The Perfect Pout?

Have u always wanted a beautiful lips? No chapped no dry no crack no bleed!?? (FYI, I have all the above!)

And again, I’m going to share some tips with u from Singapore Women’s Weekly magazine I saw the other day! I find it pretty awesome!!


Before I have the habit of using lip balm, I have very unsightly lips! They chapped like nobody’s business.. But slowly I try to make it a habit to put on lip balm, I find my lips are getting better! Especially when I apply them overnight!!! Juz apply a generous amount (generous, not humongous) and go to sleep! Next day, MOISTURIZED LIP!!!

So I’ve tried below balm and think they’re pretty good! They are not those oily type that will make u feel that your lips are covered with oil!

– Mentholatum Deep Moist (non-menthol)


– Vaseline Lip Therapy


– Make Up Store Lip Treatment



– Dirty Works Lip Balm (this will be a little oily but it gives your lip a shiny glow like u had put on a lip gloss!)
*no pic as balm is in office* – yes! I left one in office so that I can care for my lips during working hours, in air-condition environment!!

And I had a lip mask too!!! I did a post in my lip mask which you can find out more from HERE!

All in all, I juz wana say, a beautiful lip is attainable if u put in some effort to care for them! And very soon u’ll have beautiful pout! Geez! Heehee!


Dirty Works Time Again!!!

Its good knowing u hv a parcel waiting for u at home.. It makes u wana go home faster!! And ytd.. This pack fr glamogirl came!!! See! Nicely packed!

Dad stayed home to wait for Mr. Postman to deliver my 战利品.. Thank you papa (tho 95% u wun be reading this post.. Lol!)

Here are my goodies..

This time I purchased some other items that i din mgt to grab previously.. Face wash.. Body wash.. Night cream.. Facial wipe.. Eye cream..

Smooth and sexy skin is essential at the start of every day so clean up your act with this feel-good lather to leave you feeling revived, recharged and ready to go! With zingy Lemongrass Extract to put an extra spring in your step, it’s time to sing in the shower again (don’t wake the neighbours)!

Don’t you clean up well!!

Good clean fun!!!

Warning: Avoid contact with eyes. Should this occur, rinse immediately with water.

Body wash first! It smells very similar to the body scrub.. But w zingy bit of lemongrass.. I’m not tt sensitive to sense the lemongrass la.. Hahaha! It’s written on the tube! Haha! Other than the nicey nicey scent.. I think nth too special about this shower gel..

How much? …S$8.90!

Kick-start your day in style with this super-kind face wash! It gently removes impurities to leave your skin blissfully clean and ready to face the day!

With moisturising Chicory Extract, Cotton Seed Oil (rich in Vitamin E) and radiance – boosting Papaya Extract, skin is gently yet effectively cleansed and refreshed!

Dermatologically tested. Suitable for all skin types.

Warning: Avoid contact with eyes. Should this occur, rinse immediately with water. Do not use on areas of broken, damaged, irritated or sensitive skin.

Next is this face wash.. im expecting the cooling sensation from this face wash b’coz it says “wake up call”.. (like how the Pore-fect face scrub works, so cooling refreshing till u wakes up!).. but it did not.. this face wash feels quite mild.. and the .. the… the liquid? the soap? the fluid? the gel? the watever u call it.. is very pretty.. it’s pearl white with microshimmer-like thingy.. feel as if after ur face wash, ur face will turned into a big pearl (but obviously it did not!)..

If you asked me, i will prefer the face scrub then this face wash.. this is a so-so kinda product only.. the Pore-fect Face Srub amazed mi more.. 😀

How much? …S$11.90

Going going GONE!

Gentle and effective cleansing to remove make-up and impurities in one simple step!

These ultra caring facial wipes leave your skin looking and feeling fresh!

Feeling fruity! Skin-soothing Marshmallow and super-fruit Cranberry Extract help nourish and moisturise skin! Anti-oxidant properties also help to protect skin against ageing.

Dermatologically tested. Suitable for all skin types.

Wet tissue!? of coz not.. this is the facial wipe to remove makeup.. i nvr liked facial wipe.. after buying this…. i still feels the same. LOL.. it doent have very fragrance kinda scent.. neither its smelly.. but i just feel not very comfortable using this. After i wiped my face, i had this tingy feeling.. like im going to have rashes anytime.. so i decided to give up this precious one to my mom.. hope she will put it to good use!!


