Season in the Sun!

First thing first… HAPPY BIRTHDAY Eileen!

Yes this post is for one of my girlfriend! A birthday post for her.. So, on this bright sunny afternoon, we went to Hort Park for our first bestie shoot! To start off……


We prepared a lil surprise for her… (side track a bit, I can’t help it but keep looking at my hair color when i go through these photos!! Look at them! They’re so natural yet not boring! You know why? Because I went to I Salon a week before to color my hair and till now I still love my hair color!)


For the first time i feel Hello kitty ain’t that annoying.. Don’t you think this little kitty is cute? It’s a walking helium kitty! Meow~~!


I have to say…. WE WERE ALL SO AWKWARD during our first few shoots! Thought we love selfies!?!? LOL…

So our photographer (she’s Nicole) tries to warm us up by asking what’s our common interest.. (erm.. we don’t have one I think..). She never gives up keep asking and asking and we finally had one thing in common.. We love to SING~ So she gave us this “instruction” to SING to Eileen using the rosey!Audrey_Besties_06

Even kitty is enjoying!


Sorry, pardon my expression! The sun is really killing me slowly!! But i still wanna share this pic because Eileen looks beautiful here.. She’s singing with happiness!! Even her hair is dancing!


Actually.. I’m not singing.. No matter what I sing, i know the photo is not going to show… so it was just a pose (or maybe i was joking ’bout something..?)Audrey_Besties_11 Audrey_Besties_13

Did i mention, Ashley (girl on extreme left) did her hair color at I Salon toooo!! Yes, we went there together!

Audrey_Besties_15 Audrey_Besties_16 Audrey_Besties_17


I love this pic.. She’s .. Beautiful!Audrey_Besties_24

Hahahaha.. I like the above pic too… Ashley expression is too epic! Priceless!!


Can u see Ashley’s hair color? It’s so nice under the sun!


Can see my highlight? & my wavy curls too!?? They’re getting loose (more natural now!)


She’s just so happy with that lil bubble..


Kitty is standing straight upright!! Good job kitty!!


I think we cracked a joke (that’s why we burst out laughing!).. But I forgotten what was it about already… =X

90 mins is almost up (the deal we bought is a 90 min outdoor shoot) and we’re all TIRED already…. but to catch the sunset… we used all our energy to climb to the roof top for all below…

Audrey_Besties_54 Audrey_Besties_57 Audrey_Besties_59 Audrey_Besties_60

I think it’s all written on our face… WE ARE TIRED!!

But it’s never too tired for a finishing JUMP SHOT!!


YEAHHHHH!! One happy shoot done!!

Thanks to Nicole our photographer and Adele Duxton for the great promotion on! We had a great time!! Best of all, Eileen loves it!

Personal side note, I would like to take this opportunity to thank I Salon too! The hair color and perm is awesome!! Made me love myself even more after looking at these photos!!! Truly a different me after a quarter century! You can read more about my perm experience HERE and hair color experience HERE!!

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