Yes… Vanity Trove time again!

Attended VanityTrove X Decléor Special Members’ Only Event last month (one of the Tue i think) and was later been “gift-en” a chance to redeem a complimentary trove for myself, which I’ll be sharing with you what I had put in my trove shortly!

You can view some photos from Vanity Trove facebook page HERE – I did took some pictures of the event BUT I don’t know what happen, they are all gone! (T_T) OH!! & you know what? I think I saw another blogger too!! I’m not sure if it was her until i saw her blog post! Hee!!

So without further ado.. Here’s a quick look of what I had redeemed for myself!


I’m pretty satisfied with what I had redeemed although not much choice was available..


Yes, Decléor !! Hee.. After I attended the Decléor event, I thought i can probably try some of their other products (since the gift set they gave during the event may suit my mom more~ =X) Decléor product are all pretty well scented! Aroma products for your skin.. Besides that, they are 100% pure, 100% natural, and without colorants or preservatives!

And i just found out from the their website, In 2000, the adventure broadened with the arrival of the Shiseido Group which allowed Decléor to develop its research and development base and to benefit from new sales markets, particularly in Asia.

So the set I had chosen for my trove is…..

Essential Cleansing Milk is a light and silky emulsion with Neroli Essential Oil (used in Hydra Floral) that promotes hydration. It softens and soothes thanks to Sweet Almond Oil. Its fresh and sparkling fragrance awakens the senses.

All you have to do is just use a dampened cotton pad, gently massage the milk over the eyes and neck and then the rest of the face using light circular movements. Apply pressure to the smile dimples (under the cheekbones) for ten seconds. Then apply Essential Toning Lotion

Essential Tonifying Lotion is a lotion with Neroli Essential Oil completes make-up removal, removes any traces of the milk and prevents the skin from drying out.

After your Essential Cleansing Milk, just apply this lotion all over the face using a dampened cotton pad. Absorb any excess product with a paper tissue if necessary.


Next item from Decléor is this Revitalizing Eye Mask! Imaging using this together with a eye massage.. Wow.. Pampering!

If you wanna find out more about Decléor , visit their website now! They have massage techniques available for you to view/learn as well!!


The next next next item??? The Enavose Black Tea Quench Mask!! The ultimate hydration haven for thirsty and dehydrated skins, our quenching mask uses Sweet Black Tea to release a profusion of moisture and vitality that deeply replenishes skin’s moisture. It harnesses the power of skin to retain higher levels of water, leaving it feeling velvety soft, incredibly supple and invigorated. Feel the surge of immense moisture and be better equipped to defend against damaging environmental forces.

This mask really works like magic! It can really quench your skin’s thirst! Chill it in your fridge and use them when they’re cool.. WOOOOO~! Chill and relax and HYDRATING!!! This is one of the wash off mask where you can feel/see the hydrating effect almost immediately after you wash it off!! *thumbs up*


OK! Now.. this is one of the product I can’t wait to try out!! Cheonsoo Nail Lacquer!! To be exact, it’s scented nail lacquer! The scent ain’t very strong (as compared to Cirque’s Lavender scent) but the lightly scented polish can cover the typical lacquer smell which some girls doesn’t like!

Not only the scent is nice, another nice about it is.. the broad brush! The broad brush makes application so easy! That’s not all eh.. the opaque color really save my time on doing a second coat! I’m not too sure how many colors it has but I really love this color (340) I got here!!

IMG_6691 IMG_6693

Nice right? Hi-shine maroon! Very mysterious red you see here is just ONE coat (one thick coat tho.. LOL) If you like A-England’s Perceval I bet you’ll like this! It’s a darker version of it! ❤ ❤


Alright! Next is another pampering product! Coenzyme Q10 silk mask from Storyderm! Contain Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin E fluid (which is the elasticity ingredient of skin), and Licorice Extract energizes skin which has become weak because of harmful things and stress. Restore skin elasticity and skin moisture.

If you have realize… there’s spelling error on the pack (*misturizing??). I wonder if this is a rejected goods.. hmm….


Alright, I know you’ve seen this ample time!!! I redeemed this hair oil almost every chance I have! hahaha! Why? Because this is really good! DO a quick search on my blog and you will be able to see all posts on “Kerastase“!