See.. i dun put on loads of makeup do i?? hahahahah! these are all from my face.. BB Cream and more BB Cream..

How much? …S$8.90

Hey-good looking! Be kind to your eyes with this soothing eye cream to help reduce the appearance of tired eyes and dark eye bags!

Boosted with a proven tightening peptide with light-reflecting particles and stimulating Caffeine to help improve circulation around the delicate eye area, this soothing eye cream reduces eye puffiness and dark circles!

Dermatologically tested. Suitable for all skin types.

Warning: Avoid contact with eyes. Should this occur, rinse immediately with water. Do not use on areas of broken, damaged, irritated or sensitive skin.

Eye cream.. haven’t really starting using this yet. But since its highly recommeded, i’ll use it soon and share my thots…!

How much? …S$15.90

Replenishes and recharges skin while you sleep – Sweet dreams!

Bursting with wonder ingredients such as high performance Hyaluronic Acid and Fig extract for deep hydration, as well as Wheatgerm Oil and Peach Kernel Oil that are rich in anti-oxidant Vitamin E, this super-moisturising night cream helps to fight the signs of skin ageing.

Skin is at its most receptive while you sleep. This wonderful cream packed with beauty boosters will help keep your skin looking youthful and feeling totally recharged. Sleeping Beauty!

Dermatologically tested. Suitable for all skin types

Sleep it off Night Cream.. and i really slp it off.. this night cream was given higher rating then the day cream.. so i decided to give it a try.. well… if u asked for my first thot after using, i will tell u.. i dun like it. but if u ask mi 2nd thot aft i woke up this morning, i will say differently!

Cream in the bottle feels a bit.. not running..? i think i can turn the bottle (open) up side down and the cream will not have any movement..! about 1-2 mins after i applied this cream, i start to feel oily.. keep wanting to wipe off the oil on my face.. feel as if it will cause MORE outbreak than wat i alr have!!! but wanted to really see the effect i decided to quickly SLEEP IT OFF! LOL!! & this morning, i wake up my skin feel supple.. it’s not oily at all.. ok, for mi i would usually wake up with oily skin.. but this morning, i wake up with smooth smooth skin! is this my imagination?? i will use it again tonite! argg… just gona pull through the initial oily sensation!! Stay tune for follow up review!!!

How much? …S$19.90

All my Dirty Works!!! Sth’s missing…? Yah! my Coconut Caress Body Butter (gift from Glamogirl) and Bare Necessity Body Lotion (one of the items in my Bellabox) !!!! Gotta let them have a 全家福 fotoz someday! hahahaha!!

Visit glamogirl to see more products!!

Dirty Works works the way i like~

How does this looks?? This is my first bag of GSS 战利品!Ordered online and self-collected at Wisma Atrium.. This self collection made is so worthwhile! So wat do we have here???

Can you see it better now? Face scrub.. Body scrub.. Face Mask.. Lip Balm.. this are what i’ve bought.. did i count wrongly?? haha! NO b’coz.. BODY BUTTER is a free gift!! they probably had ran thru my wishlist.. but the lady told me that it’s actually the body scrub i bought and they decided to gift me this body butter to try out! Full size body butter! Wow.. this is so crazy! .. and im telling you.. I’m loving all this new babies!!!


Scrub a dub dub… say hello smooth you’re in the groove! You’ll love this creamy scrub – it buffs roughness away and conditions the skin with Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E.

Good clean fun!!!

Warning: Avoid contact with eyes. Should this occur, rinse immediately with water. Do not use on areas of broken, damaged, irritated or sensitive skin.

So here.. first thing that caught my attention is this body scrub!! cant decide to get this Buff Your Stuff Body Scrub or the Buttery Salt Scrub.. both seems as good! Finally when i decided to get this.. i know i wun regret coz reviews about it are so good! Indeed, this scrub did not disappoint me!! My colleague says the shea butter smell is quite strong.. so i guess it’s a good thing?? (seriously i can’t identity shea butter scent.. LOL!)

I like this scrub.. know why? cuz the “after-effect” is not oily at all.. some body scrub has oil content so i would usually use shower gel to wash over again.. but this is totally NOT oily at all.. and i feel totally clean after the scrub! best is.. it makes u smell so niceee too!

How much?? …S$11.90!

The top beauty treat for skin radiance! Let the Magic get to work and help perfect the texture of your skin and leave it extraordinarily smooth!

