I’m ready for Halloween!!

First Saturday of a brand new month, October! So many
reason to celebrate! Children’s Day! Oktoberfest! Halloween!
…..what? Yes!! Halloween! Today I wanna share with you a cute
Halloween theme nail art!!


20131005-162228.jpg Aren’t these lil one cute? They’re all recreation
of cutepolish and ihaveacupcake!! They’re really easy to do and
with the aid of their video I’m sure you can recreate your very own
nail art in no time!!

Your can watch their videos below:

So now…………….

P.S.: I’m still confuse why my Sally Hansen Sheer Pink looks more like sheer beige. (?_?)


September Trove – Fall In Love

Dear readers,

I’m soooo sorry that i missed out this post!! My August Trove! This trove is quite useful for me in a way.. it’s all stuff that i will use.. 🙂


First.. Oilum body cleanser and lotion.. hahahaha!! u know wat? this body cleanser made mi cracked my head for days thinking… “This fragrance is soo familiar!! What is it????” strawberry?? NO! lavendar?? NO!! white musk?? NO!!! it was till the last drop and i went…. AHHH BANANA!!!!!  It is BANANA!!! the sweetness of a ripe banana~!!

I din mean to say it smell horrible.. i mean banana is nice!! sweet.. made me a little hungry tho..  I haven try the lotion but i’m already looking fwd to use it..


Just one note.. item looks like an old stock~ label prints are like washed out..  😦 i hope it is not..


NEXT~~~ *drumroll*


Princess Pinki cream!!!!! wow! those who read my blog.. you knew i bought a Princess Pinki Trove some time ago in July.. and now i see this cream.. i was like.. WTH~!! If this is included in a regular trove then why should/would i spend my money on the limited edition one?!

True enuff that for a $25 trove its very joyous thing to rec’d a princess pinki but the thot of myself spending $40 on the limited edition made me goes crazy~!!! %^&*#$


Here.. another serum.. i think this can be found in Sasa.. haven use this yet.. guess will review it when i used it.


Eye Shadow~ well.. eye shadow is my forever nightmare~ i can nvr do my eyeshadow neatly nicely~!!! But still is is good to see some cosmetic in my trove!!


Wow~!! BB Cream.. my love~~ this is from Pure Beauty. i don’t think this bb cream have any sunblock effect as nothing like thst was stated in and out of the packaging.. i believe this is a full BB Cream and i plan to gift it out as Christmas gift to my friend! I cant bear to say goodbye to it but the fact that it has no SPF made me felt … “oh i still need extra sunblock care”.. pure laziness! >_<



Are all beauty surprise box gona do same thing every month?? they all include eyeshadow and nail polish in the same month~! but i muz say.. i prefer this color more than what i got in Bellabox!

This is a almost nude color with some duochrome effect~! very pretty.. its a good color for days when i want to go simple but let people notice i’m wearing polish~!

Next few items that im gona show u are the extra treats i got from entering the promo code into my subscription.

How to get the promo code? Just need to share that one particular post that VT post on their wall every month telling you what’s the theme for the coming trove, follow the steps and they will send you the code to enter to your subscription!


What did i get? haha! Leader’s Hydrgel Eye Patch.. it’s quite light weight and fits nicely. Cooling and the fact that it is transparent, people can’t see that you are doing your masking session unless they come very near you!! hahahaha!!

No more “I SAW A GHOST” incident… =P


Next here is this sweet yummy mask!!! this mask is sooooo sweet and smell so yummy! i love this~! this brand is quite common and i think it has been around for quite some times already.

My skin feels clean and smooth after i washed off the mask.. definitely a mask that i will purchase again.. *thumbs up!*


It’s another pure beauty cream.. but this time it is not eye cream! this is a lotion!! haven use it tho but i believe it will smell as nice effect as good as the eye cream!


Together in this month’s trove, there is a complimentary facial and a S$5 Sasa voucher! Sasa voucher is super useful for me.. as for the facial… i think i can go when i have the time!



THIS IS COOL! Vanity Trove Pink Carpet event – Sally Hansen Nail Care Nail Art Workshop!! I’m so tempted to go~!! but.. need to save up quite a bit so i think gona give it a miss this time.. 😦

I might change my mind anytime tho~! wahahahaha!!