Last but not least… a MINIATURE eyeliner from Déjavu! Hahaha! It’s really MINI! But it’s a decent size to try it out! I have not try this yet but will share my thoughts soon! 🙂

So that’s all for my personalized trove! What have you got for yourself??


August Bellabox – I Love Singapore

First thing first… Happy Belated National Day Singapore!!!

So here’s my Bellabox!! But before that…I’m disappointed with Courex! Got an email from Bellabox before national day saying that our boxes are on the way to us! Yippie…!! I waited and waited.. No sign of my box & it’s already been more than 5 days! 7 days to be exact.

So I decided to go online to check out the courier status. And to my HORROR (!), the status was…… “delivery unsuccessful – no one home” on 11 Aug!!! What is this!?!? There was no call to me from Courex!! Not even a delivery notice was found!!

I later wrote a FEEDBACK to Bellabox (cc Courex). Excuses are all I see from Courex! Was told that they try contacting my several time but couldn’t get hold of mi. (seriously, my cell was on 24/7 but I don’t see any missed call!) they even said there should be a note left behind and a lady from courex even told me I should have rec’d an SMS informing me of the delivery unsuccessful..

I only got one word for them.. Bullsh*t. If u din call means u din call. Stop being so defensive.

If this is going to happen again I think I might as well cancel all my subscription since I don’t feel being a valued member.. I can save some $$$ too if I cancelled them! I wonder where did that malay courier gone too.. Sigh..

A bit reluctant to finish up this post after this shitty incident.. But still, here’s my box..



It’s the Bella bag again! But a little different from the previous one. This is without drawstring.. Just a bag.

Erm.. I forgot to snap a pic of everything.. So will upload it next time!


Philosophy’s sample.. U know, i’ve been eyeing this Hope in a Jar since Sephora published in their FB.. It sounds as if it can really give me HOPE! haha thos i haven try buy below are just some more pics to show u..





Update on 29 August 2012: tried a few times.. like printed, it feels really like far so good but.. Like purity, it has this not very fragrance smell. mi no like. lucky i did not do an impulse buy at Sephora the other day! If u asked mi, i will say there are other better products out there that works the same but smells better! at least i feel more comfy using those.



and this kinda looks not bad!! hahahaha!

Update on 28 August 2012: This is nightmare.. this purity smell can kills! it did remove my makeup but i din apply a lot so i can’t comment if it is really good or just happen that my makeup is light. but still, i can’t get over the strong chemicated-like smell… i.. will not use this again seriously.. 



Next, Loreal Youth Code! i think will pass this to my mom..but again.. i wouldnt want my mom to look younger than mi!!! >_<

Update on 29 August 2012: I’ve tried this for about a week or so? hmm.. quite happy w the result. it din really make my face wrinkles-free like a baby but i can see that fine lines are now reduced! will definitely recommend this to ladies who wish to say bye bye to fine lines!!


Nothing much to elaborate about this.. China Glaze Polish (80703 Senorita Bonita). not my color.




Anna Sui eye shadow.. again.. not my color..20120819-215936.jpg



Another Enavose product. After using so many, i think only the hydrating mask is good. Together in this month’s box, there’s also a $5 gift voucher for Probiotics Exfoliaance Gommage.

Update on 27 August: Used this today! Mixed feeling.. feels so “nothing fascinating” about it when i press out a amount on my hand. However, as i massage on my face for few seconds (about 20-30 secs??) “ahhh..” is what came out from my mouth after that.. the flakes of dead skin starts appearing! SO i massage even moreee (hoping to see more flakes! – probably not! more flakes = more dead skin!?? gosh..) After im done massaging, i wash away with water and i goes “OOOH!!” again! (what now??) to my surprise, my skin feels soft and SMOOTH! really SMOOTH! if only i can use this everyday.. can i??

I have taken some pic of the product that was tested on my hand but i don have it now. Will upload it when i have access.. stay tune!



Besides that, there’s also Anna Sui Gift Voucher… and… 20120820-171749.jpg

Philosophy’s Exclusive gift.


LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!! The usual bellabox info card… i think it will be better is u click to see larger image of this than my post!!! >_<

Sorry for this Not-Very-Sincere Post!!! I’m too lazy.. TODAY.

SPECIAL: Pretty In Pinki Vanity Trove

Wow..! This special trove came earlier than I thought! Are u wondering what special trove? Well, if u had read my previous post u would know that VT came out with this Pretty in Pinki Trove..! Meaning, in this special trove, u’ll get a full size Princess Pinki cream and other beauty products samples! Cost?? Read my previous post HERE! ^__^


So what do u think?? I think it’s good! Other than few repeated products as per my July Trove, I really think it’s a not bad trove! U’ll find out y as u read on..



This is one reason why I love my special trove!!!

Frankly speaking, when I saw this little bottle I was like.. “huh?? Bioré?? Sure not??” it’s like I can easily get this outside and it wasn’t really ike exclusive or something .. But still, I decided to give it a try because(!!!) this is Bioré latest makeup remover!! Gel remover!


It’s clear base, not oily and no unpleasant fragrance.. And really!! I fall in love with it almost immediately!!

There are times that i will put on waterproof gel liner/mascara.. And i hate to use a separate eye makeup remover!! It’s so troublesome! Do u sometime feel tired jus by thinking of the process u need to go thru to remove ur eye makeup when u get home after a loooong day!?? I always feel that way that’s why I seldom put on mascara!


Now with this gel makeup remover!! I tell u!! What is eye makeup remover man!!? U will nvr need to bother about eye makeup remover anymore!!!! And u can save $$ on cotton pad tooooo!!!!

Just pour a small amount onto dry hand and apply onto ur skin.. Gently massage.. GENTLY will do oh!!! And ur eye makeup will be gone without much hassle!!!! Clean and no “residue”!!


See!! My waterproof gel eyeliner just “melted” together with the remover all over my hand! I’m sooo happy I got to try this! Definitely will get the full size of this product!!!

Update on 21 July: Yey!!! i got my full size gel remover!! i’m loving it totally!! now i can out on thick layer of mascara without fearing the removal process!! THIS IS HEAVEN!!!

Price for full size: S$24.90 (see another post on this Gel Remover HERE)


Next is Estée Lauder wrinkle lifting serum! Haven start using this yet so I wun comment on this. But I heard quite a lot of positive review on Estée Lauder’s other products, so I would think that this is another good stuff..



Another Estée Lauder but this is eye mask! I think I will used this next week! Probably I will comment after I used it??? Hahaha!!



Pure Beauty Bon Voyage essential eye cream! Reduce dark circle and smoothen fine lines… Hmm… Let mi do some research on this.. I’m quite new to this brand..

Review on 21 July 2012: OK.. quite excited for the result.. i gift it to my mom this eye cream to try it for me and indeed she tried it with with much sincerity!! haha! i guess she’s excited about for the result too.. She tried it for few days last week and came to me on thursday telling me about her excitement!! she feels that her eyes area got smoother and brighter. i guess smoother means less wrinkles? Glad that she love this eye cream i guess if she wants more, i’ll definitely grab more for her!!

And did i mention?? I tried a little bit secretly!! & i think now i know why my mom got so excited about it. This eye cream has a light rose scent and testure isn’t very oily too. Yesh cream should be oily but the oily sensation for this eye cream is quite minimum i guess. After a min or two when the eye cream is absorbed, no more oily feeling and not sticky too! and and and!! the rose scent is still lingering around~ i can still smell it after it got absorded! Now i’m starting to love this tooo.. 🙂


Sun block! I’m sure many of u are quite familiar with this brand alr.. In fact I knew about this brand too.. But just nvr thot of trying them.. Well I guess now is a good time to try.. Heee!



Paul Smith.. Well oh well.. I don’t quite like this fragrance.. It has a scent that wun make mi want to buy it.. It’s neither floral nor feminine.. It’s…. *speechless*


Now this 3 products are repeated.. Got this in my July trove.. Thot this should be a special trove, so was a bit disappointed to see same product given as July’s Trove..


Now!! For the “main character”!! Princess Pinki!!!!




Too lazy to type out, so I thot I can just shoot the packaging and post here for your reference.. Hee!!

