September Bellabox – Out with the Old… In with the New

Hello hello~~ Just got my bellabox last night and tho it’s only 5 items nothing more nothing less.. but this 5 items are super solid!! Why i say so..? Read on and u’ll know!


What do you think? geez~


ta-daaa~~ Vichy Bi-White Med Deep Corrective Whitening Lotion! This lotion was specifically tested on sensitive Asian skin! Including the amazing Vichy spring water as a base ingredient, this moisturizing lotion is fast penetrating without ever leaving a sticky after-effect. Amazingly, it targets pigmentation at its source by using DRM-WHITE technology, which controls the biological signal that creates excess melanin and darkness in skin tone deep at its root. The result: clean, bright, light skin is revealed with remarkable softness. Hypoallergenic and paraben-free.

Well that’s what it claims but let’s wait till i used it..

How to use? …Apply every morning and/or night after your cleanser, using a cotton pad. To maximize the whitening efficacy, use within Bi-WHITE MED skincare routine.

Cost? …200ml for S$49



Next.. LOREAL WHITE PERFECT LASER – Anti-spot Brightening Essence!!!! *SCREAMS* My dream essence~!!! been eyeing on this and been looking around for samples before i purchase the regular size!! and here it is!!!!

For the first time, L’Oreal Paris pits the White Perfect LaserTM range against the pinnacle of whitening technology, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment.

A clinical trial conducted in L’Oréal Laboratories show that 8 weeks of daily application of both White Perfect Laser™ Essence and Day Cream SPF19/PA+++ delivered comparable results to those obtained from one IPL session on six key dimensions women seek:

How to use? …Just apply onto face before your moisturizer. Day and Night.

Cost? …30ml for S$39.90

RED ALERT: BHG currently having a PROMOTION!! 30ml WPL and 30ml Youth Code for only S$55! grab yours now! (i apologize for the blurry pic.. shaky hands ya!! hee)

Alternatively you can go to L’Oréal Paris Singapore Facebook to get your sampling pack now! 🙂



Next, we have here is Origins Make A Difference Plus! Seriously i haven figure out what is this.. serum or moisturizer.. let me check it out with the counter staff before i conclude anything.. >_<

Cost? …50ml for S$7820120911-202613.jpg

4th item!! Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner Definer~ previously i got a eye shadow from Rimmel too.. Have you heard of Rimmel? ahh.. u are so out-dated!! but i’m not any better… hahaha i only get to know about Rimmel just last weekend!! hahaha!!

Rimmel’s character image is Ayumi Hamasaki!! A leading Japanese pop singer, contract with Rimmel 2009!

See… I’m not lying!!

Cost? …S$7.90 each


Last but not least.. Celmonze Marine DNA Concentrate’s not written what effect is this but it’s definately not gona be blackening!

Cost?… 1 box (5 ampoules) for S$95 (… must be really good stuff! SO EX!)


Ok.. that’s not all in this month’s box!!!!

See~~ a luxurious spa treatment and discount rate for us (you) too!!! ah.. i think i need facial…!!! or do you think a relaxing massage is better?? 我怕痛leh!!

Anyway, i realise.. there is no contact details on this voucher… like that… HOW TO GO!??? this voucher have like no have.. -___-

I google map Monz location abit.. it’s actually at Raffles Place (105 Cecil Street, The Octagon 01-00 Singapore 069534 – Tel: 6227 0780) BUT(!!) there’s one in Malaysia tooo~!! same name.. are they the same company?? -faint- i better wait for Bellabox to confirm with me again..

I think Bellabox need to take note of this .. it will cause mis-communication..



OK, i suppose this is their featured product for this month?? cuz this lil info card was given..20120911-202659.jpg


Ah-ha~! This time, no one can trick me!!! Rmb in my POST some times back, Vanity Trove throw in a mini facial treat like this as well?? This is not really exclusive cuz anyone who are not subscribed to BB/VT can call Origins for this complimentary facial too! the only exclusive thing about it i guess is only the 2-day supply sample~! Remember to get it from the promoter…!! That’s the only “exclusive” thing about it..

You can also read HERE about my short experience with Origins..


Now here’s the whole list of what i’ve got.. hope you will like your box (it u had subscribe)! If you have not, it’s not too late to try one now… Just click HERE to subscribe!