If you know La Mer i think you might be interested in this… but i’ve attended too much beauty workshop this month, im gg to skip this as well… oops!


Last but not least, I’m already looking forward to my next Trove~!!!

May Bellabox – Spring Box

OK.. i missed my box on Monday and only rec’d them ytd (thanks to mommy for collecting it from Singpost for me..) I’m very excited about this month’s box.. partly cuz of the new packaging (which will be shown below) and also cuz it’s Mother’s Day! Wonder what they have this month….? scroll down for more…



The box feels abit like Glamabox packaging.. but the recycle bag inside is definitely COOL! But again, i still prefer box tho.. at least for now.. Like Vanity Trove, at least the box can be re-use to store/keep things.. whereas this recycle bag, i think will only come handy if i’m going holiday or any short getaway..


First in the list that caught my attention is this Healing Oil Treatment (10ml).. Had read many good reviews about it but clueless whr to get it.. Just like what bellabox mentioned bef.. i think i’ve been living inside a rock! hahahaha.. This healing oil treatment is a therapeutic hair oil.. grabbed from their web, said to be:

  • intense nourishment for tangle & frizz free hair
  • hair that is ultra-smooth, manageable & shiny
  • natural UV protection extends the life of color treatments
  • reduced drying time by an amazing 40-50%



Next, Elizabeth Arden’s Youth-restoring capsules (2 qty). By the look, you know it’s meant for mom! LOL restore her youth!! oops!! average woman can start using anti-aging products once they are 26.. goodness.. i think i can keep this for myself already..


Sally Hanson nail hardener…pretty known brand.. This item can act as a base coat bef you apply polish.. but.. i don’t need more base coat.. i’ve got plenty! and i’ve just cleared some old stock few weeks back (Sally Hanson Hard as Nails series too!!) and now, i got Sally Hanson back!! gosh!! im cursed! HAHAHAHA! Meant to stick w Sally Hanson!! Good thing is.. it’s not something bad..


my first thot when i got this bot.. “oh shucks! not another moisturizer again!!?” but i’m still eager to try it! hahaaha i’m one of those curious girl who likes to try everything and anything i got even if i don’t need them or alr have them!! New things seems more effective!! Don’t you agree??? hahahaha!!

Anyway, this moisturizer seems like nothing when you apply.. but as it slowly gets absorb, you will feel the difference.. i’ll take an example like Crabtree & Evelyn, their moisturizer feels.. quite solid/contrentrated/creamy (watever u call sth less watery, it wun flow around ur palm as u move) and after application, you skin feels powdery smooth, lightly scented and not oily.. you will love it immediately!

But Dirty Works lotion is almost opposite.. its more watery (it will flow whichever direction u move) and the scent is strong – that if after u apply. The strong scent will start to overwhelm you like u have put on some perfume. It does not have powdery smooth feeling but it has watery smooth feel! watery smooth(???!) u must be thinking… wat the hell is that feeling?? .. LOL.. it’s kinda hard to explain but when you apply it, it’s as if the moisture is really being absorb. Your skin feels moist and not powery.

Which is better?? I think it really depends on user preference. If you asked me. i would use C&E before slp as its more relaxing soothing.. i wont wana get choked by the scent when i slp.. But if its during the day (perhaps in office) i might consider using DW..

20120516-141553.jpg 20120516-141639.jpg 20120516-141608.jpg

20120516-141627.jpg 20120516-141634.jpg

Last but not least.. another Youth related cream.. I think May box is really meant for moms… it’s all about YOUTH-RESTORING.. this is Enavose Youth Guard Cream.. i almost got tricked by the bottle!! it says “open” with a right turning arrow.. i thot i can turn open the cap.. after i turned i was like.. WHY still not open?! And now i think im SMART enuff to know that this must be a safety cap? must push dw and turn to open!!! after i push dw and about to turn it, i saw the cream pump out from a little opening.. im not that smart afterall! >_< hahahaha… Turn and pump for cream. turn back to lock the pump.. ahhhh… wat am i doing?!



This month’s Bellabox has a little pibk env too.. thot its will be like VT, voucherssss… but its not. They’re some product introduction and a Spring Spree Invitation.. 🙂

All in all, though it’s not a very amzing box this month.. but still found some interesting items..