Seriously.. Just a small amount of cream will make u glow w natural pink!


This is a teeny weeni bit of cream I use on my hand (lower arm???? Inner arm???).. the size of the cream I use is at most the size of a red bean or even smaller I think!!


And seee!!! It can make ur skin looks glow w natural pink! I really din regret getting this trove, putting aside the few repeated products..


I tried it on my lips and the back of my hand.. And unknowingly the finger I used to massage the cream onto skin, became almost red!! Hahahahha!!!

That’s y I say u wun need to apply lots to see the pinki effect!! U wun wana end up looking like some Chinese Opera singer..

Back to my finger.. I rmb I read somewhere about this Pinki will last for 2-3 days! So I need to quickly wash it off bef it’s too late.

So u can see, even the form turns pink when I try to wash away.. Do u think I mgt to wash it off??? No!!! It’s still pink!!! But at least not so pink alr….


Remember!! Use a LITTLE bit at one time!!!! Dun be greedy!! Hahahha!!

Hope u enjoyed reading this post.. See u sooooon!

July Trove – Destination: Beautiful

– – – – – – – TANGS BEAUTY EDITION – – – – – – –20120625-230551.jpg

First thing first.. apologies for the LATE update! >_< been really really busy at work!! Anyway! here’s my trove!! The upgraded Tangs Beauty edition Trove (together with Egyptian Magic Cream)!! Just wana share.. VT mentioned bef that lucky ones will get their trove upgraded to Tangs Beauty trove. At first i really thot is selected LUCKY ones~~ but think quite a number of subscribers have been asking how to get this upgraded trove and blah blah blah.. after some time, VT finally clarified that subscribers who subscribed before 16th of the month (i think is 16th, or was it 14th???) will actually get their Trove upgraded! woohoo!! aint that good! & one thing i feel great about being a subscriber is… we actually get our trove at S$25!! & non-subs (purchased after that months subscription close) will have to pay S$30!! – or something like that..

Now here’s my Egyptian Magic Cream again!! tho it oily, but i still think its a good stuff!! LOL!! nvr too much to have them!!!


OK back to my trove! super love this month trove! tho i feel that it would be better if can have more cosmetic to play with! or rather i mixture of both…


See!!! is this good nuff? SKII.. Clarins.. Laneige.. Suki..Enavose.. & many many moreeeee!!!!


We have a set of Clarins here…


and here’s a mini SKII~~!!



& what i’ve always wanted to try.. Laneige!!! I’m definitely gona use this wholeheartedly!!!

Review on 8 July 2012: tried it some time back.. If u were to ask mi, I will say this product is good. Cuz I feel kinda refresh after using this mask together with it, skin refiner & balancing emulsion. But if u wan instant whitening products, then I think u mite want to try something else.. Now I’m in a dilemma.. Shd I use Ettusais or Laneige??? Arrr!! Can’t decide!


This is sth new & yet not so new to me… new cuz i nvr really thot of exploring this brand bef.. but not new cuz i’ve seen this brand bef… LOL!! well.. i guess since i have a trial pack now, i can give it a try~


Interesting exfoliate foaming cleanser i see here! smell citrus-ty! reminds mi of bath salt! ^_^


Toner in spray form….


& a day lotion!



a miniature perfume… eh.. smells great! im gona keep this in ‘ma office toooo~~~ for emergency date and i can have my “SOS” perfume!! probably i can consider getting a regular size when my dvb ran out~~


This is my… *counting* 4th Enavose product.. i think it getting pretty popular now..?



Last but not least, here’s a Jurlique Ultra Firm & Lift Cream and Sonia Rykiel Intensive whitening Lotion!!.. seriously, i have not seen this brand before! =P but the INTENSIVE Whitening does strikes me!! wahahahaha!!




eVoucher for you to do online shopping @ Tangs estore!!



I love how Vanity Trove pamper us!!! more VOUCHERSSSSS~~!!! but.. aiyo! y only at Vivocity???? T_T


seee! my lil lil corner for my beauty treats~~~ heee!! i guess this time round due to time constraint, i’ll skip product review.. but i’ll drop by for more comments if i happen to use any of the above !!!

