 2 use. But I’m quite satisfied w e effect aft my 2 use. Tho I can’t see significant whitened effect on my face but it wasn’t too oily and din cause any outbreak!


Act-Q-Patch – Odourless Herbal Patch



Update on June 3: it comes in re-sealable pack within the box.. Well it really is odorless.. No Chinese medication smell at all.. I’m in aircon room while using this and my room smell alright! …but 2nd thot, I kinda miss that Chinese medi smell.. it juz doesn’t feel right without the smell.. Weird me! Ok, smell aside! This sticky patch is not sticky at all.. I paste one on my back and one on my foot.. The one on my foot keep flipping up.. Frustrating.. The one on my back ain’t any better.. I hope I wun need to wake up next morning finding my missing patches…

Previously the Egyptian Magic Cream I rec’d is also part of this Teating Task Force..

Well.. That’s all for my June Trove and Testing Task Force products.. I hope VT will offer to send a replacement Sunbrella to me.. It’s like rec’g a feature product but came in a empty bottle.. Can see cnt use… -__-

As of now, I feel that Bellabox is doing a better job.. Despite the low cost, I still get good products.. Paying S$15, I can get Enavose too.. Oh well… I think I can really consider of canceling my Vanity Trove alr…