All I Want For Christmas Is ….

Laneige Limited Edition 400ml Skin Refiner!!!!


This Christmas, Laneige is introducing a 400ml Power Essential Skin Refiner! FOUR HUNRED ML!! that is twice the size of the regular one! & price!?? AMAZING! definitely not twice the price!!! (let me confirm the price again when i get home to9!!)


This is what i use and now that they have this super cost saving 400ml pack, of course i can’t missed it!!


The bottle is not the usual hard acrylic plastic kind. This is more of plastic container kind of bottle. doen’t look very atas but since its cost saving, how the bottle looks doesn’t affect me much. I’m still gono buy it as long as it’s not contain in what plastic bag! LOL!!


See~ Even the cap is different from the usual turn & pour cap.. this is more like a pump cap.. But because i haven started using, so i guess i’ll hafta see how others use it first!!! HAHAHA.. “sua gu”~


Other then the bottle, i like the packaging box too! It’s so CHRISTMAS!! So sweet!!

20121114-225447.jpg  20121114-225452.jpg

But what can i do with it if i wana keep it?? geez.. any idea??