Thanks for reading!! Have a great blasting weekend!!

June Trove – Best Friends Summer

Last night I blogged about not rec’g my June Trove and today.. I’m gona share my disappointment about June Trove..

Jus rec’d my Trove tdy, it’s not the same courier guy as the last two times. This guy’s not bad but the previous one’s better..

What have I got this month?? Plenty!! Plenty of disappointment..


Can u see my disappointment?? The most anticipated product was…. *sigh*




I thot the protective safety cap is suppose to protect it but it seems like it’s either the cap is not doing a good job or VT did not check the bot bef sending.. I tried to spray some on my hand to see how it looks like and apparently… NOTHING came out.. Utterly disappointed! The bottle has nth left!! The mist is all over the box but not in the bottle!


It’s spilled everywhr! The box is sticky and messy.. And I think it has been spilled quite some time alr as the lil card VT would usually attached tog is almost like ‘glued’ tog..! I kinda like this month’s card but…….


See what I mean?? Probably I should reconsider if I want to continue my subscription w Vanity Trove..

(Review on next post!)

Anyway.. Some other items in the box includes….


Essential Damage Care shampoo.. Both rich premier & nuance airy are in travel size (80ml).. I’ve used both before.. Smells good but it feels like seeing Pantene in my Trove box.. Nothing special..




Next item is tis bb cream from Ettusais.. Love this product even though it’s only 4g!! Like what I had shared on my FB, this bb cream can do oil control, cover up with a rosy glow, hide pores, even out skin tone, moisturizing, prevents acne and has SPF 30 PA++.. Ain’t this a good product? Will definitely make use of this promo leaflet! 🙂

Update on June 3: this is good stuff!! It can really even out skin tone and hide pore! The SPF I can’t feel it so can’t really say it work or did not work! Hahaha! But I’m really loving this product! Will be purchasing the full size at Ettusais counter using VT promo leaflet..


Jelly (13gms)?? Haha! Interesting.. (but still can’t get over my spilled sunbrella!!) haven’t seen anything like this before. This jelly is by SKINC. Wat it can do? I suppose that will be anti-aging, brightening and detox.. I wonder if they have other type of jelly? Lolx! Let me try one soon before I comment further abt the taste etc..

(Review on next post!)



Yadah lip crayon pencil.. The color I got is 02 lovely pink.. Well.. Sure enuff it’s lovely.. Ingredient? Extract from several kinds of vegetables oil.





Last thing in my trove is this Enabelle’s Mizu Therapy Mask – Rejuvenating. Wow.. Not cheap oh.. Within the box, is a promotion card (1 for 1) but one box (5 sheets) cost S$107! I think I’ll only buy if I strike lottery, but on one condition.. if it’s good.. 🙂

That’s all for my regular June Trove.. Next, I’ll be showing you my Testing Task Force products that comes together with my June Trove..


The Body Shop Moisture White – Shiso Whitening Serum

Update on June 3: this is a not bad product.. At least I feel this way. 1 packet is only good for 2-3 usage.. I’ve got a bigger face area so only 2 use. But I’m quite satisfied w e effect aft my 2 use. Tho I can’t see significant whitened effect on my face but it wasn’t too oily and din cause any outbreak!


Act-Q-Patch – Odourless Herbal Patch



Update on June 3: it comes in re-sealable pack within the box.. Well it really is odorless.. No Chinese medication smell at all.. I’m in aircon room while using this and my room smell alright! …but 2nd thot, I kinda miss that Chinese medi smell.. it juz doesn’t feel right without the smell.. Weird me! Ok, smell aside! This sticky patch is not sticky at all.. I paste one on my back and one on my foot.. The one on my foot keep flipping up.. Frustrating.. The one on my back ain’t any better.. I hope I wun need to wake up next morning finding my missing patches…

Previously the Egyptian Magic Cream I rec’d is also part of this Teating Task Force..

