Always so happy to rec’s item after a spree!

These are my lastest collection! OK, Touring America mite not be the latest OPI collection but just recently decided bring it home thru a friend’s spree! Or rather, not really a spree as its in-stock item.. 😀

Muppet’s Excuse Moi is a glitter pink.. i haven’t really try that out.. the thot of removing it after that makes mi think TWICE after twice! hahaha! but it looks cool.. I guess i can only share the swatch after i try it some other day..

Had a little “unhappiness” when i received the Muppets lacquer.. the brush and cap is not intact.. you see!

Also the label doesn’t looks original.. But after i had contacted my friend, i felt relieve again.. she is able to exchange a new bot of Excuse Moi with me.. and had also clarified that the OPI i got is authentic one (just some issue so they re-label it).. Can’t really rmb wat’s the reason~!! My POINT is… i got my Excuse Moi replaced! that’s a good news! this is wat i call a responsible seller/spree-r! I like!

I guess my next post, i will show some “glitters” comparision.. Now it’s late, it’s BEDTIME!

Have a good night!