Gently foaming, exfoliating face scrub that helps revitalise dull and tired skin. With a cooling effect for instant skin awakening!

Reveal your inner beauty with this softening and smoothing facial scrub. Bursting with fruit extracts, it will tingle your senses with excitement and leave your skin refreshed and ready for further action!

Dermatologically tested. Suitable for all skin types.

Warning: Avoid contact with eyes. Should this occur, rinse immediately with water. Do not use on areas of broken, damaged, irritated or sensitive skin

Next is this Pore-fect face scrub i’m gona show you!!! This is a product that took mi by surprise!!!!! dun look at the innocent gorgeous packaging and got cheated by the absolutely gentle flora fragrance!!! This face scrub really made mi go crazy!! u know.. i din expect smthing so gentle to hv a bit of character! it really look so harmless… but when i start to massage onto my face… the best part comes! it’s MINTY.. it’s COOLING.. it’s REFRESHING.. it’s totally outta my mind!!! As i massage my face, the cooling feel really will get soooverwhelming till i feel COLD… brrr.. and when i wash away the lather, my skin feels fresh again! i think this is really a GOOD scrub!!!

Look at wat’s on my hand.. looks like no microbeads rite?? but actually they’re all filled micro beads!! very very fine~~! i can feel my smooth skin again!! i must say… i really love this Pore-fect Face Scrub! No doubt i’ll purchase again after i finish this tube..

How much? …S$15.90!

Create a soft sexy pout with this luscious balm containing nourishing oils – Beeswax, Apricot Kernel and Watermelon to give 24 hour moisture. Bursting with yummy summer berry flavour it’s sure to make your mouth water!

Pucker up your pout!!

Good Clean Fun!!!

DIRECTIONS: Pave the way for soft sexy lips by using GO BALMY! BERRY LIP BALM on a daily basis. It can be applied under or over lipstick or alone for a more natural or nude look. A light film of Go BALM! BERRY LIP BALM under your usual lipstick or gloss will not only protect and moisturise your lips but also help the lip colour to set more effectively.

Go Balmy Berry Lip Balm! The packaging is nice but the tube din turn out as beautiful too.. a bit plain.. but who cares! this balm smells really sweet!! like strawberry? it reminds mi of The Body Shop lip balm i used to use when i was in high school.. but this works better! I have a serious problem of dry chapped lip.. not many balm can make mi feel better.. and this, it not only is high shine, sweet scent, and almost instantly heal my chapped lips!! If you decided to go all natural someday, this will be your best natural make up!! My new love of Lip Balm!!

This is my lips after applying the balm

And this is with 2 stroke of Yadah lip crayon!

Pardon mi for beautifying my lips a bit.. cuz the are really scary! I only slightly brighten them up! Slightly!!!

How much? …S$7.90!

Clean Up Your Act!!

Let your skin breathe easy again with this detoxifying face mask! This quick fix beauty essential reveals smoother, brighter and more radiant skin.

An intensive-action face mask that deep cleanses and replenishes your skin. It contains Blueberry Extract and Willow Bark that have skin-clearing properties while detoxifying Green Clay and Kaolin help draw impurities from your skin leaving it fresh and glowing. So get ready to let your skin glow with new radiance!

Dermatologically tested. Suitable for all skin types.

Warning: Avoid contact with eyes. Should this occur, rinse immediately with water. Do not use on areas of broken, damaged, irritated or sensitive skin.

Ok, obviously.. this is a face mask.. however, as i hv nt try it out so i cant comment much about it.. But again.. i’m really satisfied with the above 3 products so i pin on quite high hope on this.. hope it will be as good too!

update (June 3): ok, tried this mask yesterday.. it says relax for 5 min.. and really.. less thn 5 min the mask is almost dry.. Quick dry oh! im not sure if sth so quick dry is good or bad.. but i feel clean after using the mask.. skin feels smoother too! good stuff..

How much? …S$19.90!

Cocoon yourself in this sumptuous body butter. Lightly fragranced with exotic Coconut- you’ll smell good enough to eat!

Treat yourself to some pampering indulgence with this deliciously decadent Body Butter for silky soft skin.

The Perfect Cocktail!

Directions: For best results massage onto damp skin after showering or bathing.

Warning: Avoid contact with eyes. Should this occur, rinse immediately with water.

Coconut Caress Body Butter… When i turned open this body butter, C-O-C-O-N-U-T really is the only word i can think of.. It smell so rich!!! Coconut coconut coconut is all i can come out with!!! Same for this, have not try it out yet (tho it’s advisable to use this after the body scrub.. but i din not…) so i will leave it till next time to comment further..