Well.. That’s all for my June Trove and Testing Task Force products.. I hope VT will offer to send a replacement Sunbrella to me.. It’s like rec’g a feature product but came in a empty bottle.. Can see cnt use… -__-

As of now, I feel that Bellabox is doing a better job.. Despite the low cost, I still get good products.. Paying S$15, I can get Enavose too.. Oh well… I think I can really consider of canceling my Vanity Trove alr…

May Bellabox – Spring Box

OK.. i missed my box on Monday and only rec’d them ytd (thanks to mommy for collecting it from Singpost for me..) I’m very excited about this month’s box.. partly cuz of the new packaging (which will be shown below) and also cuz it’s Mother’s Day! Wonder what they have this month….? scroll down for more…



The box feels abit like Glamabox packaging.. but the recycle bag inside is definitely COOL! But again, i still prefer box tho.. at least for now.. Like Vanity Trove, at least the box can be re-use to store/keep things.. whereas this recycle bag, i think will only come handy if i’m going holiday or any short getaway..


First in the list that caught my attention is this Healing Oil Treatment (10ml).. Had read many good reviews about it but clueless whr to get it.. Just like what bellabox mentioned bef.. i think i’ve been living inside a rock! hahahaha.. This healing oil treatment is a therapeutic hair oil.. grabbed from their web, said to be:

  • intense nourishment for tangle & frizz free hair
  • hair that is ultra-smooth, manageable & shiny
  • natural UV protection extends the life of color treatments
  • reduced drying time by an amazing 40-50%



Next, Elizabeth Arden’s Youth-restoring capsules (2 qty). By the look, you know it’s meant for mom! LOL restore her youth!! oops!! average woman can start using anti-aging products once they are 26.. goodness.. i think i can keep this for myself already..


Sally Hanson nail hardener…pretty known brand.. This item can act as a base coat bef you apply polish.. but.. i don’t need more base coat.. i’ve got plenty! and i’ve just cleared some old stock few weeks back (Sally Hanson Hard as Nails series too!!) and now, i got Sally Hanson back!! gosh!! im cursed! HAHAHAHA! Meant to stick w Sally Hanson!! Good thing is.. it’s not something bad..


my first thot when i got this bot.. “oh shucks! not another moisturizer again!!?” but i’m still eager to try it! hahaaha i’m one of those curious girl who likes to try everything and anything i got even if i don’t need them or alr have them!! New things seems more effective!! Don’t you agree??? hahahaha!!

Anyway, this moisturizer seems like nothing when you apply.. but as it slowly gets absorb, you will feel the difference.. i’ll take an example like Crabtree & Evelyn, their moisturizer feels.. quite solid/contrentrated/creamy (watever u call sth less watery, it wun flow around ur palm as u move) and after application, you skin feels powdery smooth, lightly scented and not oily.. you will love it immediately!

But Dirty Works lotion is almost opposite.. its more watery (it will flow whichever direction u move) and the scent is strong – that if after u apply. The strong scent will start to overwhelm you like u have put on some perfume. It does not have powdery smooth feeling but it has watery smooth feel! watery smooth(???!) u must be thinking… wat the hell is that feeling?? .. LOL.. it’s kinda hard to explain but when you apply it, it’s as if the moisture is really being absorb. Your skin feels moist and not powery.

Which is better?? I think it really depends on user preference. If you asked me. i would use C&E before slp as its more relaxing soothing.. i wont wana get choked by the scent when i slp.. But if its during the day (perhaps in office) i might consider using DW..

20120516-141553.jpg 20120516-141639.jpg 20120516-141608.jpg

20120516-141627.jpg 20120516-141634.jpg

Last but not least.. another Youth related cream.. I think May box is really meant for moms… it’s all about YOUTH-RESTORING.. this is Enavose Youth Guard Cream.. i almost got tricked by the bottle!! it says “open” with a right turning arrow.. i thot i can turn open the cap.. after i turned i was like.. WHY still not open?! And now i think im SMART enuff to know that this must be a safety cap? must push dw and turn to open!!! after i push dw and about to turn it, i saw the cream pump out from a little opening.. im not that smart afterall! >_< hahahaha… Turn and pump for cream. turn back to lock the pump.. ahhhh… wat am i doing?!



This month’s Bellabox has a little pibk env too.. thot its will be like VT, voucherssss… but its not. They’re some product introduction and a Spring Spree Invitation.. 🙂

All in all, though it’s not a very amzing box this month.. but still found some interesting items..