Hv some feel tdy for a simple art.. Not too complicated and yet obvious.. Lolx!


This art took mi abt 2 hours!! Lolx!! Why so long u muz be thinking…! Cuz this wasn’t wat I planned to do initially!

I used CG Vixen Collection’s Ingird.. But it turns out to be…….. Not very compatible w my lil toes (will probably looks btr on hand). So I removed it and put on this “I-dono-wat-color-fake-OPI”.. I muz say, tho it’s a fake but I do like this color.. Almost green with a touch of blue. Like… a dark turquoise? Hahaha! Nice.. Perhaps I’ll find a day to do comparison of these colors and write up a post for sharing.. 🙂

.. Ok let’s get bc to this nail art (bef i drift to Poland.. >;_<;!!)…

Not wanting it to be too plain, I touch up the big toe nails with white corner (coated with Blazed – Clear to Burgundy, now hope the sun will shine and i can see it color change..)! and planted some blink blink “diamond”!! well, not bad..! But I thot maybe some silverish glitter can enhance it…?


This is my (I name it) Simplicity!

EXTRA: (added on Mar 10)

here!! i nearly forgot to “monitor” the color change as it has been rainy for the past few days.. Lucky just before i went luxewomen, i suddenly saw my toe color change and i decided to quickly snapped it before its gone! well.. its not too clear in the pic showing the color change but at least u can see that its not white anymore.. LOL! that is Blaze’s clear to burgundy!