How much? …S$15.90!

All product posted here are purchased from and they do delivery too oh (i chose self collection tho!) spend S$50 and u’ll get free delivery! 😀

Hope you guys will enjoy this post!!

May Bellabox – Spring Box

OK.. i missed my box on Monday and only rec’d them ytd (thanks to mommy for collecting it from Singpost for me..) I’m very excited about this month’s box.. partly cuz of the new packaging (which will be shown below) and also cuz it’s Mother’s Day! Wonder what they have this month….? scroll down for more…



The box feels abit like Glamabox packaging.. but the recycle bag inside is definitely COOL! But again, i still prefer box tho.. at least for now.. Like Vanity Trove, at least the box can be re-use to store/keep things.. whereas this recycle bag, i think will only come handy if i’m going holiday or any short getaway..


First in the list that caught my attention is this Healing Oil Treatment (10ml).. Had read many good reviews about it but clueless whr to get it.. Just like what bellabox mentioned bef.. i think i’ve been living inside a rock! hahahaha.. This healing oil treatment is a therapeutic hair oil.. grabbed from their web, said to be:

  • intense nourishment for tangle & frizz free hair
  • hair that is ultra-smooth, manageable & shiny
  • natural UV protection extends the life of color treatments
  • reduced drying time by an amazing 40-50%



Next, Elizabeth Arden’s Youth-restoring capsules (2 qty). By the look, you know it’s meant for mom! LOL restore her youth!! oops!! average woman can start using anti-aging products once they are 26.. goodness.. i think i can keep this for myself already..


Sally Hanson nail hardener…pretty known brand.. This item can act as a base coat bef you apply polish.. but.. i don’t need more base coat.. i’ve got plenty! and i’ve just cleared some old stock few weeks back (Sally Hanson Hard as Nails series too!!) and now, i got Sally Hanson back!! gosh!! im cursed! HAHAHAHA! Meant to stick w Sally Hanson!! Good thing is.. it’s not something bad..


my first thot when i got this bot.. “oh shucks! not another moisturizer again!!?” but i’m still eager to try it! hahaaha i’m one of those curious girl who likes to try everything and anything i got even if i don’t need them or alr have them!! New things seems more effective!! Don’t you agree??? hahahaha!!

Anyway, this moisturizer seems like nothing when you apply.. but as it slowly gets absorb, you will feel the difference.. i’ll take an example like Crabtree & Evelyn, their moisturizer feels.. quite solid/contrentrated/creamy (watever u call sth less watery, it wun flow around ur palm as u move) and after application, you skin feels powdery smooth, lightly scented and not oily.. you will love it immediately!

But Dirty Works lotion is almost opposite.. its more watery (it will flow whichever direction u move) and the scent is strong – that if after u apply. The strong scent will start to overwhelm you like u have put on some perfume. It does not have powdery smooth feeling but it has watery smooth feel! watery smooth(???!) u must be thinking… wat the hell is that feeling?? .. LOL.. it’s kinda hard to explain but when you apply it, it’s as if the moisture is really being absorb. Your skin feels moist and not powery.

Which is better?? I think it really depends on user preference. If you asked me. i would use C&E before slp as its more relaxing soothing.. i wont wana get choked by the scent when i slp.. But if its during the day (perhaps in office) i might consider using DW..

20120516-141553.jpg 20120516-141639.jpg 20120516-141608.jpg

20120516-141627.jpg 20120516-141634.jpg

Last but not least.. another Youth related cream.. I think May box is really meant for moms… it’s all about YOUTH-RESTORING.. this is Enavose Youth Guard Cream.. i almost got tricked by the bottle!! it says “open” with a right turning arrow.. i thot i can turn open the cap.. after i turned i was like.. WHY still not open?! And now i think im SMART enuff to know that this must be a safety cap? must push dw and turn to open!!! after i push dw and about to turn it, i saw the cream pump out from a little opening.. im not that smart afterall! >_< hahahaha… Turn and pump for cream. turn back to lock the pump.. ahhhh… wat am i doing?!



This month’s Bellabox has a little pibk env too.. thot its will be like VT, voucherssss… but its not. They’re some product introduction and a Spring Spree Invitation.. 🙂

All in all, though it’s not a very amzing box this month.. but still found some interesting items..